Sadda Haq 23rd December 2013 Written Update

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Sadda Haq 23rd December 2013 Written Update by Born2Dance

Sadda Haq 23rd December 2013 Written Episode

Sahil and Vidhushi are in the corridor where they blackmail the lab assistant of showing everyone a photo of his reading an adult rated magazine. They make a deal that he will not get a new mobile and that he won’t say any one of her cheating. He eventually agrees for the same. The lab assistant even helps her and Sahil for copying Randhir’s project.
Fresher’s party preperations are all on full swing whereas Sayunkta and Kostuki drag the beer bottles away from their room with Jignesh’s help to a gutter behind the college. Here all the boys search Sayunkta’s hostel room for the bottles. One of the helpers catches them doing the same. But by the time they realise Sayunkta and Kostuki had already emptied the bottles into the gutter.
Everybody starts getting ready for the party when Sayunkta is busy studying. Koshtuki scolds her and takes her books away. Finally agreeing they both get ready.
Freshser’s party starts witha bang where Randhir makes a dashing entry. Randhir is found asking for Sayunkta when he learns about Sayunkta’s and Koshtuki’s mischeif. Koshtuki and Sayunkta enter net and all the boys go gaga over Koshtuki. Jignesh goes and compliments them both and aks Koshtuki for a dance. Sayunkta goes and sits on a table which is exactly in front of Randhir’s. He asks her to move away which she plainly refuses.
Randhir gets frustrated and there starts a huge fight between the two of them. Randhir indirectly challenges her which she gladly accepts. She promises to prove him that she is better than Randhir. Randhir calls for everyone’s attention and announces the challenge to everyone. Challenge is to make a circuit, but, after having five shots eacch. Koshtuki tries to make her back down but Sayunkta agrees.

PRECAP : They both have shots and Sayunkta insults Randhir and his family. Vardhan gets angry on Sayunkta and she is found calling her mom to take her away from FIET.

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