Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah 14th March 2013 Written Update

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Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah 14th March 2013 Written Update by Amena Hasan

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah 14th March 2013 Written Episode

The Episode Starts with Daya telling the municipal men that they cannot take away the Dog. They explains her that this Dog is stray and they have to take it anyway. Daya says this Dog is not stray. those men say that why Dog is not having the leather tag in its neck. Babita too supports Daya. Muncipal men says that they got a complain from their locality. Daya says that the dog bark only if it is hungry or if thief comes. Babita says we will take its responsibily. Municipal men asks Daya and babita to tie them leather tag or else they will take it. They leaves. Daya and Babita feels happy. Babita asks Daya to inform JethaLal to bring biscuits and leather tag for this Dog. Daya wonders that JethaLal fears from Dog.

She calls JethaLal and informs whatever had happened. She says she saved the Dog. and it will live in our society. She asks him to bring biscuits and leather tag. JethaLal rejects her plea. Babita takes the call and tells JethaLal to take the soft leather material belt. JethaLal softens and says I will bring. He says babita ji asks, so I shall take it. JethaLal thinks if the Dog is tied then he shall roam freely.

Society women feeds biscuits to the Dog. Gogi and Sonu comes there from School.
Daya asks Roshan bhabhi about goli and tappu. She tells them they are studying well so she didnt disturbed them.

Bhide sees the Dog and Daya says that they have saved the Dog and now it will live here. Bhide says we cant keep it here. I have to take the permission then only we can keep it. Madhuri asks Bhide to let it live here. Daya too asks him to accept. Bhide says I have to take the permission from all. So we will meet in the compound hall for the society hall.

Daya and all asks the Dog to live here and they will feed it.

JethaLal wonders why his luck is not same always. He thinks that the Dog did twist his luck. Natu kaka asks JethaLal to accompany them for lunch. Bhaga also asks JethaLal to come with them. JethaLal tells them he needs to go for getting the belt for Dog. Natu kaka says that Saitji weight gained and it is good that he is not coming with them. JethaLal asks them to go and have food. JethaLal leaves to get the belt.

JethaLal comes to the shop where animal’s food etc were sold. He gets scared and then some couples comes there and JethaLal gets feared with their Dog. Then JethaLal asks the shopkeeper to show him the strong belt. he asks the price. He says 1800 Rs. JethaLal asks him to show him the belt within 1000 Rs.
JethaLal asks the shopkeeper to give the Dog’s biscuits. Then JethaLal takes the belt which is strong enough to hold the Dog at Rs 1800.
Then he asks the shopkeeper to give him red belt also as Babita ji asks him to get a belt in red colour too.

JethaLal thinks that it is good if dog doesnt bite him. He thinks to take Natu kaka and Bhaga as his body guards to enter the society. Then he thinks if they came to know that he gets scared with Dog then they will laugh at him. Then he thinks of different idea.

Taarak Message to the viewers:

Taarak says how will JethaLal hide from Natu kaka and Bhaga that he is not scared of Dog? and what is his idea to hide his fear from everyone?

JethaLal with Natu kaka and Bhaga are waiting for an auto and auto comes. Bhaga sits first, when JethaLal about to sit in the auto, he sees the Dog photo and asks Bhaga to get down. when Natu kaka asks him why he asks Bhaga to get down. JethaLal replies that auto man was not seems to be good.

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