Mahabharat 10th April 2014 Written Update

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Mahabharat 10th April 2014 Written Update by Tanaya

Mahabharat 10th April 2014 Written Episode

The episode begins with Draupadi requesting to give back the entire weapons,wealth and respect back to the pandvas Duryodhans father agrees to give back the entire wealth to pandvas but suddenly duryodhan refuses to give it all back saying that it’s his property and his father do not have any authority to give it away without his permission. Mahamantri asks duryodhan to keep quiet and do as his father says in the favour of hastinapur but duryodhan refuses to be quiet about it and asks everyone present in the hall why he should be quiet ? he agrees to be quiet and accepts that the entire game was adharma and trap, and asks everyone present in the sabha to accept that even they are the part of this adharma and trap as they quietly saw it happening, he asks everyone to accept that everyone present in the sabha is also equally guilty as he is being considered for this adharma and trap.This games rules were decided previously by pitamaha bhishm and both the parties agreed to it and if now this game is called adharma then everyone has participated in this game and if it is not then I m not considered to be guilty for this adharma. Duryodhan then asks is there anyone in this raj sabha who comes forward and agrees that this game is adharma and trap. No one dares to come forward and seeing this draupadi says still everyone is quiet in this sabha , nobody in this sabha has sandeah about their dharma does everyone present in this hall don’t know that when a sadhu keeps quiet during such situations is the biggest crime if compared to the bad words said by a wicked person she then asks all the dharmgyani to keep in mind that duryodhan will be definitely punished for his sins but before that everyone present in this sabha (hall) will be punished for being quiet and this is the curse given by me (yagysaine draupadi) to you all, and then she leaves the sabha (hall). Lord Krishna says that the male society has always made the females to suffer from exploitation, injustice and indignity. He asks to look around you and also the history shows that a males ego, greed,pride,animosity are the consequences of all these evil feelings is being suffered by females . The battle is fought by males and the females from the town that looses the battle are raped by the men from the battle winning town .A man losses his wealth in liquor and gambling a male’s ego gets hurt and then there is a barrier between a female’s happiness and freedom . A man after losing hopes from his life sacrifices his family and female struggles harder to look after her children’s .If we look all around the world we can see that a female suffers more compared to a male and the females are the ones who give birth to a human being. He compares the humanity with the nature and explains how the society that troubles the females shows the future in grief. A female going through stab,exploitation,sufferings all the time how is she supposed to give birth to baby . Whenever a female is exploited ,stabbed a new battle is born it’s the beginning of the Mahabharata . The pandvas are shown upset then mamashri (shakuni) says that the decision of maharaj(dhritrashtra) to give back the wealth, weapons and the freedom of the pandu putras is correct but what duryodhan demands is also not wrong so he asks permission to put forth a midway idea he has in his mind . He put forth’s that the pandu putras will get back the wealth weapons freedom back if duryodhan uses the winning amount for 13 years and the pandu putras will have to go to the vanvas. listening to this duryodhan gets disturbed then mamashri tries to calm him down and make changes saying that the pandu putras has to go for a 12 years of vanvas and one year of agyatvas and if they confront during the agyatvas then they have to again go for a 12 year of vanvas and 1 year of agyatvas and asks duryodhan to agree to this and he does so. When mamshri turns to ask pandvas if they agree to this suddenly duryodhan says that still these pandvas are his slave and they have to agree to what he decides. Listening to this pitamaha bhishm warns duryodhan about the curse but duryodhan refuses to be scared of anything and tells him (pitamaha bhishm ) that he is guilty for not following his dharma . duryodhan then turns to his father(dhritrashtra) and refuses to his decision of giving back the pandvas wealth, weapon and freedom on his orders but shows readiness to give it back if he (dhritrashtra) accepts the midway suggested by mamashri(shakuni) and says that along with dhrupad kumari these five pandavs has to go on vanvas for 12 years and they cannot built a army not meet any raja cannot be guest to any raja i.e in 12 years the pandavs cannot be called free and after 12 years another year of agyatvas and if inbetween these years he see’s these pandavs and their wife then they have to repeat the 12 years vanvas and a year of agyatvas and asks his father(dhritrashtra) if he is ready for this.Maharaj (father of duryodhan)then declares that according to the tradition the pandvas have lost the game and they have to agree what duryodhan has put forth and orders the pandvas that along with their wife the pandvas have to accept the vanvass for 12 years and 1 year of agyatvas . the pandvas agree to this and request for some time to make arrangements and permission to go the indraprasth. Then the five pandvas hold their hands in hand in anger and walk towards duryodhan and ask permission for the last time to tatshri(dhritrashtra) to return back after 13 years to take back their possession and not to listen to their orders this sabha has made us understand what adharm is we will let this sabha know wat dharm is .Bhim in anger then warns everyone present in the hall that he will kill dhushasan and will kill all the putras of maharaj dhritrashtra .Arjun then says that this is the start of the end where everyone in this sabha kept quiet after seeing the injustice done to panchali ,this will lead to start of Mahabharat.The pandvas then leave the hall.

Episode ends

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  1. chimmi
    April 11, 14:21 Reply

    for her sons.. she said like this.. wr is dharma

  2. chimmi
    April 11, 14:19 Reply

    wt is great drama of gandhari..

  3. ash
    April 11, 10:17 Reply

    I also agree with everyone here that the new one is different than older one. there are at least 100 incidents i remember were different so far (there may be more) that the older one. I personally like the new one because all of the characters are shown way more stronger specially Draupadi than the older one. I just hope they are not manipulating the new one and showing the truth.

  4. Aadhil
    April 11, 02:02 Reply

    Precap….draupadi locks herself in a room…n no one is able to go in….subhadra says draupadi isn’t opening the door

    Arjun says only krishn can convince her to open the door… As Krishn approaches draupadi she falls on his feet…as a way to express her thankfulness for saving her respect..!

  5. sandeep prasad
    April 11, 01:52 Reply

    This mahabarath is very different from the other one. Are people in India compwlining about it?

    • Aadhil
      April 11, 01:58

      No way…even a mad person loves this series which is presented by phenomenal actors n actresses… N especially pooja sharma essaying the role of draupadi

    • ocin
      April 11, 03:37

      i luv this one than older…in new they have shown strong girl in draupati which is is much better than old one

    • Sandy
      April 11, 04:12

      I believe portrayal of characters and facts in this new series is completely different from the older one. I have issues as in

      1. Negative portrayal of Satyavati in the new series when Satyavati was a positive woman in old series and publications.

      2. Negative portrayal of Dhritarashtra when he was a helpless king as in old series and also in publications.

      3. Weak bonding between Gandhari and Dhrithrashtra when bonding was actually fine between these two.

      4. Kunti scolded Dhrithrashtra about the plight of Draupadi immediately after cheerharan when it was Gandhari who scolded Dhrithrashtra in old series and publications.

      5. Madri died and a separate funeral pyre was lit when she actually became a sati on Pandu’s death as per old series and publications.

      6. Satyavati made Bheeshma swear a terrible oath when it was her father who actually made Bheeshma swear a terrible oath as in old series and publications.

      7. Parashuram scolded Karna for lying to him when Karna was actually cursed by Parashuram for having lying.

      8. Bhima swore to drink blood from Dushasana immediately after cheerharan not after Duryodhana’s order that Pandava’s have to stay 12 years in exile and 1 year in anonymity.

      There are many more to talk about but I will be quiet on this.

      In short, can mythological shows be portrayed corresponding to facts keeping in mind of non-fiction?

  6. Aadhil
    April 10, 22:42 Reply

    Draupadi is a queen..kshatriya….n has only 2 boons
    3 boons are for bramhins n shudr.

    She is a benevolent femenine diva

  7. chitrangada
    April 10, 21:03 Reply

    Is it nt lyk de pandavas r trapped to play another game of judh and den send to exile??????
    dhrithrasthr grants draupadi with 3 boons of which she asks two bcoz kshatriyas cnt ask 3 boons, she asks his husbands to be made independent and den her also to b independent.
    is it nt so????

    • chitrangada
      April 10, 21:05

      Nd dhritrastra makes pandavs nd draupadi independent(as per draupadi’s wish) and then de nxt round of game is played nd pandavs go to exile.

      i thought dis is the original story….is it nt so????

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