Veera 19th February 2014 Written Update

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Veera 19th February 2014 Written Update by Anam Ali

Veera 19th February 2014 Written Episode

The episode starts of with Baldev dreaming about Veera in the dream Veera is crying same VeeBa scene that was in yesterdays epi, Baldev gets up thinking its mosquitos everywhere maybe that’s why he cant sleep, he gets up and sees there are no mosqiotos. Baldev then says what is going? why cant he sleep he says maybe its hot that’s why so he takes of his kurta and even then he cant sleep he says now its too cold he gets his duvet tries to sleep again and same dream again, he gets up he goes why isn’t sleep coming today? what is wrong with my brains? Baldev gets a pillow puts in on his head and sleeps.

Ratan is massaging Chaiji feet, Veera comes there to talk to them, Veera apologises to Ratan she says she done a big mistake by shouting at Ratan, she says no one could of done what you have done, Veera says next birth she gets something or not she wants her Veerji and Beeji both no one compares to both of them. Ratan says why is she says all this today all of sudden, Veera says she said bad things to Ratan thats why and she is going tomorrow she didnt want to keep anything inside her. Ratan gives blessings to Veera, Chaiji also blesses Veera, Chaiji says you made me cry Chinchree. Ratan tells Veera to spend more time with Ranvi as she is going tomorrow Ranvi needs her.

Veera tells Ranvi to make her sleep on her lap like he use to when she was little, she will sleep peacefully, Ranvi says ok, Veera tells Ranvi to sing lori for her too, Ranvi sings lori to her and Veera falls asleep. Ranvi goes outside and cries, Ratan comes there to console him she tells him not to cry he has to be strong for Veera otherwise Veera wont be able to go from here. Ratan tells Ranvi tomorrw he has to be strong and handle the situation. Veera gets up and says where is Veerji? she goes to find Ranvi.

Ranvi says to Ratan why hasn’t she slept yet, Ratan says she’s not sleepy she want to look at her house for the last time tomorrow the bank people are coming to auction the house, Ranvi is shocked. Ratan says they didnt pay any installment of the bank loan, they gave all the money for Veera studies, Ranvi says why didnt Ratan inform him, Ranvi says he will talk to them, Ratan says she tried but the bank people are not listening she has informed Dalbeer to find a small house for them he will find it.

Ratan gives some money to Ranvi to give Veera to take with to London, Ranvi says Ratan could of given this money towards the bank installments, Ratan says Veera needs the money more she will be going to new country alone, here they will manage together over there Veera will be alone. Ranvi says ok he will talk to Dalbeer tomorrow, Ratan says the bank people are coming tomorrow at 1pm they will auction the stuff and house, Ranvi says Veera is going after 1pm the bank people should come in evening, Ratan says they will come when they want not when we want them too. Ranvi says he wont let Veera find out anything, just then Veera comes there and says what shouldn’t I find out? Veera says I knwo what you guys are hiding? Ratan and Ranvi are shocked. Veera says you guys were planning a surprise for me, thats why you guys were talking this time, Veera says she didnt hear them, so their surprise isnt spoilt, Veera tells Ranvi not to hide anything from her, Veera says she trust Ranvi and Ratan more than Rabji, she says whatever Ranvi and Ratan will do for her it wont be wrong. Veera says she is going to sleep now she says goodnight and leaves.

Ranvi is worried he cant find Veera anywhere, Chaiji says she forgot to tell Ranvi that Veera has gone to Gurduwara, Ranvi says he needs to send Veera away as soon as possible he cant stop the bank people from auctioning the house he doesnt want Veera to see anything.
Veera takes blessing from Balwant and Bansuri, Veera goes to talk to Gunjan, she tells Gunjan she is very happy, she thanks Gunjan for tells her the anwsers to her questions. Gunjan isn’t very happy

Precap- Veera tells Baldev she is leaving, she says thank you to Baldev for taking care of her at that time, she thought he was nalayak but hes good at heart.

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