Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 17th January 2014 Written Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 17th January 2014 Written Update by Vishwal

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 17th January 2014 Written Episode

The episode starts with dadi going to KT and she wishes him good morning and then KT realizes that it’s morning and says that he didn’t realize only as he was working whole night. Then dadi tells KT to go out for a walk and he should get freshen up. KT refuses at first but dadi forces him and he agrees. At the garg house mayank and gunjan both are worried and talking about charu. Gunjan says that she hopes that shail throws charu out of the house right now. Mayank says that he feels disgusted to even take charu’s name from his mouth. Gunjan says that if shail does not throw charu out of the house then what to do. Mayank assures her that shail will throw charu out of the house. Then rachna comes in mayank and gunjan’s room and tells gunjan that she is leaving for college early as she has to submit the project in the college. Gunjan says that she shall leave as she won’t come to college today and is worried for shail so she would be at home. Rachna leaves. KT is exercising in the garden and all the girls see his body and charm and they say that he is so handsome and dashing. He gives an angry look to the girls and they keep quiet. From the other side rachna is coming and she is looking into her project and dashes KT. The girls laugh saying that rachna purposely did that so that she could fall and KT could catch her but nothing of that sort happened. KT asks rachna whether the designs are ready and asks her to give it. She says that she will come and give it and saying so she goes from there feeling embarrassed.

At the garg house gunjan is roaming from here to there in her room and seema asks her that why is she roaming from here to there and nothing would happen by roaming from here to there and they have to think how to throw charu out of the house. Seema and gunjan discuss about the accident and gunjan says that it’s not an accident but she strongly feels that it’s a planning done by charu. Then gunjan also says that she is worried for shail as she feels that charu can brainwash her mind. Shail goes to vikram and asks him to eat but he says that till his mitthu doesn’t get well totally he won’t be able to eat anything. He then tells shail that if anything happens to his mitthu he will die and whats the use if his mitthu is not there. Then shail says that she won’t let anything happen to his mitthu. Then he asks for a promise that she won’t let mitthu go anywhere. She promises this. Then the doorbell rings and it’s some person with a bag and its vikram and mitthu’s marriage invitation card and gunjan asks that person to take it back. Shail comes from behind and says that the marriage will be done on the same day and gunjan gets shocked.

gunjan and mayank oppose this decision but they fail to convince shail and shail says that she is going to get them married. Shail goes to vikram’s room and hugs charu and accepts her and says that their marriage is fixed and they both should stay happily married. then gunjan comes and hugs charu and says that she knows that she has not improved and is still the same and can never improve. she then says that she will always keep an eye on her and if she does anything bad with the family people then she would not tolerate it and would punish her. gunjan then acts infront of vikram and shail and becomes friends with charu. vikram and shail get happy seeing this.the screen freezes on charu’s face.

Precap:- Mayank goes in his room and its decorated and says that gunjan has decorated it so well. from behind charu hugs him and he turns and is shocked to see her.

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  1. zieshaa
    January 18, 15:20 Reply

    plzz cv’s bring in some other masala or topic.. get tired of this nonsense mitthu charu, gunjan n mayank track.. plzz get it over

  2. unknown
    January 18, 09:55 Reply

    Can anyone tell me what happend to vihaan in the show why he left?

  3. Naomi
    January 17, 16:50 Reply

    i miss him too (neena) its stupid too cuz first Rachna fall in love wit coach, then vihaan and she never get her love, now we only hope she get K.T’s love in return.

    • neena
      January 17, 17:05

      he was really like a teddy bear for me

  4. Hena
    January 17, 13:32 Reply

    Cali dimac shail she is so stupid trusting CHARU!!!!!

    • Naomi
      January 17, 16:46

      i so agree wit u! shail should always put her family first charu is a bitch.

    • neena
      January 17, 13:03


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