Nikhil to romance Laajo in Life OK’s Gustakh Dil

Life OK’s Gustakh Dil (Ravi Ojha Productions) will infuse an interesting angle in the storyline ahead in the show.

The viewers and fans of Gustakh Dil already know about Laajo (Sana Amin Sheikh) falling head over heels in love with Nikhil (Vaibhav Roy). Ishaana (Parvati Sehgal) on the other end is getting suicidal in frustration of loosing Nikhil.

The audience will also see a romantic sequence on the show wherein Nikhil will be seen accidentally coming in physical contact with Laajo, which will make Laajo blush. Nikhil would then explain her that he is her husband and not a stranger so she need not worry.

The story will then be taken forward to a romantic song sequence where the couple will perform on a romantic song ‘Man Bawra’ (also called the Laajo song as it has been recorded specially for the show.) The episode will be telecast on 9 October.

Now we all know that Nikhil is madly in love with Ishaana! So did this attraction come about or was Laajo dreaming?

We will find out more on the date of telecast!!!

Sana Amin Sheikh, has earlier said a big NO to her producers for shooting romantic scenes. So what pricked her to give a nod for the shot this time around?

She answered, “Earlier, I had inhibitions but this is a romantic scene which has been written and scripted beautifully. Moreover, as the name suggests – Gustakh Dil, it was necessary at this point of time to showcase a romantic scene. I am also very comfortable shooting with my co-stars and we all have got very close together as a unit, so I did not feel odd.”

We excitedly wait for Sana to add the flavor of romance in the show!!!

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  1. SYS
    October 09, 15:07 Reply

    Hope this dream comes true very soon .

  2. Claire
    October 09, 12:08 Reply

    Lovung show more n more each day its dm classy

  3. aradhana
    October 09, 00:18 Reply

    wao good but feel bad for ishana she is also very good girl and more matured than Laajo

    • Aaliyah
      October 09, 10:03

      true……… but thats life/soapseries 🙁

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