Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chasmah 21st October 2013 Written Update

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Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chasmah 21st October 2013 Written Update by Amena Hasan

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chasmah 21st October 2013 Written Episode

The Episode starts with everyone telling the man Anand that they have donated the money. The man says I will talk to the pandit. He says how will I give money to the catering people, how will I do my sister’s marriage, what will I do now. Everyone are shocked. He says the catering people are calling me. Bhide asks him to explain him. Babuji talks to him and says you will get the money in one hour. The man says how. Babuji says you will get it. Bhide and Popatlal asks how, we can’t take the donation back. Babuji says give me your phone. He asks Bhide to call jethalal. Babuji talks to jethalal. He says I need Rs. 25000 now. jethalal says yes, sure but for what. Babuji tells him the whole story. jethalal says ok, where should I send money. He says I will send money with Baaga.

Everyone are happy. jethalal asks Baaga to take Rs.25000 from Nattu kaka and give it to Babuji. Bhide asks Babuji why did you take money from jethalal. Babuji says yes, because we donated the money. Bhide and Popatlal says we will also be part of this donation. The man is happy and asks how. Babuji says be happy as its your sister’s marriage today. Babuji asks him to keep the money safe. The man thanks everyone and says I will return your money soon. Babuji says no need to return the money, you think its your money. Baaga comes and gives the money to Babuji. Babuji gives it to the man. Bhide gives the pickles and papad as a gift for his sister’s marriage. The man greets everyone thankfully and leaves. Sonu says Madhavi will scold you for not delivering the pickles. Bhide says its fine, no problem.

Bhide and Sonu come home and Bhide hides from Madhavi. She asks did you do the delivery. Bhide says yes. Sonu tells her the whole story. Tappu tells Dayaben the story and she is proud of him. Tappu asks Babuji that we did a good deed by giving him Rs. 25000, but it was our loss. Babuji and Dayaben explain him that we should expect the fruit. Bhide and Popatlal comes and contributes towards the donation. Popatlal gets a call and is happy. He tells everyone the good news as he got promoted. Dayaben is happy. Everyone congratulate him. Madhavi comes and is very happy. She brings that man with him. Bhide says you here. The man says my sister got married. Dayaben greets them. The man says we came here for some work. Madhavi says they came here to give pickles order. The man says my head wants to order pickles. Madhavi and Bhide are happy. Dayaben claps.

Dayaben says its double good news. Popatlal tells Madhavi about his promotion. she congratulates him. The phone rings. Dayaben talks to jethalal. He asks her to distribute sweets. She tells him about Bhide and Popatlal’s good news. He says he got a good news also. Dayaben tells everyone that jethalal got a big order. Everyone congratulate jethalal. He asks Dayaben to greet Babuji and tell him this happened because of Babuji’s good deeds. Dayaben says Babuji. Anand says we will leave now. Dayaben asks them to stay for snacks. Anand and his boss leaves. Babuji tells Tappu see what happened. Tappu says I got it. Popatlal says good deeds always pays.

Its night, jethalal comes home. He tells Dayaben that he is very tired. She asks him to sleep. He thanks her and jokes. He requests her to let him sleep in the morning and not wake him up. She says if Babuji asks did you wake up, then what. He says you manage. He sleeps. Babuji is getting hiccups and Tappu wakes up and asks him what happened. Babuji tells him about his continuous hiccups. Tappu goes to call jethalal and Dayaben while Babuji is stopping him.

Taarak’s Message:
Do good and get good. The Lord sees everything and supports you. Stay tuned.

jethalal asks Babuji to have honey. Babuji asks why is honey so bitter. jethalal tastes it and shouts. He tells Dayaben its something else. Dayaben tastes it and says its Castor oil. Babuji is shocked.

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