Saraswatichandra 4th December 2013 Written Update

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Saraswatichandra 4th December 2013 Written Update by Amena Hasan

Saraswatichandra 4th December 2013 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Kumud and Saras talking about Kusum. Kumud says this is the truth, I tried explaining her but she does not understand. Kumud says she agreed for marrying Mohan because of me. Saras says its not your mistake. Kumud says maybe you and Kusum are made for each other. maybe Kusum is right. She says we always tried to meet but the fate always takes you to Kusum, now I understand why Kusum became Meera as you were her Krishna. Her words were true, not an act. You saved Kusum from Pramad’s goons, why, why did she say yes to you when I said no to you, why did she come to you when you came to see me, why. Kumud cries.

Kusum leaves the peacock feather and cries. Saras holds Kumud and says who told you that I saw Kusum first. He says I saw first your eyes, your hair, your kamarbandh, your every feeling, which are in me now. He says so I understood that it was not you. He says what does this mean, tell me. He says it means that before we met, our hearts met and we can never be apart and no one can separate us. Not Pramad, not Kusum and not me and not you. Kuch na Kahe….. Bas Chup Rahe…… plays……………. He holds her face and they have an eyelock. Kumud cries looking at him. Saras wipes her tears.

Kumud touches his face and he closes hie eyes. Music plays…………. They look into each other’s eyes and get strength from themselves. Kumud moves and realizes their closeness. He holds her when she starts going. He says whats Kusum’s decision is the fate’s decision, we can’t change it. Kumud leaves.

Kumud comes home and Kalika is after her hiding something. Kalika comes to Pramad and sees him sleeping. He wakes up and sees her. He smiles seeing the thing. She says before today, I have never stopped you, but this is poison for you. Pramad says give it to me. Its wine. Kalika says why are you drinking this poison. He says I don’t fear of this poison as I m going to die. Kumud comes there and before Kalika could explain, she slaps Kalika. Pramad is shocked to see Kumud. Kumud scolds Kalika. Pramad says I asked her to bring this, its not her mistake. Kumud says its my mistake that I trusted her. Pramad says Kalika, go from here.

Kalika leaves. Kumud says why do you want to die, why did you say no to US doctor’s treatment. Pramad  tries to drink wine. Kumud takes the bottle and throws it asking for the answer. He says only this can make me dead, I don’t want to live, if I stay alive, I don’t know how many lives will I ruin. He says its because of me, Kusum had to say that Saras loves her, if I did not do that, today this would have not happened with Kusum. He says I know everything, when I came to Saras’s home, I heard everything. Till I live, I will hurt everyone, so I want to die, help me in ending my life, please. Kumud looks at him while he coughs.

He requests Kumud to help him. Guniyal and Chandrika are applying mahendi to Kusum. Everyone sit around her and are happy. Kalika comes there and Yash’s mum asks her to do some work. She asks her to bring the guests list. Kalika leaves. Danny is packing his bag. Saras comes and says hurry up, else you will be late. Danny says I won’t be able to go. He says I know she does not love me, I want to meet her once. Saras hugs him and says how to tell you the truth, you will be hurt.

Kalika comes to her room and closes the door. She is angry and says enough Kumud, this is your last slap on my face, not anymore. She sees Kumud and Kusum’s photo and says I will take your everything and make you blank. Her phone rings and she receives a voice recording with a girl shouting save me. Kalika smiles and says her lines — now the gold’s rate will fall…… when this marriage’s sound will echo in everyone’s ears. Saras and Kumud talk on phone about Kusum and Danny. Kumud says the Baraat is about to come. Kumud says I spoke to the doctors, he will get the appointment soon. Saras says I m going to drop Danny at the airport. She says and you… He says I told you, I won’t leave you alone.

Saras calls Danny but is worried to see him missing in the house. He thinks where did Danny go. He says Kumud says the Baraat is going to come, did he….. He runs. Kalika says Kumud got married very fast, but Kusum’s marriage will be memorable. Kumud says what did you say. Kalika says nothing, I was thinking this is my first function after my marriage, so…. Badimaa comes and asks Kumud to go and see whether Kusum is ready as the Baarat has come. Kalika plans something.

Pramad stops Kumud and says sorry for talking to your dad about Kusum. She says if you want to help, help yourselves, go to US for the treatment. He says then I have to go fare from you. She says fine, then I will give your money back, either go for the treatment or take your money back. Pramad says she will make me agree to her terms.

Kusum is getting ready. Guniyal talks to her saying I gave Kumud to Badimaa, but never gave you. I love you a lot and I want the good for you. Kusum cries and hugs her. Danny comes there and looks at Kusum crying. Guniyal leaves and Danny hides. Kumud comes to Kusum. kumud wears the saree which Saras gifted her. Kusum asks did the Baraat come, how am I looking, I m looking like a bride, right. She says this room will be yours from tomorrow and acts normal. She says do what Saras is saying, sign on the divorce papers, atleast any one of us will get his love.

Kumud hugs her and says will you be able to hold yourself. Kusum says yes. Kumud leaves. Kusum closes the door and is shocked to see Danny in her room. Mohan and his family comes with the guests. Vidyachatur welcomes them. Pannaben says the arrangements look good. Kalika smiles and says I did the real arrangements, which you shock you Pannaben.

Pannaben is shocked to see Saras and Kusum in the room and says Kumud’s lover with Kusum, and breaks the relation. Everyone are shocked.


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  1. SaMud4Ever
    December 06, 21:51 Reply

    Poor Danny. He doesn’t even know the whole truth. He doesn’t even know that his love actually loves his brother. If he finds out he will be heart broken.

  2. SaMud4Ever
    December 06, 21:48 Reply

    OMG! I just finished watching this episode and the beginning scene with Saras and Kumud was amazing. I loved every second of it! I thought it was one of the best SaMud scenes till date. The way she broke down helplessly, the way he pulled her in, the way he told her that they were made for each other, the way they carressed each other’s faces…and the way they showed their intense love. It was a speechless, beautiful moment. I am still stunned. Superb acting by Gautam and Jennifer.

  3. nithya
    December 05, 01:38 Reply

    this episode shows even if bad people change,the world will not accept.They will be haunted for past.Same is the case with pramad & kalika.Although kalika brought’s pramad who asked for it (as he himself said) She even asked why he is doing it & felt sad for his condition.Before she could tell she got a slap which makes her envy to reach peaks.Pramad also is not accepted by any1 although he has changed.The moral is if you are bad…stay bad Don’t try to become good :p

  4. SaMud4Ever
    December 04, 21:49 Reply

    I was thinking to myself. How do you think Kumud felt when she married Pramad, despite having a two-sided love relationship with Saras. How did she feel after finding out Pramad was bad? How did she feel when Pramad tried to burn her alive? Kusum, on the other hand, is atleast getting married to a nice guy, Mohan. Also she shouldn’t be anywhere near sad, because her relationship was one-sided. Saras never loved her and will never love her. Kumud is the one who has been through so much, yet Kusum is the one who grieves more. If you think about, Kumud is very strong. And that is why I love the character of Kumud. 🙂

  5. SaMud4Ever
    December 04, 21:43 Reply

    I don’t understand why Pannaben immediately calls off the wedding over such a trivial matter? Saras is meeting Kusum as he is going to be her Jija Ji. I’ll have to wait for tomorrow.

    • nithya
      December 05, 00:50

      looks like you didn’t watch the episode..She says “elder sis lover with younger sis room..that too with door locked??” Now you think it’s trivial matter?? India still has honour killings

  6. SaMud4Ever
    December 04, 21:29 Reply

    What is Danny going to do? I am waiting for tomorrow.

  7. SaMud4Ever
    December 04, 21:27 Reply

    Kumud is looking beautiful as always. Saras has an amazing taste. I love her saree, hair, and her smile. Jennifer is so pretty! 🙂

  8. SaMud4Ever
    December 04, 21:25 Reply

    –She says and you… He says I told you, I won’t leave you alone.–

    Awwwwwwww…their bond grows stronger everyday. SaMud is adorable! 🙂

  9. SaMud4Ever
    December 04, 21:24 Reply

    Poor Danny, he is still heartbroken. Hope he recovers after finding out Kusum doesn’t love him. He will go through even more depression once he finds out Kusum likes Saras. I wonder how he will react.

  10. SaMud4Ever
    December 04, 21:23 Reply

    Why do Saras and Kumud want Pramad to live longer? Why do they want him to be treated against his wish? They should just let him die, so he will be gone forever.

  11. SaMud4Ever
    December 04, 21:20 Reply

    I don’t understand. If Pramad gets treated that means he won’t die soon. That is not a good thing for SaMud. Unless, once Pramad is treated Kumud intends to leave him and get a divorce.

  12. SaMud4Ever
    December 04, 21:19 Reply

    Kalika is fired up, now that Kumud slapped her. Why can’t Pramad die or just give Kumud a divorce? I want Pramad gone, so that we can have our SaMud.

    • ashii
      December 04, 20:30

      R u arti di??

    • ashii
      December 04, 20:35

      Plzzzzz rply me r u arti di…
      M misssng my arti di lottttttt

    • SaMud4Ever
      December 04, 21:16

      Sorry. I am not Arti Di. I miss her too, though. 🙁

  13. SaMud4Ever
    December 04, 20:21 Reply

    –He holds her face and they have an eyelock. Kumud cries looking at him. Saras wipes her tears. Kumud touches his face and he closes hie eyes. Music plays…………. They look into each other’s eyes and get strength from themselves.–

    I will always remember this scene whenever I think of SaMud. Their love is so intense and pure. Their love is like no other. No matter what they go through, it is always present. They care for each other more than themselves. SaMud is such a perfect couple. I love them to death! There is no couple like them. They will always be together no matter what! I love SaMud!

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