Kasam 20th November 2017 Written Update

Kasam 20th November 2017 Written Update by H_Hasan

Kasam 20th November 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Manpreet talking to Rishi on phone and gets happy knowing Tanuja is coming home. He ends the call. Rishi comes there and dances with him saying his Jaanu, Tanuja is coming. Marriage planner shows the wedding card. Tanuja says it came so soon. She tells Abhishek that she will go and meet Rishi tomorrow. Abhishek asks shall I come? Tanuja says no need. Rishi is happy in his room. Manpreet comes and lie down on bed. Rishi shouts and switches on the lights. Manpreet tells him that you have to go to London branch. Rishi says you handle work in London, and asks him to go. Manpreet says you used to go before. Rishi says I have to be here to welcome her and asks him to go.

In the morning, Rishi comes and greets all bedis. Ahana brings sweets. Rishi serves to everyone. Rano says

you are happy today. Rishi says you won’t be happy knowing the reason. Netra brings medicine. Rishi says from tomorrow Tanuja will give you medicine and says she is coming. Tanuja comes just then. Rishi says there she is, and says this is called destiny and asks her to come. Tanuja enters Bedi house. Rishi asks where is your stuff and Natasha. He says if she went to school. Tanuja says you all are my world, I have to come. Rishi asks why didn’t you wear the dress which you have bought yesterday. He says he was there and gave that dress to Shilpa. Tanuja says she really like that dress and will wear it on her engagement day. Rishi gets happy and thinks God gave him enough.
Tanuja says she will marry, but not with him…She is marrying Abhishek. Rano takes a sigh of relief. Rishi is shocked, but then laughs asking Tanuja not to joke. Tanuja says mistake is mine and says she will give formal invitation and calls him Rishi Singh bedi…invites him and his family to all her marriage functions. Rishi is shocked and tears the card, throws on her. Hamari Adhuri plays….

Rishi says I don’t believe on any mahurats or date. You can’t marry Abhishek as you are mine. He says I will bring you back here and tells that Natasha told me. Tanuja says I will not come here, I am going to marry Abhishek and move on in my life. Rishi is shocked. Door Jawoge song plays….She walks out. Rishi comes to her and holds her hand. Tanuja asks him if he has no self respect to hold the girl’s hand who is going to marry soon. She asks him to check the torn card. Rishi says I don’t believe on all this. Tanuja says I don’t believe on all this. Tanuja says how to make you believe that I am marrying Abhishek with my heart, soul and rituals. Rishi says you have taken all kasams with me. She asks him to come inside and takes him inside. She asks Netra to respect the relation and says you got engaged to Rishi infront of my eyes. She says you have some right on him. Rishi says she has no right on him.

Tanuja says she got engaged to Rishi even after knowing that he is married to me. Ahana tries to speak, but Tanuja asks her not to interfere and says we have special relation. She breaks her relation with Rishi. She asks everyone to break her relation with her whoever thinks, she shall not marry Abhishek. She says Abhishek gave her respect, home and life to her and her daughter. She asks Netra to say something. Rishi says Netra is not between us.

Tanuja says you have brought her inbetween us. He says we will be happy like before. Tanuja says when we were happy…and says when you searched guy for me. He says I didn’t leave you, but you left me. Tanuja says she left the house because of Rano. She says she never accepted me as bahu, your wife and family member. Rano asks her not to take her name. Rishi says today he will talk to Tanuja. Tanuja asks where were you, when you agreed to your mum and tried to kick me out, but because of Bau ji you let me stay here. She says we were in room as a strangers and cries. Rishi accepts it. He says when you was in hospital, I used to sit at your side and tell that I love you very much. Tanuja says she forgot all that. Rishi says you told what you wanted, now listen and says he will always love her and will win her.

Precap: Rishi says one day she will ask him to take her home and that day he will bring Natasha and her to his house. He says he has one motive in life now and that to bring her home.

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  1. Amby
    November 20, 22:47 Reply

    I loved the episode: IT WAS EPIC!!!!!! Tanuja finally took some justice in her own hands!!!! She finally spoke out the injustice towards her!!!! Well done Tanuja well done!!!!! I am glad, Rishi , his family and Netra deserved it!!!!

  2. Sona
    November 20, 17:37 Reply

    So much of stupid drama… dragging. Finish it with happy ending

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