Kya Hua Tera Vaada 19th March 2013 Written Update

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Kya Hua Tera Vaada 19th March 2013 Written Update by sen_madhuban

Kya Hua Tera Vaada 19th March 2013 Written Episode

mona-jatin full on awkwardness…remebering jatin’s words…

Anushka celebrating with comatose babalulu (d funniest moment…poor guy…can’t have a breath of relief even in coma!!!) …she’s happy that now both she & Mona is on prime time tv …

Anyway Mona throws typical Nari dialogues… & instead of thanking Jatin blames him. Simultaneously Anushka acts out Mona’s dialogues (awesome job she does by d way..).

Jatin justifying himself (he’s so cute now!!) and apologizes. & den BAMMM…he asks her for marriage in real . mona remains quite and jatin takes it as a no.

As Mona reaches home…her neighbours chat around about how mona’s romancing around is detrimental 2 society. Mona’s FIL comes in 2 save her & den walks in d super omnipresent vamp…anushka. (O.k. now I know she’s majorly evil…but her dialogs just rocked…)

kahin pe nigaahe kahin pe nishaana!!!
Pati gya to kya hua…mil gya nya deewana… (wah…wah…)

anyway she continues her venomous talks…how Mona doesn’t care about her daughter’s marriage. & mona opens her big mouth & bored me for next 10 mins…

Well firstly she agrees 2 to marry Jatin (Jatin looked shocked but I am sure he would have secretly thanked Anushka). Well next she pounces on her neighbors… How she helped them…& den she does khulaasa of all secrets of her neighbors.
Den blames Anushka for her evil deeds.
Jatin just takes my heart away…as he apologizes 2 Anushka that he can’t invite her as he has 2 listen 2 his wife & invites all neighbors.

mona cries on Pradeep’s pic (how he would understand why she’s doing it… Because he did much worse Dan DAT!!). FIL tells her that she did right & she should have done this long before (with Vineet only yaar…). FIL & mother tell her that she should have not made this huge a decision just to stop people talking about her. But they support her fully as d guy she has chosen is d best as he cares & loves her.

Precap: Mona’s darling daughter blames mona for marrying jatin bcoz he is rich & she is not mahaan (correct…shez a fool…she shud just let anushka adopt you…)

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  1. Princess
    April 19, 00:59 Reply

    Thnx a lot 4 the update..
    To hell with those who cn’t undstnd.. Somethng is better than nthng..

  2. Captain Jack
    March 19, 22:32 Reply

    I must say this is the update which I was looking for!!!!!
    great job done by rocks madhuban.
    loosers who dont want to read this kinda update just go to Hell.

  3. simran
    March 19, 21:54 Reply

    no vibu scene…!!! :-(:-(
    how boring…!!

  4. deepika
    March 19, 15:01 Reply

    U need not update if it is of this kind, neither we suffer to understand, nor u type so much which is utterly meaning less

  5. Mona fan
    March 19, 14:35 Reply

    Pl dnt do this kind of rubish updt..i dnt evn undrstnd wt actuly hapn in epi. So pl 4m next time do it properly..

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