Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 20th July 2012 Written Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 20th July 2012 Written Update by

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) 20th July 2012 Written Update Episode

It’s night time and Khushi is scared. Door gets locked, she asks for help and in end she breaks it and opens it. Whole Raizada family is stuck in traffic. Anjali is not feeling good. Payal gives her juice but Manorama takes from her and says you don’t need to worry about her. Aakash calls a traffic police and he says him due to accident all traffic is jammed. They decide to go back to home but Anjali says about ‘satsang’. Nani says in this condition, it’s not good to sit for hours and they go back.

Back to Raizada house, it’s all dark and Khushi is praying God to keep her safe. She sees someone and asks who is it. It’s Arnav and she runs to him and hugs him and title song plays in background. Khushi says thank God, you’re back and says she was scared so much. Light comes back and it’s all red roses there. Arnav asks her what happened, got scared? read full update with pictures only at Khushi asks him if he did all this by scaring her. Arnav is laughing and she hits him saying she was scared so much. Arnav pulls her and they hug again.

Break 1..

Arnav says her ‘what did you tell me? When you came running and hug me, you will accept me as a husband and you just did that Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada.’ He says he won’t mind if she accepts him as a husband. He’s about to kiss her and his family returns home.

Everyone is shocked and they see red roses around there. Khushi is getting rid off them but Arnav looks at her and says ‘relax’. Anjali says to him, you told us that you have to go to Agra for meeting. Arnav says, yes I was going but I got call.. and Manorama interrupts and says so it was this closed door meeting huh. Nani asks her to stop but Manorama says these two girls have done magic that Arnav started lying now. Nani stops her again and she leaves. Rest of the family leave as well beside Anjali, Khushi, and Arnav. Anjali goes to Arnav and says him you told that you’re going to Agra. Arnav tries to explain her and goes near her but she doesn’t let him touch her and steps back and leaves. Khushi also leaves now.

Anjali in her room thinking about how Arnav told her that he can’t come. Arnav comes there and says to her that she is misunderstanding and says meeting got cancelled so he was going to go with Anjali and he tried calling Aakash but it didn’t work so he didn’t know where they are and then he came to home. Anajli says him, she doesn’t want to talk with him right now and asks him to leave her alone, and she closes door. She’s crying. Arnav asks her to open the door and Anjali opens the door. Arnav says that he wanted to come with Anjali. Anjail says now you started lying to me as well. You wanted to spend time with Khushi right? and that’s why he lied that he is going for meeting. She says, Arnav didnt know they will be back home this early. Arnav asks her to listen him but Anjali says she is understanding everything now. Arnav asks her to calm down and gives medicine but she says she doesn’t want to take medicine and asks to leave her alone. Arnav leaves and she closes door as soon as he goes out of room.

Arnav goes to Aakash and asks him to give her medicine. Aakash says him not to worry and he goes to Anjali room. Aaksh is knocking the door and Payal comes there with milk for Anjali. Anjali is not opening and Payal asks if she could try but Aakash says he will handle it and Payal leaves. Anjali opens the door but doesn’t say anything and goes back inside. Manorama comes there now she gives her milk and Aakash gives her medicine but she says she is not in mood to take medicine and she will take it later. Manorama and Aakash try but fail and they leave.

Arnav asks whether Anjali took medicine. Aakash and Manorama say they should leave her alone for some time.

Break 2..

Aakash comes to his room. Payal says him you didn’t eat today so she brought it there, and that too his favorite food. Aakash says her to call Hariprasad and asks him to take this food from here. He says beside his favorite ‘bhindi’ he has more important things and he says he has never seen Anajli this upset. Payal says she is just asking him to eat and says she can’t do anything for Anjali but at least those who are taking care of Anjali, she can take care of those people. She says she is tired of getting blamed for everything. She asks him you’re upset with me because of Khushi right? but you’re forgetting that the truth of Shyam has came out only because of Khushi. She says they can’t ignore truth like this and asks him to give her one more chance. Manorama comes there and asks why is she shouting at Aakash when mistake is Payal and Khushi’s. She takes Aakash with her to give him dinner.

Anjali gets a call from someone but no one answers back to her and hangs up. Arnav comes there again and gives her medicine. He gives his swear but Anjali still doesn’t take it. Arnav says that means you don’t care about me? Anjali says you don’t say like this and she finally takes the medicine. She asks him not to say it again and Arnav says you don’t think I lied to you either again. Anajli says time has changed, you have changed, you have fallen in love. When you got married, from that time everything changed. Since you have stopped answering my questions, everything has changed.

Episode ends..

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  1. simran oberoy
    July 23, 03:43 Reply

    anjali plz stop kidin n let arnav khushi live their live happily….n why they r repeatin same thing…they shuld change the twist of this anjali’s rudely acting..i hate this type of anjali’s behaviour…y shuld khushi nd N.K find out proof n show the reality of shyam…n let anjali cme to knw tht she is wrong..let her realize it..n let anjali forgive khushi…n aakash also may realize tht paayal ws right..he must nt avoid her..while manorama shouts on her…he should stop her mother…coz of tht payal is speechless…n naani is too good…n arnav dnt screemed on khushi due to whts ur di has made u realize dnt make any difference in ur thoughts coz of di..plzzzzz..if u wont..thn ur thoughts will make ur love more powerful…c.u in today’s epi….

  2. Asha
    July 23, 01:03 Reply

    I was waiting todays episode plz update episode fast
    I pray that arnav not become roude for khushi and i think arnav can tell all the truth to anjali about her marriage and shyam
    so after this anjali become make ok and try to understand each and everythink

    and payal wants to talk akash and akash try to understand payal

    and i wish every thing all write

  3. Asha
    July 23, 01:02 Reply

    I was waiting todays episode plz update episode fast
    I pray that arnaav not become roude for khushi and i think arnaav can tell all the truth to anajali about her marriage and shyam
    so after this anajali become make ok and try to understand each and everythink

    and payal wants to talk akash and akash try to understand payal

    and i wish every thing all write

  4. sanjana15650
    July 22, 14:25 Reply

    omggggg arnav and khushi together look so cute…. loved their romance… but anjali has just ruined it, she should stop doing all this.. let arnav and khushi live their life… hate manorama.. she is irritating!!!
    waiting for monday’s episode….!!!

  5. Neha
    July 21, 04:53 Reply

    I feel it was a perfect episode with all perfect turns. What Anjali is going thru, she acted absolutely normal – distrusting Arnav – After the whole Shyaam Episode – its really difficult for her trusting any one. The whole Bro and Sis relation is facing a topsy turvy cause of her pregnancy due to which Mood fluctuation is very normal moreover she is in absolute trauma with what her Husband did, just to soothe the eyes with Arshi moment I don’t think its fair to face the real problems.

  6. triniindian
    July 20, 23:31 Reply

    anjali…………..growup……stop acting like a rich spoilt brat…..

  7. crazyarshi
    July 20, 17:45 Reply

    awwww!!!!!!t was damn gud an episode!!!!!totally luuuvvvvvvvvvvdddddddd t!!!!<3<3<3

  8. Simran sharma
    July 20, 17:32 Reply

    Anjali’s behaviour is so rude in today’s eposide. She thinks about her husband not about the truth what sham had done wiith kushi. But over all eposide is superb.

  9. Shehnaaz
    July 20, 17:31 Reply

    This Anjali is killing the moments. Payal needs to seriously stop crying and speak up..God it is so irritating why can’t we have more arshi moments..It was so cute how arnav pulled her and they hugged again…loved it until the family ruined it..aahhhh

  10. Fatiii
    July 20, 16:39 Reply

    Anjali was acting jxt like shyam. Plzzz dnt do this anjali

  11. Fatiii
    July 20, 16:37 Reply

    That was an owsome episode.i lv it…….. Lv u arnav

  12. anonymous
    July 20, 16:36 Reply

    whts with this show.. cant they show one happy day.. when its not because of khushi n payal that things happen. really. this family shows as if they are very together, bt actually they dont trust each other at all. and anjalis being stupid. she would trust that shyam over arnav!!!! like what happened to all the chotte love??? n mami is such an annoying twitt!! urghhh… all this drama over a stupid shyam.. please stop showing women as if they r insensitive and dumb.. annoying..
    on a good note.. atleast arshi moments r back..
    good job u guys..

  13. aleesha
    July 20, 16:33 Reply

    the family is too annoying…
    when arnav tries to bring kushi on his side…
    everyon eruins it…
    this is not fare, especially the frickin manorama (hello hai bye bye)…
    anjali should understand arnav…
    she wsa the only on who actuallly undestand arnav but now….

  14. jayanthi
    July 20, 16:04 Reply

    OMG anjali spoil the whole moments of arshi.pls isolate anjali. give more importance to arshi moments than other a days anjali is so’s pls try to make more arshi moments.viewers like arshi it soon.hope for the monday episode.

  15. Nishazif
    July 20, 16:04 Reply

    I was right!! It did turn out to be Arnav! The family ruined the moment though! Sad! But most likely, they’re going to show the romantic moment soon time or (hopefully not) after things settle down at the Raizada home! But Shayam should kidnap Anjali! She needs to take a leave from the house, she’s being a pain in behind! Along with Anjali, Mamiji should leave too! And Akaash needs to fix up his act! Payal should stop trying to convince him and should go stay at her home till things settle down! Ahh anyhow, a Maha episode is a must now!

  16. Wenz
    July 20, 15:54 Reply

    We want 1 more maha episode with arshi’s romance….

  17. poo
    July 20, 15:47 Reply

    this episode is awesome

  18. Farah deeba
    July 20, 15:43 Reply

    Anjali is so selfish . Arnav and khushi ka Jeena haram kerdega .

  19. devaksha
    July 20, 15:41 Reply

    Awesum episode anjali is being so stubborn

  20. shyma
    July 20, 15:36 Reply

    OH GOODDD!!!!!!!

    Take this di somewhere.She is being very rude nowdays.

    leave our arshi alone


  21. arshi...
    July 20, 15:34 Reply

    Whats this yr???? First shyam was playing the roll of villan and now his wife…… :@
    Lgta hai anjali k andar shyam ki atma ghus gae hai…..!
    Anjali plz come back to your sweet natured character…… 🙁
    What v were expecting n what happened……? All they ruined arshi’s romance….. ;(
    And mami ji plz stop playing roll of bitch…… :@ :/
    Why she always used to blame khush n payal…. And she always react like those critical saas with payal n create miss understandings b/w akash n payal…..
    Akash open your eyes….. Your wife is so sweet n caring stop hurting her again and again….

  22. salt4pepper
    July 20, 15:32 Reply

    great update 😀
    but i wish manorama and akash would stop being harsh on khushi and payal.
    and anjali is being a bit 2 selfish and jealous. im startin 2 get annoyed with her character now!
    LOVE khushi nd arnav though!
    cnt w8 for mondays episode!!

    • arshi...
      July 20, 15:46

      Yeah agree wd u…..

  23. ruby
    July 20, 15:26 Reply

    hey upload the pictres baby

  24. DM
    July 20, 15:09 Reply

    Thanks for the quick update. Woh “satsang” hain 🙂 not ‘santskan’ LOL but thanks yaar once again for giving these updates.. You just make our day!!

  25. arshi
    July 20, 14:58 Reply

    wow dude u r fast……. like really fast!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous
      July 20, 14:56

      next will be that wehen arnav will try to kiss kushi the family members will interupt and take tham in the wrong sense

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