Pratigya 20th August 2012 Written Update

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Pratigya 20th August 2012 Written Update by Sheena

The episode continues from ME where Kartik reminds the crowd that it is the same Prof who taught them whilst they were at school, university..He continues by telling that the prof gave them the values and it is his values that they are able to do well in life..Komal too gets angry at the crowd for defaming her family..She wants to get physical but both P and Kartik stop her..P and Kartik decide to go to the police station to release Arushi

Police Station

The officer is passing derogatory remarks on Arushi..P arrives to stop the Officer for saying anything further..Officer reminds P that as she has been caught, those remarks are required and if she has any objection then she should fight for Arushi thru courts and not interfere in police procedure…Kartik reminds the officer that Arushi is Prof daughter…He continues to say that without the prof guidance and support and teaching, many who would not be in respectable positions in society. He praises the Prof for being the teacher for bringing a change to so many students..However, the Officer is not interested and continues with his inquiry…P reminds the officer as to where to co accused is and why was he not arrested with Arushi? P defends Arushi by saying that there is no case against her unless both are arrested…The officer asks the female officers as to why they did not arrest the man..They say as women they can not arrest a man…P tells the officer to release Arushi without charge or she will make sure that the officer will lose his job..The officer says he will release Arushi by giving her a warning..P objects but the officer says a warning will be the final outcome.

ASY Home

The neighbour comes to ASY..He is scared that K will kill him and seeks for ASY help to protect him from K..ASY agrees and allows the neighbour to stay with him till the trial ends…

Green House

Arushi cries inconsolably..Prof comforts her and gives her strength to fight on..However, Arushi is not keen to fight and wants to admit to the crime so that the trial and court case ends..She does not want any further accusations on her..Prof gives Arushi encouragement by telling her that truth always prevails and by fighting for truth, she will have victory..Prof takes P example of fighting for truth and take her strength to fight the allegations against her…Arushi pays heed to the words and vows to fight on..

Kartik and Komal get closer with Komal thanking Kartik for his support..They talk about their first meeting and also how SS treated him..Kartik tells Komal that he is proud to be Prof student and all his teachings are part of him and considers Prof as a guru..

KriYa conversation

P tells K about Arushi arrest..K wonders as to why she did not call him…K tells will teach that neighbour a lesson..P considers that someone is behind all this to frame Arushi…K vows to bring the culprit to justice…Both wonder where the neighbour as disappeared to as he will reveal the truth as to who was behind Arushi’s arrest..

Court Room

Court case resumes with ASY calling Sarju friend and Brother to the witness stand..Both accuse Arushi of being a prostitute and that both were her clients..P objects to the claims saying that it has nothing to do with the case..ASY is able to convince the judge that their testimony is significant to the case..Judge overrules P..ASY and Sarju friend continue to give a bleak picture of Arushi..The judge asks for evidence against Arushi and ASY tells the court that Arushi was arrested for prostitution…P objects saying that nothing proved can be part of evidence..The judge favours P’s argument..

ASY brings P to the witness stand and asks her about the night in question..She tells what happens and how Sarju and his friends were going to molest her…ASY starts to question P about how Sarju touched her, where he touched her, how far up was her saree…K gets angry and tells ASY to remain in his limit…P answers all the question but tells that after she fainted she has no clue as to what transpired..

ASY then turns to his next witness Arushi and asks her as to what happened after P fainted…ASY starts to paint a derogatory of P condition…K has had enough..He takes off his shoe and aims at ASY who gets hit by K shoe…K graps ASY collar and openly declares that if he wants his answer then he should go and ask his mother as to how she and Sajjan Singh had intimacy..About 5 police officer try and fend K away from ASY…ASY rattled by K words…


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