Sadda Haq 17th March 2014 Written Update

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Sadda Haq 17th March 2014 Written Update by Nishi

Sadda Haq 17th March 2014 Written Episode

Sanyu and Kastuki are getting ready. Sanyu says she can’t depend on Randhir. Kastuki says he won’t do anything silly. Sanyu was about to say about Renuka being mother of Randhir, but she doesn’t say it and says she’s just preparing as everyone knows how much Randhir hates women. She says in her mind, no matter how much she hates him, but personal life…

Randhir comes to Vardhan to ask for the reports so he can review them one last time. Vardhan says that is so unlike him, so nervous for just a presentation. He gives him the reports.

Sanyu and Kastuki meet Parth. They discuss about Randhir. Sanyu says she can’t depend on him so she has prepared herself too. If it’s required, then she will overtake the presentation. Parth tries to put sense in Sanyu, but in vain.

All set for presentation. Renuka meets new entrants, Sahil, Vidushi, and Parth. She then explains to everyone why they arranged this surprise presentation as they want to see their preparations. They will be questioned so she hopes everyone is prepared. She asks Randhir to begin. Randhir refers “I concluded after reviewing previous Dream Team file..” One of the sponsors interrupts and says he thought it’s a team competition. Randhir now says “we” and continues presentation. Sanyu says in her mind, this is the best chance to prove Randhir incapable as captain. During presentation, Randhir recalls Renuka ignoring him in childhood and gets emotional. He continues and messes up by taking a wrong engine’s name. Sanyu remembers Randhir’s words about which machine they should be using. She interrupts and corrects Randhir. The sponsor gets mad and asks Vardhan, what is this? Captain is saying something and team members are saying something else. Parth interrupts and tries to save the team, but the sponsor is still not impressed. He questions Randhir and he again says “I will answer”. Parth interrupts. The sponsor gets angry and says there’s no coordination in the team and they can’t win the competition this way. He says he’s done with this. Renuka interrupts and says she thinks the students may have thrown out of the place with a surprise presentation, so they should give them another chance. They will be better prepared next time. The other sponsor doesn’t agree. He thinks that the leadership is not right. Sanyu gets happy. Renuka interrupts and says everyone will get another chance, they will revisit a month later and she hopes and wishes the students will surprise them. The other sponsor suggests Vardhan to change the captain and leaves. Vardhan tells Parth to meet him in his office.

Vidushi and Sahil are irritated. Sanyu says this is what Randhir deserved. Parth comes to her and gets mad. He tells her she shouldn’t have done this. He asks her to remember why she came to this college and leaves. Sanyu too thinks now that she shouldn’t have done this.

Randhir is very angry and says Sanyu didn’t do good. He says if he’s not captain, then he doesn’t need the damn Dream Team.

Vardhan shouts at Parth asking why he’s refusing the captainship when he’s perfect for that role. Why he’s taking Randhir’s side. Parth still speaks in Randhir’s favor saying it was a surprise visit. Vardhan mentions Renuka is Randhir’s mother and other dream team students hear it. They get shocked and start discussing about it. Randhir hears it. Inside, Vardhan tries to convince Parth to become the captain, but he refuses. Vardhan says he will have to dissolve this team then. Randhir enters and says he thinks he should be part of this discussion as well. He accepts he lost his focus as Renuka was in front of him, but this was only mistake that he made. He assures he won’t make any mistake from next time. There are people in the team who doesn’t want to see him as the captain, but he will prove that he’s the right captain. He suggests for a new fair competition before dissolving the team or changing captain. New captain will be decided by that competition. Parth tells Randhir he didn’t do anything against him. He did for the team. Randhir says team’s newest member showing so much concern for the team members. He challenges Parth for the competition. Parth agrees. Vardhan approves the competition and asks if anyone else wants to take part. No one comes in front. Vardhan says fine, tomorrow a competition will take place between Randhir and Parth and whoever wins will be the captain.

In night, Kastuki asks Sanyu why she didn’t take part in the competition. Sanyu says Parth made her realize that she was wrong. Vardhan was right if she becomes the captain, then she would only think about taking revenge from Randhir. She doesn’t think about the team. She thinks of apologizing to Randhir for her behavior during the presentation.

Next day, Randhir and Parth are doing their exercises and Yoga. Randhir recalls yesterday’s presentation and gets angry.

Later, Sanyu comes to Randhir and apologizes. She says Whatever Randhir is, he’s their captain and she should have supported him. Randhir doesn’t accept her apology. He says he is not surprised, he had accepted such behavior from her. And about the captainship, he was and will remain the captain. She will always remain under him. Once the competition is done, he will show her where she belongs. Both stare at each other.

Precap: The competition between Randhir and Parth is about to start. Randhir says he wants to make it more interesting so whoever loses will clean others shoes. The competition starts. At the end, someone cleans shoes of other (Faces not shown).

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  1. sam
    March 18, 03:31 Reply

    ye log engg college ke competitions aise stupid wale dikhate hain jaise roadies ho. koi padhai karta nazar nahi aata.

  2. sam
    March 18, 03:30 Reply

    I hate randhir now. vardhan has no control over his team . parth is more irritating thn randhir now. i think sanyu did the right thing exposing randhir. he deserved it, no doubt he was hated by his mom all his life. he deserved it.

    • Rainbow
      March 18, 04:07

      @sam: dnt say so..
      His mom may have reasons to leave him. But he was child @ tat tym, his mom is only responsible. Lack of moms lov made him to hate women n lso he is trying to be perfect. He is nt @ all selfish, even he beggd with his mom for dis dream team

  3. hardhika
    March 17, 13:58 Reply

    I think they are now dragging this oarth a bit too much. ..

  4. sweetu
    March 17, 13:50 Reply

    this randhir n parth are psycho

  5. Misha
    March 17, 11:36 Reply

    Pata nai kal competition
    kon jeetega.

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