Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th January 2014 Written Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th January 2014 Written Update by Manzz

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th January 2014 Written Episode

The episode starts off with the vehicle and Modi family travelling. Radha scheming to harm the family. Later Radha gets Meera to herself and diverts the attention of Kokila and Gopi by dropping food stuff. As those two clean up the mess Radha lets out Meera off the window. A Truck is seemingly coming from the opposite direction.

Meera’s head is outside the vehicle. Climax is that Radha is daydreaming.

Sometime later Radha gets knocked on the fore head when Ahem applies brakes and stops the vehicle. – Toyota Innova.

Well, one of the back tires has a puncture. And engine too is heated. Jigar says that tire can be changed but for the radiator to cool down would take couple of hours.

Baa says they would miss the Puja as the Temple would close for the day, as they will only reach there in the evening. Jigar notices that the area is a picnic area and wants to spend time.

Kokila says because of Raashi’s tantrums and delayed start all this delay took place, but sometimes for good. Kokila and Raashi smile. Raashi is happy. Jigar in undertone says the truth that Raashi delayed on purpose. Raashi shuts him up.

Modi family unpacks and goes to the picnic place.

In between at Shah home : Madhu fuels her brother Jitu and Kinjal is silently abetting Madhu’s mischief. Madhu adds that Urmilaa is not scared of Jitu. Later Jitu gets tough with Urmilaa but to no avail. Madhu and Urmilaa then exchange hoot words.

At the picnic area, all are enjoying ; Jigar changes the tire ; Ahem and Jigar join their family.

Radha still is scheming to harm Meera and Family, especially Gopi.

Enjoyment and happiness is on, family of Modi is in fun mood. Gopi wants to inform Ahem of her pregnancy, does a sketch in Meera’s drawing book and adds a picture besides the couple and child. Supposedly, Ahem, Gopi and Meera.

When Ahem is hungry, Gopi asks him to open the lunch basket, looks at the sketch but he does not realize the real fact but thinks that Meera needs a sibling.

Gopi is disappointed, wonders as to how to inform Ahem of her being pregnant.

Raashi suggests a Game called Lagori – a brief description of game :- Seven stones and ball is used. Stones are kept in a pyramid type of formation. A person knocks it down with three tries. Two teams, where one is hunted with the ball till all are out. Also when the stones are knocked down and if the ball is caught by the opposition, they, I mean the opposition gets seven scores. Rules vary from places to place.

Teams are made, toss taking place and Raashi gets to knock the stones. Raashi and Jigar get struck in each other’s arm, Kokila knocks out Raashi with the ball. Friendly mini fight ensues, Jigar being accused of cheating, much to the amusement of others.

Photographs are taken, playfulness, happiness surrounds Modi family.

In This Mood Of Modi Family, The Episode Ends ! ! !

Precap:- Gopi walks near the danger area and trips. In the process, conveniently Gopi loses control over Meera. Meera falls over the edge of the cliff to the river / water down below.

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  1. pragathi
    January 29, 00:13 Reply

    Plz end this show or make it interesting as we r getting very………………………..irritatiated

  2. Kavita
    January 28, 14:49 Reply

    Meera isn’t going to be killed, she is going to come back 20 years later when the show takes a leap.
    And gopi will recognize her by her stitch marks in her leg.

  3. LAILAkhan
    January 28, 12:43 Reply

    khuttto kamino saalo, meera ko kyun………,?!!!!!!!
    fuck the director

  4. avni
    January 28, 11:07 Reply

    🙁 🙁 …y killd meera ?? Radha should hv fallen down :(…n she could hv reachd her Umang ji -___-

    • nivedha
      January 28, 11:47

      hehe..:D dats true..she can reach quickly near her umang ji..n take tripthi also if u want..others can leave in peace..

    • Seema
      January 29, 04:34

      Ya true she can live peacefully with her umangji after going up and others also can live peacefully when she has gone

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