Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 9th October 2012 Written Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 9th October 2012 Written Update by

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) 9th October 2012 Written Episode

Episode starts with Shyam getting annoyed with child’s crying noise. Finally that noise is gone and Shyam is drinking water standing in front of some TV. NK now turns on that TV and there is some child’s video. Shyam gets scared and drops glass of water from his hand and is getting annoyed with same noise again. He comes out of the room and clashes with Anjali.

Looking Shyam scared, Anjali asks him what happened? Shyam says nothing. Anjali then says, good you got ready.. shall we go now? They come into the living room where everyone is ready and waiting for them. Anjali asks, will anyone tell me what’s the plan? Nk says, I and Khushi are going to give a performance like a drama. Shyam asks drama? Nk says, yes performance which will wow (scare) you. Khushi and Nk proceed toward the stage while everyone else sit down to watch them.

Lights go off and Khushi starts performance who has taken Anjali’s avatar. Nk has taken Shyam’s avatar. They show how Anjali and Shyam met outside of temple. Anjali is very happy and amazed to see this. And Shyam is still worrying and scared about that baby’s noise. On the stage, Nk, being Shyam, proposes Khushi who is Anjali in this performance and now they get married. Anjali is very happy seeing this. Khushi says, both were happy.. they had everything.. but still something was missing.. their baby..raj kumari. Shyam is not feeling comfortable. Smile has disappeared from everyone’s faces and Anjali, Arnav have tears in their eyes. Nk asks Khushi, then what happened? Khushi says, then the good news of their child came. Shyam is getting up and leaving from there but Anjali stops him. read full updates with pictures only at . Khushi says, now there was godh bharai’s day.. all guests were there and in crowd something strange happened. Nk comes in drum’s man’s avatar which Shyam had taken on Anjali’s godh bharai day. Shyam is shocked seeing this. Nk is playing drums just like Shyam and Anjali is also worried now and looks at Shyam. Khushi continues, some people were our own.. some outsiders.. and some came acting as our own people. On one moment, there was happiness.. and on the other moment.. everything fell apart. Khushi continues, there was someone in crowd with wrong intentions and no one knew about it. Nk is playing drums faster and faster and is now beside Shyam.

On the screen, they show a man with bracelet changing Anjali’s medicines. Arnav is sitting beside Anjali just in case if anything happens to her. They now show a man spreading pieces of glasses in Anjali’s room. Anjali is in a disbelief.

Anjali sees same bracelet in Shyam’s hand. Khushi says, you crossed all limits.. you hide yourself and attacked. On the screen, Anjali now enters her room and puts her feet on those pieces of glasses. Everyone is shocked!!

Khushi continues, this wasn’t expected that someone would betray their own people. Shyam is tensed. Anjali is in a big disbelief. Shyam gets up to leave from there but Aakash stops him and asks him to sit down again. Khushi continues, for love.. I cried.. I walked on pieces of glasses.. but what I got out of this love? Anjali asks to stop the video. Arnav tells Anjali.. please di.

Now on the screen, they show same bracelet man giving an electrical current and Anjali falling down on the stairs. Everyone has tears in their eyes. Now Khushi in Anjail’s avatar who isn’t pregnant anymore says, everything finished. Rajkumari left us for always.. and dream of Rajkumari remained dream only. Shyam gets up and starts walking. But he again hears same noise and now in front of his eyes.. there are kids toys. He’s losing his control and cannot take this noise anymore. He screams.. it’s all lie.. they are lying.. nothing like this happened.

Break 1..

Arnav goes to Shyam and asks, everything is lie? and all these videos that were found from your laptop are fake too right? Shyam says, yes you did all this to trap me. Nani asks Shyam to stop. She says, people of this house are not like you. Even after knowing everything.. we allowed you to stay in this house because we thought that you at least care about Anjali. Arnav says, I would never let you in this house… if Di didn’t get fine after seeing you. I can’t believe.. you tried to kill Anjali di.

Shyam says, nothing like that happened. Arnav holds his collar and asks, you changed Di’s medicine to kill her right? Shyam says, medicine was just to abort child.. no one dies because of that. Lights come back on.. Shyam realizes what he just said and shuts himself up.

Arnav asks why did you do this? Shyam takes a deep breath and confesses everything.

Shyam says, yes.. I am a bad person.. I don’t care about anyone.. you all can go to the hell.

Break 2..

Shyam laughs like an evil and says, I killed my own child. With this same hands.. I spreaded pieces of glasses so Rani saheba walks on them. He asks Nani.. it was such a good plan right? one small shock circuit.. and rani saheba fell like this with.. he laughs like crazy. He continues, and do you know why I did all this? Because after losing a child.. as a good husband, I can get an easy entry in this house. This place is like that only.. you can’t stay away from this place.

He then says, I only brought Dadi back to this house so she can brought me back to this house. but when Dadi couldn’t do anything.. I used and took advantage of my own child.

Episode ends with Anjali’s sad and shocking face.

Precap: Anjali slaps Shyam.


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  1. Meredith
    October 09, 12:30 Reply

    Finusa ffm abha heart jia raima Sumon and all even if ipkknd ends it is all for good. Just like a fairy tale ending. They lived happily ever after. So be happy. Happy yabba ve.

    • Heart
      October 09, 13:55

      I agree with u, meredith. How is ur son? Happy rabbave, no sry, happy yabbave 2 al arshians! Gud arshi n8!

  2. liya madav
    October 09, 12:29 Reply

    oh !waiting for tomorrows episode.i want 2 see anjali slaping cheat shyam.let arshi plan win.2oo lose the time changed @5:30.

  3. priyanka
    October 09, 12:28 Reply

    Wow, finally Anjali came to know,hushh but felt v bad for Anjali,:(
    Anywz… I hope ye sirial kabhi na khatam ho so I can see Arnav everyday,,,
    We(me and my family) all are fans of ipkknd, even meri bhatiji she is 4 yrs old she is v big fan of Arnav singh raijada,
    Thank u,,,

  4. rizzu
    October 09, 12:27 Reply

    hi guys……. If u really want 2 see ipkknd as longer then poll 4r arshi team nd make our ipkknd as so longer more than other …..!!!!
    If arshi have more fans then it can run so far……!!!!!

  5. Raima chaudry
    October 09, 12:24 Reply

    Love the episode feel bad for anjali but thankgod shyam gone sorry i was little late for posting my comment i always post after reading other comments actually so guys i’m here i miss all my friends all names are too much but all are my friends abha,sumon,heart,meredith,rinoza etc again sorry ipkknd fans but i’m too mad by watching videos of ipkknd to make my time pass till 11.30 I’ll watch this episode waiting starplayer to upload

  6. Heart
    October 09, 12:19 Reply

    No meredith, its nt dat shari. That was pink. It may b d sari which asr gifted after bday. That 1 was red.

    • Meredith
      October 09, 12:39

      Oh OK. But khushi looks too thin in this. But still gorgeous.

  7. Meredith
    October 09, 12:13 Reply

    Hey all I think the saree khushi wearing today is the one Arnav gifted her 2 days back. Just recollecting.

    • Fan From Malaysia
      October 09, 12:19

      Have send my regards to ur mom???
      And my hugs and kisses to ur son??? Just tell him his aunty misses his yabba ve …

    • Meredith
      October 09, 12:35

      Conveyed already dear. Reading your poems I feel that you are a person who thinks by heart and and not by mind. Me too the same. I think that all ipkknd fans are like this coz ipkknd is filled with love love love and only love

  8. S U M O N
    October 09, 12:11 Reply

    Nice poem ffm… Hi friends , Heart, abha,ffm,ffu,jia,pooja,meredith nd all fans..! Sry friends im a little bit late today…im not Well today due to little feaver… Nd missing u faiza , jinnat…

  9. Heart
    October 09, 12:03 Reply

    Hi jia,sumon b, s.k,meredith, f.sarun,ffm&al(u knw we hv lot of frmdz here. So dnt mind plz if i mis any1s name!). Whres abha,pooja,raima,muskan,nisha,pari,ffs& sum of our old frndz 2day? Mising dem. Faiza n jinat gudluck 4 exam! Ok bye!

    • love u barun alot
      October 09, 23:56

      Sorry guys i can’t reply because i was busy with my Facebook friends.they all angry at me because i can’t reply them for few days.any ways superb,mindblowing,heart touching,enjoyable episode.but so sad for anjiDi.miss u all.faiza n jinat please comeback.sumon please give me the link of peoples choice u all.ipkknd is u barun.

  10. aayu
    October 09, 12:02 Reply


  11. priyanka
    October 09, 11:59 Reply

    it was an awesome episode.please don’t end iss pyar ko kya naam doon i like arahi

    • Anonymous
      October 09, 12:08

      there are so many open things in the serial what about anjali because always arnav say’s he will see anjali to be happy how she can be happy with out properr life partner, the first preiority of of arnav is gone. two important things in his life anjali and second khushi now we should see how he is going to give anjali happy settled life .they can’t end the serial abruptly.

  12. nimra
    October 09, 11:59 Reply

    waoooooooooo…….. very good i think ab asli drama shru hua hain anav aur khushi romance is now start

  13. nanav
    October 09, 11:58 Reply

    wow! superb episode nd the drama of khushi n N.K is very nice

  14. Fan of sarun-a.p
    October 09, 11:57 Reply

    Hi ffm,finusa and all arshians. Today i am very sad thinking about anjali’s situation, how a girl with such sensitive heart wil go through this truth that his own hubby just destroyed her dreamlife. So sorry anjali. But this is the reality, so u have to face it. And u reacted very well by giving a smashing slap. Uska gaal toh laal laal hua. Eagerly waiting for tmrws epi. Abha,raima,love u barunalot where are u? Waiting for ur cmnts.

    • Fan From Malaysia
      October 09, 12:00

      Dear Shyam ji…
      Why do you hurt me?
      Can’t you just let me be a mother?
      Can’t see that I need you to love me, just for me
      Why do you hurt me?
      Please just see
      That what you did was just plain me
      Let u see
      What you have done
      To an innocent girl
      Who thought you were number one… in her life…
      I thought u made me shine like the sun
      But thought remain as the thought only
      And it’s not become real
      Pls just get lost from my life…
      I Don’t want any pain … from now…
      You love just give a sign of hurt and hate…

      With hurt and hate,

      *I’ve edited the poem… thx to the original poet…

    • senorita
      October 09, 12:41

      oh!!!!!!!! dear i love ur poetry
      it’s always very nice

  15. Arshi
    October 09, 11:56 Reply

    Jab maut hi zindagi ka sach toh bhagwan ne humein janam kyun diya
    Agar khatam hi karna tha show to ye shuru kyun kiya
    I am really very much attached with this show..

    • Fan of sarun-a.p
      October 09, 12:15

      Kya likha hai yaar. Mindblowing. I really like it. Arshi tum wohi ho na .. Jo aapki mom aapko yeh show nahi dekhne dethe hai, yeh keh kar ki its for girls only right. And ffm poem was good. I like it.

    • Fan of sarun-a.p
      October 09, 12:22

      Kya likha hai yaar. Mindblowing. I really like it. Arshi tum toh wohi ho na .. Jo aapki mom aapko yeh show nahi dekhne dethe hai, yeh keh kar ki its for girls only right. And ffm poem was good. I like it.

    • senorita
      October 09, 12:56

      oh dear agr god ap ko na banate to ap ipkknd kaise dekhte
      koi baat nahi jab khatam ho jaye ga to internet pr 2bara dekhlena

  16. tn
    October 09, 11:51 Reply

    superb episode……. wht a plan to brg shyams real face…… grt work by ipkknd team. keep rocking… cant wait for 2morrows epi.

  17. Fan of sarun-a.p
    October 09, 11:46 Reply

    Hi ffm,finusa and all arshians. Today i am very sad thinking about anjali’s situation, how a girl with such sensitive heart wil go through this truth that his own hubby just destroyed her dreamlife. So sorry anjali. But this is the reality, so u have to face it. And u reacted very well by giving a smashing slap. Uska gaal toh laal laal hua. Eagerly waiting for tmrws epi. And abha,raima,love u barun alot,sumon- where are you ppl? Waiting for ur cmnts. And once again thnq for link.

    • Fan in USA!
      October 09, 11:55

      yes..agree with your above. thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    • Fan of sarun-a.p
      October 09, 12:04

      Sry for the duplication. I hope dis show wouldn’t endup …fingers crossed.. Bcoz it bcame part of our life’s daily routine.

  18. IPKKND Fan from US
    October 09, 11:46 Reply

    Thank you moderator ji for update 🙂

    Is IPKKND going to end? I am amazed that how a serial can show all bad things going to end and good things are winning over n over!!

  19. S U M O N
    October 09, 11:45 Reply

    Arnav To Khushi:

    If You Are With Me Then I Have No Fear,
    I Can’t See In Your Face Any More Tear;

    You Have Done So Many Things For Me,
    Now Give Me Some Opportunity;

    Shyam Has Done So Many Bad Things,
    Togather We Discover His Real Face;

    Shyam Destroyed His Own Child,
    He Is Not A Man He Is An Wild;

    Now Di Knows All The Truth,
    All Of Us Will Now Kick Shyam Out;

    Now I Have To Remove Tears From Di’s Eyes,
    SO I Need Some Of Your Advice………

    • Fan From Malaysia
      October 09, 11:58

      wa…wa…waa… what a poem…
      remember the song from bobby…
      mer syair tho nahi…
      *** sabse theka mujse (ARSHI) mere syari agaai…

      Am i right???
      i’m not hindi… but love this song and lyrics..

    • S U M O N
      October 09, 12:04

      Sry ffm , im not frm India , im frm BD. So I don’t Know much Abt Hindi……

    • Fan From Malaysia
      October 09, 12:09

      oops… sorry…
      i think the translation should be as below…
      Main shayar toh nahin
      Magar aye haseen
      Jab se dekha maine maine tujhko
      Mujhko shayari aa gayi

      Though,I am not a poet,
      But,O beautiful!
      Since I have seen you (ARSHI)
      I know the art of poetry…

    • S U M O N
      October 09, 12:14

      Wa wa .. Wa wa …….. Ffm kya baat Hai…. 😀

  20. arshi land..!!!
    October 09, 11:44 Reply

    HaTs oFf to aBhAsS MEhTaAa….whAT An FabuLouS aCtINg…..ReaLLy He iS aN minD BlowInG actOR……!!!!!!!!

  21. rizzu
    October 09, 11:43 Reply

    hi…..this is the mad fan of arnav nd ipkknd….todays skit was so nice…..nd im egarly waitng fr anjali slaps 2 shyam

  22. S.k (fan from Karachi)
    October 09, 11:42 Reply

    Hello everyone! hope u awl r fine!!
    Mujhe lagta hai ke show will be on air jab tak Star Parivaar awards aayen!!
    IPKKND be ready for lotsa awards!! 🙂 <3

  23. madii
    October 09, 11:41 Reply

    i cant say it true but i have two ideas
    one:the series will end but quite upset cause i wont there to be more love scenes and secong if they were to strech it a bit longer anjali could commit suicide and arnav could blame khushi
    But i hope it goes longer and i really want more arshi scenes but shyam could actually be sorry later but i dont think there will be another season because both Barun sobti and sanaya want to try different things but we dont know….

    • avina
      October 09, 23:48

      We hope somebody advises them well,not to throw away something solid and stable as ipkknd for possibly different projects,for which they have time later;we are ready for their honeymoon and a lot of fun ahead of them,and we know the writers are doing a great job; we have faith in them!Thank you and keep up the excellent work,ipkknd team!!!!

  24. Jia
    October 09, 11:39 Reply

    hey everyone.. esp dis, abha, heart and Meredith.. eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s ep. tomorrow will be MIGHTY ANJALI in action… yayy.. excited..

  25. Rinoza
    October 09, 11:37 Reply

    Superb episode wow ,stil v r waitin 4 da slap 2 shyam.And 2dy ‘s epi ws great and arnav u look beautiful ,also lvly nk baai u 2 .Khushi ji ur sari ws nice and the way thy presntd da drama as anjali and as shyam ws rly nice.

  26. riya
    October 09, 11:36 Reply

    SUPERB WORK ANJALI. I THINK ITS GONE END THIS WEEk on the another hand it by have season 2. it was an epic esi

  27. Heart
    October 09, 11:26 Reply

    I hv a felings lyk, shaym is khushi’s bro! Gud job ipkknd team! Super acting by al!& my al frndz, who hvnt cum yet, plz cum soon! Mising u fiusa di mised u yestrday!

    • avina
      October 09, 23:54

      hmm… interesting thought…I always thought about kushi’s real family…hmm…great twist, and this way they can keep shyam ,as he is a great actor,as well.We shall see!!…the possibilities are endless…

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