Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 10th December 2012 Written Update

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Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 10th December 2012 Written Update by Armu4eva

Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 10th December 2012 Written Update

Part 1

RK-Madhu are laufing and RK offers Madhu his hand and she keeps her hand in his! Song – Baho ke darmiya! Madhu feels shy and removes her hand from his grasp! Madhu looks away..! RK keeps looking at her..! He puts his hand around Madhu..! Rishbala eyelock..! RK closes in on Madhu..! He picks her up in his arms and carries her to the centre of the garden! He makes her stand! Madhu puts her hand on RKs shoulder and RK puts his hand across her waist! RK-Madhu start to dance! Eyelock..! Madhu smiles and looks away shyly! RK keeps looking at her with desire..! Madhu turns away and RK holds her arm and pulls her close! RK-Madhu dance with RKs hand on Madhus on her waist! RK twirls Madhu again.. n slowly pulls her close..! RK puts his hand on her shoulder where her ear ring had fallen and puts it back on her..! He touches her cheek and holds her face in his hands! RK closes in on Madhu for a kiss…! Madhu closes her eyes..! Suddenly the song ends and RK-Madhus trance breaks as well..! They feel awkward and both say..they both need to head home! RK walks away.. n Madhu heaves a sigh of relief..! Camera pans into the night!

At RK mansion, Radha keeps trying RKs number but is not abel to connect..! Dips wonders where the duo are..! RK-Madhu reach the mansion and before entering.. RK tells Madhu .. about the chocolate..! Madhu wipes her lips..! Madhu tells RK and he touches the same side Madhu had wiped from n Madhu says..other side and he wipes his lips..! The duo enter and Radha says she was worried and her phone was not getting connected! Radha asks what Doc said and Madhu fakes that all is well! Radha offers them dinner and Madhu stammers..! RK says… they have had dinner and head off! Radha asks Madhu that they ate outside? Madhu shyly nods..! Radha smiles..! RK says.. to Madhu to remind him that they are to have chocolate for dessert next time..! RK walks off.. and Madhu rushes after him! Radha smiles.. Dips smirks!

At her room, Madhu is sitting on the bed smiling recollecting the studio moments with RK! RK comes and says that whatever happened …in the studio [Madhu recollects the almost kiss]! Madhu says… well and RK says..either she speak or let him speak else if they both speak who will listen ..? They need to call Bittu jee! RK again starts that whatever happened, he feels, not surely, but he was right..! Madhu smiles! RK says that it was Kanjamas atma (some kind of spirit)..! Madhu picks the pillow and hits RK and RK laufs..! Madhu fumes..! RK says.. it was .. as the radio started and stopped on its own and he had seen a shadow too! Madhu asks him to cut it..! RK says.. not to be scared as the atma stays in the studio and if she can handle RK.. she can handle anyone. .so she better not be worried! Madhu tells RK that Big Bosshas a khwahish [wish] that he does not need to worry as she is here only! RK recollects his lines to her! RK lies down on the bed! Madhu switches off the light and turns in RKs direction and drools on him! Madhu calls out RK and RK says.. am here and alive too! Madhu asks RK to come for lunch at her place… RK says he has lunch at her place only..! Madhu says .. at her moms place as she wants to intro him to her mom! RK asks why? and if she got a new mom? Madhu says no but its gonna be different! Madhu asks RK if he will come and he agrees! Madhu turns around and says that mom is old but she wants to introduce new RK to her mom that Paddo is happy to see this new improved RK and she can express to him how much she loves him..!

RK looks at Madhu and then closes his eyes and Madhu steals glances at him! In the morning Dips gets tea for Radha and Radha tells her to send it with the servant! Dips says she came to apologise and admits that she realises she has hurt her but she had a reason and says how she cant eat Sargi so early..! She says she din want to break her heart so din tell Radha! Radha says she is hurt as Dips din tell her! Dips says she realises her mistake! Dips says that RK lied to them about Madhu and took her out some place else! Radha says nothing is wrong if RK lied to spend time with Madhu..! Dips fumes..!

Part 2

Madhu is on the phone and tells her mom she will come in time and when her mom asks about RK says…he is asleep! Madhu comes near RK and asks him to get up! Her hair is wet and a drop falls on RKs cheek! RK wakes up to find Madhu combing her hair and getting ready..! She turns and finds RK staring at her!

At the chawl, Paddo tells Shammo to leave as she does not want to listen to him! Shammo says he has come for Madhu as Madhu is coming and if she finds her not there she will be shattered! Paddo says one day Madhu has to know the truth so if she finds out sooner its better! Paddo rues that why Trish told Shammo all this? Trish says why should she lie and as such Paddo does not want Madhu to feel any pain so for her sake Paddo can return to Shammos place!

Part 3

Madhu wishes RK good morning! She asks RK what happened? He says nothing! Madhu tells RK that she has kept his outfit ready and his braekfast.. RK asks her why she wants to throw him out of the house? Madhu says..she does not but she is going to her moms place and he too had to come.. ! She asks him sincerely if he will come and hope he wont ditch her? RK smiles! Madhu smiles and tells him that he better come on time or he will keep screaming.. m hungry ..set the table..! RK says.. he knows he is to come for lunch and not breakfast! Madhu smiles and leaves!

Precap – Madhu in tears and Radha asks her.. where is RK? Madhu says no idea, he din come! Radha says..din come? He left long back to go to her place! Madhu says he din reach! The duo worry where RK is?.


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  1. baby sandjana
    December 10, 16:10 Reply

    wow what a cool episode but what s gonna hapend tomorrow I am so excited

  2. SYS
    December 10, 14:10 Reply

    Hi guys ,
    Anyone is there online site ?

  3. rkmadhu
    December 10, 13:58 Reply

    He doesnt doubt her love he dint doubt his fathers love he dint doubt his mothers love he shud nd mustve doubted evil dips ka love but they all left him alone ….and he wants 2 make sure madhu doesnt do d same …he cant hurt again

  4. maghla
    December 10, 13:40 Reply

    Ok guys i think nobody is not here now. Good n8

  5. rkmadhu
    December 10, 13:14 Reply

    Aarti puri dresses well saw her gpa pic but has trsihna she wears all wierd rang birange clothes …she’ll luk gud in indian wear i feel

    • RENU
      December 10, 13:38

      hai rkmadhu,now i understood ya, but still m little bit confused coz of rk’s doubt on madhu
      he already saw na that madhu’s effort in saving him & her service everything which is not for money,fame,..
      then how can he doubt madhu’s true love ya

  6. rkmadhu
    December 10, 13:12 Reply

    That person in love has suffered thrice in love poor baby …those 3 ppl torchered his soul it is gonna take a lot of effort 2 mend that soul …..and dis seperation is cuz vd’s gnna b busy wid his marriage

  7. maghla
    December 10, 13:07 Reply

    Hey guys i will meet all of you after 30 min.

  8. RENU
    December 10, 13:07 Reply

    yes u r ryt kriya,trishna is not at all good at those dresses ya

    m in doubt whether rk is in love with madhu, then y he has doubt on madhu’s true love ya?

    if a person falls in love means he wont test the love of his partner na

    m i ryt na?

  9. rkmadhu
    December 10, 13:05 Reply

    I thought sumthin was diff in rks look 2day…..den realised …luk at d 1st pic in update nd d rest of d pics rk ne daadi nikali…clean shaved be handsome dikta hai hero…bt he luks younger ….

    • RK crazy
      December 10, 14:12

      he is only 24 years old.. he is very young… he keeps dadhi to look right age for this character

  10. maghla
    December 10, 13:01 Reply

    Hey ritz where are you? I really miss you a lot. Please come here as soon as possible.

    • RENU
      December 10, 13:09

      ya maghla, me too miss ritz, & pal ya

  11. maghla
    December 10, 12:55 Reply

    Hey kriya i didn’t notice that.

  12. maghla
    December 10, 12:50 Reply

    Hey kriya i will be happy when rk will tell madhu i love you infront of dips. And she will see all these in her own eyes. parhaps this will not happen. But i wish …

    • Kriya
      December 10, 12:56

      Yes maghla..i wud also luv 2 see it…but dips wl ruin whole romantic rishbala scene…dats y i also dnt want her b/w them…..

      But yes her jealous burnt face wl b worth watching…
      Wen she was mad coz rk madhu came late..wat wl b her condition wen rk wl say i luv u to mb….

  13. Kriya
    December 10, 12:46 Reply

    Guys dnt u feel dat smthng is wrong wid trishna’s dressing sense..???

  14. rkmadhu
    December 10, 12:44 Reply

    read this if u cant watch ..cuz evn i dint wtch as i can nly view yt videos on mob
    Madhu’s car breakdown at night on a deserted road Rk tries to repair his hand gets burnt n Madhu tears her dupatta n bandages ..
    BG song kaise bataayen kyu tujhko chahe
    DVD intv DD asks VD what do u like in MB i am holding the mike for u..VD says something without any sound n DD says thats all u can hear
    BG voice says ever wondered how these delicate heroines get strenghth to tear a dupatta so easily with their hands..actually..dupatta piece is cut from before n given to them but in the shot it looks like sheis tearing it there
    DD says Madhu was going to RK farm house to meet him
    BG voice says RK will propose madhu after this n give her a ring and love story will progress
    DD asks VD where is my ring dude
    VD says prod ppl didnt tell me about the ring
    DD says there was no budget for the ring so he will propse widout ring for now
    Link thanks to SimritaSingh

    • Kriya
      December 10, 12:51

      Thnx yar..thnx a lot…

    • shalini
      December 10, 21:30

      thanks rkmadhu its nice to see this

  15. Ann
    December 10, 12:44 Reply

    Today’s episode was awesome bt I really missed it,coz my father came at the last moment…..
    Plz add every episode of MB at dailymotion,so we can download from there……….plz plz plz plz plz.

  16. Kriya
    December 10, 12:43 Reply

    Dips was sooo jealous 2day wen madhu n rk reached home late…n in addition 2 her jealousy..rk said v already had dinner outside…
    Radhaji was so happy wid madhu n rk’s lovable behavior 2wards madhu..i lyked her smile she gv wen madhu went upstairs…
    N guys wat wid trishna’s dressing sense…her sis madhu dress up so beautifully..she look gorgeous in watevr she wear..
    But dis trishna..god knws wat she wore…

  17. maghla
    December 10, 12:43 Reply

    Hey renu you always mention my name in your full friends circle. I like it so much. Thanks.

    • RENU
      December 10, 12:55

      no need to say thanx & all maghla
      u also my friend na ten y r saying thanks & all ya

    • RENU
      December 10, 12:48

      its good ya.wat about u maghla?

  18. maghla
    December 10, 12:32 Reply

    Yeah kriya that part was so funny. I enjoyed the full epi. By the way where is everyon. Anyone here?

  19. RENU
    December 10, 12:32 Reply

    @kriya:kriya, nothing lyk that its really funny & awesome yaar
    Ok fine, no sorry ya
    but, i can appreciate u na for observing correctly
    wat kriya?

    • Kriya
      December 10, 12:36

      @renu..thank u thank u….hehe..
      @maghla..m here online…

    • RENU
      December 10, 12:33

      hai maghla

  20. Kriya
    December 10, 12:29 Reply

    Hey maghla…
    Nothing yr only books r up…
    Btw..epi was awsome….kanjama’s ghost rocked yar..

  21. maghla
    December 10, 12:27 Reply

    Hi shalini how are you? I am so sorry i coudn’t give you the answer of your questiont which you wanted to know that day. Yeah i am from bangladesh. And you?

    • shalini
      December 10, 21:31

      hi maghla am from tamilnadu after marriage now am in dubai da, what are you doing?

  22. maghla
    December 10, 12:19 Reply

    Hi ritz renu kriya sys shalini… Todays epi was cool. Ow what an expression. Guys whats up?

  23. Kriya
    December 10, 12:05 Reply

    @renu….Hey renu…
    Arey y r u sorry yar….
    Koi nai…
    Todays epi was funny n romantic na? I had a smile while watching mb

  24. RENU
    December 10, 11:51 Reply

    hai pal,kriya,ritz,aanya,sathi,deiva,ali,revz,deepa,kr,mb, sara,shalini,alina,sadhna,siri,parvathi,sys,fathi,maghla, gayathri,millie,mona & all my friends

    wow, wat to say 2day’s episode is really awesome ya

    our prediction is partially correct tat rk wont kiss madhu
    & wrong tat he wil wipe chclt on madhu’s face.but loved the way both of them replicate to wipe the chclt.

    & coming to rk-madhu bed room scene, its also cute wen rk teasing madhu with spirit na, really nice ya

    @kriya: sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry,……………
    m wrong ya that u said,’ chclt is also on rk’s lips na’ its right ya

    u r always right kriya

    have u all enjoyed 2day’s episode ya

    • deiva
      December 10, 12:09

      hi renu…

      todays episode was really nice na…. i loved when rk said might be some spirit had passed n madhu’s expression on that wow rk has a killer smile his real life wife would be lucky na to have him

    • RENU
      December 10, 12:29

      hai deiva, u r ryt, 2day allcredit goes to rk ya.
      wat do u think ya?

  25. kr
    December 10, 11:51 Reply

    so cute and super episode

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