Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 6th December 2013 Written Update

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Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 6th December 2013 Written Update by Armu4eva

Madhubala 6th December 2013 Written Episode

Part 1

Madhu is sitting on the bed ..sad and worried! BG – Izhar hai baki.. aitbar hai baki..! She notices RK lying on the couch.. quiet and switches off the light n sleep!

Next day morning, RK calls for tea..! Madhu comes with bag ! She asks RK if he wont ask where she is going? Madhu says to my moms place! She says ..thot to ask u.. but in past few days ..whatever happened..its better we stay away from each other! RK says never ask me anything as such. .being film, making it successful, bringing my baby n then not bringing it.. so why ask now.. go where u want! Driver will drop u off! Madhu is teary eyed ..n walks off!

Roma greets Madhu n says.. they are all excited about ur good news..! Everyone in chawl greet Madhu..! Ask for autographs.. Roma ask them to lay off so Madhu can rest!

She notices Madhus tears and realizes the matter! RK tells Bittu to do what he came for n not ask questions! Bittu returns the mansion papers to him n says we earned 100 Cr.! RK says go eat sugar! Bittu says never seen a more selfish person than u .. she made u think of TUM ..n not ME..! RK says lost my baby n Bittu says u both lost ur baby! Madhu tells Roma …what all RK said to her! she is shocked!

Roma counsels Madhu n says RK must be too hurt. .frustrated n so taking 0ut on u! Roma reassures that RK will come to take her with him!

Bittu says that the baby was news for u ..but real for Madhu..! U wanted to get rid of it.. ! RK says changed my mind ..! Bittu says then why din u take care of her?? Bittu says u were jealous of Madhus success .. n culdn bear her fame..! She was being a dutiful wife and u punished her for it! RK says she came to get celebrated! She wanted to hear superstar words..! Bittu says if she were that wont have picked up ur broken glass! She did have quietened u ..rather! She quietly walked off .. like a wife..n din look back at a frustrated n drunk superstar..!

Part 2

Bittu says no one can love u as much as Madhu..! Bittu says Madhubala ki jeet RK se bardasht nahi hui! RK asks why did Madhu lose the baby?? Bittu says how low can u think? RK reminds the action sequence events..!

Bittu says Doc said Madhu can shoot .. before blaming her think she jumped into save a diff kid! RK says ur my PA.. stay so. .dun interfere! Bittu says have right.. Madhu is my sister!

Bittu says only Chief is standing in front of cant explain my Chief..! Bittu says future will make u realise what a huge mistake u have made! And chillane se sachchai chup nahi jati!

Part 3

Roma notices RK at the chawl ..n says..cant live without Madhu?? Well she has gone to market..! Roma asks him to come wait..! RK doesnt say anything n drives off!

Everyone surrounds her at the chawl.. n people give tips to newspapers.. n click pics with her! Madhu looks at the poster of her movie.. n self thot. .miss u RK..! She hopes RK will call her back..!

She hears car honking n its RK …! They walk towards each other n suddenly media comes in between! Media grills them ..Madhu n RK both are quiet..!

Next episode on MONDAY — RK says cant forget .. that doc saying my baby wont come in this world! Madhu says gimme one chance will clear all..! RK says nothing can be ok now.. nothing!


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  1. aarya
    October 05, 23:57 Reply

    Rk is now behaving like only “k” n

  2. drishti
    October 05, 22:16 Reply

    bittuji is right.. chillane se sach nahi chhup jayega….r.k himself know the truth,but don’t want to accept it.. 👿

  3. aarya
    October 05, 12:43 Reply

    Hate to watch it… 👿
    Kyun duriyaan h darmayaan 🙁
    Because of rk only

  4. Titli
    December 09, 09:28 Reply

    Wht a nws!

  5. aksa
    December 09, 09:18 Reply

     Nothing seems to be going right between RK (Vivian D’sena) and Madhu (Drashti Dhami) in Colors’ Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon. And the distance between them is only to widen further owing to the entry of Riya in this Nautanki Telefilms show.

    Recently, we did write about the daring entry of Riya (Vishnavi (Dhanraj) Sahrawat). We now hear that RK and Riya will drink together at a bar post which Riya will not be in her senses to remember her address for RK to drop her home. Thus RK will take the girl to his farmhouse.

    On getting back home, Madhu will ask him about his whereabouts and instead of telling the truth he will lie to her about being out with a friend. Unfortunately the reality will come out when Madhu and RK will be out for dinner and Riya on spotting RK will thank him for what he did the previous night. Of course, the half-baked information will not go down well with Madhu, post which RK and Madhu will end up fighting.

  6. Pretha
    December 09, 08:56 Reply

    Why I feel that ashii with blue font is true and other is fake.

  7. ashii
    December 09, 08:49 Reply

    @arohi,u also think me fake my angel?

  8. ashii
    December 09, 08:47 Reply

    Plz dnt misunderstand me titli

    • Titli
      December 09, 07:13

      Hlo my angel

    • arohi
      December 09, 07:24


  9. ashii
    December 09, 06:37 Reply

    I will come to today’s [email protected] of my titli,I will talk to u there,what have i done?why are u doing this to me?I gave my email id to aksa di.but u stole it.plz stop disturbing me and my udti titli for god’s sake,think i am a sister of u.plz;-(@titli,if u dnt believe me,it’s right.u have no fault.

  10. ashii
    December 09, 06:26 Reply

    Titli,tu sochtahe ki meine fake or promise bhi kar liya.ok,agar tu chatatha,I could use mili name cz I love u very much.but u couldn’t understand.I swear,teri ashii tujhe aur kabhi pareshan nehi karega,if u really think me fake.I won’t use mili of my titli,cz other one using it.I knew that u will always understand me by my talkings,but u wrong proved’s wu will be the last I chat with u,u didn’t even reply me.but I liked mili name cz I know it’s the last gift for me by u.

  11. Titli
    December 09, 04:19 Reply


  12. Titli
    December 09, 04:18 Reply

    M Egrly waitng 4 2day’s episd.

  13. ashii
    December 09, 04:13 Reply

    why thisalways happens with me?my udti titli,u also understand that one as real and me fake…wow…m really angry…i ll use only blue font…

    • mili of my titli
      December 09, 06:19

      Haha.. Bohot ho gaya… Greaaaaatttttt joke choor kahin ki

  14. Titli
    December 09, 02:22 Reply


  15. admin
    December 09, 00:02 Reply

    Hey people, if there’s any issue like someone using your name or like that, try to message us using us Contact Us link above. That way one of us will be to take action faster as it’s hard for us to monitor comments.
    We are aware of people using others’ nickname, and we are working on a solution to that. Hopefully we will be able to implement it soon 🙂

    • hiiiii.ii
      December 09, 01:27

      When u find that solution

  16. Titli
    December 08, 12:39 Reply

    MILI GD STEP.N I WÖnt reply any Ashi

    • mili of my titli
      December 08, 12:44

      Promise me titlii… N if u find ds name dn alsoo u’l nt..i mean if mili wd blu..
      Bt 2mrw brown shirt waali my cute czn sis vl b der on my gv

    • Titli
      December 08, 12:48

      Dnt wry Prmise my dr..nhi reply dungi pakka.

    • mili of my titli
      December 08, 13:01

      I promse u titli n i saw zaarr’s cmmnt…
      N i really cried seeing dat..
      I love hr vryyyy mchhhhhh… As mch she loves u..
      N titli i wan 2 lv nw.. Kal scul he.. So bye dearyyy..
      Ua mili lovd hr new name…

      So bye dea.. Love u n tk cre..
      N dnt rply dat damn 1 okY

    • Titli
      December 08, 12:42

      Titli n mili 2 frndz

    • Titli
      December 08, 12:49

      Titli se milaker tmhe mili name dia.hp u lyk it.

    • Titli
      December 08, 12:41


    • mili of my titli
      December 08, 12:38

      Nw dont b confused cz i’l use new id new name n new gv n nw no1 cn steal it…
      Jz u shd prmse me dat u wont rply any ashii
      4gt hr

  17. ashii
    December 08, 12:24 Reply

    Titli i knw it may b 1 of my closest guyzz of dtb n hu hav mail contact wd me..
    N she stealed my othr id’s name also b4 she start chtng wd u hre..
    Ashnaaz is my othr id name wch i use 2 gv hre

  18. ashii
    December 08, 12:19 Reply

    N titli i’l nt put green clr dress pic…
    Cz dat pic also she cn copy so i’l put my czn baby’s pic on brown clr dress.. She cnt copy dat 1..
    N milii..
    N nw wl stop discussng dis n dont col me ashi nw onwards…

    So bad day na 2day alsooo…
    Ab iss baare me kuch baat nahi karenge..

    • Titli
      December 08, 12:23

      Ok,ok vry bd,main jise janta v nhi use lv u sb kuch bl gyi.chie.ok stop

  19. Titli
    December 08, 12:13 Reply

    OK MILI.KISIKO Doubt hta hai kaun kar skta hai?

  20. ashii
    December 08, 12:08 Reply

    Sallu m fyn dearyy n hope u also fyn…

    N titli if u find d same gv n same name wd blu font dn i beggggg u titli plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    4 my sake dont rply dat fake ashii if u lov me u’l not plzzzzzzz

    sia di i saw n i’l rply u 4m my real id okay..

    • Titli
      December 08, 12:10


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