Jodha Akbar 6th February 2014 Written Update

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Jodha Akbar 6th February 2014 Written Update by Atiba

Jodha Akbar 6th February 2014 Written Episode

Scene 1
Soul talk- jalal says finally that night ended and you moved your fingers in morning, my life came back that moment.
In room jalal sees jodha’s hand moving, he calls everybody inside. Jodha opens her eyes, all are happy, maham too. Jodha looks at jalal beside her and ask benazir? jalal says you dont worry she left our lives, you take rest. Hakima says this is miracle, it seems like she got reason to live, someone’s prayers got fulfilled but she need complete bed rest. Jalal ask everybody to leave so she ca take rest. all leaves, jodha feels sleepy, jalal is about to leave but jodha kepp holding his hand, he looks at her and caresses her hand, he puts her hand down and turns to leave but cant, he again looks back at jodha with sadness and love, jodha is awake, he leaves.

Scene 2
Jalal is going out while people chants his name. He comes at dargah and places sheet on grave, he sits there and prays, all shahi mughal family is with him and they pray too. jalal comes out and sees people cheering for him and jodha, in her room, jodha also ask about this noise, moti ask her to take rest, jodha says i am alright, she comes balcony.

Scene 3
Outside jalal takes off his turban infront of nation, he takes off his jewelry and coat, people gossip that anybody can attack him. Jalal says i know that you are thinking why i took off my jewels and my turban, you maybe thinking that king do this when he leaves throne or someone close to him dies but today i am here not as a king but as someone’s son, brother. Today i am here between my family, my family who was there in my difficult situation, who prayed for me. Jalal says you people supported me in my difficult situations, your prayers saved me from that poisonous lady, i am thankful for the prayers for my jodha. jodha is listening to all this. Jalal says i always said that i dont have heart but today i want to say thanks from core of my heart, i am not a king anymore, you dont need to get afraid from sword because you all are family because my power is because of you, i won this war because of your support, your prayers urged God to save jodha. people chants jalal and jodha’s name. Jalal says today there will be jashn but not inside palace but you all will be part of it, your wishes will be my command from now on, he leaves, jodha cries with happiness.

Scene 4
Javeda is chanting jodha’s name, adham comes there she says i caught you, he ask about what? she says i saw you worried for jodha begum . Jalal is not your real brother but you still care for him alot, she says you must be proud for jalal, she says if someone will try to kill you, i will save you, adham shows her knife and says i will not let anyone to do something to me, he leaves irritated.

Scene 5
Moti says jalal was there all the with you, he didnt care about zakira and all and asked hakima to save you at any cost. Salima comes and says i never saw jalal so much worried for anyone, he was there for you all the time. jodha says jalal did so much for me, ruks comes there. She says thanks for saving jalal, you can ask anything from me i will not say n to you except jalal jodha is tensed. She ask her to rest and leaves.

Scene 6
Jodha ask moti to tell what jalal sais and did, moti says i told you everything its like you like to listen about him, jodha says nothing like that, i want to know why he is doing all this, i must know what he did for me as he can taunt me, jalal comes there, jodha remembers how jalal had said that he will not enter this room and he feels upset to look at her. Jalal says its odd that only i said i will not come here, he goes out and takes off his shoes and jodha can he come inside? jodha says sure. Jalal comes to jodha, they both are hesitant, jalal sees kahna. He goes there and take blessing. Jodha smiles. He takes aarti plate to jodha and says i said i will not enter this room but sometime nothing works infront of God, he gives aarti to jodha and moti. He ask how are you? jodha says i am fine. Jalal sees medicine and ask moti why you didnt give it to her? moti says its given after sometime of Karha(another remedy) jalal says there is no cap on it, moti says hakima asked to keep it in open air, jodha sees jalal’s hesitation, moti says i am going outside if you need then call me, jalal says wait, he says i want to talk to jodha alone so make sure nobody comes inside, moti leaves. Jodha ask what yo wanna say? he looks at her.

PRECAP- Maham informs ruks that jalal went to jodha’s room and took off his slippers outside, he did spend very much time in her room, ruks fumes. outside Jalal drapes shawl around jodha who is surprised, ruks sees this and is angry.


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  1. ananna
    February 06, 11:51 Reply

    hw r u means tumi kemon achho..and i’m fine means ami valo achhi..

  2. avni
    February 06, 11:50 Reply

    Tithi thnku sioo much…
    Translate gn sd also

    • tithi
      February 06, 11:53

      What is gn sd?

  3. anu (jodha begum)
    February 06, 11:50 Reply

    tanni, birthday ka kya hai. it comes every year lol, it’s okay! and thank you!
    but you need to stay here longer as we all miss you so much!! but you always leave soooo quickly:(

    • lavy
      February 06, 11:55

      happpyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy b’day dear

    • lavy
      February 06, 11:55


  4. avni
    February 06, 11:49 Reply

    @sia @tanni @anu
    I am sry πŸ™
    I ws sad thinking sooo. said 2 u. ..

    Ys..maham,sharif,adam,Abul mali,shivani all r der
    Birbal n all navratnas r yet to cme πŸ˜€

    • anu (jodha begum)
      February 06, 11:51


  5. tanni
    February 06, 11:47 Reply

    sia me fine.. dis week i m super happy.. mondays epi was maar-daala, tuesdays was even better and yesterdays was d BESTEST of all.. how r u dear??

  6. ananna
    February 06, 11:47 Reply

    hello,tanni..thanks tithi 4 ur good wish…@annas:hw r u ?..

  7. sia
    February 06, 11:47 Reply

    i feel the same tanni dat royalty is in rajat’s blood since prc.evrything he does reflects royalty

  8. anu (jodha begum)
    February 06, 11:46 Reply

    tanni, I’m very upset with you. what’s with you coming late and leaving early?:(
    kabhi hum sab se theek se goofaguuh bhi kar liye karo.

    • tanni
      February 06, 11:48

      dear sorry for not wishing u b’day.. i wanted to wish u but u had gone before me.. happy belated b’day dear

  9. tanni
    February 06, 11:46 Reply

    avni, for God’s sake plz dont utter those ominous words. πŸ™
    how wil i survive without JA and especially without seeing Rajat?
    dont worry coz maham, ruks, sharifuddin, adham r enough to prolong d show for years.. and d main consolation is dat its ekta’s show.. if trp remain high, there is no need to worry.. zee tv cant afford to lose its no.1 show.. JA is zee tv’s no.1 show from past 6 months

  10. avni
    February 06, 11:44 Reply

    How r u??
    I am fine. ..translate
    Gn sd translate πŸ™‚ plg

    • tithi
      February 06, 11:46

      Hw r u means tmi kemon acho?i am fine means ami valo achi.whats ur name means tmar nam ki?

  11. tithi
    February 06, 11:44 Reply

    I am nw translating a sentence in r u means tmi kemon acho?

  12. anu (jodha begum)
    February 06, 11:43 Reply

    avni I know they’re realising their love. but I reckon they will show salim’s childhood. not till he grows up but his childhood like rahims age.

  13. sia
    February 06, 11:43 Reply

    no salim beta not so soon. Aapki entry hona abhi baki hai

  14. avni
    February 06, 11:43 Reply

    Wts ua nme?? Translate

    • tithi
      February 06, 11:45

      Wts ur name means tomar nam ki?

    • tithi
      February 06, 11:47

      Tumhara na tomar.

  15. tanni
    February 06, 11:41 Reply

    jalal was feeling so awkward in jodha’s presence (last scene).. he was almost BLUSHING.!!!!! he looked soooooooooooooooo cute in dat scene..
    in d scene where he addressed d public, Rajat was looking extremely handsome, super stunning and dashing.. it does not seem lyk he is acting d role of akbar.. he looks as if he is Akbar.. there is royalty in his blood.. d way he walks, d way he talks, d variety of expressions on his face, his dialogues, his eyes everything is so MAGNIFICENT, GRAND and KINGLY..
    no wonder Star Guild chose him as best actor.. he deserves evry inch of d award.. Paridhi is also great actress..


    • sanvi
      February 06, 23:03

      Yes tanni I agree with u 100/

  16. sia
    February 06, 11:41 Reply

    hi tanni how r u? Luved the analysis

    • avni
      February 06, 11:41

      Aree…dey both r realising deir lovee…jalal has aldredy startd to be Akbar
      I just thout so πŸ™

  17. tithi
    February 06, 11:37 Reply

    Avni,r u interested in learning bangla?

    • avni
      February 06, 11:39

      Yssss….very much intrstd…teach me ammijaaan πŸ˜€

    • tithi
      February 06, 11:41

      Ok i am translating bangla in english beta.*ami=i/me.*tumi=you

    • tithi
      February 06, 11:43


  18. tanni
    February 06, 11:36 Reply

    analysis of tuesday epi (copoed from india-forums site)

    Mohabbat aur imaan hi insaan ko mukammal banaate hain.

    Love and character form the complete picture of a complete human-being.

    Once upon a time, she wanted to behead him and defined him in hatred. Today, she chose death so that he can live and she defined him in someone she cannot afford to lose.

    Once upon a time, he just wanted to bring her to her knees and lock her in a golden cage. Today, he is on his knees and praying for her release from the agony that she is in.


    This is how love transforms a human-being from a mere mortal to someone whose soul is purified and distilled of all that is dark, evil and negative. This is how you let go of all the vices and direct all virtues in the direction of the one you love.

    The beginning of Jodha’s and Jalaal’s love, quite surprisingly is DEVOTION. Jodha chose death because of her internal devotion to Jalaal. Jalaal is praying at Almighty’s feet , revealing his devotion to his wife and the truth that he has hidden from everyone.
    dat is why Jodha-Akbar love story is called EPIC

  19. tanni
    February 06, 11:35 Reply

    hii anu, sia, avni, ananna, zainab, annaS, gayathri, NM and all other JA fans..

    CUTE EPISODE.. d way jodha held his hand was so lovely.. jalal again sat down near her and caressed her hand and hair before going.. and dat look back at jodha- it speaks volumes.!! so much love and affection in his eyes.. πŸ™‚ salim chishti’s prediction is coming true.. jalal already showed change when he was talking to public.. he is on d way to become Akbar d Great

    • avni
      February 06, 11:37

      Ysss…jodha intrstd to hear about jalal <3. …bt i am sad thinking dat wil JA end soon ha? :-/ πŸ™

  20. tithi
    February 06, 11:34 Reply

    Ananna ami 2013 te jsc disi and cngo to u too.hpe tmi ssc teo glden paba.and amio science e pori

  21. ananna
    February 06, 11:31 Reply

    chillo..i had and ami..i/me

    • tithi
      February 06, 11:39

      Chilo means i had.and ami means i or me.

    • avni
      February 06, 11:30

      Sumbu is cutieeeee <3 ..Hihihi. ..toooo cuteeee

  22. anu (jodha begum)
    February 06, 11:27 Reply

    I will always save you just like jodha does to jalal:p
    afterall your my salim:p

    • avni
      February 06, 11:28

      Luv u ammijaaan :-* πŸ˜€

  23. anu (jodha begum)
    February 06, 11:26 Reply

    Avni i turned 19 lol and in the pic with me in the red is one of my friends!! her name is Sumbula!

    • avni
      February 06, 11:28

      Ohh…bth luking cute…bt shall i say 1 thing..her nme is strange -__- sryyyyyyy i said cz i heard 4 1st tym :-/

  24. anu (jodha begum)
    February 06, 11:24 Reply

    LOL main ne kaha na. main kachi hoon bangla mein. so I won’t be talking in bangla LMAOO
    just for you my baby:p

    • avni
      February 06, 11:25

      Thnk god….am saved. .hihihi πŸ˜‰

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