Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 10th December 2012 Written Update

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Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 10th December 2012 Written Update by Armu4eva

Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 10th December 2012 Written Update

Part 1

RK-Madhu are laufing and RK offers Madhu his hand and she keeps her hand in his! Song – Baho ke darmiya! Madhu feels shy and removes her hand from his grasp! Madhu looks away..! RK keeps looking at her..! He puts his hand around Madhu..! Rishbala eyelock..! RK closes in on Madhu..! He picks her up in his arms and carries her to the centre of the garden! He makes her stand! Madhu puts her hand on RKs shoulder and RK puts his hand across her waist! RK-Madhu start to dance! Eyelock..! Madhu smiles and looks away shyly! RK keeps looking at her with desire..! Madhu turns away and RK holds her arm and pulls her close! RK-Madhu dance with RKs hand on Madhus on her waist! RK twirls Madhu again.. n slowly pulls her close..! RK puts his hand on her shoulder where her ear ring had fallen and puts it back on her..! He touches her cheek and holds her face in his hands! RK closes in on Madhu for a kiss…! Madhu closes her eyes..! Suddenly the song ends and RK-Madhus trance breaks as well..! They feel awkward and both say..they both need to head home! RK walks away.. n Madhu heaves a sigh of relief..! Camera pans into the night!

At RK mansion, Radha keeps trying RKs number but is not abel to connect..! Dips wonders where the duo are..! RK-Madhu reach the mansion and before entering.. RK tells Madhu .. about the chocolate..! Madhu wipes her lips..! Madhu tells RK and he touches the same side Madhu had wiped from n Madhu says..other side and he wipes his lips..! The duo enter and Radha says she was worried and her phone was not getting connected! Radha asks what Doc said and Madhu fakes that all is well! Radha offers them dinner and Madhu stammers..! RK says… they have had dinner and head off! Radha asks Madhu that they ate outside? Madhu shyly nods..! Radha smiles..! RK says.. to Madhu to remind him that they are to have chocolate for dessert next time..! RK walks off.. and Madhu rushes after him! Radha smiles.. Dips smirks!

At her room, Madhu is sitting on the bed smiling recollecting the studio moments with RK! RK comes and says that whatever happened …in the studio [Madhu recollects the almost kiss]! Madhu says… well and RK says..either she speak or let him speak else if they both speak who will listen ..? They need to call Bittu jee! RK again starts that whatever happened, he feels, not surely, but he was right..! Madhu smiles! RK says that it was Kanjamas atma (some kind of spirit)..! Madhu picks the pillow and hits RK and RK laufs..! Madhu fumes..! RK says.. it was .. as the radio started and stopped on its own and he had seen a shadow too! Madhu asks him to cut it..! RK says.. not to be scared as the atma stays in the studio and if she can handle RK.. she can handle anyone. .so she better not be worried! Madhu tells RK that Big Bosshas a khwahish [wish] that he does not need to worry as she is here only! RK recollects his lines to her! RK lies down on the bed! Madhu switches off the light and turns in RKs direction and drools on him! Madhu calls out RK and RK says.. am here and alive too! Madhu asks RK to come for lunch at her place… RK says he has lunch at her place only..! Madhu says .. at her moms place as she wants to intro him to her mom! RK asks why? and if she got a new mom? Madhu says no but its gonna be different! Madhu asks RK if he will come and he agrees! Madhu turns around and says that mom is old but she wants to introduce new RK to her mom that Paddo is happy to see this new improved RK and she can express to him how much she loves him..!

RK looks at Madhu and then closes his eyes and Madhu steals glances at him! In the morning Dips gets tea for Radha and Radha tells her to send it with the servant! Dips says she came to apologise and admits that she realises she has hurt her but she had a reason and says how she cant eat Sargi so early..! She says she din want to break her heart so din tell Radha! Radha says she is hurt as Dips din tell her! Dips says she realises her mistake! Dips says that RK lied to them about Madhu and took her out some place else! Radha says nothing is wrong if RK lied to spend time with Madhu..! Dips fumes..!

Part 2

Madhu is on the phone and tells her mom she will come in time and when her mom asks about RK says…he is asleep! Madhu comes near RK and asks him to get up! Her hair is wet and a drop falls on RKs cheek! RK wakes up to find Madhu combing her hair and getting ready..! She turns and finds RK staring at her!

At the chawl, Paddo tells Shammo to leave as she does not want to listen to him! Shammo says he has come for Madhu as Madhu is coming and if she finds her not there she will be shattered! Paddo says one day Madhu has to know the truth so if she finds out sooner its better! Paddo rues that why Trish told Shammo all this? Trish says why should she lie and as such Paddo does not want Madhu to feel any pain so for her sake Paddo can return to Shammos place!

Part 3

Madhu wishes RK good morning! She asks RK what happened? He says nothing! Madhu tells RK that she has kept his outfit ready and his braekfast.. RK asks her why she wants to throw him out of the house? Madhu says..she does not but she is going to her moms place and he too had to come.. ! She asks him sincerely if he will come and hope he wont ditch her? RK smiles! Madhu smiles and tells him that he better come on time or he will keep screaming.. m hungry ..set the table..! RK says.. he knows he is to come for lunch and not breakfast! Madhu smiles and leaves!

Precap – Madhu in tears and Radha asks her.. where is RK? Madhu says no idea, he din come! Radha says..din come? He left long back to go to her place! Madhu says he din reach! The duo worry where RK is?.


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  1. Alina
    December 10, 11:40 Reply

    Hi friends

    I’m so angry!!! I’m not able to watch the video…it’s not allowed here in Germany because in the video is music from a company which is not allowed…don’t know why

    What should I do…

    I can’t watch the best episode ever

    • Lina From Sweden
      December 10, 12:35

      What? Germans is à free contry like sweden. Why is it not allowed ? Poor you 🙁

  2. Anjani
    December 10, 11:34 Reply

    gr8 epi but bad precap 🙁 hope dips wont mess up with rishabala romance

  3. aanya
    December 10, 11:27 Reply

    Wow….wat an episode…but can’t comment more as tomorrow is my school….going to sleep….Gud nyt every1 catch u all tomorrow…..

  4. sara
    December 10, 11:22 Reply

    yes guys tellybuzz also said that all romantic moments are spoiled in one minute..i also sad becoz i never like separation..and i dont like madu become an actress..deepali spoil rk mind that madu love only his star ship..then he test madu,s love.but madu fail..then there will be a misunderstanding..before starting thir love story…i am so sad…i cant do any thing nw..becoz i always think abt this drama nw….i will be crazy……plz tell me all your veiws guys

    • deiva
      December 10, 12:02

      hi sara…

      me too thonking abt madhu n rk all time. but onething does rk really confess or just testing madhu??? if he really confess means how could he doubt madhu’s love??? if he’s testing then whatever madhu’s efforts wolud be spoiled….he’ll just get over with this matter. i think bittuji will help madhu again…

    • RK crazy
      December 10, 14:17

      like u i do not want them to be seperated. it is giving me anxiety thinking about it.

  5. diya
    December 10, 11:21 Reply

    lv all rishabala scenes…..rk is damm hot nd cute

  6. rkmadhu
    December 10, 11:12 Reply

    Did u guys see d new sbs video?? Farmhouse 1

  7. akanksha
    December 10, 11:11 Reply

    gyezzzz plz plz plz smbdy tell me wats dat farmhouse epi.
    i din get to see know these gossips anywhere……..
    gr88 epi

    • shalini
      December 10, 11:12

      hereaft only that episode will project wait yaar

  8. shalini
    December 10, 11:09 Reply

    Hi friends read this ……..
    RK is in love with Madhu in the Colors’ daily soap Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

    In Colors’ popular daily soap Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon, we will see in the coming episodes that RK will confess his love for Madhu. We have seen that RK …takes Madhubala on a date.

    During the date RK tells her that he loves her a lot by using the three magical words, “I Love You”.

    We also know that Madhu herself is totally in love with RK and was in search of an opportunity to share this feeling with him.However, somehow the moment just didn’t arrive.

    How will Madhu react to RK’s confession?

  9. rkmadhu
    December 10, 11:09 Reply

    Most of the shows the actors act dumb that they cant wipe chclt of their face …r madhu and rk are iishhmart they jus direct each odr oh rks smile was killer…kaha se lata hai ye banda ye dashing looks…kanjama ki aatma lol..he lukd so cute wen he said it nd biwi tum bologi ya main bolu dono bolenge to sunega kaun bittuji? Rk ka ek din madhu ka naam liye bagar guzar sakta hai lekin bittuji nahi lol…aaj radio ne bittuj ka kaam kar diya but frankly speaking i dint wnt d kiss immediately though i knw v will nvr gt 2 see the kiss bt mayb camera angle 1…2day agin rk touched madhus back….gave me an electric shock as if he was touchin my back lol;)…love rishabala

  10. Fathi
    December 10, 11:07 Reply

    Hey guys,how are you all?
    How was the Epi?
    It was nice.wonderful ,awesome
    BUT tomorrow,it’s going to be sad

    • deiva
      December 10, 11:46

      hi fathi…

      don’t worry after tomorrow’s sad episode there will be a love confession we expected right???

  11. SYS
    December 10, 11:04 Reply

    Todays episode was nice . But iss radio last moment per kaabab main haaddi ban gaya . Aur aab Rk Madhu ki biz problem creat karega uss choorail Dips .

  12. shalini
    December 10, 11:01 Reply

    hi all mb friends today episode is awesome, RK is rocking today. romance between them is so nice.

  13. SYS
    December 10, 10:56 Reply

    Todays episode was nice . But iss radio last moment per kaabab main haaddi ban gaya .

  14. sathi
    December 10, 10:54 Reply

    @kriya: me too eagrly waiting 4 farmhous epi. . Bt m afraid f whethr rk wil doubt madhus luv coz f dat dips speech. .

    • shalini
      December 10, 11:03

      s sathi RK will doubt madhu’s luv that is not good yaar

  15. sathi
    December 10, 10:49 Reply

    rk s really awsum. . . Such a fantastic epi. . T shd last forevr. . I dnt wanna c rk doubt madhus luv. . .

  16. Kriya
    December 10, 10:49 Reply

    Neither chclt nor a kiss…
    Ohh godd wat is dis…..!!(it rhymed)
    A khatara radio………
    I was ryt..rk too had a chclt mark…

    Biwi tumhare iss humne tumne mein inka dinner breakfast ban jaega..hehe…
    N kanjama’s ghost….rk was teasing his biwi…n biwi darr rahi thi…
    Dat was cute wen she threw pillows..den bigg boss ki farmaiish…intelligntly added by d writer…

    Lunch tym k baad aana..jaldi aa gye toh chillate rahoge biwi khaana biwi khaana biwi khaana….i love wen madhu panics(in a funny way) n gv her cute expressions..n rk consoles her…..
    I luved epi yar today….
    Biwi i wanna say dat watever happend in studio was RIGHT……aaye haaye mere majnu…tum toh gye yar…
    Rk u r so dashing sote hi raha karo(..but wen u’ll sleep who wl say dialogues..thoda sa so jaya kro bas)…..n wen he smiled wen madhu threw pillows…
    I m mad at his smile…wich he gv 2day in dat scene…
    If biwi we both wl talk den who wl listen….v den hv 2 call bittuji 2 listen….

    N precap….its kinda sad..but den we wl get 2 c farmhouse rishbala moments…n tommorows epi i thnk wl b all rona dhona….m waitng fr farmhouse episodes…
    Guys all our predictions went wrong..
    *Rk wl clean d chclt..(in epi madhu herself cleaned it n rk also did it by himself madhu says DUSRI SIDE..hehe)
    *he wl not kiss n go away(no kiss n rk didn’t go anywhere…both went fr a dinner)…

    • deiva
      December 10, 11:40

      hi kriya…

      nice comment ya… but ur right rk didn’t kiss her or atlest didn’t wipe her chocolate…

  17. Aalishba
    December 10, 10:46 Reply

    i always feel very bad as i dont have a sister so there are alot of thingz which i need to share bt cant… bt guyz i think this is a great plat form where i can feel and share whatever i need relating madhubala….. anybody wants to be my frnd…

    • deiva
      December 10, 11:37

      hi aalishba…

      everybody in this site r friends…. n share everything with eachother… so no need of asking to join us… when u made this comment itself we became friends ok????

    • Aalishba
      December 11, 07:47

      thanx deiva….

  18. Aalishba
    December 10, 10:43 Reply

    superb episode…. lve madhubala… awsummmmm just lved it….

  19. RK crazy
    December 10, 10:43 Reply

    gr8 episode… it makes depressed to think about their seperation coming soon……… please stop that track.

    • Aalishba
      December 10, 10:48

      why this separation track is comming now… i mean where had u read it from..???

  20. hy
    December 10, 10:41 Reply

    hy by by by hy awesome episode hy guys who is madhubalas fan

  21. resh
    December 10, 10:40 Reply

    fantastic episode RK is sooooooooooooooooooooo cute.

  22. anshula
    December 10, 10:40 Reply

    Rishabala moments at studio
    were awesome….. And dat atma scene too

  23. Anonymous
    December 10, 10:33 Reply

    Atma is spirit and kanjama must me some random woman who died

    • Sums
      December 10, 10:58

      Thx u dr.

  24. kash
    December 10, 10:30 Reply

    awesome episode
    Rk is awesome …

  25. Sums
    December 10, 10:29 Reply

    Wat is the meaning of kanjamas atma plz. This epi is just awesome.

  26. Anjali
    December 10, 10:11 Reply

    Thnk u formthe fast update !!!!!

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