Ruk Jana Nahin 23rd November 2012 Written Update *Last Episode*

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Ruk Jana Nahin 23rd November 2012 Written Update by lashy

Ruk Jana Nahin 23rd November 2012 Written Episode


The ambulance arrives at the mohalla. Sada and Radha are waiting outside the Mathur mansion with their bags packed. When Indu and Sanchi get off the ambulance, they spot the sorry couple. Indu scolds Sada for having taken so long to leave the Mathur mansion.
Sada folds his palms and (seems to) sincerely ask for an apology from everyone – especially from Sanchi. Following this, Radha also steps forward and admits to all of the devious ways she’d used to destroy Sanchi’s life. She thanks Sanchi for bringing out Sada’s infidelity in the open and admits that instead of being grateful, she’d been very malicious in return.
Radha finally wishes her well by praying that the Lord should bless her with all happiness. As the reformed couple make their way towards their suitcases, Sanchi calls out to them.

Sanchi asks them why they were leaving their own home. The girl expresses her wish where all of them would live under roof – like one big happy family!

Radha and Sada seem genuinely touched. Sada approaches Tarachand and then apologizes once again. They promise the family that they’d never commit any such mistakes that’d warrant such apologies ever again.

Tarachand proposes that since their lives had turned over a new leaf, they must all start life afresh and together. Sushil too joins in – announcing that he’d also start looking for work and contributing to the household expenses i.e. that he would no longer sit by idle.

Once everyone’s shared their sense of happiness and cheer, Indu requests Veena to help Sanchi inside while he’d settle payments with the ambulance driver.

No sooner than everyone vanishes into the house, Sobha and Roop rush towards Indu and his group. Watching her anxious state, Indu enquires about her well-being and Sobha divulges the irresponsible deed that Manwa had done. She asks him if they knew anything about his whereabouts and starts shedding tears.
He assures her that they’d invest all of their energy and somehow search for the lost young man.

A short while later, Indu’s gang accompanies Manwa to his home. While Manwa is busy trying to justify his actions, the enraged Sobha catches him entering the house. She walks up to him and slaps him – all the while rebuking him for having stolen from his own home.

A few slaps later, Abhimanyu goes on to rebel. He scolds his mother for having initially spoilt him rotten. Later on, when he’d met Mehek and wanted to reform himself, she’d managed to ruin his love-story too. He explains that he’d taken her money only to start a business of his own and throws the bag back at her.

Taking the bag, Sobha desperately starts searching for her jewellery and the money inside it. On finding none, she panics. Puzzled, Manwa also searches the contents of the bag but finds no trace of the jewellery or money. He surmises that someone must have stolen the valuables while he’d stopped by to drink some water.
Sobha starts wailing aloud – loud enough to bring all of Benaras down!!!

Indu arrives at the scene soon after and tries comforting the distraught Sobha.
‘You’re acting quite strange’ he tells her ‘You’re lamenting about the loss of your valuables…what if your son had gone astray or lost…how would you get him back…’ he pauses ‘he’s your son…your family…learn to value him…’
Sounding quite wise, Indu continues with his counsel calmly ‘Today when I’ve reformed so much why can’t he…tomorrow, he’ll start working and start running the family…you’ll get your money back…’

Manwa interrupts Indu’s composed advice to once again insult his mother’s avarice. Seeing how Sobha seemed unmoved by Manwa’s state, even Roop realizes the truth. If a mother couldn’t love her own son, then how why would she care for her daughter either. Roop and Manwa decide to leave their mother behind in her own ‘palace’ and desert the place to find a home for themselves!

Taken aback, Indu has to step up to diffuse the situation. He urges Sobha to stop her children from leaving. After all, in old age its not gold or silver that’d support her. However, if cared for well enough her children, they would definitely be by her side forever!
Finally learning her lesson, Sobha runs to Roop and Manwa and tries to stop them from leaving. She showers them with lovey-dovey words and phrases. Indu cannot help but giggle at this point of time.
Sobha begs them to forgive her- stating that she wasn’t aware they were disappointed with her to this extent. She promises her children that she’d strive to be a good mother. She even gives word to Manwa that he could choose and wed any girl he wished too. However, When Roop jumps in to wonder about her ‘future proposals’ Sobha teases her and brushes off her daughter’s worries.

Roop sulks and walks away – dejected by how her wishes were always dismissed. Guddu notices this and quietly walks upstairs to where Roop was standing in an attempt to comfort her (ahem ahem start of new love story!!!)
Loool why, even the breeze starts blowing as Guddu observes Roop silently weeps to herself. Her dupatta flies on his face and she doesn’t even realize it!!!

Finally giving up his silence, Guddu asks her why she was crying as everything was fine now. Roop sobs aloud – explaining how her mother and brother had patched up. Why, Manwa might find a job soon and a wife too- while she’d be left all alone.
‘For how long will I have to put up with my mother…’ Roop complains tearfully ‘For how long will I spend my days just fighting with Manwa…will I ever find a husband?’

Guddu gives his word that he’d stand by her. Initially not giving his words weightage, she snubs his concern as being superficial. However, when he gives her a promise that he’d be beside her forever, Roop can’t believe her fortune.
She takes his hand in her’s and begins blushing – thanking him for his support. The abashed young man wraps her palms in his and pats her encouragingly. Thus marks the beginning of a new pair in the Mohalla. LOL

The Mathur house is sparkling with lights and festivity. Veena, Radha and Anita are decorating the house and preparing for the Lakshmi Pooja. Veena suddenly realizes that she’d forgotten to buy a silver coin for the pooja. Radha earnestly advices Veena that during the Pooja, it was the devotion that was more important that religious artefacts. However, Sada comes up with the pleasant news that he’d bought the silver coin for Veenaji. He’d realized that with Sanchi’s ill health etc, they must have forgotten about it and prepared beforehand. They grateful families thank each other.

Soon after, the dazzling ‘Indu and Sanchi’ arrive at the scene. Veena advices them to do the pooja first since it was their first Diwali.
Sanchi and Indu follow the bidding and carry out the Aarthi together. Sanchi silently prays that the Goddess bless them with eternal happiness. Indu thanks the Lord for having returned his love to him. He also begs the Lord that Sanchi should never have to witness any sorrow in her life due to him ever again.

Some time later…
The large extended family have a gala time lighting fireworks outside the house.
Guddu and Roop go through a bit of teasing, flirting, running, hiding etc during all of this.

In a secluded corner, Indu tells Sanchi that he’d been through a lot in the last few days and that he didn’t want to be away from her even for a second.
‘Well who’s going to try to separate us now?’ she asks mischievously ‘If anyone even tries…wait and watch what I’d do to them…’ she pauses ‘By the way, Indu…I want a promise from you’
He enquires jovially ‘Promise? I’ve just given you my word that I’d be straightforward in life…’
‘Not that one..another one…’ she smiles ‘I want you to…’
and her words are then drowned out by the overwhelming drones of the fireworks

Next morning
Sanchi and Indu are rushing about as they’re late for university. When Veena and Tarachand ask them why they were hurrying, Sanchi reveals that she was getting late to submit the form for the MBA entrance exam. The parents are taken aback.

Sanchi then explains that her student presidency was never her long-term goal. She’d taken up the presidency only to bring the university on the right path and to prove her point. She never was interested in politics. It was Indu who’d always aspired to be a politician.
Saying so, she looks up at her husband proudly ‘And I know he’ll go on to become a big politician one day!’
Indu beams and then chirps in that he’d become an honourable politician one day!

Veena and Tarachand are quite happy.

Now that Sanchi was done with her presidency, she wanted to do something in the public sector.
Indu gives her his hand ‘As your husband, I’d like to be the first one to wish you well in your endeavours!’
As husband and wife shake hands, they receive an ovation from the rest of the family members.

Thereafter bidding her family farewell, the couple then make their way to the university together hand in hand.

And with that the serial comes to its final shot…

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