Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 25th September 2012 Written Update

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Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 25th September 2012 Written Update by Madhubala

Madhubala 25th September Written Episode

Part 1

RK taunts Dips calling her Bhabhi ji and asks why she got bedtea for them as there are so many servants at house. He asks if she cooked breakfast, she left something on stove or someone called her. Dips is irked with RK’s taunting. Dips offers tea to Madhu. Rk takes it. Dips leaves upset.

Madhu says Dips came only to serve tea. RK says there is more than one reason behind what Dips does. He says madhu does not need to understand or question it. He offers her the tea with sugar. Madhu says may be the tea was not for her and leaves. RK looks on.

Dips comes to her room and its all decorated up for SR with rose petals just like she did for Rishbala. Dips chides Sikky. Sikky says.. he decorated the room how she decoratedd up Rishbalas room. Sikki says poetry but Dips bursts the heart shape balloon he offers her. Sikki gets all romantic but Dips gets frustrated. Dips diverts Sikky and asks him to come down for breakfast as she is suffering after journey. Sikki says she maintaining distance. Sikki is not happy.

At the breakfast table, Dips is serving when Madhu comes. Madhu apologises to Dips for RKs behaviour. Dips says they are family now. Madhu senses some different meaning in Dips words but she remains silent. Dips serves breakfast to Madhu and suggests Madhu to go to the Doc to get her leg checked. Radha says Madhu had it checked ystd, but Dips convinces Radha and Madhu agrees to get it checked.

Bittus cell rings and he shouts and cuts it off. He gets the call again and says he is Sultans man and he has his eye on RK n if he does not want RK to suffer, he has to pay Rs. 25 Crs. The guy shoots a bullet with the phone at the trigger and Bittu is shocked with the sound. Bittu walks in the dining room.

Dips suggests to take Bittuji with Madhu. Radha offers to come along. Bittu asks about RK. Radha says RK is sleeping so Bittu agrees to accompany Madhu n Radha.

Madhu goes to bring her prescription. RK is choosing his outfit..n remembers the party night seeing black outfit. He takes out Madhus ear-rings from the pocket of the coat and remembers him giving her the coat. Madhu walks in and says she came for prescription. She is about to pick her file when RK says her ornaments are always anxious to meet him. She sent Bangles herself but ear-rings ..why she sent? He offers her to take the earring. She tries to grab them but he removes his hand. RK says he wont give. Madhu asks why. RK says his wish. Madhu by mistake takes RKs file instead of her prescription and leaves.

RK and Dips meet in the hall. She offers him breakfast as she promised to take care of him to Radha but he refuses n goes away. Dips is serving Kuku pickle n he observes that Dips is being too sweet to him, but he holds his stomach and says he is feeling sick. Dips suggests Sikky to take Kuku to the hospital.. Flashback Dips mixes something in Kukus lassi to be alone with RK.

RK is doing pushups and Dips brings breakfast for RK. She says you couldnt come so I came. She comes and sits next to RK n he turns his face away. Dips comes to other side. RK stands up and Dips asks him to give up his anger though she did cross her limits by decorating room and all, but she is SORRY. She tells him that they are all alone in the house. RK glares at her.

Radha asks Madhu her file to get prescription so they can get meds in the way. Madhu opens the file n sees its Qayanats script so they decide to go back home to get the right file. RK tells Dips OUTTT. He drags Dips and tells her to stay away from him n says.. OUTTT! Dips says..she cant!

Part 2

Dips tells RK that his anger is drawing her closer to him. She asks him to return her those nights, the love, the passion. She offers to kick out the BANDAR aka Sikky.. Madhu goes to get the file as Radha-Bittu wait in the car. RK tells her that she is nuts n asks her to leave! She refuses to budge! RK asks her to leave for fear of anyone seeing! Dips says..she does not care..! RK says.. he does.. as he is Shadi-Shuda.. n Dips laufs and says all his acts of bringing Madhu in his room. .in his arms n on his bed is to make Dips jealous!

She says only one girl is in RKs heart is Dips. She calls Madhu chawl girl and is not deserving of RK. RK asks her to mind her language. He asks her to remember where she came from – single bedroom – patchy walls. He asks where her love was 5 years ago when Sikky was gonna get launched in a big production movie.


Part 3

RK says she became Sikkys in one night thinking Sikky will be superstar n RK was nothing So its temptation then n now since he is superstar. RK says its too late Dips apologises n says she realised her fault n RK asks when she realised, when her launch movie flopped. Dips asks for one chance n RK says she got a chance and she needs to give respect to Sikky and handle her marriage. he says bhabhi devar relation is pure.

Dips asks RK is talking about relations and if he has learnt it from Madhu. She says she will see how long Madhu stays when she finds out about RK Dips. Dips says if she tells about their past with tears adding some spice to it Madhu will trust her she too is a good actress. Madhu walking towards her room.

Rk asks to say away from Madhu. Dips says so much concern for 4 pheres n incomplete marriage? What is Madhu of his? RK says.. BIWI hai woh meri.. she is my wife.. Mrs. Madhubala Rishabh Kundra. Madhu comes into the room n is startled hearing and seeing them. RK says he will always remember this and asks Dips to remember that. RK n Dips see Madhu.


Precap – Madhu asks Radha about Dips and RK. Radha is about to say something when RK comes and interrupts.. n says seems Madhu is eager to find out about RKs past.


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  1. drishti
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    Precap looks interesting 🙂

    Madhu wants to know about dips & r.k’s relationship

  2. aarya
    October 28, 13:54 Reply

    lovely episode …. biwi aahan
    also give like mbians…

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