Veera 22nd January 2014 Written Update

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Veera 22nd January 2014 Written Update by ShivinkiJas

Veera 22nd January 2014 Written Episode

Episode Starts
At Railway Station
Jagjit father told balwant that we didn’t hide anything..baldev knew everything . Balwant furious and asked Baldev abt it and Confront him that how bad brother he is. Bansuri jumped in and started blaming balwant that how Much happiness u gave me till now taht now u want it from others for ur Daughter and Goes on its not baldev’s fault.
Veera interrupted and told everyone the truth about how Jagjit tortured his ex-wife.bansuri shouted at Veera and groom’s mom started to praise his son like he is diamond and he was not at fault …thta girl was wrong and his dad too scolding veera and asked Veera about Proof against jagjit.
Bansuri also asked for Proofs. Veera was quite Bansuri told everyone she is jealous of Gunjan becoz gunjan got so gud ALLIANCE. She has no Proof against Jagjit.
then Karan came with Proofs and everyone shocked.Karan showed some papers To balwant he told Balwant that he went to city to meet Balwant but he were not there and then Karan talked to Jagjits ex wife’s lawyer and he gave him these divorce papers.
Karan said Truth is Jagjit is liar not his wife and acc. to court he physically asaaulted his wife and he too spent 6 months in jail. All were shocked.
Baldev tried to defend Himself abt it but Balwant slapped him hard. Balwant was furious and called baldev nalayak . He Thanked God as veera came otherwise His Daughters lyf would get Ruined. Balwant said Jagjit n his parents that how Bad u all r …Now he understood why they need Village girl. they all tried to make them fool and then Balwant broke the alliance.
Ranvi told Jagjit’s family to Leave the place otherwise He will complaint in police as Gunjan is this Villages Daughter. Jagjit’s dad threatened everyone abt consequences of their Insult.
Balwant thank God that Veera came on Tym otherwise Gunjans lyf get Spoiled.Balwant said Veera that he is her debter now.
Balwant Told veera to take Gunajn with her. Gunajn shook veera hand and anger was there in her Eyes and she left from there. All village women were talking .Ranvi was staring at Gunjan from behind.

balwant Told everyone that Gunjan is in shock and she will take tym to get out of it. Bansuri furious at Balwant fr not asking her once before taking any decision.

Baldev’s Home
Bansuri and BALWANT WERE fIGHting for baldev n Gunjan repesctively. BANSURi asked Balwant why is he Trust Veera so much and Bansuri went on defending Jagjit and saying bad things abt Jagjit’s ex. and balwant praising Veera.
Gunjan Told balwant that U broke all my Dreams just by trusting veera . Veera Jealous of her and that happened wt she wanted. My all Dreams of going Abraod Shattered.
Balwant tried to make her Understand. Gunjan was crying a And left from there in Anger.
Baldev came outside of his house and his chamchas gave his phone to him as Surjit singh called him several tymes in last 1 hour.

Baldev to himself that after all this..SS will be furious at him . Chamchas told baldev that they won’t left Karan let him Come.
then Veera came and baldev asked her about coming in his family matter. Veera replied back in same way . Baldev called her liar and told her that she is jealous of his sister. Veera shocked and then Karan came and tried to calm him down. Baldev told him not to call him Friend. He called Karan Backstabber and Karan has to pay for it. Karan shocked.

Baldev hold karan from collar and called him two faced snake who has bitten him. Veera told baldev to leave Karan. Baldev told Karan that see how ur Girlfriend feel pain seeing u LyK dis.
baldev Threaten Veera and Karan and told Karan to leave dis Village by Tomm. Veera furious But Karan stopped Veera from saying anything and he got ready to leave the village and baldev’s home too

Karan told Veera she meant a lot To him and he can Do More than This for her. Veera all shocked and Spark of Love in her eyes . Karan hugged her.

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  1. Muskaan
    January 22, 13:58 Reply

    I just hope that Gunjan in her anger with Veera and Karan’s relationship acting as catalyst doesn’t decide to get revenge by hurting Ranvi. God,,,,, I will strangle her, her idiot brother and that witch of her mother.

  2. Sia
    January 22, 13:09 Reply

    I dont believe in karan too..
    Is gunjan crazy ? She is so desprate to marry a NRI that she can marry any looser guy who beats his wife.even aftr knowng all the facts she still wants to marry tht looser…

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