Jodha Akbar 30th July 2013 Written Update

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Jodha Akbar 30th July 2013 Written Update by Atiba

Jodha Akbar 30th July 2013 Written Episode

Scene 1
bharmal greets jalalsaying ajmers king and jalal says I will be happy if you call me india’s king. Jalal ask what is your problem. Bharmal says shariffudden keep changing his demands every now and than. Jalal interrupts and says have some snacks you came after long journey. Bharmal sweetly denies and says he is accepting their every demand so give our sons back. Jalal says they won the war so has full right on amer now. Bharmal says it was small war. Jalal gets up and says so do one on one war once again bharmal says he is afraid but doesnt want bloodshed. Jalal ask and says so what. Bharmal ask for another solution mughal friend interrupts and says have one solution to make relation and take jodha’s name bharmal gets up from his place and ask him to stop you mughals dont know the limit whether in war or relation. Jalal says he is right amer is his so is amer everything amer’s queen and he can make any women his harem’s queen. He leaves.

Scene 2
bharmal ask chuqtai khan what you did. He says he was just suggesting to save amer. Bharmal says whether amer destroys he will not allow this marriage. Chuqtai khan (mughal friend) try to lust him that he will have india’s king as his son in law and jodha will rule india she will become the queen of whole india from small state queen. Bharmal is not ready still and says he cant do this he is rajput and cant bow down. Chuqtai says something happens for good and this way amer will be safe. Bharmal think of jodha’s words to think as king first than father.

Scene 3
everybody in jalal’s hall is saying what is the need of nikkah. Bharmal comes and jalal says he thought alot discussed it with my ministers and he is ready for this nikkah. He ask bharmal his dissicion he says he is ready for marriage only for sake of amer. Jalal is happy and congratulates him and ask khan to free bharmal’s sons and make him also meet them. Bharmal takes his leave jalal smiles broadly.

Scene 4
chuqtai khan says that amer is now totally safe so as your sons. Bharmal says he is worried how he will meet his jodha. how to face her after that he made her jalal’s whom he hates the most. Chuqtai says you made right decision shariffuddin had evil eye on jodha but she is safe now she is jalal’s now.

Scene 5
on minister says why this nikkah jalal says if he brought her here forcefully people would hate him. But now these rajputs will give him respect , will always honors him and secondly this will increase business and thirdly rujputs will not fight against us but will fight for us minister says what a thought you are truly following your baba’s teachings and praises him.

scene 6
jodha and masa is worried as bharmal hasn’t reached back safely. All brother start to leave to search for him and younger brother maan singh also wants to go. Bharmal comes with his head down very much tensed and masa ask about their sons why they are not with him.bharmal says sons and amer is safe now and sons will come back masa ask how this can happen bharmal says because of some friend’s right suggestion. They ask about but he says he is tired and want to rest retries to his room. Jodha says brothers are safe and hug masa who is not convinced and worries about future.

Scene 7
jodha comes running and informs her sister in laws that brothers are safe and sound will come back soon. All are happy jodha says she is so proud of her dad as he not only saved amer but didn’t let the pride down.

Scene 8
jodha come in palace’s temple and prays to lord to set all things right. Jalal on the other hand is with priest praying. priest says now time is going to change and says now time will tell how God plays his game.

Precap-bharmal blurts out that jodha is getting married to none other than jalal. Masa falls on ground. Someone comes and informs jodha that you are going to mughals palace.

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  1. anonymous
    July 31, 09:55 Reply

    jalal needs a stepping stool. hes too short! lol

  2. tanni
    July 31, 09:33 Reply

    hey suraj chale gaye kya?? ok bye then coz me also going to study.. see u tomorrow..

    • suraj
      July 31, 09:34

      ok dear….. bye.. 🙂

  3. tanni
    July 31, 09:26 Reply

    suraj: do u know dat everyone on dtb faces such hurtful cmnts from such psycho morons.. on mb page too i hav seen many of my frnds getting such cmnts.. mujhe bhi ye sab face karna pada tha.. but we dont get upset by all dis.. who r they to hurt us?? kisi pagal ne kuch bhi keh diya aur tum udaas ho gaye?? cheer up dear.. d best way to tackle these kaminey is to ignore them..

    be happy.. no need to think of them.. u just think of ur frnds lyk me, diya, ritu, yuvi and our Rajat gang

    • suraj
      July 31, 09:31

      yes u r right…..
      aise kamino ke liye main apna mood kyon spoil karu…. 😀

  4. suraj
    July 31, 09:21 Reply

    where r the other r’ians……….????????

    • tanni
      July 31, 09:30

      me also missing them.. especially diya, ritu & yuvi

    • suraj
      July 31, 09:33

      lgta hai vo sab jyada busy hai….
      wanna talk with all of them…. 🙂

  5. tanni
    July 31, 09:17 Reply

    has anyone seen d new promo of ROYAL WEDDING WEEK?? its so exciting.. d next week we r going to see d much-awaited jalal-jodha wedding.. in d promo it seemed a very “dhoom-dham” type wedding.. and jalal came to look at jodha in her room when she was getting ready.. hehehe.. i guess he cant wait to see her face.. i m super excited 🙂

    • suraj
      July 31, 09:19

      i am excited tooo…..

  6. tanni
    July 31, 09:13 Reply

    hi suraj, i m fyn yar.. and simply ignore those psycho person’s cmnts.. they need a mental doctor first.. they just come to irritate us.. they r pure sadists who get fun by posting such hurtful cmnts

    • suraj
      July 31, 09:16

      u r right tanni…..
      but really It totally change my mood….
      . 🙁

  7. tanni
    July 31, 09:01 Reply

    @diya, suraj, ritu, fahmida, yuvi: where r all of u?? missing all of u..

    • suraj
      July 31, 09:06

      hi tanni hw r u……

  8. tanni
    July 31, 08:55 Reply

    AWESOME EPISODE.. Rajat as jalal is just FABULOUS, MINDBLOWING.. and dat killer smile and his magnetic eyes.. oh gosh.!! what a great actor
    i love dis current track so much.. excited for d wedding..
    paridhi’s acting is also good

  9. amekha
    July 31, 03:32 Reply

    wow what an episode….
    but why only these many likes? there should be at least a 100 likes for every episode of jodha akbar

    • tanni
      July 31, 08:59

      yup.! absolutely right dear.. i hope our lyks increase when d love track begins..

  10. forget about that
    July 31, 00:28 Reply

    hello guys,nice episode

    mujhe lagta hain hain yeh menavati ko major heart attack hoga 😉

    jodha 🙁 bechari,pata nahi kaise react karegi !!!!!

    sukanya,missed u dear

  11. suraj
    July 30, 22:54 Reply

    awesome episode….so finally the amer king agree for marriage…. now wanna see josha’s reaction …. and jalal u r toooo gooood yr…. wow vo killer smile…. oye hoye….
    and now………………
    mood gorning to all r’ians….. miss u all…. guyzz…

    • abcd
      July 31, 02:48

      r u gay?

    • suraj
      July 31, 09:05

      wait a min……
      tumhe aisa kyon lga…….maine rajat ki acting ki tariff ki hai……samjhe sirf girls hi male actor ki fan nhi hoti…. boyz bhi hote…..hhhhaiii main toh rk ka bhi fan hoon…….toh isse kya main gay ho gya…… 🙂
      mujhe dd., purvi, ankita and many more actress bhi pasand toh abiske baare main tumhari kya thinking h mujhe nhi pta……

      ggooosssshhhhh kya question pucha h……

  12. Kichu
    July 30, 16:39 Reply

    Waiting 4 d change in jalal

  13. atiba
    July 30, 13:56 Reply

    welcome krishalini. Pretty much excited for jodha and jalal’s wedding.

  14. Ruchika
    July 30, 13:48 Reply

    Awesome epi. Rajat is damn hottt as jalal. Paridhi as jodha is also nice. Nice pair. Wnt to c more of them!

  15. krishalini
    July 30, 12:48 Reply

    Superb episode:)) …… expecting lot……Rajat is damn hot…love him <3 ….and ofcourse thank u Atiba ji for ur good update n pics:))

    • anonymous
      July 30, 13:35

      haha 2 comments? what a shame! thats why u have to come to other forum and post your negative comments for attention?

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