Punar Vivah 29th August 2012 Written Update

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Punar Vivah 29th August 2012 Written Update by Rimjhim

Punar Vivah 29th August 2012 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location:Yash’s house
pankaj and vibha are discussing if aarti is honest to their family or not.He says that his faith in aarti is increasingly dwindling as was evident by how unaffected she was at gayatri urging her to tell the truth whereas vidhi takes aarti’s side saying that she has seen her pain and has seen her geuinely worried for yash.then why would she hide something that could be bothering him.Even after he leaves she still is determined that she has her faith in aarti and that she believes in her honesty.

Scene 2:
Location: Yash’s house
Aarti is in yash’s room and is wondering what could have hppened in mumbai that has shattered all his faith in her.Her thought process is interrupted by the kids coming in announcing that are not feeling sleepy.She suggests them to play or read or have fun and exhaust themselves out and doze off but the kids arent in the mood for it because they are upset that papa is not well and is angry at mumma even though she is very good.They offer to tell papa to forgive mumma and then everybody can be happy again and have fun like in mumbai.Aarti is overwhelmed and promises them that doctor will treat papa and get him to laugh and have fun with them again

Scene 3:
Location:Yash’s house
gayatri and her husband are doing puja.the noise of it wakes up yash and he staggers towards the puja room.Meanwhile they finish the pooja and his father gets a call and he leaves from there.Yash walks in on gayatri and overhears her praying to goddess to cure his son and take away whatever is bothering him.his father sees yash and immediately cancels the phone call.meanwhile yash sits in his mother’s lap who takes him very lovingly and asks hima bout his health and that she was just about to come upto his room.He says that he has neither been a good son and father,nor been a good brother and uncle.Gayatri pacifies him saying that he is her favourite and the most pampered child.He admits that he has bothered her and everyone in the family,but he did not do it intentionally but because of that tragedy and stops.She urges him to spill out everything.Everyon except aarti is waiting for him to speak,who’s watching him from a distance.He has flashbacks of the fun times with aarti and gets upset and leaves from there and staggers back to his room and closes it.also hearing the thunder of the rain he again seems to remember something and gets increasingly disturbed.

Scene 4:
Location:Yash’s house
The kids are watching a magician displaying his tricks to school students.Seeing his impeccable command over magic the kids are struck with an idea that they could ask the magician to cure their dad woth magic so that he could laugh again and not be angry anymore at mumma and all of them can have fun just like they did in mumbai.After school,they approach him with the same request.His assistant takes them aside and tells them that the magician is very busy.also he charges an exorbitant amount of fees to come to anyone’s home.So its very difficult that he would be able to come to their home.But he still assures the kids that he would request the magician to pay a visit to the kids’ house.

Scene 5:
Location:Yash’s house
The kids decide to take their dadu’s keys and take money from his safe to be able to pay the magician’s fees.But they have a momentary doubt if what they are doing is stealing but then palak convinces him that dadaji is not here right now otherwise they would have asked for money.so technically they arent stealing.And when he comes back they will tell him.Also dadi has said that they would do anything to cure their papa,so once the magician does that they will all be happy and nobody will scold them.Not knowing how much is 50000,that is the magician’s fee,they decide to take out the entire mony from the safe and are caught midway by buaji with money in their hands.the screen freezes on buaji’s face.

Precap: Buaji on her way to taking aarti’s kid to tell everyone what was he doing when she is confronted by aarti as to why she is so upset.She answers saying that her pampered son has been caught stealing redhanded from yash’s father’s safe.Aarti is surprised seeing the bundle of notes in his hands.


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  1. Anonymous
    August 30, 07:04 Reply

    what if he found out about her husband…….remember he does not like lies……and who is aman? and can any1 tell me her ex husband name plz 🙂

    • priya
      August 30, 07:19


  2. akansha
    August 30, 06:23 Reply

    buaji is blaming only ansh for stealing money and not also palak.

  3. simi
    August 30, 03:50 Reply

    i think d director has disturbed a beehive.now he is running 4 cover.that s there is a new character.

  4. Anonymous
    August 29, 19:16 Reply

    I lyk this show verymuch. The fast update is very useful for me especially. I agree its boring nowadays,but,hope this waiting to watch good aproach and love of yash-arthi will come soon and yash reveals himself abt mad at arthi. Pls upload pictures too evrytime. All the best

  5. Anonymous
    August 29, 18:08 Reply

    This show has become very depressing and stale. I hope some love, happiness and excitement returns soon…

  6. Anonymous
    August 29, 17:52 Reply

    I think yash is falling in love with a arti and doesn’t know what’s happening to him. And he probably thought that arti made him fall in love with her on porpose! So that’s probably why he got mad at her! And that’s why he keeps thinking of her. And I think when arti’s friend comes he’ll make yash jealous,and then yash will finally admit that he loves arti!! And everything will be all good!!!!!! I really really hope what I think comes true!!!!!

  7. Juan J. Teson
    August 29, 15:55 Reply

    Why does they’re playing with these little kids emotions ? Why they’re so adamant to make them thief infront of the family ? Does that will help them to create a good TRP ?

    Grow up and unfold the real suspense instead making a bad impresson front of loyal viewers !!!

  8. Seema
    August 29, 14:56 Reply

    I can’t take it anymore! When are they going to tell us?! This secret has gone on for way too long and now this problem with the sweet children. FORCE YASH TO TELL US ALREADY!!

    • Pics plz
      August 29, 15:54

      I agree this show is gtn boring…the storys being messed I’m gona stop watching the show very soon! Αη∂ what on earth is wrong with this yash! He’s officially lost his head they are spoiling his character this doesn’t suit him! Writers plz do something abt it before its too late

  9. ARTI
    August 29, 14:50 Reply

    yash is falling in love with arti.i wish yash forgave her tho.and he would realize that it waz an accident.

  10. laksh
    August 29, 14:27 Reply

    Such a boring show it has become nowadays

  11. anonymous
    August 29, 14:26 Reply

    who is aman? tell me plss…some one i can”t wait

    • Anonymous
      August 29, 14:58

      I don’t know who he is to aarti, maybe an old school friend or something and his presence around aarti will make yash realise he loves her can’t wait to seee that!!!! actually he’s the magician kids wanted to bring back smile on their father’s face, poor aanch he took the mone to pay the magician it’s obvious ,there’s no reason aanch would steal money he can have whatever he wants by just asking for it (hope it helps)

    • inconnue
      August 29, 15:01

      I don’t know who he is to aarti, maybe an old school friend or something and his presence around aarti will make yash realise he loves her can’t wait to seee that!!!! actually he’s the magician
      (i guess) kids wanted to bring back smile on their father’s face, poor aanch he took the mone to pay the magician it’s obvious ,there’s no reason aanch would steal money he can have whatever he wants by just asking for it (hope it helps)

  12. Clara
    August 29, 14:20 Reply

    What if Yash slept with Arthi in Mumbai? His last recollection was that he was approaching the Arthi…
    p.s sorry for my English . I’m french fan.:)

    • cutie
      August 29, 14:29

      maybe ur right, i also think that she slept with yash

  13. Anonymous
    August 29, 14:07 Reply

    I liked the flashbacks. Yash begins to love Artie!<3

  14. Arya fan
    August 29, 14:00 Reply

    Oh no!another boring episode! I am hopeless.

  15. Yash and Aarti
    August 29, 14:00 Reply

    at least we know whats up with yash.
    anyway the new promo looks good! they will inroduce a new character, aman, in the 31st august. its someone aarti knows and he will try to solve yash and aarti’s problem. i got a feeling they might play the jelousy card to make yash realise that he likes aarti.

    i cant wait!

  16. raina
    August 29, 13:58 Reply

    Boring…………., writers of punar vivah please reveal this secret tomorrow.

  17. Rimjhim
    August 29, 13:51 Reply

    hey thanks guys for encouraging me on my speed of updating.hope to keep up the good work for you faithful readers…kudos!!!

  18. divya
    August 29, 13:47 Reply

    hey why these serial becomes so boring???????and last 2-3 episodes are like useless……..not having any meaning…

  19. Arya fan
    August 29, 13:42 Reply

    Wow u r too fast. Luv that.keep it up.thanx 4 the update.

  20. Arya fan
    August 29, 13:39 Reply

    If there is a physicl relatinship between arya,aarti will remember it and will tell about it 2 vidhi.how can she 4got this?

    • Fan in USA!
      August 29, 13:40

      yea but knowing arti…remember how she conveniently forgot the fire? and then again; im sure arti wont want to disclose that kind of information to anyone..

    • anonymous
      August 29, 14:14

      oh common nya how can she forget that

  21. simi
    August 29, 13:38 Reply

    y r amazingly fast.keep it up. we love u.

  22. mystery revealed
    August 29, 13:27 Reply

    what i guessed yesterday is absolutely right…………. He did have a relation with aarthi……

    • anonymous
      August 29, 14:16

      if so how she can forget?

    • nothing
      August 29, 16:50

      I don’t think so. We all knew that YASH started loving ARTHI long time b4 . When he realised it in Mumbai he couldn’t admit it as well he read d diary same time. So he might be misunderstood that she trapped him into her net. Today ‘s episode clearly says every moments remains him Arthi not Arpita (which is bothering him that he did grave mistake that he forgot ARpita & Arthi caught that place)
      Pv team has depicted yash character 2 overboard . Now they r trying 2 rectify by d new entry person. BCOS WE ALL HAVE REGISTERED OUR OBJECTION ABOUT D Insult of FEMALE character in previous episodes

    • U.S. Fan Too
      August 29, 23:00

      Yes, I believe he was intimate with Aarti and it completely blew his mind! Aarti did not forget, but how is she going to tell her family members that they were intimate? That’s very personal…

  23. afreesh
    August 29, 13:19 Reply

    Am sure 2days episode will be boring…..

    • afrina
      August 29, 13:26

      ur ryt rishu

    • afreesh
      August 29, 13:36

      Am always right…. 😉

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