Mahabharat 14th February 2014 Written Update

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Mahabharat 14th February 2014 Written Update by mnx12

Mahabharat 14th February 2014 Written Episode

In Hastinapur, Shakuni plans to make Duryodhan a king before the news of Pandavas being alive reaches Hastinapur.
All 5 bros dressed as bridegrooms arrive for this unique marriage. Kunti takes her seat.Ved Vyas is present too. Draupadi, the bride comes with Shikhandini & Krishna, who has promised to be present when ever she needs him.
Drupad wants clear few doubts before starting the ceremony from Ved Vyas. He asks what will be the status of his daughter, who will be a common wife of all 5, whereas a prince may have to marry many times for various reasons. Ved Vyas tells Pandavas, in every marriage bride & groom takes vows for their relation. Here they too will have to make some for this different marriage. All 5 bros vow to be faithful to Draupadi. Bheem vows not to get his wife to Hastinapur, as he is the only one married till now among them.
Ved Vyas says Draupadi will be with 1 brother at a time & only he will b allowed to enter her Kaksh for that year. Shikhandini asks, during that year, the memorries of time spend with that bro. may haunt her sister when she is with other bro. Draupadi vows to do penanace of Fire to make herself pure from those memorries after her 1 year timeperiod end. Krishna supports her in this decision.
The ceremony starts. She marries each bro seperately. They put Chudamani, which has 5 stones given by Krishna studded in it, in her hair together.

Duryodhan throws tantrum to become the king of Hastinapur.

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