Tumhari Pakhi 3rd February 2014 Written Update

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Tumhari Pakhi 3rd February 2014 Written Update by md410

Tumhari Pakhi 3rd February 2014 Written Episode

Ankhi enter in the house holding Ayaan’s hand. Pakhi is confused seeing party arrangements. Both Rana and Tanya tell her the whole truth behind anshu getting her back as wife and how this party is meant for Tanshu’s ring ceremony. ( tanya + anshuman) . Pakhi slaps anshu saying this is his true face and now she will make sure to expose him to entire world. Anshu is speechless, while girish and lav are just being statue. Tanya too joins Pakhi in slapping anshu saying he cheated on both of us. Anshu screams sorry by putting both of his hands on his cheek. It turns out it was his dream. pakhi asks sorry for what. He manages to handle it and suggests to go out for lunch as celebration for her victory. She denies. Rana is calling for ring. Anshu gets inside to see all are waiting, tanya runs to hug him saying she has been waiting for it, pakhi’s deep voice comes from back what for? All are shocked to see her with ayaan. Rana is about to spill the truth when tanya handles the situation saying this party is for pakhi’s win as anshu knew it way back. Rana is shocked but tanya does not let him speak. Pakhi is pleasantly surprised, when tanya reminds her how they were discussing menu and selecting ring too. Rana looks furious but says nothing. Tanya signs anshu to join in her lie and he does what he does best, aka lie to pakhi about party.
Pakhi wants to hug anshu for trusting her but realises the situation while tanya is sad. Girish in his mind thanks to God for not telling truth to pakhi else she would not be back. Tanya seeing ankhi breaks the vase

Rana wishes to talk to Tanshu is private with pakhi’s permission. Rana is out of control. he does not let anshu speaks, yells at him saying he neither is interested in listening his excuses nor he has trust in him. He says he had given him enough time not any more he wants this engagement happen today period. Anshu sign tanya to handle him. She asks him to calm down for her sake. Rana says he gets the point that he can not put ring in tanya’s finger out side but he can do same here thus put the ring in her finger. That is all I want Anshu tries to manipulate using society and image card. Tanya agrees with him and convince his father to have ring exchange between three of them Anshu is shocked ( haila lagta hai ring pe pakhi ka naam hai. Anshu toh phasa). Anshu opens the box that has ring with “P”; ooh lalallal. Rana is now beyond furious put entire blame on anshu he even goes on to say seems anshu has only instigated Ayaan. Anshu tries to manage but in vain.

Out side ayaan is impatient and drags pakhi in side the room where trio are arguing. Pakhi is shocked seeing ring in angry rana’s hand. Tanya again handles the situation saying the ring is for pakhi. Ankhi gonna put in each other. Ayaan is very happy, rana obviously beyond furious. mad, anger what ever one can call. Ayaan drags his parents out side. Rana makes call ( who and what not shown)
Ankhi put ring. all clap ( there were only few people. servants, lav, girish and tanya but the sound of clapping feel like there are 1000 people). Pakhi thanks anshu for giving her such a beautiful life. He gives her fake forced smile. Only girish and ayaan look really happy for amkhi.Tanya hugs anshu, lav hugs pakhi then anshu. She drags anshu in the corner to ask what would he tell rana and how come name on the ring got exchanged. He has no answer. he goes to tanya to tell to trust him as he has no one but only her in his heart and life. ( If I were tanya I would kick anshu out of my life). Ayaan forces pakhi to sing a song. She does it. ayaan makes pakhi hold hands and dance. girish tries same with lavi. (I do not get what is with the song? which ever show I update plays the same). Screen freezes ankhi looking at each other.

Tomorrow: Anshu has a week
Rana gives anshu 7 days ultimatum to get rid of pakhi and adds that after 7 days he ( anshu) will be announcing his marriage with tanya in press conference at his house.

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  1. cam-asutra
    February 04, 08:47 Reply

    lucy drew before you go asking
    I dont know what “IT ” wrote

    • TP...fan ;-)
      February 04, 08:54

      hi dear all cowards hide behind unknown

      read about your trip to japan it appears to me that you enjoyed your staying there..
      your all dressed up like a true japanese

      wwe need to defend girish, anshu I don’t know because I don’t like my cases where the guy has a identity problem
      that he don’t know wether he is a man or not and let a girl decide for him what to do or what to say

      I like a win win situation and this is aweful

    • Pḣöëṉịẍ
      February 04, 10:48

      Cam , I know you . .
      Don’t for a second take any offence because of that JA . . just because you were here
      when the comment was made 😐 .
      I wanted to see the comment , but admin. did the right thing , and they acted very swiftly . ..

      Thank you admin. . You all are doing your best to make DTB users feel safe . .

      Yeah TP , Anshuman is a lost cause , he might win on grounds of insanity . .
      I think he has schizophrenia 😐 … .

    • Aaliyah
      February 04, 11:04

      hi dear i was with the reply open so couldn’t see that you were here. and was talking with my dad
      how are you sweetie,
      cam drew is ryt this is not for you.

    • Aaliyah
      February 04, 11:16

      cam I saw the movie and
      I saw it twice…indeed LMFBAO…B/black
      😀 😀 😀 one Q who was I ??? 🙁 🙁

    • cam
      February 04, 12:02

      tp you are right they are indeed cowards.

      drew …no dear don’t worry. 😉

      lucy 🙁 wasn’t it obvious who u r???????

    • TP...fan ;-)
      February 04, 08:56

      yes admin thank you very much!!

    • Aaliyah
      February 04, 10:58

      yes thxs admin 🙁
      and they have the guts to call us weirdos
      like u say tp they are cowards hiding behind unknown
      it’s like a mask they wear to hide who they really are although here everyone hide behind a name and a gv

      but cam how do you know that it’s admin who removed what was written maybe the weirdo just posted “comment removed”
      depends on their device they are able to do such crap/prank one thing is sure these people don’t like us here or anywhere here, maybe we should comply them by quitting coming here and say good bye

      because after that person lakshi ask us to go form our own page several days that forum remains unvisited.

  2. cam-asutra
    February 04, 08:40 Reply

    and why that fake smile anshu?
    now I want pakhi gone out of that mansion she is to much a lady for those jerks

    • TP...fan ;-)
      February 04, 08:56

      really don’t understand this man, he need a freezer
      maybe we can send him to iceland. maybe just the freezer isn’t enough for him 😉

    • Pḣöëṉịẍ
      February 04, 10:49

      Hahaha 😀 . ..
      H gets stranger by the day 🙂 . ..

  3. Pḣöëṉịẍ
    February 03, 21:32 Reply

    Lucy Lu ,
    Lorde is an amazing 17 year old just like you 🙂 . .
    She picked up a Grammy . . .
    Cam , I don’t know what’s in this Jap Makha ( please , please , please don’t tell me 😐 )
    But , it makes me feel so happy 😀 . . . Like , I’m walking on sunshine 😀 . .
    Really , I swear , nothing could bring me down right now . ..
    I’m going to study . .. And listen to some great music like this . .. 🙂
    See you guyz tomorrow !!!
    Good morning !!!!


    • Aaliyah
      February 04, 11:20

      aaaaaawwwwww 😛
      thxs for thinking about me, ur soooooooo sweet

      I don’t know her is she a t&t? girl

    • cam-asutra
      February 04, 08:24

      no dear he has to marry tanya, I really hope he marry her so he can feel how it is to be with a fake woman

    • TP...fan ;-)
      February 04, 08:57

      this would be good indeed. they deserve each other

  4. Pḣöëṉịẍ
    February 03, 21:17 Reply

    Cam , pleaseeeeee !!!
    Is it time now for the special guillotine for Anshuman ?? 😀 😀 . .
    Lucy , you know nothing of this 🙂 . ..
    TP , you can’t defend him , no ways . . He has crossed idiot zone and raced into
    JA land !!! . ..
    Pakhi. . . even Tanya , deserves better 🙂 . ..
    TP , how was the Kaboom ? 😛

    • cam-asutra
      February 04, 08:23

      dear, what do you want to hear ….the bedtime story
      nuh..to crowded here 😉 but believe me your eyes would
      not close…poor lucy is stil a kid so she cant understand these things, like we do.

      aahhmmm anshu…. your a typical type of arse
      (thats british huh) americans have just ass anshu is a stupid A..Hole.
      I love the guy really but this behaviour is incomprehensible…when is he going to open that mouth
      drew plz teach him….and speak out he is like a puppet

    • cam-asutra
      February 04, 08:27

      I’m sharpening the blade sister busy sharpen the blade….lucy look that way yes
      don’t come here
      girish my man m stil with you baby come to mami and don’t forget cute naina
      (might send u back to La and keep sweet cute naina)

  5. Pḣöëṉịẍ
    February 03, 21:10 Reply

    Mr Rana is a lawyer right ? How can there be an engagement when
    Anshuman and Pakhi are still legally married 😐 ??
    Only in soap opera land . .

    • cam-asutra
      February 04, 08:33

      lawyer?? lawyer?? lawyer my foot??? says who?? the guy looked just like a stupid moron when tanya says .
      give me a smile yes, yes ..and then he idiot smiled at her
      and that P was the day at La’s house when he had to write tanya’s name just then came pakhi inside the house he shouted “pakhi” wrote something and gave the note to the jewelry seller

  6. Pḣöëṉịẍ
    February 03, 21:04 Reply

    Why did it have to be a dream 😐 ?
    I was enjoying reading it until I saw that it was a dream 😀

    • cam-asutra
      February 04, 08:35

      😀 😀 yeah I hear u even I was shocked to see it was just a stupid vision illusion

  7. Aadhil
    February 03, 19:51 Reply

    This is really disgusting with Rana.

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