“I have come here to work so no break for me” – Vivian Dsena

Dashing Vivian Dsena who is relaxing these days post his show Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon has ended, the actor talks about playing challenging roles and more with us.

Handsome and dashing Vivian Dsena was loved as RK and Raja in Colors’ popular show Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon. The actor who was appreciated by the audience for his acting skills in the show is on a sabbatical and enjoying his break. In conversation with us Vivian talks about how is spending his quality time and much more…

Here is Vivian answering –

Your long running show Madhubala has come to an end, so how are you spending your time?

I am spending lot of time with my friends and family. I keep meeting all my friends whom I could not meet up before. I am utilizing my holidays with my family and close friends.

So this break is meant to be a big or small one?

I can’t think for a big break now, I have come here to work so no break for me. I will keep working as work has to continue. I am enjoying my short break and hopefully will come back on the screen soon.

What kind of roles are you looking for?

I have been doing challenging roles till now and would love to take up another challenging role which suits me and my personality which should help me to grow as an actor.

You have a lot of fan following, what do you have to say to them?

I love all of them a lot, whatever I am today is because of my fans. Thank you so much for showering the love and support to me, it’s immense and can never be thanked enough.

True Vivian. Hope to see you soon!

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  1. aarya
    October 16, 11:58 Reply


    JUNOON ➡ It’s Not Human Love 😀

    Episode ➡ 84 ( The Finale ) 🙂

    Part ➡ 1

    Episode starts with Showing MyRA/Neel/DeePia standing around the
    remaining ashes of Siddhartha… ? Mythili is not yet come out from Maya’s effect 😐 Chand is on his knees crying 😥 while remembering his family & looking at the sky… 😐 Neel consoles him.. Camera shows MyRA’s face… both are totally blank & suddenly faint together.. 😯 😐 🙄
    Everyone gets shocked 😯

    …. Premier party venue…

    Everyone is asking about MyRi.. 🙂
    C.g is handling the situation.. Padminig comes to C.g & asks where is Rishu ❓
    C.g is speechless.. 😐 Padminig says tell me where is he?? C.g murmurs aunty ji .. I called Chief.. He said he is with Mythili 😐 Indirab also hears this standing behind C.g & in Dilemma.. 🙄
    Aarab says to Indira what is in Mythili’s Mind 🙄 we need to think for her as soon as possible.. 😐 Indira asks him to calm down.. Aarab asks Shiva to call Deep.. 😳 Shiva calls Deep & gets skeptical 😐 Aarab asks where are they.. Shiva says in hospital.. 🙄 ?

    …. Hospital Scene ….

    Mythili is resting on bed… She opens her eyes & finds Pia… 🙂 Mythili holds her head & says me here 🙄 🙁 where are others.. If RR is OK..? If Sid harmed him ?? 🙁 Pia says di… Di. .. Rishabh is fine.. He is in another room.. 🙂 Mythili stands in hurry & says I want to see him. … 😥

    Padminiji & cg arrive hospital in haste… They ask for RR at enquiry counter… 🙁
    Nurse signs towards a Direction..
    Indirab with Shivika also enter & follow Padminiji.. 😯

    …. In A Hospital Room …

    Dr. Aadvika is checking RR.. 🙂 Mythili is looking at RR .. Dr. Aadvika Says he is fine but looking weak.. 😐 He need a healthy diet.. 🙂 because of work pressure he fainted.. 😐 Dr. Aadvika writes some medicines & Deep goes to take it.. Mythili asks Pia how all this happened 🙄 Pia asks di ❗ if you don’t remember.. You & RR killed Sid.. 🙂
    Mythili is in shocked in happiness 😯 🙂 .. She says m unable to remember what happened .. 🙄 i mean.. I shouted RR name & then closed my eyes.. After that I don’t remember anything…
    Mythili sits beside RR & says I don’t want anything happen to RR 🙂 he has to answer me many questions … 🙄
    Pia thinks hope RA wake up soon & tell her the truth… 🙂

    Indirab with padmini & C.g enter in room & finds RR sleeping on bed .. Mythili is sitting beside him holding his hand, Aarab looks Indiraji ? Padminiji feels relax… 🙂 RR opens his eyes slowly..
    Mythili stands & steps back quickly… 😳 Padmini ji careless RR’s head & asks what happened beta? Why are you here? How did you come here?
    🙁 RR tells i am fine maa.. Padminig says this is called fine ❓ tumhe to perfect hona chahiye n… RR smiles a bit 🙂 .. & says after seeing you all m totally perfect .. aur RR to humesha hi kamal hota h aur kamal karta h … 😉 RR then looks at Mythili .. 😎 She looks down.. ?

    …. Morning…. Chand’s Bunglow…

    Chand gets a call from padminiji…
    Padminiji says I am feeling very sorry for Abhay.. 🙁 he was a very good person .. I was unable to talk all this in front of you.. But I am really feeling very bad for Abhay.. Chand says I don’t think Abhay left us all.. 🙂 He is with us only! 🙂 He
    will be always with us.. 🙂 Padmini ji tells Yes.. He will alive in Our memories… 🙂
    Chand says padminiji do u know what was Abhay’s wish.. ❗ he wanted to bring MyRi together.. So if you could fulfill his wish then make it possible as soon as possible.. 🙂 Padminiji nodes & says I will talk about this to Indiraji.. 🙂
    Chand smiles.. 🙂 Padminiji again says
    but first I need to ask RR… 😐 Chand says believe me he wouldn’t deny.. 😉 Padminiji smiles a bit & says I know 🙂 .. Chand cuts the call … ❗

    …. Dobriyal house… Indirab’s Room….

    Indirab are talking about MyRi.. :mrgreen: Indiraji says why are you angry on Mythili .. Aarab looks Indira ? & says m not angry… ? But m just unable to understand that if there is anything like this then Mythili should tell us n.. ? But she never told anything .. 😐 Indira says I know but it is so, because she is also unable to understand her true feelings.. 🙂 & we are her parents so we should think about her.. About her happiness… her marriage 🙂
    ( just then Shiva enters there & hears their convo )
    Shiva says both of you are talking about Mythili ❗ her marriage ❓ with whom ?
    Indira says don’t you know… ? Aarab looks Shiva & says if you also knew about that.. ? Shiva says hmmm.. First tell me clearly n.. Indira says about Mythili & Rishabh.. 🙂 Shiva looks down & says yaa.. I knew that as RR was always used to after her … 👿 That’s y I don’t like him.. 👿 Aarab says so you are not OK with their marriage.. 🙄 Shiva thinks for a while & says I don’t like him.. 😈 Buttt he loves Mythili without any condition ..& its a fact… 🙂 Indirab smiles & Indiraji says then it’s final… Let me talk to padminiji.. & it will be a surprise for Mythili.. 🙂

    … RR Mansion….

    RR is resting on his bed looking towards a painting… 🙄
    He thinks Sid is dead now.. But I lost my power too 🙁 In a way its good.. Now I can live a normal life.. & die too 😉
    Just then Padmini ji comes & sits near by him.. RR’s attention breaks… 🙂 She gives him tablets to eat & asks him about Mythili, his feelings towards
    her.. RR looks her & tells Maa.. 😐
    Padmini ji interrupts & tells I am going to talk about both of you to Indiraji.. RR says but Maa why so hurry to talk about it? Padmini ji recalls her talk with Abhay..
    ” Abhay tells If you want to do anything for me then unite Mythili-RR ”
    She tells I am not doing this for me or you but I am doing this all for Abhay as he asked me this.. 🙂 It was his wish 🙂 RR gets emotional & holds her hand.. He tells I want to say something! She tells I don’t want to hear anything.. It’s my final decision and I am going to talk to indraji.. RR tells Maa.. ❗ Abhay is alive 😐 She looks RR & asks what? RR hugs her & says U can call me Abhay too.. 🙂 I wouldn’t mind as we are similar n… 🙂 and Abhay also always wanted a MAA like you .. He was alone but if you call me as Abhay then he will also feel happy… Padmini ji is in tears 😥 & smiles saying…. Abhay beta 🙂
    RR wipes her tears & asks it means you have accepted Abhay as your son too… 🙂 She smiles & says I have already accepted him as my son…. Btw.. What happened to you ? 😉 Once you were fought with me I won’t share My maa with anyone 🙁 now you are asking me to accept Abhay as son.. 😛 RR lies on her lap & tells Because now I have learned to share happiness with others too.. 🙂 She careless RR’s forehead…. 🙂


    Part ➡ 2

    …. its Evening….

    ….Mythili’s room… Mythili is wandering in her room trying someone’s no.. 😯 AniPia come to her room & asks kisse baat karne ki itni jaldi h 😉
    Mythili says while re-dialing.. RR.. He is not picking up my calls… 👿 Pia smiles & sits on bed with a jump.. Anika also sits beside her & both say in chorus he will not talk on phone now 😉
    Mythili stops dialing the no & asks what do u mean… AniPia smiles & Ani tells RR & padmini aunty both are here 🙂 Mythili says oh ❗ then I should go to talk him… Pia says di ❗ if u don’t want to know why are they here ?? 😉 Mythili asks in confusion Why?? 🙄 Pia says for your marriage purpose di… 🙂 AniPia hugs Mythili.. Mythili is shocked & jerks them 🙁 Mythili says .. My marriage .. Both of u r kidding… 😯 Ani says we are not kidding but you are unable to understand your true feelings.. 🙂 While everyone know here that what is going on between you & RR 😉 Mythili says what is going on.. There is nothing.. 😯 Pia says Di ❗ now no use of hiding anything 😐 Mythili looks Pia & says now you also.. 👿 Pia smiles & says Talk to Maa papa.. They have decided the whole thing… 🙂

    … In hall…
    Pad-Indrab are talking about MyRi marriage.. Padmini ji tells If it’s
    all our wishes then will do engagement soon 🙂 RR smiles 🙂
    Shiva says then what about her studies? Aarab tells hmmm … She is now self independent… and we are not going to fix her marriage as of now but only engagement.. Her marriage will happen once she finished her studies only.. 🙂 Aarab asks what do you say RR ? RR
    smirks at Shiva 😉 & tells No problem in that 😐 RR says in heart Abhay has to wait for everything.. The wait never ends 😉 Mythili comes down & says m not ready for any marriage…. 😯 Also m not interested.. Indirab try to ask the matter but she turns & move ahead towards her room.. 🙁 Indiraji tries to stop her but RR stops indiraji & says I can make her understand but for this I need to talk her once alone… ? Indiraji looks Aarab & Aarab signs OK….. 🙂

    …. In Mythili’s room…

    She enters inside & opens her cupboard.. She takes out a small photo frame
    of Abhay from under her clothes 😉 She sits on her bed & thinks where are you Abhay? 😥
    BG… Tu aata hai seene mein
    Jab jab saansein bharti hoon
    Tere dil ki galiyon se… ?
    Main har roz guzarti hoon…
    Hawa ke jaise chalta hai tu
    Main ret jaisi udti hoon..
    Kaun tujhe yoon pyar karega
    Jaise main karti hoon…. 🙂

    RR enters & tells Think of Devil.. 😈 The Devil is here 😉 She looks at RR & asks now why did you come here? I am not thinking about you.. ? RR comes near to her & smiles seeing the photo frame ! 🙂 He grabs that from her hands & tells Liar.. 😎 She says it’s not yours.. She tries to grab that.. RR denies, in this the photo frame falls down & breaks
    🙁 Mythili fumes seeing RR 👿
    RR tells sorry… 😐 She asks now what do
    you want ? 😥 Why did you come here? RR asks aren’t you happy that I am
    back ? 🙄 She tells I will be happy if you & Abhay both come back together but no.. 🙁 You promised me that you will never let him go & you will take care of him too.. but what you did? Nothing.. You let him go 😥 🙁 RR smiles a bit & then says Listen to me once.. 🙂 if You will not give me any chance to say anything then how will I tell that I came here to talk abt Abhay only.. 🙂
    ( RR tells this all in one breathe..)

    Mythili looks at him.. 🙄 & remembers about Sid’s word.. She says Abhay is alive n ! He can’t die.. He can’t go anywhere leaving me like this.. 🙂
    Now tell me… Where is Abhay? If he is really dead then Why did Siddhartha said that Abhay is alive? 😯
    RR looks Mythili & thinks how to make her understand.. 😯
    BG..”Rooth jaana tera.. Maan jaana mera
    Dhoondhte teri hansi.. Mill gayi khushi
    Raah hoon main teri… Rooh hai tu meri
    Dhoondhte tere nishaan.. Mill gayi khudi
    Tu jo mila lo ho gaya main qaabil
    Tu jo mila to ho gaya sab haasil haan!
    Mushqil sahi aasaan hui manzil
    Kyunki Tu.. Dhadkan.. Main Dil….O…” ?

    Mythili asks tell me if Abhay is still alive then where is he? ? Where has he gone? 🙁 Why he did not come in front of me? She asks many questions & is confused.. 😐 RR puts his finger on her lips & tells I am Abhay 🙂
    “Vo dafan tha apne pyaar ki khatir.. Par uske liye hi use vapas aana para”
    ( camera revolves around them..)

    Mythili gets happy 🙂 but again very next moment steps back & says no you are kidding again … 🙁 if you are Abhay then where is RR ? 😐 RR tells don’t look at me like this.. She holds her head in confusion 🙄 & asks What are you trying to say? Who are you… RR.. Or Abhay or … …. 🙂
    RR interrupts or RishAbhay 🙂 (RA) I am
    Both RR & Abhay 🙂 I did not let Abhay to go 🙂 I am with him.. & he is with me.. He
    is living inside me 🙂 like Maya is living inside you.. You wanted this only na.. 🙂

    A Flash back starts… ➡
    .. In pandher.. Abhay’s home…
    Neel asks Pia to join the hands of MyRishAbhay .. Pia does the same 🙂
    Neel sits infront of MyPia & between R-A He seeks help from god & starts chanting some mantra while keeping his hand on Abhay’s chest & on RR”s eyes… An aura generates around them 💡
    & with a force Pia .. Neel.. Deep are pushed away… ???
    RR & Abhay both are surrounded with a special light… 💡 Mythili is holding
    R-A’s hands.. A type of power runs through them… ⚡ RR & Abhay’s body start shining… & the brightness increases more and more..
    A flame type thing ( their soul ) comes out from both bodies & merge at a height.. 💡 Both bodies start to vaporize & go towards the flame… .. It become more bright… 💡 💡 💡 idea: 💡 & after a while all brightness vanishes.. ? Only ashes r around Mythili… ??
    Camera shows another side .. & a person is lying there in torned clothes … Only his back is shown… RR or Abhay ❓ The tattoo of his back slowly disappears 😯 He opens his eyes ( blue in color & then changes in to black ) he is RishAbhay.. 🙂

    RA stands & finds himself in another type of world.. 😯 He doesnot notice anyone there Mythili or DeePia/Neel.. ?
    He feels his past (Abhay’s past..) happening around in fast forward…

    “After becoming a vampire… Abhay leaves from Pandher not to come there again.. Msk & Radha are crying holding Drisha 😥 … they do funeral of Drisha & kabir.. 🙁
    ppl start leaving the village.. 🙁 Msk tries to stop them all but no one listen…Only some loyal servants are with them… 😐
    Msk & Radha decide to live there only in the hope that their son Abhay
    (not a vampire ) will come back one day .. 🙂 but Both die in this hope only
    🙁 their loyal servants buried them according to their wish behind their house .. ”

    RA is behind his house.. ? He finds that place .. He touches the soil & says m back.. Ur son is back baba.. Maa ❗ ur son is back.. and now he is not an evil anymore.. 🙂

    RA then gets up & goes to Drisha’s room.. He identifies her painting..
    He takes that painting ..& leaves from there in automate mode..”

    …Fb ends….

    Mythili is crying in happiness 😥 🙂 & tells I can’t believe this… 🙂 is this all true? RA tells her Yes… Now we are one 🙂 we were always one… 🙂 It was our destiny 🙂 .. Mythili is unable to believe what she heard & tells.. But how can I see Abhay? RA tells u r looking at Abhay only n… 🙂 Mythili tells I want to feel him 😛 .. RA tells then just hug me once… 😉 you will feel it! ! ! she feels awkward.. 😆 he says look at my eyes… she looks into his eyes…& comes near to him.. She hugs him.. Both recalls AbhaYa moments 🙂 She says still I remember our first meet.. RA smiles & tells that was the best moment of my life.. 🙂 although you was looking at me with anger… 😆 Mythili remembers “Maya saving Neel from Sid… & Abhay looking at her .. Maya too looks Abhay..
    https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/de/6f/04/de6f04be82e6e96a2266036e7a2bac1f.jpg ” 🙂
    Mythili smiles & says my anger was for Sid only 👿 I wasn’t angry on you but I was concerned for a person who was struggling with himself…. 🙄 claiming that he don’t have any heart…

    RA hugs her & asks now can you hear my heart beat Maya ❓ she hugs him tightly & cries like a child.. 😛 she tells yes ❗ I can hear it.. 🙂
    “Tu jo mujhe aa mila
    Sapne hue sarphire..
    Haathon mein aate nahi
    Udte hain lamhein mere
    Meri hasi tujhse.. Meri khushi tujhse
    Tujhe khabar kya beqadar
    Jis din tujhko na dekhun
    Pagal pagal phirti hoon
    Kaun tujhe yoon pyaar karega
    Jaise main karti hoon”

    Mythili tells sorry I misunderstood you
    🙁 RA tells i can understand that My pretty kitten 😉 She jerks him.. He laughs teasing her 😛 Then he wipes her tears & tells I was kidding 😀 She too smiles 🙂 & tells We killed him na..That Great Siddhartha.. 👿 The Devil 👿 He says Hmmm.. & Because of him I lost my powers too.. But that’s also good na 🙂 we are together now because of him only 😉 Mythili tells I don’t want any powers.. It’s enough that now you are with me 🙂 & don’t give any credit to Sid 👿 as I know about your dream girl 😉 RA looks her confusingly with a smile.. 🙄 🙂 & asks you mean Nayasha 😆 Mythili fumes.. RA laughs 😆 She makes her face innocently & tells master told me about your past life story and I know that ur dream girl should be me only 🙂 now tell if I look exactly same as ur dream girl… 🙂 ❓ RA smiles again & says Hmmm.. this nose.. this eyes.. this li..p.s.. ? Nooo… 🙄 you are not same 🙁 ……. Mythili gets sad & says it means its not me 🙁 .. RA smiles looking at her & says You are much more better than my imagination.. 😎 She pats him & hugs again.. 🙂 RA says now let’s go everyone is waiting for you downstair.. I mean for your answer 🙂 She tells sure but let me clean this first if maa got to know about this photo then.. 😳 😆 RA smiles & both bends down to clear it.. But Mythili finger gets hurt 🙁 because of broken glass-pieces.. 😳 RA notices it & takes her finger to suck the bleeding..! She gets shocked seeing RA for a while 😯 RA looks at her keeping the finger in his mouth 😉 Mythili says.. it seems the affect of being VAMPIRE has not gone ..yet..! 😉 Still he is after blood n 😉 RA smiles & says..coz its so tasty! ! Mythili says ahaaan…. 😉

    Both MyRA comes downstairs.. All looks them 😐 Deepia looks each other & murmurs I think RA has told everything to her 🙂 Padmini ji asks Mythili Now tell me your decision.. 😐 Mythili tells RR has ordered that I have to come to RR mansion as your bahu… if You Forgot that MAA ? 🙂 Padmini ji remembers the incident
    (RR bringing Mythili to home forcefully)
    Padminiji hugs her 🙂 All get happy 🙂

    .. it’s Night….. Chand bunglow…

    RA arrives there with Mythili to give news of their engagement.. 🙂 but finds that some hh are there 👿 MyRA gets shocked & suspicious… 😐 RA thinks what to do now 🙄 HH too notice RA but do not say anything 🙄
    Mythili is skeptical 🙁 & stops RA from going inside… But then both notice Neelambar.. Neel assures them 🙂 & both enter inside looking all HHs confusingly.. 🙄 RA says master Some hh are outside… 😯 Neel says one is inside too… 🙂 MyRA look around & find a HH standing in veil ? …. RA asks Chand is okk n?? 😥 Neel smiles 🙂 & says its time to present the new head of HH 😉 .. Neel signs towards the veiled HH… Chand is standing there in veil
    Chand is the new head of hh.. 🙂
    Chand removes his veil & comes near to RA. He says now I am the new head 🙂 now hh will listen to my commands.. 🙂 They are not Human hunters now.. They are just Humble Hunters.. Who will hunt only to survive not to kill any innocent.. 🙂
    MyRA are relaxed 🙂 & says I thought without power how will I save everyone but now no any tension.. 🙂 Mythili is delighted too… RA says Chand ❗ I have come here to invite you for my engagement.. Chand hugs RA & says I will come surely… 🙂 Mythili looks Master & says master you too… Neel says Maya thanks for invitation.. 🙂 but I can’t come .. RA says but… Neel says don’t get sad 🙂 I will surely come on your wedding… RA thanks Neel for his support.. Neel says it was ur destiny.. I didn’t do anything.. I also didn’t know that what happened that day unless u told me.. RA says but still m very thankful to you.. 🙂 Neel blesses MyRA & goes… 🙂


    Part ➡ 3

    …. it’s Engagement Day…. 🙂
    ( Happyyyy Happyyy…Happyyyy )

    Print/electronic media is buzzing with the news of MyRi engagement…
    ” MyRi engagement is the new sensation… 🙂 After a big hit.. They are going to pair off-screen too.. Our best wishes are with them.. 🙂 ”

    ….. At Dobriyal house..
    Indirab are welcoming guests… 🙂
    Deep & chand arrive there… Deep starts to search Pia & finds her busy in ordering caterers.. 🙂 He drags her aside & says now how much long?? 😉 Everything is finey fine now 😉 We should live like a couple n 😉 Our SR is still incomplete
    🙁 You are testing My patience.. 🙁
    Pia blushes 😛 & says won’t you think anything other than this ? 😆
    He smirks.. 😉 She says Wait till marriage of Di.. First Di will marry then our married life will also start.. 😉 Deep says but..ttt.. Pia pushes him away & runs…
    On other side …. Anika is also busy in making arrangements for guests…. Shiva drags her silently inside a room.. She asks what are you doing? 🙄 Leave me otherwise maa will search
    me.. He holds her near wall & asks you have enough time to take care of all but not me ? 🙁 She asks what happened to you? Why are you talking like this? Seen any romantic movie ❓
    Shiva makes Anika close &.. says honey.. Both comes more close… Just then Deep comes there in the search of Shiva & calls dude.. 😆 Shivika’s attention breaks! Deep quickly realises that he came at wrong time 😐 Shiva fumes at Deep 👿 Anika feels shy & runs from there.. Deep tells sorry yaar 😐 Shiva tells seriously sometimes I am getting a doubt that you are my friend or enemy 👿 Deep tells don’t get angry yaar.. We both are in same condition… 😐 Man me itne emotions hai jaage parrr
    🙁 I am legally married but still unmarried 🙁 Shiva tells hmmmm… What should we do then.. 🙁 Deep says I came here to say something.. Means to ask something.. Need a favor.. Shiva asks what? Deep says something to him.. Shiva tells Awesome idea 🙂 Then both go to indiraji & tells something to
    her… Indiraji tells the same thing to Aarab.. & he nodes okk… 🙂

    RA arrives there with Padminig & C.g.. RA is looking dashing… 😎 AniPia brings Mythili with them … Mythili is coming down from stairs in Saree 🙂 .. RA is totally mesmerized to see her.. 🙂 Both look each other.. Eyelock 😀
    Mythili comes down & stands beside RA.. Guests praise both… 😀 🙂
    Padminig signs C.g.. C.g brings a ring.. MyRA smile looking at each other.. 🙂
    All clap for MyRA .. RA is about to put the rings in Mythili’s finger but just then someone shouts noo…. 😯 All look towards the main door… He comes running & hugs Mythili.. :& says Maduu…
    ( its Raj )… Raj says U forgot me..
    🙁 Maduu & now you are with this bad RR.. 🙁 RA smirks 😉 Mythili gets happy to see Raj.. 🙂 & kisses him on his cheek.. ? Trishna & Aryan also enters inside with a lady.. Trishna says Raj missed you so much… 🙂
    All r surprised to see Aryan & Trishna…. 😯 🙄 🙂 Chand says thanks to both of you for coming.. 🙂 Aryan says aana hi tha.. After all.. You invited us n… 🙂 RA hugs Aryan & says welcome.. Now everything is sorted out… Aryan says I know.. 🙂 Will report to my officials tomorrow with my story.. Why I disappeared ❗ 😉

    Aarab says nice to see you again… 🙂 Mr.
    Aryan.. Aryan goes to Aarab & both starts talking… Trishna introduces the lady Roma to all as her elder sister 🙂
    Roma smiles & says I am happy to be a part of the Superstar’s engagement function 😉 Right then C.g comes there calling chief.. 😆 & collides with Roma 😐 Both Roma-cg looks each other! 😆
    BG… Haule Haule.. Haan.. Haule Haule
    .. 😛 Roma smiles looking at cg 😉
    Cg feels awkward & goes behind RA & stands.. 😐 Mythili notices Trishna’s pregnancy & asks so when you are expecting.. ❓ Trishna says very soon… Pia hugs Trishna & says sorry if I hurt you in past… 😐 & congrats for baby in advance.. 🙂 Trishna thanks her & says u never hurt me Pia 🙂
    Pia then sits on her knees & pulls Raj’s cheek saying now Raj will have one more brother or sister.. 😛 Raj says I want both Brother & Sister 😉
    All laughs seeing Raj’s innocence 😆 Trishna smiles & says we have decided the name if it’s a boy then his name will be Abhay only 🙂 Anika asks if it’s a girl then? Trishna gets confused 😐
    Indrab tells in chorus Maya 🙂
    MyRA look each other 😐 Indiraji tells actually first we decided to keep Mythili’s name as Maya only…Mythili says then call me Maya n.. I like this name too… 😉
    Trishna says sure I will keep this name if it’s a girl child but I have a strong feeling that it will be a baby boy only.. 🙂
    Everyone gets happy.. & Shiva says oh god.. If its a boy then You guys will have to handle both RR & Abhay 😆
    MyRA smiles 🙂 Indiraji says okk.. Stop chitchat now.. Complete the rituals first .. 🙂 RA makes Mythili wear the ring in finger… Pia gives a ring to Mythili… 🙂 Mythili too put the ring in RA’s finger…. 🙂 everyone claps….. :mrgreen:
    RA tries to talk with Mythili but C.g again comes between them & says chief.. Media is asking for pics.. RA gets irritated 👿 & says chimpuji.. First go & find a girl for you then I will allow media to click my pics… Okk.. Now go 😈 C.g thinks now from where to find a girl 🙄 Roma is looking at C.g cont.. 😀 RA notices it & comments I guess you have found her 😉 correction.. She has find you… Cg blushes 😀 Roma comes to C.g & starts flirting with him… 😆
    Indiraji says now I have triple good news for you all… 🙂 Aarab will tell this..
    All get attentive to Aarab…
    Aarab looks at MyRA/DeePia/Shivika & says next year there will not be only Shivika’s marriage but also MyRi & DeePia too.. A great grand Triple marriage.. Shivika feels happy.. 🙂 Everyone cheers for Trio… Deep goes to Pia & says so.. 😉 Our married life will start not after your Di-marriage but after our marriage only.. 🙂 Once again with all rituals 😉 Pia says dumbo has become smart.. 😎 .. She fakes smile & goes on stage… She announces Now there will be some chance pe dance ;-)…

    Song starts…Goriya re choriya re
    Goriya re choriya re….
    .. RA goes to Mythili but she goes to Deep… RA asks for dance to Ani…
    Ani gets happy.. 🙂

    Tera jalwa dekha toh dil huaa Milkha
    Badi tez bhaage re..
    Manma emotion jaage re
    Manma emotion jaage
    Manma emotion jaage re
    Manma emotion jaage

    Shiva is fuming at Ani.. He goes to pia.. & asks for dance…
    RA is dancing with Ani… Mythili is dancing with Deep.. Pia is dancing with Shiva… 🙂

    Dil jagah se hil gaya re
    Dil jagah se hil gaya re
    Tukdo mein nikla re dil ka chilka
    Tune phenka khaa ke re
    Manma emotion jaage re
    Manma emotion jaage
    Manma emotion jaage re
    Manma emotion jaage
    ….RA/Deep/Shiva twirls Ani/Mythili/Pia..

    Trio girls come in center… 🙂
    Saiyaan.. mera desi typical saiyan
    Peepal ki thandi chhaiya
    mein naache ta ta thaiya
    thaiya daiya daiya…
    O mere saiyaan, saiyaan saiyaan!
    saiyaan.. saiyaan..

    Trio boys are in center now… 🙂
    Dil ki phansi hai naiyaa majdhaar mein
    Sun le vistaar mein
    Ho lut gaya pyaar mein
    Ye toh bata de mere jazbaat ka
    Itna kam rate kyun hai tere bazaar mein
    Karke waada, kyun na aayi
    Karke waada, kyun na aayi
    Huaa dil ka jagrata
    Halka-phulka sa dhokha kha ke
    Manma emotion jaage re
    Manma emotion jaage
    Manma emotion jaage re
    Manma emotion jaage

    Shiva Raps…. 😛
    Tu jo mila mujhe mohalle ke mod pe
    Express highway ke baaju wali road pe
    Badtameez gaadi roki seeti maari
    Mujhe chheda kiya mujhko ishara
    Ashleel aada tedha
    Dekha muda badha bola
    Lakht-e-jigar mast figure
    Aake idhar beth jaa
    Baaju waali seat khaali, aaja beth!

    … Ani pushes Shiva & dances.. 😆
    Saiyaan.. mera desi typical saiyan
    Peepal ki thandi chhaiya
    mein naache ta ta thaiya thaiya..
    daiya daiya 🙂

    .. Now …MyRA/Deepia/Shivika all are dancing together… 🙂
    Mera desi typical saiyan
    Peepal ki thandi chhaiya
    mein naache ta ta thaiya
    thaiya saiyan saiyan thaiya..

    MyAniPia makes everyone dance
    including all family members with C.G
    too.. All are dancing happily 🙂
    Chand, Aryan & Trishna are enjoying
    this…. Cg trips a bit & about to fall.. Roma holds him & now both are
    in RK banner pose 😉
    All smiles seeing them 😛
    RA thinks in heart now how much long… 🙄 Abhay could wait but not RR 😉 … Everyone is enjoying dance…
    RA calls Mythili outside… She goes in garden silently… 😐
    RA comes from behind.. lifts her & make her sit in car.. Mythili is confused.. 😐 RA pulls her close & says u can’t go anywhere now … Mythili smiles & says m not going anywhere… 🙂
    He then blind folds her… Mythili tries to remove the fold but RA says not now.. 🙄 There is a surprise for you… He starts the car…. ?

    ….. Next Scene…..

    RA opens the blind fold… & Bring her inside lifting in his arms…
    Mythili looks around & tells which place is this RishAbhay… ❓
    RA moves somewhere and brings a radio.. he tries to put a song on.. But its not working.. 🙁 RA tries to play again n again… Mythili tells seems we have already come here.. 🙄 RA keeps the radio aside & tells ahaaan.. may be in your last birth.. 😉 Mythili asks in my last birth? She then looks around attentively… ? RA lights the place.. Mythili realises that it’s inside the cave! ( Abhay’s secret place/cave)
    She is surprised looking all decorations 🙂 & asks who has done this all? 🙄 RA asks do you like it ❓ Mythili smiles.. 🙂 & says you only done this all decorations for me right 🙂 ❗ You have changed this place totally.. 🙂
    RA tells its RR style & RR standard.. Mythili gives a confused look.. He shows her a decorated swing… 🙂 Both sits there
    RA comes close to her & tells I know you have lots of memories here that’s why I bring you here! 🙂 Now I am not only RR but Abhay too.. How could Abhay forget this place.. Here only I get my first kiss ? 😎 😉
    Mythili feels shy & tells already as RR you were a complicated person now you have became more complicated.. 😛 RA smiles… 🙂 & says now time for RA’s style propose… He sits on his knees &
    asks so would you like to marry with a complicated person… 😎
    Mythili smirks 😉 & says no.. 🙄
    RA is shocked.. 😯 She smiles looking RA’s face & brust into laugh… 😆 & says “some question’s answers are delicate if answered can break.. So handle with care..”
    She stands but RA stops her… MyRA eyelock.. 😀
    Suddenly song starts to play in radio….. Bahon Ki Darmiyaan…. Bahon ke darmyaan….. ?
    Both start to mesmerise looking at each other.. Mythili puts her hand on RA’s shoulder and RR puts his hand across her waist…. MyRA start dancing…. ❗

    Mythili smiles & looks away shyly.. 😛
    RR keeps looking at her.. She turns away and RR holds her arms & pulls her close ❗
    RR twirls her again & slowly pulls her close.. He makes her more close to him & tells Mayaa.. 🙂 She also tells Abhay.. 🙂 Both start to say I Lov..
    RA tells either you speak or let me speak.. If we both talk then who will listen? Want to call C.G ? 😆
    MyRA smiles again… 🙂
    Mythili deeply looks into RA’s eyes & tells I can feel Abhay’s love in your heart.. ?
    RA touches her cheeks & holds her face in his hands! He calls her as Maya.. & She calls him as Abhay… 😉
    Abhay says so will you marry me Maya.. 🙂 Maya says you don’t need to ask for my permission.. do what you want to do.. 😉 RA smirks & says ahaan ! It’s my wish n… 😉 I can proceed then… 😎 He closes in on for a kiss ! She closes her eyes slowly… ❗
    BG… Junoon title song…
    Female voice… Humein milane ko kaynat v jhuk gyi….Tujhe pake yun laga jaise zindagi mil gayi,

    A Fb shows ➡
    Mythili entering inside the old library.. RR also arrives there same time.. 🙂 The Coffin breaks & Abhay comes out.. 🙂
    …male voice inerrupts with dialogues Aaya hun main apni adhuri kahani lekr Milega sukun mujhe jb pura hoga mera junoon…

    song in male & female voice….
    Hum mile h n kabhi bichharne ko,
    Sari sarhadein tod di humne phir se milne ko…. ( RishAbhay union in Fb..)

    Camera shows Maya-Abhay in background & MyRA in bridal attire…?

    🙂 ….The End…. 🙂


    ? ..Happy Deepawali….in advance 😉 ?

    • MyDriYa
      October 23, 08:11

      Camera shows Maya- Abhay in background & MyRA in bridal attire…?
      Female voice – ti hi mera ishq h 🙂
      Male voice – tu hi meri JUNOON 😉

      🙂 ….The End…. 🙂

  2. aarya
    October 14, 03:32 Reply


    JUNOON ➡ It’s Not Human Love 😀

    Episode ➡ 83

    ***Vijyadashmi Special***

    Episode starts with showing Premier venue… 🙂 RR arrives there.. 😎
    Padminig also enters there just after RR.. 🙂 Reporters start to ask about Mythili.. RR avoids media & goes inside the screening hall directly… 😉
    C.g handles them & says your all questions will be answered after watching the movie.. 🙂 Now you all are invited for watching the movie.. 🙂 enjoy 🙂 & After that join the party too.. 🙂

    .. Dobriyal house….
    Everyone is ready to go but Mythili is not 😐 All insist her to go.. Indiraji says beta ❗ RR has personally invited us & specially You.. 🙂 Mythili fumes & says he is a big jerk.. I won’t go 👿 DeePia thinks what to do now… 😐 Pia goes to Mythili & says di you are the lead actress .. 🙂 If you wouldn’t go then.. What will all think.. 😐 Mythili looks Pia 🙄 & says you are saying this Pia … 😯 if you forgot everything 👿 Pia tells di.. I can understand but ppl won’t.. If you deny to go there then all will start to raise question about this 😐 and it was Abhay only who choosed you as a heroine for this movie.. 🙂 Atleast go for him.. Mythili recalls the incident how Abhay conducted the audition for her 😛 .. Aarab says if Mythili would not go then no one will go.. 🙁 Everyone node & sit around Mythili quietly.. 😐 😐 ! Mythili keeps mum.. Anika gets upset & tells RR is my fav hero but now I can’t go to watch his movie 🙁 Mythili looks everyone’s face.. All r sad 🙁 🙁 she tells okk.. Fine, 😈 I will go …All get happy 🙂 Deepia feel relax 🙁 & think hope RR reveals the truth to Mythili today… 🙂

    …. Next scene…
    Someone is lying on ground.. Various wounds on his bodies are getting cured.. Camera shows Sid’s face 👿 .. He opens his eyes 👿 ? & it sparks with his fangs coming out… Sid stands & says I am coming Abhay.. I am coming to finish u all …. 👿

    …. Premier venue …
    Mythili arrives there with everyone… 🙂 & goes to screening hall to watch movie… MyRi looks each other! 🙂 C.g gets up & asks her to sit near RR.. 🙂 She tells its ok.. & goes to next row. she sits behind RR.. 🙂 RR smirks 😉 & thinks I thought to tell you the truth but now after seeing ur anger-beauty I will not .. 😉 Let’s have some fun 😎
    Movie starts.. Everyone is watching.. The beintehaa song between RK- Madhu is playing.. Indirab smiles while watching it 😛 Mythili feels awkward 😐 while RR smiles 🙂 Mythili recalls the incident that how she imagined this dance with both RishAbhay & RishAbhay become one 🙂 She cries in heart ? & talks to self why did you left me Abhay 😥 ?

    … Movie ends… Everyone come out…

    Media ppl start to click pics.. Anika hugs Mythili & tells You rocked it yaar… 🙂 I did not expect this much from you 🙂 You & RR look good together on-screen.. & off Screen too 😉 Mythili fake smiles 😐 & thanks her.. Indrab-Padmini ji too praises the movie 🙂 & MyRi 😎
    ShivDeepia & chand are watching this all happily.. A Reporter asks Chand .. Mr. Chandra if you like this Movie sir ❓ Chand says yes.. After all My son also contributed in this.. 🙂 It is a very good movie.. Hope my son also could see this 😐 Mythili feels guilty & looks Chand.. 🙄 Chand excuses himself from there.. Mythili thinks Y DeePia, Chand are not affected that much.. 🙄 How can they behave so normal & happy ? We all lost Abhay but no one is feeling sad for him? if they are hiding something 😯 Just then RR comes there & stands beside Mythili silently.. ?
    A lady Reporter says RR.. film was too good especially your chemisty with
    Mythili ji 😉 RR smiles looking at Mythili.
    Pia tells this all is a team effort & thanks for liking the movie 🙂
    Another reporter – Miss. Mythili what about your kidnapping incident??

    Mythili tells I have already given the statement about it to police.. 😐
    Reporter to Mythili : – RR saved you like a real hero both in movie & real life.. 😎 What do you want to say ❓ 👿
    Mythili recalls RishAbhay fighting with Sid.. & tells He is a Superstar na so he can do anything.. 😐 RR smirks 😉
    Another one asks If you Love RR 🙄 Mythili is skeptical.. 😯 RR murmurs to her ears, tell him n “Mythili loves Rishabh” 😉 She looks at RR 👿 & tells No comment 😐 RR smiles & signs to C.G.. C.g says no more questions .. It’s
    party time now.. 🙂
    All moves towards Party venue.. C.G stops both MyRi & asks them to change their costumes before they enter to join the party ! 🙂 Mythili asks for what? CG tells Just for formality because inside everyone’s attention will be after both of
    you only na.. 🙂 Mythili tells No need 😐 RR tells leave it cg.. She is looking more beautiful in this yellow dress na then whats the need to change the costume ? ❗ Mythili fumes & asks where to go to change the costume ❓ Cg directs her to the room.. RR smiles internally 😉 & he also goes to change his clothes

    …. At party Venue …
    All are happily enjoying the party 🙂
    DeePia – Shivika are drooling over eachother 😛 MyRi enters inside from
    opposite directions & looks on.. 😛 Both are looking hot & gorgeous together.. 😉
    Both goes to stage & stands 🙂 Media
    ppl clicks the pics of MyRi.. RR holds her hand & they gives pose, while Mythili fakes smiles 😐
    Indirab & Padminig are noticing MyRi only.. 🙂 Everyone ask them to dance ..
    Mythili denies.. 🙁 RR takes Mythili hand

    but Mythili jerks his hand.. RR again holds her hand & says whole media is here.. 😉 Your family too.. If you behave like this.. Then all will say that you are such an unprofessional.. :mrgreen: So Better to behave like a heroine.. 😉
    Mythili looks RR 👿 with anger & says I don’t know why r you behaving like this… 🙁 Don’t you feel guilty/sad for Abhay ?.. 😥 RR holds her close & says because M RR not Abhay to feel guilty for others 😉 he makes her dance with him..She looks towards media & puts her arm around his neck & starts swaying
    BG… Mar Jawan.. Mar Jaawaan, Tere Ishq Pe Mar Jaawaan… ?
    Mythili starts dancing while thinking about whole past incidents.. Her heart cries but she keep Dancing.. 😥
    ” Bheegi Bheegi Sapno Ka Jaisa Khat Hai Yeh… Haay Gili Gili Chaahat Ka Jaise Lat Hai Yeh… Mar Jawan.. Mar Jaawaan, Tere Ishq Pe Mar Jaawaan…

    ( Shiva imagines himself with Ani & Deep imagines himself with Pia… in The same way like MyRi are dancing ) 😀
    RR gets on knees & kisses her hand..! ?
    She fumes but acts like feeling shy.. ?? He stands & holds her waist.. She looks at him! 🙄 RR lifts Mythili.. & Slowly makes her down..

    Soche Dil Ke Aisa Kaash Ho, Tujhko Ek Nazar Meri Talaash Ho Jaise Khwaab Hai Aankhon Mein Base Meri Waise Nindon Pe Silvate Pade Teri
    Bheegi Bheegi Armaano Ki Raahat, Hai Yeh.. Haay Geeli Geeli Kwaahish Bhi Toh Bekhud Hai Yeh
    Mar Jawan.. Mar Jaawaan, Tere Ishq Pe Mar Jaawaan…

    Mythili’s heart beat starts to beat fast & she feels something New inside RR.. Both look each other deeply 🙂
    She looks into eyes.. He smiles 🙂 RR twirls Mythili & keep looking at her.. Mythili back hugs RR.. RR turns Mythili
    around.. Mythili sees Abhay’s reflection inside RR..! She hugs him tightly & feels Abhay’s presence inside him.. Both are lost in each other 🙂

    RR again slowly twirls Mythili around & they does RK banner pose..! 😀
    Mar Jawan.. Mar Jaawaan, Tere Ishq Pe Mar Jaawaan…

    The dance ends.. all clap…..
    Shiva & Deep come out of their imagination & looks AniPia.. AniPia understands their thoughts & smiles 🙂 ??
    MyRi come down from stage.. Mythili is not feeling comfortable.. ? & looks around for Chand.. But he is not there! ? She is about to go out but shivika come there & Shiva asks where are you going? Mythili tells going to change this dress as I am not feeling comfortable in wearing this.. Anika tells ok go 🙂 Shiva drags Anika with him 😆 while Mythili goes towards changing room! RR follows her & tries talk to her but she avoids 🙁 just then RR gets call from Insp. Joshi & moves aside.. ?
    Mythili goes to change & thinks I should meet master.. & Chand.. I need to know that where is Abhay as he cant die… ? I have strong believe in this 😐 But where is chand 🙄 She comes out from the changing room & secretly leaves from there without telling to anyone… 🙄

    RR is talking to Joshi & Insp.Joshi says RR sir we have found Natasha’s body along with Abhay & V.S.Mehra’s skeleton ? .. just called you to inform this 🙂 RR tells Ok.. & cuts the call.. he thinks it’s good that my plan worked 🙂 & they got those fake skeleton there 🙂 Now I need to know that if Sid is really dead or not 🙄 He then goes to Changing room but doesn’t find Mythili .. He searches her at party venue & then realises that she is not there.. He gets tensed.. 🙄

    ….. Chand’s bunglow…..

    Mythili enters inside.. She looks around for everyone but no one is there.. 🙁 She calls for master.. & chand.. But no respond.. 🙄 The light of the bunglow are switched off.. She takes out her mobile & switches on the torch/light.. 💡 she starts to check all the rooms one by one.. She thinks where has all gone? She comes downstairs & thinks something & decide
    to leave.. 🙁 Just then she hears some sound.. She again looks around & thinks from where this sound is coming? She again hears the sound.. She gets little scared.. 🙁 She then looks towards the secret room (wall painting) & moves towards that room thinking of Abhay.. 😯
    She enters inside slowly & thinks me and Abhay only can open this room na.. 🙄 But Abhay?? is he here 🙂 She then hears a voice & gets suspicious.. She asks who is this ? She steps forward.. & finds a shadow in front of her.. He tells Welcome My pretty kitten..welcome 👿 Mythili gets shocked to hear sid’s voice.. 👿

    .. At party venue….
    Indirab .. Shivika .. DeePia all are busy in talking… Chand comes to DeePia & asks them about whereabouts of Mythili.. ? DeePia looks around & notice that Mythili is not there.. 🙁 Chand tells where is she? I was outside in garden area.. There are so many missed calls of her 🙄 Deep says don’t know where is she ?? Aarab sees them in tension & asks if there is any problem ❓ Pia says no dad.. No problem.. 😐 Mythili has called us for a work.. So,We are just going out .. Will come back soon.. 🙂 DeePia leaves with Chand… Indirab looks each other 😐 Shivika come to them & Shiva asks What happened dad? Aarab tells Nothing.. You both go & enjoy the party 🙂 Anika thinks for a while 🙄 & then nodes 🙂 OK

    …. Chand’s Bunglow….

    Mythili is panic.. He asks how are you My pretty kitten & your beloved
    RR ? She gets more scared & remembers that horrible incident.. 👿
    (Sid stabs both RA) He tells I am back.. Mythili asks where is Abhay? answer me.. Where is he? Only Abhay me & RR know about this place… 🙄 She comes near to him & holds his shirt collar.. & tells I won’t spare you.. Just then lights comes and it’s RR 😆 standing in front of Mythili …
    Mythili tells RR ?? 🙄 😯 RR smirks & smiles.. 😉 She steps back.. & sits on the bed with relaxed mood… But She is unable to believe.. & in dilemma! She looks RR & asks what is this? ❗ What kind of joke is this? RR laughs…
    Mythili stands up & fumes seeing RR.. 👿 She asks why did you act like
    Sid ? there is a limit of jokes and what he did was crappy.. RR tells it’s called dark humour! 😉 Mythili asks where is Abhay ❓ I know he is alive.. Tell me where is he ?? RR tells “there are some questions which can not be answered as they are delicate and need to be handled with care” 😉
    Mythili tells stop telling dialogues & cracking your bakwas jokes.. 👿 Don’t you know what I felt when you told that Abhay is dead… But why would you care about it.. RR starts to close in on Mythili and locks her to the wall.. ? RR asks what were you saying? 😎 She tells I asked you not to repeat jokes.. She tries to go but RR puts his other arm ? Mythili looks RR.. eyelock.. She jerks him & fumes.. She moves away.. RR smiles & says you look more beautiful in anger.. But now I think I should tell you…
    RR holds her hand & tells you don’t like my joke na then no problem now talk to me.. 🙂 She feels irritated 😳 & jerks him again! But RR doesn’t leave her hand both trips & falls on bed 🙂
    Both looks at each other…

    Eye lock.. (Bg — Labon KO lab on se lagaooo.. Kya ho tum, mujhe Ab batao…)
    RR sets her hair.. Mythili tells I want to say something.. ❗ RR nodes! She tells GET UP.. 👿 RR smirks & tells Not bad.. 😉 I thought you are going to tell DO WHAT YOU WANT..
    First Mythili fumes but then looks RR with suspicion & thinks Abhay.. 🙄
    Just then RR mobile rings.. RR takeout his mobile and fumes seeing C.g no 👿 Mythili jerks RR & gets up from bed..
    RR receives the call… C.g says where are you chief.. Everyone is asking about you… RR says tell them I am with Heroine on a Romantic Date 😉 Mythili fumes more hearing this & think no RR can’t be Abhay… 🙁 She quickly leaves from there.. RR finishes his talk & cuts the call… He notices that Mythili is not there… He says in heart today I will tell you the truth anyhow… 🙂

    …Mythili is outside of Chand bunglow.. Tears are coming out from her eyes unknowingly… 😥 She wipes her tears & start running in haste… RR also come out of the chand bunglow.. 🙄 He looks all over & thinks where has she gone… its not safe 😯
    RR closes his eyes & gets blur image of Mythili running towards jungle area ?? RR quickly runs

    He finds Mythili & asks her to stop.. But Mythili doesn’t listen to him.. RR says Maya stop … Listen to me once that what am I trying to say.. She tells stop calling me Maya.. 👿 I don’t want to hear anything from you.. 👿 Leave me.. She starts to walk inside the forest in anger.. RR requests her to give him one chance to talk atleast.. 🙂 He holds her hand & stops her .. She glares at him.. ? She asks what do you want to talk? If you can explain why you tell lie to everyone..? RR looks her.. She says You promised me that you will take care of him.. But you are a liar.. Why you let him reach there ? I lost him totally 😥 She holds RR’s shirt collar & asks Can you bring him back ? Tell me.. Can you bring Abhay back 🙁 Mythili feels hurt & cries remembering Abhay 🙁
    She says while sobbing He came there for me.. He did everything for me
    but I lost him 🙁 I am the reason for his death 🙁 RR says he is here only.. Mythili looks RR with a hope.. RR is about to say
    something.. suddenly he feels something strange & looks around.. HH come there & surround them!
    MyRi gets shocked & looks each other.. Some HH move aside & Camera shows Sid.. 😯 He evily smiles & asks How are you My pretty kitten? ? Mythili gets scared but comes in front of RR.. ? She tries to protect RR from Sid while RR fumes seeing sid.. 👿 Mythili asks still you are alive ?? Sid smirks & tells oh yes My pretty kitten.. I am still alive.. How could I die when Abhay is alive ! Mythili gets confused & looks at RR.. 🙄 Sid tells It’s ok now its does not matter.. however I am going to kill you all now.. The End for you all.. RR makes Mythili side & says not even in ur dream.. 😉 Sid tells really ? If you forgot what happened last time.. You are not that strong enough to face me.. RR smirks 😉
    Sid says Do you remember My pretty kitten which place is this? MyRi looks around & remembers (sid stabbing Maya) RR fumes now & says talking is cheap now … 👿 RR holds Mythili’s hand & they start fight.. MyRi are fighting strongly 🙂 Sid fumes seeing MyRi fighting together .. Sid signs some hh to separate them.. 😈 HH manage to
    fight with MyRi & in this MyRi go in
    different direction.. 🙁 Sid takes the special knife (same special knife) & throws towards Mythili.. RR notices it & shouts MAYAAAAAAAAA bend downnnnn! She hears his voice & bends down unknowingly! 🙂 That knife collides
    with a tree & Some power flashes.. One
    big tree is about to fall on her! RR runs & holds that tree to save her ! Mythili is shocked.. Then MyRi together holds the tree & pushes it away.. 🙂 RR takes that knife…
    Sid orders HH to catch both 👿 MyRi see something & smiles.. 🙂 Both stand firmly in front of HH & Sid… Sid looks behind MyRi & finds Neelambar with Chand .. 🙂 Chand & RR both look each other & signs something..

    Neel directs MyRi not to leave hand & use full power… MyRi nodes … 🙂 Neel & Chand attack on HHs … MyRi again Join their hands.. & splashes power to
    that hh & hh fall very far…. 🙂
    RR signs to Mythili & she nodes.. Both hold their hands tightly & start to fight again with full force 🙂 Mythili feels something like he is Abhay.. 🙄 🙂
    Sid lost his patience seeing MyRi together fighting well with all HH
    👿 He also start to fight with MyRi .. & tells Not bad both are not only looking good together but fighting well too 😉 He punches RR.. & pushes Mythili away.. She gets hurt in her head 🙁 RR gets angry 😡 he punches Sid back to back & says did you forget you never won from me.. & always used to run away.. 😈 haan..

    Sid is suprised by RR’s Power ! ? He murmurs How could he be so strong.. ? RR says you will die in this confusion only… ? DeePia also come there & make Mythili stand.. but some hh surround them.. Mythili asks DeePia to sit down & she again start fighting with them.. Sid realises he can’t handle RR and is wasting time with RR.. Only few hh are left now… Sid signs them to attack on RR .. Hh leaves everyone & goes to RR.. Sid free himself from RR
    & catches Mythili .. She gets shocked & says leave me 👿 He holds her tightly.. .. DeePia tries to hit Sid with silver chain but Sid shows her fangs to them & threats to bite Mythili 😡

    Neel & Chand are unable to go to near him… Sid tells you all played too much 👿 now time to end this… 👿
    Mythili screams … RR.. RR turns towards her while Fighting & gets shocked… 😯 He shouts Don’t give up Mayaaa.. You are Maya.. Don’t forget it… 🙂 Mythili closes her eyes & remember Neelambar’s teaching… 🙂 She opens her eyes & her expression changes … 🙄 She turns & looks sid with big eyes.. She says this is My place.. 👿 You can’t succeed here … ? Sid gets goosebumps to see her & says Mayaaa 😯 Maya pushes Sid hard.. Sid falls on ground… HH are unable to handle RR.. They runaway… RR goes to Maya… Neel says kill him RishAbhay.. Sid is unable to understand what is going on… 🙄 Neel says he is not only RR or Abhay.. He is both he is RishAbhay (RA) 🙂 Sid looks RA & gets glimpse of Abhay & RR at the same time… 😎 😉 He tries to get up but RA keeps his foot on his leg.. & then beat him with his leg…

    Maya is also moving towards Sid …

    Sid says you can’t kill me.. 👿 If you kill me you will also die.. ? RA lifts him & says You are not going to kill by one person.. RA & Maya both pushes Sid on ground.. Sid tries to Run but … MyRA/Neel/Chand/DeePia surround him..
    Neel says RR & Abhay breathe in each other.. 🙂 They will kill u together.. They became One to kill you 🙂 no one will die .. Only you will die … Siddhartha, only you will die… 😈
    MyRA join hands holding the special silver knife & recalls how sid killed their families… 😥 🙁
    Fb- Sid killing tribes/stabbing Maya/ Shamsher/Pushing Aarab from roof..

    Pia tries to go to Sid in anger 👿 but Deep holds her in time .. She shouts kill him Di… Kill him …
    MyRA stabs Sid.. Sid looks at MyRA with evil smile… 👿 MyRA pushes Sid to Chand.. Chand also recalls how Sid kill his Son & Wife.. Chand punches him & again pushes him to MyRA .. MyRA again stabs the knife deep in his chest.. Sid falls on ground & smirks evilly for the last time… 😉 He says This time you won the game Abhay… & closes his eyes.. 😐
    Neel says this time he must die, can’t take any chance .. Neel pours something on Sid while chanting mantras .. Chand says let me do this.. Chand lights the matchstick & throws it on Sid.. ⚡
    (Chand recalls Sid burning his house along with his family )
    Sid’s body is burnt totally… & only ashes remain there.. 👿 🙂

    A BG voice says If evil wins ..it is not
    the end.. Victory always remains with good only.. 🙂


    Happy vijyadashmi….
    “Victory of Good over evil”

  3. aarya
    October 09, 14:40 Reply


    JUNOON ➡ It’s Not Human Love 😀

    Episode ➡ 82

    Part ➡ 1

    Episode starts with showing DeePia taking Mythili away from RA… 😐
    Neelambar looks them & then looks at RA.. 🙁 suddenly he thinks something & asks DeePia to stop.. 💡
    DeePia turns .. & Neel asks DeePia if there is anything they want to share.. ❗ Which he don’t know… DeePia looks each other & say in chorus what we know.. 😯 Means what do u exactly want to know master ❓ 🙄
    Neelambar asks them to make Mythili sit to the wall… DeePia does the same & make her sit near R-A… 😐
    Neelambar says RR is connected to both Abhay & Maya.. Once Maya asked me if I can unite them or not.. That time I was also unaware about this….
    (DeePia are confused 🙄 but listening Neel.. while Mythili is still unconscious… 🙁 )
    Neel cont.. but after connecting the past incidents.. I came to know that it was all already decided… 🙂 When Abhay choose to become a vampire.. He was a human… His soul was with him… He became a Vampire but with a soul… 🙂 & after Maya’s death….. ( Neel’s eye sparks in hope.. 🙂 ).. That day Maya transferred her power to the Padmini’s womb 🙂 but it was Abhay who sacrificed his soul to save the unborn RR unknowingly… 🙂
    He choose not to live in the world without Maya.. He was under a coffin like lifeless.. But when Maya arrives With RR… he woke up… His life (Maya) & his soul (RR) make him alive once again when MyRi together entered in the old library… 🙂
    I thought if I transfer Abhay’s soul to RR.. Then RR could be saved but now… RR’s heart is not working.. 🙁
    Deep says master.. But Abhay.. ❗ He can’t die n… Make him alive… Neel says Abhay can’t die but his condition is worse than death.. His healing power is not working… Now he is a vampire but without powers .. 🙁 & after killing Sid.. I wonder that if anything could be done
    🙁 or he could be saved.. If Sid is dead then Abhay will die surely 🙁 if sid is not dead then also Abhay will remain unconscious like this because RR is almost dead .. 🙁 that’s y m asking if both of you have anything to tell.. Anything….

    Deep tries to remember something & says master.. In Mumbai.. Once during an outdoor shoot.. Abhay fainted for the very first time .. 😯
    Pia also remembers the dance-seq shoot on hills-station & says u mean this all has started from then.. 🙄
    Deep says Don’t know exactly but I think from then only something happened to him… 🙁
    Neel asks who were present there at that time.. Deep says when I reached there RR.. Abhay & Mythili were there only..
    Neel goes to Mythili & checks her.. Neel smiles a bit & says she is sleeping… 🙂
    he then checks Abhay & gets shocked 😯 …DeePia asks what happened master ❓ Neel smiles again 🙂 & says now I understood…
    Abhay’s heart is working now 🙄 🙂
    Neel looks DeePia & says I need a human.. Deep comes forward but Neel signs towards Pia.. & tells Deep once u were also in transition stage of vampire 👿 Deep steps back 😐

    Neel asks Pia to join the hands of MyRishAbhay .. Pia does the same 🙂
    Neel sits infront of MyPia & between R-A He seeks help from god & starts chanting some mantra while keeping his hand on Abhay’s chest & on RR”s eyes… An aura generates around them 💡
    & with a force Pia .. Neel.. Deep are pushed away… ???

    After a while….
    Neel opens his eyes… He finds himself & DeePia outside of the house… DeePia also getup with a little pain in their body.. 🙁 All come inside to see R-A but doesn’t find R-A on ground… 🙄 😯 Only Mythili is there lying on ground & some ashes around her ?

    …..After one day…. Evening…

    Dobriyal house…… In Aarab’s room….
    Deep with Shivika & Indiraji are there
    Pia comes & says she is resting don’t know when will she recover from this shock … 😯
    Indirag looks Aarab & says now Mythili is with us..soon Aarab will be also fine… 🙂
    & I hope Rishabh & Abhay also come back soon .. 🙄 ?

    …. In Mythili’s room….

    Mythili opens her eyes & looks around.. It’s all dark.. 🙄 Suddenly Sid’s face come in front of her calling “My pretty kitten..” ? & she screams in fear.. 👿
    All listen her scream in Aarab’s room and rush to her room.. Shiva switches on the light.. AniPia try to console her but Mythili keeps repeating He killed them.. He killed them… Indiraji caresses her head & make her sleep….
    Deep calls Doc…

    … Next scene….

    Mythili is still unconscious & everyone
    is present there! Dr.Aadvika checks Mythili.. All are tensed 🙁 Mythili slowly gains conscious & opens her eyes.. 🙂
    Dr. Aadvika asks how are you feeling now? Mythili looks around & she only recall “Sid killing R-A” incident .. 🙄 & again tells he killed them.. He killed them… All looks at her confusingly.. 🙄 Mythili is totally scared & says Please save them n… Please save them.. She tries to get up from bed but Dr. Aadvika holds her & puts an injection…
    Dr.Aadvika then turns to indirag & asks about whom is she talking.. ❓ Indiraji says Rishabh & Abhay.. Both saved her but now both of them are missing… 🙁
    Dr. Aadvika looks at Mythili 😉 & says Mythili is in shock.. After seeing several wounds.. I can say that Must be something worsed has happened with her & them.. She has been druged too so, She is going through a mental trauma… Only Rishabh/Abhay presence can bring her out of this condition .. Indiraji is in dilemma.. 👿
    Dr.Aadvika again says she needs complete rest.. So let her sleep peacefully .. Make sure that noone disturb her… She then excuses herself & leaves… Shiva sits beside Mythili & Says where are you RR.. 🙁 jab tumhari jarurat h to tum nhi ho… Please come back.. I promise I wouldn’t hate you.. Please god send him … Anika tries to console Shiva… 😐 While DeePia thinks to contact Neelambar …. Indiraji asks everyone to come out & let Mythili sleep…

    ….Chand’s bunglow…

    DeePia arrives there & meet Chand…
    Chand is looking sad 🙁 he says I searched them in every possible place but failed… Don’t know where are they?
    Deep tells we don’t know.. But I think we should ask master… May be he could help.. Chand tells no master is also unaware of them.. But he has promised me that he will bring both asap.. 🙂
    Pia breaks down & cries.. 😥 She says Why all these things are happening with us… First Di & now RR/Abhay .. Deep holds her & tells relax pia.. Everything will be fine soon! Pia says but what to tell to everyone.. What happened with them.. Ppl will ask more questions with each passing day…& what to tell padmini aunty .. 😥 Chand says Padminiji can understand because she knows a bit about hh…& I have assured her that nothing has happened to RR & he will come back… But m only worried for Mythili.. 🙁 If R-A did not return 😐 then…. Deep tells no.. They will return… Chand tells I also hope the same but till then will have to handle everything ! DeePia node & leave…

    RR mansion.. Night…

    Padminiji is talking on phone one by one cont… Cg is also busy in talking on mobile.. Both are looking tensed.. 😯 Padmini ji sits on sofa.. Just then her mobile rings.. She receives the call.. (Indiraji…from other side.. )
    Indiraji asks if RR returned or not.. Padminig says no.. We are trying to search him 🙁 BTW How is Mythili now…
    Tears come out in Indirag’s eyes & she says she is alive that’s it only.. 😐
    Padminig also gets emotional but says. god is examining us.. We need to be firm.. Indiraji nodes & cuts the call…

    Padmini looks C.g & asks if u get any info.. Cg tells no aunty ji.. 🙁 M trying and whenever I call someone.. They only ask about the movie..then chief & all scandals…. 🙁 don’t know how to handle everything without chief… 🙁
    it’s his debut movie..but he is missing… What to say to media… Police doesn’t want to disclose anything in front of media but I can’t hide these things for long… Chief KO to aana hi hoga.. I know mere chief jarur aayenge….
    Padmini ji also nodes… & thinks hope Rishu & Abhay both are fine 🙂
    Right then C.g gets a call from someone & gets shocked.. 😯

    … Dobriyal house.. Midnight…

    ….Aarab’s room …
    Indirag is sleeping beside Aarab… A person enters the room silently 😐 & puts his hand on Aarab’s forehead….& heals the internal injuries… 🙂
    All medical equipment beeps & start to show perfect reading…. 🙂
    He then moves to go in another room..

    …. Mythili’s room…
    The Same person enters her room.. ? Camera shows his blue eyes only.. ?He talks to her through mind & says “feel me.. All my powers and all my love are just for you. I am here and I will never leave you and go. I am here for you…he moves towards her bed & sits beside her.. He kisses on her forehead & says “You are the heartbeat of my incomplete and lifeless life..” He then notices the wounds on Mythili’s arm..& bends to kiss it & it heals 🙂 He then kisses the wound in her palm… ? and heals it too completely with no marks left.. He says to himself, ‘Now nobody can keep you away from me.. I am here by your side… He then sit on his knees on ground holding her hand and keep looking at her…. 😀

    Another scene…. A cave type place…
    some veiled men are standing around someone… One of them says he is dead.. While one says no he is alive… 🙄 I have noticed the movement in his body
    Camera shows Siddhartha lying on a big rock unconsciously 😯 👿


    Part ➡ 2

    … Morning…… Dehradun PS…

    C.g arrives there with padminig & goes to Joshi’s cabin 🙄 He asks where is chief.. ❓ Padminiji is also excited & asks tell me n where is he?? You only called us .. Now tell me where is he?? 🙂
    Joshi says madam! Please first u sit..
    ( C.g & Padminig sit on chair )
    Joshi says yesterday night we get a call & then informed u all… he only told that he will come here, Now Media is also here don’t know who informed them… 😯 “I informed them”.. 🙄
    C.g & padminiji turn back & gets shocked to see the person 😉

    RR comes near to them saying I informed them 😎 .. Padminig stands & hugs him while crying.. 😥 🙂 RR wipes her tears & says I hate tears Padmini.. 😉
    Padminig smiles & chides him 🙂
    C.g also hugs RR in happiness & says chief.. Aap Kahan the.. RR pulls his cheek & says did u miss me Chimpu ji..
    😀 C.g nodes & RR says that’s y I love you c.g.. C.g smiles cutely 😛 & says aap v n chief … Joshi is smiling…
    RR looks at him & says Mr. Joshi should we start now.. Media is waiting outside..
    I will give my statement in front of everyone.. After that you take Mythili’s statement.. 🙂
    Joshi says but sir she is not in good condition.. 🙁 RR smiles 🙂 & says after seeing me, she must be fine 😉 He goes outside with C.g… Padminig calls Indiraji….

    …. Dobriyal house….. Aarab’s room…
    Padminiji is sitting near the bed holding Aarab’s hand.. Her mobile rings & she receives the call…Padminig happily informs her about RR.. 🙂 Indiraji gets happy too & stands in happiness but can’t & then she realizes that Aarab is holding her hand tightly.. 🙂 😯 🙂
    She gets more happy & thanks Padminig… She cuts the call & shouts for everyone…. 🙂

    … Dehradun PS…
    A PC type environment is there… RR is standing in front of Media ppl… Chand also arrives there & smiles looking at RR
    He also joins RR in PC.. 🙂
    All reporters ask in chorus sir.. RR.. Mr.Rishabh ❗ .. Where were you.. Your movie is releasing tommorow but neither you nor any other cast, is promoting it… ( RR is listening all this silently.. ) A reporter asks sir where is Heroine..?? 🙄

    … Dobriyal house… Mythili’s room..

    Mythili awakes & notices that she is in her room… She gets up from bed slowly & moves outside in dilemma… 🙄

    DeePia .. Shivika & indirag are in Aarab’s room .. Indraji tells them about some improvements in Aarab’s body.. ShivDeep checks the medical-equipment & gets happy 🙂 AniPia feels relaxed 🙂 Indraji asks Shiva to call Doc.. But
    Just then Aarab opens his eyes slowly & looks around.. Everyone gets more happy.. Indiraji says I told you all n.. See.. He is fine… 🙂 Aarab looks all & smiles 🙂
    ShivDeep hugs each other in happiness & AniPia hugs Indraji 🙂 Aarab asks why all of you are here? He then notices medical equipments placed in his room & asks what happened to me? Indraji ask don’t you remember anything? 😯 Aarab thinks for a while & tells what do u mean ?? Shiv says You fall down from terrace that night..after DeePia’s marriage function… 😐 😐 Aarab asks What nonsense? 😡 & DeePia got married ? 😀 Why No one informed me about it ❓

    All are confused.. Pia says I think dad need rest .. 😐 Indiraji tells but he is unable to recall anything.. 🙁 Pia holds indiraji & murmurs MAA ❗ I think dad has forgot those incidents… & it’s good for him that he didn’t remember what happened to him… Buri yaadon KO bhul hi Jana chahiye….
    Aarab looks at the door & says
    Mythili beta.. 😯 Why are you standing there? Come here.. 🙂 Mythili enters & says papa ❗ …. Everyone look Mythili with a surprise & then Aarab.. 🙂
    DeePia are also shocked.. Both think in heart both r fine, if Abhay is back… 🙄 ❓
    Mythili comes near to them & says.. MAA.. Papa.. 🙂 she is teary eyed…
    She hugs him & cries..She recalls Happy moments of DeePia’s marriage day & then Sid making her unconscious, his torture 😥 She thinks Maa- Papa has also suffered much after that day…
    🙁 she looks all medical equipments & gets blur/faded image of “Aarab trying to stop Sid & Sid beating him” )
    She cries more like a child while looking at Aarab… 😥 Aarab asks what happened beta? Why are you crying & looking at me like this? She doesn’t reply & hugs him again .. Indiraji smiles while hugging Mythili & says now no one will cry.. today is very good day.. 🙁 I get my family back…. Aarab looks at Shiva 👿 & says what about your office.. You never missed any chance not to go on work.. Shiva smiles, he also hugs Aarab… & tells papa.. Say n.. “I am of no use ” 😀 Aarab pats on his head…& says if you still behave like this then forget about Your marriage 😉
    Right then Deep gets a call from Joshi & happily tells ok.. Pia asks now what did he said? Did they get any clue about RR/Abhay? Indraji tells RR has already returned 🙂 Padminiji has already called me & informed me about him… Anika asks then what about Abhay? All gets puzzled 😐 Deep tells Insp.Joshi has asked us to watch Tv.. Shiv tells then lets go.. It must be something important.. Aarab in confusion joins them & all goes in hall…..

    Anika switches ON the Tv ..Indirab sits on Sofa while DeePia & Shivika with Mythili stand there attentively..
    all start to watch RR’s live interview…

    … Dehradun PS…
    Media ppl are asking questions back to back & one of them says RR ❗ say something.. RR smirks at her 😉 & says you all are better starters than me but I’m a strong finisher 😎 … If ur questions has ended then only I will tell something… 😉 Media ppl keep quiet.. 😐
    RR tells I am here to give you all a trp-news.. So listen carefully… Mr. V.S.Mehra – The New head of Samrat’s Production House! He kidnapped Miss.Mythili Dobriyal some days before! All give a shocked reaction 😯 & starts gossiping…
    A reporter asks Whattt? How could he kidnapped ? he is in abroad with your Ex-girlfriend Natasha 😉 RR smirks & tells first of all Natasha is not My girlfriend 😐 I left her when I realised that she is not a perfect match for me! and 😉 V.S.Mehra & Natasha did not go abroad but they were here only.. The all news about V.S & Natasha was created & published by them fakely 😐 When Natasha got to know that I do not love her she thought to take revenge from me .. !.. Another one asks Then What is the motive behind this kidnapping? Why V.S Mehra kidnapped Mythili? Why would he agree to help Natasha khurana…
    RR tells V.S was a Psycho 😡 he himself don’t know what & why he is doing !
    Reporter :- where is Miss. Mythili Dobriyal now..?
    RR tells Now She is at her home, totally fine & She will also give her statement soon 🙂
    Reporter – sir tell us clearly.. U told just now that she was kidnapped… But now telling that she is at home.. 🙄
    & where are V.S & Natasha.., if police has arrested them 🙄 ❓
    RR tells we both went to rescued Mythili
    from V.S… & V.s is …
    Another reporter interrupts asking sir ❗ “we both” means? RR tells me & Abhayendra Singh – Son of Co-Director Chandra Singh..
    Chand looks RR & thinks why he is talking this all now? Where is Abhay? What happened to him ? 🙁 🙄
    Another reporter asks Why you both went to rescue her? & why not police? Is this any New publicity stunt to make ur film famous?
    RR asks do you guys think that m here in police station to crack jokes? 😆 stop interrupting me, you will get the all ans.. 👿
    RR cont.. Police was doing their work in every possible way & at rabbit’s speed.. 😆 if you guys have any doubt then you guys can asks this to Insp.Joshi directly 😉 Insp.Joshi looks RR with nervousness 😐 :mrgreen:
    Reporter :- Mr.RR.. How did you both become friends suddenly? means You &
    Mr. Abhay? Actually there was a controversy about you & him while your film shooting na? How he helped you to rescue her from that place? Or you
    helped him to rescue Miss.Mythili Dobriyal? ANS RR….. ANS..
    RR says if you guys have some kind of STML.. Short Term memory loss problem.. 👿 That was a rumor only & Mr. Abhay only dismissed those rumors… We both were always a friend 🙂
    Another one says okk sir you & Mr. Abhayendra saved Mythili Dobriyal.. But now where is Mr.Abhayendra Singh? Why he is not here to give statement? If he will send again some recorded C.d.. RR keeps mum for a while 😐 & tells He is no more 😐 All are taken aback 😯 while Chand breaks down 😥 Chand looks RR & RR nodes yes 😐 🙁
    ( In Dobriyal House…
    Indrab -Shivika-Deepia with Mythili watch this with shaken heart 😥 )

    reporter asks What are you saying Mr. RR? Mr.Abhay is no more? Is this
    any joke? RR tells Not only Abhay but V.S & Natasha too 😐
    RR gives some pics of burnt house & tells this is the house where V.S made Mythili as hostage! When me & Abhay reached there we had a fight & in this there we met a fire accident
    first V.S killed Natasha in his madness, & then Abhay – V.S engaged in a big fight… Me & Mythili escaped from there! But Abhay with V.S got stucked inside 🙁
    after this, I lost the path & get separated from Mythili.. but Mrs. Piyali Deependra Singh somehow manages to found Mythili & brought her home… 🙂
    RR gives the photos to Insp. Joshi ..
    Joshi sees the pics.. RR tells I have given that place details to police they will do all procedures soon… 🙂
    ( Padminig is totally skeptical after listening about Abhay & trying to observe things… 🙄 )
    A reporter asks Mr. Chandra how are you feeling now 😐 as Your son is no more now. Chand fumes at him 👿 & leaves from there silently.. C.g says it’s over now.. You guys don’t have any courtesy what to ask ❗ A reporter moves C.g aside & says Mr.RR wait for a moment.. one last question ! Will you answer My question? RR smirks and turns towards the person & says it depends on your question.. 😉 That reporter asks you told us both V.S – Natasha kidnapped Miss. Mythili to take revenge from you right? But why they did not try to harm you directly? They used Mythili Dobriyal & you also went to save her like a hero… Kahani thori filmy nhi h 😉 ? RR says come to the point.. Reporter asks Do you love her ? 😉
    RR recalls Mythili-confession..
    “Mythili tells I love you.. Yesss I love you both.. Maya loves Abhay.. Mythili loves Rishabh.. & Both are me 🙂 I am both Maya & Mythili.. So both of you are important to me 🙂 I don’t want to loose anyone..”
    The reporter asks Mr.RR.. I asked something.. RR comes out from his thinking & says I don’t hate her 🙂 if it means I love her then yes I love her 😎 you all are free to think what u like.. 🙂
    Anymore questions?? Reporter smiles & nodes no… 🙂
    RR asks C.g to take Padminiji home & leaves.. Media ppl start their headlines “A big revelation.. will RR’s movie survive with this ?” “If its Love / Hate or Revenge 🙄 ” ?
    “Shocking news that shock the film industry” ?
    “A movie & series of Murders Mystery” ?

    ….Dobriyal house…..

    Mythili is totally stunned to hear about Abhay… ? & RR’s confession ?.. She trips a bit in shock, Right then Anika notices her & holds Mythili.. Pia looks Mythili & thinks 😥 is he dead 😯 how ❓ Abhay is dead 😯
    ( Deep is also in shock 👿 & totally broken… 😥 He recalls Abhay giving him his locket as his sign… He thinks for a while & then leaves from there..)
    Aarab tells what is RR talking about.. He don’t hate her.. It means he love her 🙄 … Indiraji tells u just relax.. He must be kidding.. 🙂 Shiva tells papa I will tell you everything.. U don’t get hyper.. Aarab then looks at Mythili.. Who is in shock.. 😯 He goes to her & says beta ❗ I know you care for everyone but you should understand.. We can’t decide the fate of anyone 🙁 & RR .. If you too love him then I have no any problem.. 🙂
    Mythili doesn’t tell anything & runs to her room … 😥 AniPia follows her while Shiva take confused-Aarab to his room with indiraji… ?

    .. Chand’s bunglow……

    Chand is roaming in hall.. ? thinking about RR’s word.. He talks to self how could RR say this.. ? He didn’t even think for a while before saying this.. 😥 👿
    Chand screams Abhayyyy… 😥
    Just then Neelambar enters there & puts his hand on Chand’s shoulder… ? Chand looks at Neelambar & says master ❗ you told me you will bring them but Abhay didn’t return… 😥 Neelambar says Chand don’t get upset, 🙂 it’s his destiny & Abhay also wanted this only… ( Chand looks on…) Abhay wanted to get free from the curse of immortality & he succeeds 🙂

    Scenes in parallel….. Mythili’s room…
    AniPia is sitting around Mythili.. But Mythili is quiet.. 😐 Ani says, Mythili say something.. Then only you will feel better please don’t take stress 😥 now only you have recovered.. Mythili says in dilemma he came here last night… ? Anika asks who ?? Mythili tells Ab… Pia interrupts saying Ani.. first Please bring a glass of water for Di…
    Anika nodes & goes.. Pia says di ❗ RR just said that Abhay is no more.. How could he come… Mythili tells but.. 😥
    Pia hugs Mythili tightly & both cries ??

    … In Aarab’s room..
    Indiraji & Shiva are explaining things to Aarab…
    Shiva says Mythili was kidnapped that night after DeePia marriage- function & RR with Abhay rescued her but in this Abhay lost his life 🙁 & My boss.. that kidnapper V.S too .. Aarab is confused & says but why I didn’t remember anything.. 🙁 indiraji says you just need rest Mr. doctor 🙂
    ( someone rings the Doorbell & Indiraji asks Shiva to open the Door )

    Shiva goes & opens the door .. RR enters.. 😎 Shiva fakes Smile seeing him.. 🙂 RR also looks at him & says so this time you are welcoming me 😉 Shiva smiles & says what you have done, after that.. RR cuts his talk & says you know n why I did this 😉 Shiva is speechless 😐 RR smirks 😉 & goes upstairs directly to Mythili’s room.. Shiva tries to stop him for a while but then goes after him 😛

    RR enters Mythili’s room & looks MyPia in tears 🙁 … Pia looks at RR first & says Di.. RR 😐 .. Mythili looks on but then looks away.. ? Pia says you told that Abhay is dead 🙁 I was there that time, master told us ..
    (Pia stops after seeing Shiva coming..) Shiva is about to enter, but collides with Ani coming from another side holding glass of water.. water falls on Shiva’s t-shirt.. Ani tells sorry ? & then notices RR.. She says let me bring another glass of water for her & leaves from there but Shiva keeps standing there in wet clothes…. 😀 😛

    RR goes near to MyPia & says what I said is totally correct.. 😐 Pia says but you know n.. 😥 RR carelesses Pia’s forehead & says Pia 🙂 don’t cry like this & ask your Di also not to cry like this… 😥 Pia recalls Abhay caressing her like this.. But again she thinks no its my misconception only 🙁 She wipes her tears… Her mobile rings & she excuses herself… She is about to go but RR signs her to take Shiva also.. 😉
    Pia goes to Shiva & says you are wet, go and change .. Shiva murmurs but he is here n.. Pia signs him to leave… ? Shiva reluctantly leaves with Pia… Pia receives the call… 🙄

    …..Another scene…..

    Chand’s bunglow….. Deep arrives there in hurry & goes to his room… He starts searching the locket in cupboard & get it… He holds that Locket in between his palm & says you betrayed us Abhay 🙁
    You can’t go like this.. Deep bends down & cry 😥 … Chand enters his room with Neel & Deep looks both…. ??
    Chand smiles & says master has told me everything.. 🙂 , now I understand why RR did these all things.. Deep is skeptical.. 😡
    Chand tells him something…

    …. Dobriyal house….

    RR sits on bed & looks Mythili … but Mythili ignores him.. RR says if you are not happy that m back 😉 … Mythili says what you said about Abhay… 👿
    RR tells that’s the truth .. Mythili says you promised me that you will take care of him… RR tells I did not let Abhay to go 🙂 He is livi…( RR notices indiraji coming with shivika..) He changes the topic saying he only choose to die.. I didn’t do anything 😐
    Mythili looks him angrily.. 👿 Indiraji comes to RR & happily thanks him 🙂 .. RR takes her blessings & says I came here to invite you all for tomorrow’s party.. I mean after Premier party… 🙂
    Indiraji tells but how could we celebrate.. ❗ Mr. Chandra has just lost his Son.. RR tells I will talk to him… 🙂 Abhay was also the part of this movie.. He would also wish good for movie.. 🙂
    RR then tries to talk to Mythili but she ignores him.. 🙁 RR looks Indiraji & tells.. Now its your responsibility to take her at party… He again looks at Mythili & says be ready… Our movie is going to release tomorrow.. & leaves… 😎


    Part ➡ 3

    ….. Chand’s bunglow ….

    Pia is there..she says why did you call me urgently here ❓ Deep hugs her happily & says master is here .. & he has a very good news 🙂 Pia is confused 🙄 & says good news.. 😯
    Both goes in a room & meet Neelambar & chand…. 🙄

    After a while….
    Pia says we should say this to Di n 🙂 Neel says I did my work 🙂 now its up to you all.. I don’t want to interfere.. 🙂 Pia says OK I will tell her 🙂
    Just then RR comes there & says no .. No one will tell her, I will tell her only.. 😉
    I don’t want anyone except you all to know this.. 🙂 For world the truth is that Abhay is dead … ? Chand goes to RR & says I was angry on you earlier that you don’t care about Abhay ? & behaving like a rude.. RR says yes I am .. ? after all m Rishabh Raichand.. 😎 DeePia are happy seeing RR 🙂 🙂 Deep runs to RR & hugs him happily, he tells Do you know how much I get hurt ? 🙁 I can’t even accept those words to hear & that too from you 🙁 .. I mean from RR about Abhay… 🙄 Ahh.. Whatever it is but I am happy that you are back.. 🙂
    RR smiles 🙂 & says that’s why I revealed this truth to you all 🙂 Deep gets relief 🙂 He handovers him the locket..& says take this with you.. I don’t need any sign.. If I know that you have given this as your last sign.. I wouldn’t accept this… 👿
    Pia is looking RR cont. 🙂 & says I should understand it when you arrived at House.. But when will you tell all this to Di… She is very much upset 🙁
    RR says tomorrow 🙂 only

    … RR Mansion…. Night…

    Padminiji is in her room in deep thinking, RR enters slowly & says Maa… Padminiji looks at him with question full eyes ❓ 😐 RR says MAA .. I know what r you thinking but don’t worry everything is alright now 🙂 Padmini ji says but you told that Abhay is.. RR says Maa… He is happy wherever he is.. Believe me, if m happy then he must be happy.. 🙂 You don’t think that much 🙂 Padminig nodes convincingly.. & hugs RR.. & RR too hugs her 🙂 She feels something new in RR’s touch & asks are you ok beta? I wanted to ask this in PS also 🙄 RR looks at her & asks Why maa ? I am totally fine, see m totally perfect 😎 …. She says nothing! Let me bring something for you..You must be hungry na 🙂 RR says yes m very much hungry.. Will eat after a long time 😛 Padminig smiles & leaves from there.. RR thinks one can’t
    hide a thing from his maa.. after all she knows each & every movements of her
    child.. 😐

    …. Dobriyal house….

    Mythili is alone in her room.. She thinks why m I angry on RR ? , he is telling the truth but how could master failed to save Abhay.. ? He saved RR only 🙁 but what was the need of that confession.. ? He didn’t care about Abhay.. ? He told me that he will take care of him 😥 & now when he is not .. No Abhay must be here only.. I know he came here last night.. ? RR is telling a lie.. ? What to do.. She tries to contact Neelambar through telepathy but can’t.. 🙁 She thinks y master is not responding to me 🙄

    …. Morning 🙂 ….. Dobriyal house…

    ….. Indirab’s room….
    Indira & Aarab are talking sitting on bed…
    Aarab says I have forgot many things n.. 🙁 Indiraji says but you didn’t forget us & that is enough for me 🙂 Aarab says what about RR & Mythili… ?
    Indiraji tells RR likes Mythili but don’t know about Mythili.. I used to thought she loves Abhay but she denied.. ? Aarab says Abhay 🙁 but now he is no more n 🙁 & RR is a good person.. Indiraji tells Both were very much concerned about her… The way both rescued Mythili, I am very much thankful to them.. 🙂 But don’t know what Mythili thinks about RR now… 🙄
    Aarab says If there is no one in her life then RR is a best choice… 🙂 Indiraji thinks for a while & says give her some time… 😐 Now only she has recovered n.. Aarab nodes OK.. 🙂

    …Next scene … Mythili’s room…

    Mythili is in her room & ready to go outside…. 🙄 Anika enters & says where are you going now ?? 🙄 You can’t go like this …. Mythili says why ?? Why I can’t go 🙄 Anika drags Mythili towards Window & asks her to see.. 😯
    Mythili is amazed to see so much crowd of media/Public outside..and local police managing them.. ?
    Mythili tells what is this ?? 😯 Ani says they want ur interview.. 🙂 Ur photos… after all your movie is released today & now you are a public figure.. 😉 Deep.. Pia.. Shiva .uncle & Aunty everyone is stuck to TV only.. Listening reviews & reactions .. 😀
    Mythili says let them do, what they want.. I don’t want to give any interview… 🙁 Ani says but you have to give ur statement at least… insp joshi is also here, he want to take your statement … 😐
    MyKa goes downstairs…

    … In hall…
    Joshi is there with everyone… Joshi looks her & says RR sir was right.. 🙂 You are totally fine now 🙂 He forwards his hand & says congrats mam… 🙂 U r a superstar now.. Mythili shakes hand.. 🙂 with little hesitation 😐
    Joshi asks for her statement..
    Mythili says I was sleeping in my room.. Don’t know how V.S kidnapped me.. ? When I woke up, I found myself in that house after that …etc..(same as RR said)
    Mythili signs on the statement & joshi leaves..

    Mythili once again looks outside from main door, 🙄 but unable to go out because of crowd…she thinks what to do now.. How to meet master ❓

    ..evening… RR mansion…

    RR is watching TV.. & listening reactions of public…. 🙂
    .. It shows… Public are comimg out from the theatre after watching JUNOON – Ishq Ka 🙂
    Some reporters are there & they ask everyone about the movie..
    A reporter says after facing much of trouble, the movie has been finally released… Lets know from public if they like it or not…
    A lady says it is superub.. Unexpected story.. 🙂
    A small boy says I love the heroine.. 😀 Reporter asks which heroine.. Tha boy makes faces & says there is only one heroine .. Madhu 🙂
    RR hears this & smiles 🙂 he then goes towards balcony & looks media & crowds outside his house..

    C.g comes there calling chief 😀
    RR asks C.g to brief media everything…. Cg happily tells Ji chief 🙂 Fans are chanting RR’s name.. RR just waves his hands & goes inside.. 😎
    C.g informs media about the premier party at evening… He says Everyone will be there.. including heroine.. So you all can ask ur questions or take pics at the party.. Thank u…


    Precap ➡ Vijyadashmi special episode..
    Win of Good over Evil 🙂 😎

  4. aarya
    October 02, 14:23 Reply


    JUNOON ➡ It’s Not Human Love 😀

    Episode ➡ 81

    Part ➡ 1

    Episode starts…with showing jungle & zooms on Mythili.. Who is totally shocked to see RishAbhay there & in control of HHs.. 😯 She runs towards them & tries to hold both but in between some more HHs hold her & drag her far from RishAbhay! 👿
    Both RishAbhay look at her & try to free themself from HH’s grip but HH hold them more tightly…. RishAbhay feel helpless 🙁
    Mythili screams RishAbhay’s name .. 😥 😥 & shouts on those HH’s to leave her 👿 Sid comes in between them & blocks her way… 😈 (MyRishAbhay are standing in triangle shape – Sid is standing in center)
    RishAbhay looks Mythili & Mythili too… Camera focuses on Trio… ?
    BG ➡ Tu safar mera..
    Hai tu hi meri manzil..
    Tere bina guzara…
    Ae dil hai mushkil ….
    Tu mera Khuda …
    Tu hi duaa mein shaamil
    Tere bina guzara…
    Ae dil hai mushkil…. 🙁
    Mujhe aazmaati hai teri kami
    Meri har kami ko hai tu laazmi
    JUNOON 💡 hai mera…
    Banoon main tere qaabil…
    Tere bina guzaara..
    Ae Dil Hai Mushkil… 🙁 😥 🙁

    MyRishAbhay’s attention break after hearing Sid’s laugh.. Sid says
    Welcome to My Kingdom….. 😀
    Sid then goes near to RR & says r u Abhay? or Rishabh? Now m confused like her 😉 ( Sid points towards Mythili who is looking at RishAbhay.. )
    🙁 Actually n I hate u both but confused whom I hate most 😡 & My pretty kitten loves you both 😐
    ( Sid goes near to Mythili)
    Oops still she is starting at you both only.. she is very bad n… 😯 No decency.. How can a Girl love 2 Boys 😛
    RishAbhay fumes 👿 Sid says don’t think wrong.. I said BAD.. 😉 She is too BAD… Beautiful And Dangerous… 😎 👿 both of you must know it 😉 RR fumes says how dare youuuu… 👿 if u know counting ❓ 😆 then start counting every seconds of your life from now.. 😡 Sid looks RR & says
    bingo! You are RR not Abhay.. 😛 He look towards Abhay & says if you didn’t tell him that I can’t die .. 🙄 Who will dare to kill me??? Abhay is mum 🙁 Mythili looks both & thinks how it could happen? How could Abhay be so weak.. How Sid managed to catch both? 🙁 🙁 She looks at Abhay .. Sid notices her & says oh my pretty kitten.. Don’t
    think much he is not stronger as earlier.. 🙁 Ye asar h yahan ki fizaaon ka.. 😉
    RR struggles to free himself… 👿 & shouts leave me.. Sid again goes near to him & grabs his neck.. He says its a very bad manner superstar.. Don’t try to free urself otherwise I will make you free from this world .. RR tells “I won’t spare you! You have to pay for this all..” 👿 Sid laughs & tells Your words are remainding me of someone 😉 “Like Dad like son” …. Your dad shamsher Raichand 🙂 He too talked to me like this only 😀 MyRishAbhay confusingly looks Sid.. 🙄 Sid says it seems u all want to know.. ❗ Okk today m in very good mood so revealing a big secret of My Chhota boy RR.. RR looks on.. 😐
    Sid says Title of the story is “HOW TO GET KILLED” 👿
    Once upon a time.. There was a man named Shamsher & sid killed him 😉
    RR is burning in anger.. 😈 Sid looks him & says oops 😳 you don’t like this as I finished too fast … 😀 Let me make it more clear…
    (Abhay is quiet & listening to the Sid’s crap only..)
    Sid signs a hh & hh brings a big stone.. Sid sits on that & says.. Shamsher used to live in Mumbai.. Was enjoying his life but then…

    Fb starts… ➡

    Mumbai…Shamsher’s house.. Night…

    Shamsher has just returned from studio & hugs Padmini 😀 in joy.. He happily informs her that everyone has liked his idea & now his dream will come true.. his Dream Movie will be made.. 🙂 Padminig is not looking happy at all… 🙁 she slightly steps back & says ji… ❗ what’s the need for all this… 😐 Your friend didn’t bother about this.. He treated us like a stranger that day & then never contacted you.. 😯 Then y r u still behind this…
    Shamsher says with a harsh & rough voice… padmini 😐 You should just take care of RR & don’t think about my work .. 😐 I know Chandra.. There must be some reason.. 🙄 & very soon I will know that too.. 👿
    Padmini feels restless & thinks .. 🙁 why I am feeling that shasherji is not OK …
    😯 something is bothering him…
    He never talked to me rudely… there must be some reason behind his
    strange behavior 🙄 if anything wrong is going to happen 🙁

    Some days passes .. Sham is totally involved in Movie but facing much trouble in shoot.. 😯 He is totally fadeup in figuring what is wrong.. 🙁

    Sham returns from studio like a troubled person… He sits on sofa… ??
    Padmini also sits nearby him & tells Leave this project Ji It’s not going good from the beginning itself 😐 Sham shouts stop ur advice.. I know how to handle.. Don’t need your advice 👿 Padmini gets panic seeing him 🙁 She runs towards her room crying.. 😥 Sham realises he has spoken too much.. 🙁 He thinks what to do now? I have never faced these kind of troubles in making any films.. 🙁

    .. Another Day passed … It’s a cloudy night…. ?

    Sham is resting on bed.. RR is also there on bed playing with Sham’s hair 😀 Sham stops RR’s hand softly & hugs him … 🙂 Padmini enters inside with Milk glass for little RR & tells Ji someone is waiting for you in hall.. Shamsher gets happy… He kisses ? RR & leaves..

    … In hall….

    Sham is talking to a person… He informs shamsher about Chandra 🙂 & his sudden disappear! Sham is confused 🙄 & asks if you get any other info about chand? The person tells sir I enquired about him in his college too but no use.. 🙁
    ( Padmini comes there & overhears their convo )

    Sham gets upset & asks that person to leave.. He then goes to his room &
    sits on his rocking chair.. 🙄 He thinks where has he gone? He did not try to contact me after that incident 🙁
    4 years has passed like clouds but still no any info about him.. Should I go there once & search him personally.. After all
    he is my best friend.. 🙂 Padmini enters inside the room holding RR in her hands who is sleeping cutely… 😀

    She makes him lie on the bed & goes to near shamsher.. She puts her hand on his shoulder who is in deep thinking.. She asks still you are thinking about him? ❓ Sham tells Not like that.. I just wanted to know why he behaved strangly to me that day.. She tells leave it.. Don’t think so much.. He nodes.. She asks him to come & sleep.. 🙂 He takes a
    story book & tells I will sleep later.. 😐 now I am not feeling sleepy.. you
    go and sleep.. Padmini nodes & goes to sleep.. But sham is still thinking
    of chand only.. 😐

    Next day morning…. In hall…

    Shamsher is ready to go somewhere.. RR comes to him walking very small small steps & trips a bit.. 😛 Shamsher holds him in time … 🙂 RR smiles & says daddy…..play.. 😛 Shamsher sits with chhotu RR on ground & start playing hand-wrestling happily.. 🙂 RR wins the game & giggles 🙂 Shamsher smiles…
    Just then A servant comes there & says Saab ❗ jeep is ready.. Sham kisses on RR’s forhead & gives a locket to him… He then looks towards his Room where padminig is sitting quietly on bed as she don’t want shamsher to go 🙁
    Shamsher again looks at Rishu & says.. Please keep it safely and it’s my aashirvaad .. 🙂 RR smiles cutely.. Sham goes outside … Padminig comes out in hurry …. Sham looks at her while sitting in jeep .. She tells come back soon.. He smiles and nodes … 🙂 Sham starts the jeep & leaves ….
    Padmini turns back 😐 & sits near RR she makes him wear that locket on his neck.. 🙂

    ….. Chand’s house ….

    Shamsher stops his jeep near Chand’s house… & gets shocked to see it in burned condition… 😯 He enters inside but no one is there.. He is taken aback.. He thinks where are everyone.. what happened to them? ?
    A wolf is roaming there ? & notices sham inside the burned house.. Sham feels something strange that someone is eyeing on him.. He turns back & finds a man.. 🙄 That man tells sirji no one live here now… Sham asks then where are they now ❓ that man says u don’t know ❗ after sudden death of his wife & son that professor also disappeared.. May be he also died .. ❗ Noone come here now.. You should also go..
    Sham is shocked & teary eyed.. ? 😥 he recalls his childhood memories with chand…
    That man says sirji.. U should go .. Sham comes outside & again look at the house.. He thinks no.. 😐 I can’t quit like This.. I need to know what exactly happened to them.. 🙁
    Sham starts his jeep to go towards college… 🙄
    That man fumes ( he is ww ) & says this man is still behind the truth.. 👿

    ….. Samrat’s place ….

    The ww comes there & informs samrat about sham.. 👿 He says that person is trying to search about chand.. Samrat gets furious & orders his men to find him soon & kill him on the spot.. He can be a threat for us 😡

    …..next scene… Highway..

    Sham is on his way to college but
    ww attacks on him from nowhere… Sham looses his balance & jeep strikes the ww & then with a tree… 😯 but Sham manages to escape & runs.. 🙂 sham enters inside the forest.. He runs like mad.. & lost the way 🙁

    …… Inside forest …..

    Sham has lost the way & shouting for help.. 🙁
    He starts to walk random way without any choice.. 😐 It is getting dark.. He walks so long & reaches a village .. He finds some ppl & gets happy.. He
    thinks to ask help from them but soon he faints..

    After sometime.. Its night..

    Sham gains consciousness 🙂 & finds himself lying on a mat in a small hut… He notices a little boy & ask him about the place.. ❓ That boy says its
    New-Pandher.. 🙂 An old lady comes there & drag the boy with herself… Sham is confused that what is going on with him… 🙄 That old lady again comes to him & says beta ❗ if u need anything 😐 why did you come here.. ❓
    Sham murmurs A strange creature, looking like a wolf was after me.. I just tried to save myself from that & lost the way… Anyways I will leave this place in morning… 🙂
    That old lady is shivering in fear & says means that was ww & our this place will also become like old one 🙁
    Sham says what do you mean ❓ ww ❗ if they really exists 🙄
    That boy again comes there (listening their convo from outside) & says hote h n.. Ww hote h.. Grandmaa always used to tell me his story.. Sham asks Kiski.. ? That boy says old-Pandher wale Abhay & kabir ki 🙂 Abhay killed his best friend kabir to become a vampire …. ? That old Lady asks him to shut up & go .. Sham thinks if it’s the same Abhay about whom Chandra wrote in his letter… 🙄 & asks about old Pandher…. She says noone go there.. That place is ruined now 🙁 thats why we all came here to live … Sham asks how could I go there.. ❓
    She hesitates to tell more about Pandher but sham insists… ❗
    She says after some distance…. U will find a river.. Just after crossing the river.. You will enter Old-Pandher.. The original Pandher… Our old residence.. 😐
    Sham thinks hope I could find something there & may be Chand… may be he is also there…. 🙂

    … Its midnight….

    Sham awakes after feeling little suffocated.. He stands & comes out…
    He finds that whole village is burning 😯 Some ppl (hh) are torturing villagers to tell something.. A person tells we don’t know about whom you are asking but a stranger has come here.. Hh asks where is that stranger.. 👿 That person points towards Shamsher’s hut.. Hh looks towards that direction.. & finds Sham looking at them 👿 That hh kills the person.. 👿 & moves towards Sham..
    The same ww identifies sham & says yes he is the man.. catch him..
    Sham is afraid .. 😯 He runs again to save himself.. HHs also start to chase him! Sham runs fastly & reaches near the river.. He gets panic to see the muddy-dark river.. ? he takes deep breath & decides to jump into the river but get caught by hh… All Hh surround him 👿 Sham pleads them to leave him.. A hh asks then why do you came here? to die like your friend chand? Sham gets shocked & asks what? All hh laugh… ?????
    Sham gets angry & shouts it means You all killed mine friend 😥 & his family.. Now won’t spare you all.. just then someone punches on his head 👿 from back… Sham turns back holding his head… But unable to see his face..
    Camera shows his face.. “Siddhartha” Sham tries to hits back sid saying you all have to pay for this.. Sid smirks & tells how much 😕 😆 Sham says while groaning in pain I won’t spare anyone.. Sid gets angry & tells this human is speaking too much & about to hit him again.. Right then Samrat come there & stops sid.. Sid fumes.. Samrat
    tells don’t get angry on me.. There is a reason behind this.. We can’t kill him.. because he is a well known face.. Sid fumes & says so what do u want.. Spare him 👿 Samrat laughs & says that’s y m ur boss.. This man is a big producer of film industry so his death should look like natural one.. Sid smirks 😉 & says oh ❗ I will handle everything… Sid holds sham’s neck & makes his head sink into the muddy river water 🙁 He does this again & again.. Sham struggles to breath & falls unconscious.. 🙁 Sid smiles evily
    & tells you are looking fresh after this muddy- bath 😆 so now you pay for me what I did 😉 You drink too much water now it’s my turn 😉 to drink…
    Siddhartha then bite on Sham’s neck & quench his thirst… ? all hh leave from there holding Shamsher’s pale body…

    …..Another scene….

    Hh make Shamsher sit in his jeep on driver seat….. After a while Sid notices a truck coming from opposite side…
    He signs hh.. One hh start the jeep… Truck driver notices Sham’s jeep & apply the brake..but jeep strike with the truck & stops… Truck driver comes out to check & finds that Sham is dead.. Some hh surround the driver & alleged him of killing Shamsher.. …Sid smirks evilly & leaves… ?

    …. Fb ends…


    Part ➡ 2

    it’s Early morning….

    ……Dobriyal house….

    DeePia .. Shivika are fallen asleep in hall… while someone is wandering outside the House… 🙄
    Camera shows his face… it’s Chand 🙂
    Chand thinks y Abhay didn’t call yet or return back.. What to do 🙄 I can’t leave Dobriyals alone 😐
    Just then Chand notices someone & gets delighted… Neelambar comes near to Chand & asks about RishAbhay..
    Chand says they r not here.. Neelambar looks on & then says it means they reached there… 😯 its not good for them 😯 Chand is in dilemma & asks what do u mean master ❗ what is not good.. Neel says Abhay & RR both are weak in front of Sid now.. Because their power is now divided.. 🙄
    Chand is still confused… But says we should go to help them.. Neel stops Chand & says call Pia .. I want to talk to her.. 🙄

    …. Pandher….

    Sid stands & says so how was my story… Abhay is teary eyed.. He ooks towards Sky & thinks now few more minutes.. ?
    RR is in tears hearing his dad’s final
    moments 😥 Sid asks RR Don’t you like My story? RR fumes seeing Sid
    👿 Sid asks then give me n ur reviews.. How much ratings will you give to My original story .. After all you are a superstar 😉 The Superstar Rishabh
    Raichand son of The famous Producer Shamsher Raichand 😎 RR
    shouts you did a mistake by killing My dad.. I won’t leave you 👿
    Sid says don’t dare you to raise your voice in front of me.. Me… The
    Great Siddharthaa..
    Hmmm.. I have wasted mine precious time in talking..now time to finish u all….
    Sid goes to R-A & punches them back to back.. Mythili screams leave them..
    Sid smirks & says beg… Beg Mythili.. Say please with a smile 🙂
    Nayasha is skeptical ? to see Sid like this.. She tries to speak but then keep quiet 😐 She thinks I should be quite as per Sid’s plan.. He promised me once after killing Abhay he will surrender RR to me.. So I will have to watch his all idiotic drama calmly 😐

    Mythili shouts in anger Leave us.. Otherwise.. Sid tells otherwise.. What will you do? She tells will kill you! Sid tells oh I see.. Feeling scared hearing your words.. He again punches back to back RishAbhay! 👿
    Mythili tries to free herself from hh’s grip but unable.. She pleads Sid please spare them.. If you want to kill.. then kill me but leave them..please… 🙁
    Sid comes near to her tells.. No My pretty kitten .. I don’t want to kill you again & again.. Its boring na.. 😛 Sid is about to touch her face.. She feels disgusted.. 👿
    Both RishAbhay shouts in chorus.. Dont you dare to touch her.. Will kill you damn.. RishAbhay then looks eachother 🙄 ! Sid is suprised seeing both RishAbhay telling same thing & tells wow.. What a love? Okk I promise.. Will not going to touch her.. Btw I am not interested in that too.. 😉 Sid says Mythili you are very lucky to have these kind of lovers! but.. Very soon you will have only me.. Going to kill both n.. Mythili is stunned.. Sid asks tell me which one you want to see die first? She cries and tells please leave them.. both are important to me.. Sid laughs & tells.. How lucky they are.. What kind of love is this? 1girl for 2 boys?? If ur parents didn’t teach u good manner Mythili.. 😉 ..hmmmm am again wasting my time.. So My pretty kitten choose which one you want to see die first? She again begs Sid to leave both RishAbhay.. Sid signs hh to leave her.. As HH leave her arm.. She runs towards RishAbhay & about to touch both.. Just then Sid tells lets see whom you are going to touch first.. he will be my 1st target.. Hearing that Mythili stops in between & steps back..
    🙁 She turns & looks Sid who is laughing evily.. She is unable to decide.. She bends down & start crying hardly.. Sid comes near to them! He asks her to choose one from both.. He tells ok.. Then now I have changed my game.. Choose anyone first.. I will try to kill him later.. What say? 😉 Mythi looks Sid with anger in her eyes 👿 .. He forcefully makes her stand infront of RishAbhay.. & asks her to choose.. Mythili is skeptical.. Sid asks whom do you love sincerly? Rishabh? Or Abhay? Abhay or Rishabh She again looks RishAbhay! They also look her.. 😥
    Sid gets angry & again punches both RishAbhay.. Mythili shouts.. But again some HH holds her.. She tries to overpower them but can’t.. Sid start to beat both RishAbhay badly..
    Nayasha rushes to Sid & says what are you doing 🙁 Its enough now..
    You are hurting him 👿 we have a
    deal n.. If u forgot that? 👿 you can’t kill RR because he is mine… I was quite till now seeing ur all crap but now not anymore.. you can’t kill RR because he is mine… (Nayasha frees RR from hh & holds him.. RR jerks her.. )
    Sid fumes & says you are really a fool or pretending like a fool.. 🙄 I don’t give a damn to that deal.. 👿
    So just leave from here.. Nayasha tries to oppose.. Sid slaps her & orders some hh to drag her aside… Nayasha struggles.. But hh drag her… She shouts looking towards ww m ur boss .. Sid is not ur boss… But no one respond

    Sid looks Mythili & says so what we were discussing…..whom to kill first n… I am confused which one? My old enemy or new enemy? He punches Abhay badly.. Abhay falls on the ground unconsciously.. Sid looks at Abhay & says his wounds are not healing 🙂
    Mythi screams & frees herself from HH.. She runs to Abhay & holds him! She asks him to open his eyes.. She cries more! Sid then turns towards RR.. He punches him & drags him near tree!

    Nayasha is very much angry to see this & thinks what I do.. Why I helped Sid.. 👿 Mythili looks RR.. runs towards him.. But sid hits RR’s head on that tree! & about to bites on RR’s neck.. Mythili screams Noooo… Nayasha as ww jumps on Sid.. RR gets free from Sid’s clutch & falls on ground… Sid fumes to see Nayasha.. She again attack on him but Sid moves aside & pushes her to a tree…
    Nayasha comes in human form & is hurt on her backside … Sid goes near to her & grinds his teeth.. 😈 Nayasha says u r a liar.. & back stabber.. Sid says & same is you.. I don’t need these kind of slave.. 👿 He then raise his hand … a vampire gives him a sandal-wood.. Sid stabs that to Nayasha .. Nayasha says they wouldnot leave u.. You are going to die soon.. Sid smirks 👿 She looks towards RR & tells may be you feel that mine behaviors was wrong 🙁
    towards you.. But mine love is true ?
    She hiccups a bit & dies… 😯


    Part ➡ 3

    … Dobriyal House…

    DeePia are talking with Chand & Neelambar outside… 🙄
    Neelambar says Chand will stay here Pia will come with me.. Pia nodes.. Deep says master I will also go.. Neel gives a silver chain & Sandal weapon to both DeePia.. Trio leaves for Pandher while Chand stays back ..

    …. Pandher….

    Mythili is sitting near RR & crying badly.. She tries to wake up him.. & checks his heartbeat but there is no any heartbeat
    ( Sun rises… Some hh (vampire) tries to protect themselves from Sun-ray.. & run away ? )

    Sid stares at MyRi & goes near to Abhay who is lying unconscious on ground.. He make him stand.. Abhay opens his eyes & smirk 😉 Sid is confused.. Abhay signs towards Sun & says your weak hh has ran away… Now only you & some ww.. Who will stop us… Sid realizes that its RR not Abhay.. He looks back .. & finds Abhay standing behind him… 🙂
    Fb – After hearing Mythili scream.. Abhay runs but after a while stops.. RR comes to him.. Abhay says my powers are not working properly… Hh must be more in numbers… I dont think it will be easy to control them 🙄 RR says then what to do… We cant step back too 😐 Abhay says we will use our mind against Sid.. We will have to pretend like each other till morning so that if he try to harm you.. He will attack on me but it will not affect me that much … and Vampires can’t tolerate sun ray.. RR nodes… & says but what about our eyes.. Sid can recognize us.. Abhay changes his eye color to black & says now we are totally same… RR says so our first step.. I will reach there first… Then you.. 🙂

    Fb ends

    Sid shouts and orders remaining HHs to attack them.. 👿
    RR goes to Mythili & both hold their hand tightly & RR tells Now no need to
    worry.. We are here n… RR wipes her tears .. Mythili smiles 🙂
    RR & Mythili starts fighting together with the ww.. 🙂

    Sid looks Abhay & says you are Abhay & he is RR 🙄 Abhay says now it doesn’t matter… & stabs Sid with a special silver knife.. Sid pushes Abhay & says no u can’t do this… Abhay goes near to Sid & says yes now I can do this.. Now I don’t have desire.. I should do this earlier… Sid says u know very well that if u kill me me You will also die… Abhay again stabs Sid & says yes… & you are the one who will make me free from this world 👿
    Sid & Abhay both experience like sinking
    Sid falls on ground… Abhay also falls…

    Both MyRi are fighting with HH’s with full force.. Suddenly all HHs stop fighting & looks somewhere.. MyRi get confused & notice Abhay 🙁
    Both rush to him.. Both sits near to Abhay & RR says Abhay.. 😥 😥 what happened… Mythili says no Abhay u can’t go like this.. How could you go like this… Abhay opens his eyes slightly & says I made a promise to myself that you will get all happiness this time.. MyRi will stay together 🙂 … Suddenly Abhay’s expression changes & he tries to stand.. RR looks back… Sid stabs in RR chest deeply….. & laughs with a smirk … 😉 😈 Mythili pushes Sid hard & he falls down…. RR too falls near Abhay.. 🙁

    Other HH holds Sid & in dilemma of what to do ❓ as now there is no any head of hh… All leave holding Sid… 😯

    Mythili is totally broken seeing RA.. She sits & holds their hands.. She cries more
    😥 RA smiles a bit seeing her & says “Once you told us I don’t
    want anyone! Plz leave me alone.. But now..” She puts her both hands
    on their mouth & tells I love you.. Yesss I love you both.. Maya loves
    Abhay.. Mythili loves Rishabh.. & Both are me 🙂 I am both Maya &
    Mythili.. So both of you are important to me 🙂 I don’t want to loose anyone..
    She hugs both & cries 🙁 But RA closes their eyes slowly.. She shouts
    both names & try to wake them up madly.. She screams plz dont give this
    pain to me plz.. I cant tolerate this 😥 She then looks around and takes the knife near by RA & says if there is no
    RishAbhay then what will I do here… 🙁 She is about to hit her stomach 😯
    But someone stops her hand in the middle… Its Pia 🙂
    Pia shouts di… 😯 What are you doing ❗ she hugs Mythili… Mythili signs towards RA … Deep too looks RA 🙁

    he goes near to them .. & recalls his moment with them…
    Deep holds Abhay & cries… 😥

    Pia is totally shocked to see RA like this & asks how this all happened di? 😥 Abhay & RR both 😯 ..no.. Nothing will happened to them 🙁 😥 nothing.. Mythili hugs Pia tightly & cries more 🙁

    Camera focuses on Neel’s face.. 🙄

    … Next scene….

    Inside Abhay’s house…
    Camera shows both Abhay & RR lying on the floor unconsciously!
    Neelamber is chanting some mantras & trying to cure both RR & Abhay.. Mythili is watching them with lots of hope in her heart.. While DeePia are standing beside her.. 😥
    Master Neelamber opens his eyes & looks Mythili.. She asks him what happened Master?? Neelamber is quite! She again asks tell me Master what
    happened? We can cure them na? Say
    something Master.. You are My last hope.. Neelamber tells you should be strong Maya.. ? to hear what I am going to say now.. Mythili looks at him confusingly! Neelamber tells I failed!
    🙁 She gets shocked hearing that from Neelamber! She asks Butt.. Master you told me that there is a possibility for
    RishAbhay.. Neelambar is speechless 😐 She looks at him disheartenly & cries looking at both RR & Abhay 😥
    Neelamber tells Now we don’t have time Maya.. & its time to decide “Whom” you
    want to save! We can save either Abhay or RR.. Now tell me “Whom” you want to save???
    Camera freezes on Mythili’s
    shocking face! She cups both RishAbhay’s face & unable to control herself from crying 😥 She asks How can I choose? 😥
    Bg – Kuch pal to theher jaao na
    ya phir lautke aao na yoon kehte nahi alvida… mud jaao idhar aao na

    tumhe dhoondhein meri aankhen
    tumhe khoje meri baahein
    tum bin jiya jaaye kaise
    kaise jiya jaaye tum bin

    She cries hugging both R-A..

    kitne the waade kiye
    ik pal mein tod diye jhootha nahi tu mujheko pata hai
    bas thoda rootha sa hai
    tu roothe main manaaoon
    par tum bin kahaan jaaoon

    tum bin jiya jaaye kaise
    kaise jiya jaaye tum bin

    ye aasmaan aur zameen
    bin tere kuchh bhi nahi
    saanson se mohlat zara maang lena
    yoon uth ke jaate nahi

    ya phir tu mujhe le chal
    sang apne jidhar tu chala…. 😥

    she screams and cries more.. 😥 😥 Pia tries to console her.. 🙁 But Mythili faints…. Deep holds Mythili.. & Neel asks them to take Mythili to her house.. DeePia are in tears too.. But nodes & leave holding Mythili.. 😐


    Precap ➡ No Precap

  5. aarya
    September 25, 13:24 Reply


    JUNOON ➡ It’s Not Human Love 😀

    Episode ➡ 80

    Part ➡ 1

    Episode starts with showing village…. & ppl running in fear…. 😯 Suddenly all wolves stop attacking on ppl & look at the moon ? all start to run away 🙄 .. ?? .. Villagers are shocked 😯
    They look each other with shock 😯 & that old man come between them .. He laughs 😆 & said I told him not to come today 👿 😆 but still he came & now a new destruction will start 😈 he will kill everyone…. You all will die now..
    Old man again laughs like a mad 😆 & says He has become a vampire now.. A dangerous one 👿
    Camera shows Abhay’s face

    .. In house….

    Abhay lies Kabir’s body 🙁 on ground softly 🙁 & looks upon.. 🙁
    He looks at his hand.. 🙄 Now there is no pain… ( he recalls vampy word about healing power ).. He also feels like that he has gain more power.. 🙂
    He raises his hand & it is perfectly fine now… 🙂 He says I would not spare u… 👿 m coming … Abhay is coming 👿 Abhay wipes blood from his mouth & Stands.. 👿

    .. Another scene…

    That ww is searching for Abhay’s family .. He notices stairs & goes on roof .. ?
    Drisha / Msk / Radha are hidden in a corner of roof behind a wall totally afraid ???
    Drisha is trying to stop her sobbing.. 😥
    Ww comes there & tries to figure out them.. 👿 He shouts where are you all.. 👿
    Noone can escape from me now… 😡
    He looks all around & sees Radha from side 🙁 He moves towards them 👿 slowly…

    Scenes in parallel….

    ….Outside the house….

    Villagers say… that ww & Abhay both are inside.. 😯 We can’t defeat/kill them 🙁 We should kill them together.. 🙂 All says in chorus yesss… ❗
    They decide to burn both of them alive.. 👿

    … In House….

    Ww reaches near to Trio & raises his claws to attack on them.. 👿
    Trio close their eyes in fear.. 😯 Just then Abhay comes from nowhere & punches the ww very hard 🙂
    Trio take breath of relief 🙂


    Old man is sitting in a corner ? .. Watching this all like an entertainment stuff 😆 … He thinks in heart ppl used to disrespect me while I was telling the truth & now all will suffer.. 👿 These ppl are digging up their own grave 😆 👿
    Villagers pour kerosene around the house…& about to burn it.. But a man stops them 🙂

    … In house….

    Abhay & ww are fighting while Msk/Radha/Drisha are still in the corner in shock & fear 🙁 😥
    Ww hits Abhay .. Abhay falls near his family.. 🙁 Drisha looks at him with teary eyes 😥 Abhay stands quickly & goes to ww again .. 👿 He punches him.. Both are moving towards stairs & roll down together.. ?
    Abhay comes in vampire form & attacks on ww back to back… Ww falls on ground.. He then kills the ww by biting him on his neck… ? ? ww screams with a weird sound.. 😯

    … Outside…

    Villagers ask the man.. Y r u stopping us.. That Man says Hujur & his family are inside.. We can’t take their lives … 🙁
    Villagers shout on that man 👿 & ask him not to interfere.. & then fires the house ? ?

    … Inside house…

    Abhay controls over his vampire instinct & goes on roof as a normal person. He informs that ww is dead 🙂
    Trio gets happy & Msk hugs him 🙂
    He asks how did you kill him :?;
    Abhay is mum…. 😐

    Just then Drisha shouts Bhaiya .. Fire.. 😯 he turns & finds that he & his family are in fire 🙁

    Abhay asks them to come with him & he will take them outside… Radha says no.. Its not possible.. But save Drisha.. Save her.. Abhay shouts nothing will happen to anyone & I will not let anything happen to u all..
    Msk & Radha is worried & starts suffocating now…
    Abhay asks Drisha to take care of her..he will be back soon.. Drisha nodes…. 🙂
    Abhay then carries both Msk & Radha on his shoulder … & goes downstairs…
    Drisha also goes downstairs following Abhay but unable to see anything clearly because of smoke… Fire is spreading inside the house now 🙁

    Abhay comes out of the fire holding Msk & Radha .. 🙂
    Villagers see him & get shocked .. All step back.. Abhay glares at them…
    He then make sit his parents under a tree.. Who are in dizzy state now…
    Villagers murmurs is he still human or a vampire.. 🙄
    Msk & Radha looks Villagers in confusion… 😐

    …. Inside house ….

    Drisha tries to move ahead 🙂 but get struck with something.. 🙄 & falls down.. She then notices kabir’s body
    🙁 😥
    She tries to wake up kabir..& shouts kabir.. Wake up .. Kabir wake up… 🙁

    Abhay enters shouting her name but she is just lost.. Abhay sees Drisha near kabir’s body .. 🙁 He goes to her & asks her to get up.. But she refuses & tells Bhaiya.. Kabir is not telling anything.. Wake him up..
    Abhay shouts with pain 😥 .. He is dead 🙁 Now let’s go.. Drisha says but how?? Ww killed him?? Y didn’t you save him like you saved us.. 😥 She cries more 😥 & asks whyyyy Bhaiya… Y…
    Abhay is totally speechless now… 😐
    Now there is huge fire all around…
    Abhay tries his last effort & asks Drisha to come out with him but she is skeptical & repeats her question…
    Abhay caresses her head & says Drisha kabir wanted to save everyone….. 😐 & for this he choose his death 🙁 Pls don’t disappoint him .. Drisha looks at Abhay & says kabir sacrificed his life for all of us 😥 and you didnot try to stop him… ❗ you should stop him Bhaiya.. Abhay says I tried but he… He doesn’t listen me.. Noone listen to me.. She cries more & then hugs Abhay 😥
    Abhay too cries seeing Kabir 🙁 😥 he then tells let’s go now.. We don’t have enough time 🙁 Both try to go out but fire is now everywhere … Drisha suffocates..& unable to breathe properly.. She falls on ground.. 🙁 In order to save Drisha, Abhay uses his full power & in this his vamp teeth comes out.. he lifts Drisha…
    Drisha slightly opens her eyes & see Abhay in Vampire look 🙁 😯
    But she is unable to understand anything & faints.. Abhay carries her in his arm like a kid.. Fire catches his body but he somehow comes out of the house… 🙂

    Villagers with Msk/Radha are r shocked to see Abhay coming out of the Fire … 😯 his back is in fire 😯
    Abhay comes to them & puts Drisha on ground.. Who is unconscious a bit…

    Radha goes to Abhay & pats on his back in order to extinguish the fire ! Abhay also pats on his back.. She asks are you ok beta? He nodes yes.. Villagers are quiet to see Abhay.. But Abhay moves towards them & shouts I did this all for you all but you all tried to kill my family
    👿 MSK-Radha tells in chorus its ok Abhay.. Dont get angry on them.. They
    also don’t have any other choice as they wanted to kill that ww na.. It’s not
    their mistake.. Leave it.. 😐
    The old man comes forward & asks where is ur friend kabir ? All looks
    Abhay.. Abhay is mum.. The old man says I told you to not to come
    today.. But you too ignored mine words like others 👿 & killed kabir
    to gain power .. 👿 You are so selfish..
    Msk & Radha look Abhay with a shocked face.. MSK asks what? Abhay
    killed kabir? This can’t be possible.. How can he kill? The old man says oh still you both are believing on ur son? Ask him to speak the truth.. All villagers also start shouting to tell the truth…. Radha looks Abhay & asks him to tell something & prove them wrong…

    Abhay shouts Kabir was my friend.. I didn’t kill him .. Only situations were wrong 🙁 .. Msk says tell yes or no.. You killed him or not… If you didn’t kill him then where is he 👿
    Abhay looks down & says yessss..
    Radha holds his both arm… She cries & says you have changed.. You are not my Son.. How could you killed kabir..
    Abhay is in dilemma.. he says how could you all think like this.. 🙁 he was my friend.. More than a friend…
    Drisha wake up hearing this all ruckus.. She stands & asks in low voice bhaiyaa u killed him ❓ no u can’t do this.. U was my hero n.. How could you kill kabir.. 😥 Abhay says I did what was needed that time.. U know ur bhaiya n… No one is believing me champ 🙁 but you believe me n ❗ Drisha hugs Abhay & cries 😥

    All villagers are irked now 👿
    Suddenly A villager is about to hit Abhay from behind.. Abhay feels the danger & turns to him.. He stops his hand… another Villager also tries to hit him from another side but Abhay stops him too.. All shouts kill him.. Everyone attack on Abhay …. Abhay try to be protective & steps back.. 🙁
    Msk, Radha & Drisha ? tries to stop attackers but they attack on them also like a mad.. 😡

    Abhay is furious to see all this… He grinds his teeth & says I tried to save all of you but you all don’t deserve this 👿

    Villagers step back now… ?
    Msk & Radha (hurt a bit ) are skeptical & shocked to see Abhay as a vampire 🙁
    Msk recalls ppl alleging Abhay that he will kill everyone 👿
    Abhay looks Drisha who is lying on ground & her head is bleeding.. Abhay controls himself from getting overwhelmed…… Abhay goes to Drisha & tries to wake up her….
    Drisha slightly opens her eyes & says don’t spare them Bhaiya.. They don’t deserve you… She closes her eyes & die… 🙁 Abhay tries to heal her but it doesn’t work….
    That old man says from behind u can’t heal a dead person 😡
    Msk & Radha reaches to Drisha & cries holding her…

    Abhay stands & goes to that old man.. He says you are not a mad but a sick person… 👿 Old man says it was my way of revenge from everyone.. 👿 now you can’t stop anyone.. Not even yourself 😡
    Abhay fumes & pushes him aside 👿
    He falls very far ? …
    Abhay starts killing the other ppl who attacked… He kills them.. only women – children & some men r left (who didn’t attack) … 👿 😯

    Msk & Radha is still crying.. Abhay comes to them & says I punished them 😥 He holds Drisha & says I punished them…champ… I punished them…
    Radha jerks his hand & says while crying, this all has happened because of you.. U have become an animal….
    Abhay says m an animal ❓ then what will you call them… Who attacked on you, baba & Drisha.. Aren’t they animal??
    Radha says pls.. Spare us now.. She folds her both hand in front of Abhay… Abhay looks Msk & says baba ❗ u tell something n.. Maa is not understanding.. 🙁 Msk looks at him & says who r you… Abhay is shocked…
    He says m ur son baba.. Msk looks Drisha & then at the burning house…
    He says my son’s name was kabir 🙁 & my daughter is Drisha… Both r no more…
    Please go from here.. Abhay is totally broken.. He tries to touch Drisha’s face but Radha pushes him away…
    Abhay stands…..

    He looks all for the last Time & leaves from there taking a decision of not coming back ever… 😐

    Fb ends…


    • aarya
      September 25, 13:29

      Part ➡ 2

      … Its Jungle area…

      Mythili is in tears… She says master it wasn’t Abhay’s fault.. Neel says it wasn’t his fault but situation made him a murderer & after that he never became the same Abhay…

      ….. Another scene ….Highway-jungle…

      Abhay is in tears.. He says .. My champ died in front of my eyes.. I have the power but still I was so helpless.. 😥 my parents disowned me.. & after that .. 😥 😥 no..I can’t tell more.. 😥 🙁
      RR says no need to tell I know what happened after that.. 😯

      Abhay looks RR with shock 😯 & says What do u mean by u know??
      RR says after that u was all alone.. & then after some years you meet samrat.. Who was the mastermind behind reunion of ww & vampire .. Sid was his power… But when u joined him sid didn’t like it.. As u was stronger than him & immortal too like him..
      Abhay says sid is not immortal 😐 & I know how to kill him…I just…
      RR interrupts but sid helped you to meet your dream girl n.. Because of him you found her..
      Abahy recalls something & a smile comes on his face…. 🙂 He says I was totally amazed to see her.. She was exactly the same girl about whom I used to think….
      Fb shows…. Sid asks Abhay to attack
      the girl (Maya) Abhay sees her & refused saying I already tell samrat that I kill human but for my thirst not for fun..
      Abhay again looks at Maya…. 😉
      BG – “Jise zindagi dhoondh rahi hai
      Kya ye woh makaam mera hai.. 🙂
      Yahaan chain se bas ruk jaaun…
      Kyun dil ye mujhe kehta hai… 😀
      Jazbaat naye se mile hain…
      Jaane kya asar ye huaa hai… 😛
      Ik aas mili phir mujhko..
      Jo qubool kisi ne kiya hai.. 🙂
      Haan.. Kisi shaayar ki ghazalll… 😉
      Jo de rooh ko sukoon ke pal…
      Koi mujhko yun mila hai… 🙂
      Jaise banjaare ko ghar 🙂 … Jaise banjare KO ghar 🙂

      Abhay is smiling recalling his first meet with Maya.. He says It’s not just what I feel for her It’s what I do not feel for anyone but her.♥♥♥♥
      RR says Maya.. 🙂 You saw her & after that you didn’t help sid to kill Master… Abhay looks RR & nodes yes… He then says She was Maya.. When I saw her for the first time.. I felt like now am not alone.. I didn’t want to hurt her.. Her master.. Anything related to her.. But again my fate…I Lost her n….
      She came back again as Mythili but everything was changed
      M so unlucky.. I can’t love anyone 🙁

      “Patanga jo ho jaye mohabbat mein fanah — yeh uski ada hai ya aag ka gunah..! ⚡
      Koi aag se bhi puchhe uske dil ? ki hasrat –
      – jise pyaar se chhua uski bas raakh he mile…!” ?

      RR tries to console him.. Abhay gets more emotional remembering his past
      😥 & tells Now I understood why that Vampy wanted to free himself
      from that immortality of life.. 🙁
      Because No one can live with this kind of pain.. Now me too want to
      free myself from this immortality 🙁 No one is here for me..
      Why should I live? For whom? RR is helpless & unable to console Abhay….

      … In jungle area…. Its night now…

      Sid is in the same area where Mythili is hidden with Neelambar…. 👿
      He asks everyone to keep quiet & attentive…

      Mythili tells master Sid knows very well that Abhay would not come here.. So he choosed pandher & Abhay’s house to kidnap me… 🙁
      Neel tells I don’t think so Maya.. Sid is not a fool to bring you here without any plan.. He is having some plan behind this! Mythili looks Neelambar with confused face & asks what are you saying master? Neel tells If I am not
      wrong then sid is expecting RishAbhay to come here…
      Mythili recalls her talk with Sid
      “Siddartha says sid has kidnapped you .. You can’t go anywhere… If your lovers come here then they won’t return from here.. Mark my words ! But first they need to find about me & this place then only they can come n.. 👿 Mythili tells I know them… Just wait & watch
      Sid says okk same 2 you.. Wait & watch my pretty kitten..”””

      Mythili tells you are right master.. He told me like he is also waiting for
      RishAbhay arrival.. when I tried to scare him saying that RishAbhay will come & rescue me from here..
      Neel looks Mythili & tells.. It means
      Sid’s target is something else! He is trying to make Abhay weak by
      bringing him here.. Mythili tells but
      Abhay is a strong person.. He never give up master.. I am sure now RR must be with him only!
      Neel tells I know that Maya Abhay is strong but when it comes to family & you, he is so vulnerable.. And yeah ❗ sid is expecting both.. RR is not a big
      thing for sid.. He can easily kill him.. & Abhay.. He will broken after coming here 🙁 Mythili gets shocked & says No
      master this can’t be happen.. I won’t let RishAbhay to come here 🙁 I
      don’t want to do dis happen.. I love both Abhay & RR.. I have realised this
      already.. I can’t let anything happen to them 😥 I wouldn’t give up easily.. For now I just want to help them.. Especially Abhay.. He has so much pain in his heart but he never share it with anyone…not even with me.. 🙁 Tell me master.. how could we help Abhay.. & how RR is connected with Abhay..
      Neelambar says RR is not only connected with Abhay but you too & you already know about that… 🙂
      Mythili says yes ! I gave him my pow..e…
      She stops as she notices Some commotion in jungle 😐

      Camera shows Sid .. A little far from Mythili & Neelambar ? A hh comes there & says they didn’t find Neelambar..
      Sid gets mad & says may be Neel & Mythili are together 👿 Where is Nayasha .. Go & asks her to come here… Hh nodes & goes from there

      ….. Dobriyal house…

      DeePia are getting tense thinking of whereabouts of RR & Abhay… Chand enters & asks if everything is okk ❓
      Deep says where is Abhay & RR.. Padmini aunty has called me many times .. What to say her when I too don’t know.. 🙁
      Chand says they will come back .. Don’t worry.. 🙂
      Pia says but at least tell us n where are they.. We can help them.. ❗
      Chand keep quiet 😐 Shiva comes to them from his room & says guys VS never went abroad 😯
      DeePia just nodes & thinks where is this Siddhartha
      …( Chand goes outside ) Shiva again says it means his all pics are fake.. Now police will surely find them.. DeePia looks each other & says yeah! ? hope so ❗ and Pics ….. 🙂 we can find some clue from that n… 🙂
      Trio again start to look all pics of Siddhartha to get some clue…

      … Highway jungle…

      RR & Abhay are sitting under a tree…
      Abhay closes his eyes & is lost in thoughts.. recalling his every moments with Kabir.. Drisha.. Mohan.. Radha & Maya.. RR also
      sits near by him & cont looking at Abhay.. Abhay murmurs in-self who will come & free me from this life? Who will show us a way to find Maya…

      RR is upset seeing Abhay like this 🙁 … unable to know what to do… he also closes his eyes & starts recalling his moments with Mythili.. But soon RR feels that someone is calling his name.. He looks Abhay but its not Abhay.. RR then looks around…
      He stands & moves forward.. He then realizes that he has seen this place in his dream… 😯 “A person asking for help.. Hh are attacking on him..”
      He says dad ❗ 🙄 is dad here.. ❓ 🙂
      He gets happy & again hears his name.. Rishu… RR turns & finds shamsher in front of him 🙂 RR is speechless..
      😐 Shamsher is in tears of happiness after seeing RR.. RR says dad?? Sham hugs RR & asks what are you doing here? RR looks shamsher 😐 Sham tells leave from here.. It’s not save for you to stay here long they will kill you 🙁 RR tells I can’t go.. I came here to search
      her.. Sham tells you can’t find her here and they will also kill you if you go there 🙁 to search her… So just leave.. RR refuses & asks means you know where is she ?? Sham tells you are not understanding 🙁 you can’t defeat them 😥 they are very dangerous.. RR tells dad help me plz if u can.. Plz tell me her place where is she? Plz say
      something.. Siddhartha- An evil vampire has kidnapped her…
      Sham says I don’t know where is she now ❗ ..but some days before
      I saw some hh.. Who took a girl in that direction.. Sham points towards highway … & says to go there You need to cross that river.. RR too looks by that direction & asks where? There is no any river.. ❗ Sham looks Abhay who is sleeping near by RR & tells he knows everything.. RR looks Abhay & then
      sham 🙂 but sham is not there.. RR shouts dad.. dadd.. daddd..
      Abhay opens his eyes hearing RR’s voice & finds him sleeping near by him &
      shouting dad.. Abhay jerks RR & wakes him up.. He asks what happened? RR
      wakes up & is sweating.. He blabbers dad.. where are you? Abhay tries
      to calm down RR & makes him relax.. Abhay tells just relax.. Why are
      you shouting? RR tells my dad was here but.. Abhay asks your dad?
      Here? 🙄 RR tells yes my dad he was here only.. He talked to me.. Believe me.. Abhay tells I believes you.. 🙂 What he said? RR tells he was scared & asked me to leave from here.. Abhay tells I think my past has affected you thats why you
      remembered your dad.. Nothing else.. Just relax.. Abhay holds RR
      hands.. RR is in full dilemma & keeps mum.. He tries to recall his talk
      with his dad.. Abhay looks around.. RR again blabbers why he asked me to
      leave dis place? RR holds his head.. & tells he told me something.. RR remembers something..& tells Abhay.. She is there 🙂

      … Jungle area…

      Sid & other are moving close to Mythili…
      Mythili gets tensed .. She says master now there is no way to escape but I can save you… If they find me then all will leave from here & u can go to RishAbhay.. Tell them about Siddhartha.. & his plan.. But if they found both of us.. Then nothing could be done 🙁
      Neelambar says ur plan is dangerous for you.. Mythili says master.. Sid will not kill me now.. But if he find you.. He can go to any extent.. He can even ki…no I don’t want to loose anyone…

      … Dobriyal house… Hall….

      DeePia/Shivika all r busy in finding any clue.. But didn’t get anything… Shiva says we can’t get anything from this crap pic.. 👿 Anika too nodes…
      Pia looks Deep 🙁 & says Ask RR , if they found anything.. Deep dials the no but its not reachable.. Deep then clicks some pic of sid- Nayasha from newspaper & forward it to RR… Pia says hope they could find something from this…

      …. Highway jungle-area….

      Abhay is confused & asks what do you mean? RR tells my dad asked me to
      cross the river.. Abhay asks river? RR points towards highway &
      tells there.. He told me you knw about it 🙂 Abhay is shocked hearing
      this & asks you mean this direction? RR tells yes.. Now what are you
      thinking? come & lets go.. Both come on highway near the car … RR asks Abhay to sit but Abhay refuses 🙄 RR asks now what happened.. Abhay says I can’t go there.. She can’t be there… Noone knows about that place.. No.. she is not there… 🙁
      RR says what are you talking Abhay.. Let us find her there once… What’s the problem in that… Abhay shouts I just don’t want to go there again.. I don’t want to go pandher again…. RR is shocked 😯


      Part ➡ 3

      …. Jungle – Area…..

      Sid smells Mythili presence & stops… Nayasha also arrives there in hurry & tells ufff ❗ this girl has played too much.. 👿 Sid tells shhh.. & acts like taking a deep breath in joy 😀 & says finally I found u my pretty kitten…
      Sid moves towards a big banyan tree… But before he reach there Mythili comes out & runs from there… Sid grinds his teeth 👿 & says you can’t run so far from me..Come to me.. Come to me My pretty kitten.. 😡 😉 He asks some hh to search Neel & then follows Mythili.. Nayasha & some hh also follow Sid …

      Some hh looks for Neelambar here & there & then goes…
      Camera shows Neelambar hidden in between bushes.. He comes out & leaves from there…..

      ….. Highway ….

      RR says you don’t want to go there 🙁 but I will go… After all how could we miss any chance to find her.. Abhay doesn’t say anything 😐 just then RR gets the msg of Deep… He sees all the pic with confusion & then notices something he says Deep has send some pic of Sid – Nayasha.. U must see it…
      Abhay takes the mobile & glances on the pic thoroughly… He says already seen these… RR selects a pic & says now see this… Then u will believe my words too…
      Abhay sees the pic again & notices something… “Sid & Nayasha taking selfie together in a room.. In the background, there are so many paintings on wall… ”
      Abhay’s eyes sparkles & he zooms the Pic… He points finger on a painting & says this one is made….. RR interrupts made by Drisha 🙂 Abhay looks RR 😐
      RR smiles & says this is the only painting among all western style paintings…& champ used to made these type of painting only.. Abhay says the way you knows everything about me.. it seems that U r me..
      Both sits in car & moves ahead to go Pandher 🙂

      …. It’s midnight….

      Abhay asks RR to stop the car…
      RR stops the car near a turn.. Abhay says now we need to go on foot..
      Abhay & RR both come out of the car… & walk ahead… Soon both reaches near river… RR hugs Abhay happily & tells We found the place 🙂 my dad was right 🙂
      He showed us right way 🙂
      Abhay looks around & thinks why I entered this place again 🙁 he looks another side of village & hears a girl’s voice calling him Bhaiya.. He stops & steps back..
      RR asks Abhay what happened?
      Abhay doesn’t reply… RR says I know its hard for you but we dont have any other choice n 🙁 Lets cross this river…. 🙂

      … Next scene….

      Abhay & RR reaches near a well which is ruined now….. Abhay touches that well & says everything is so changed.. 😐
      RR looks around & says Abhay ❗ where are they.. ❓ there are no HHs 😐
      Abhay moves ahead… & see his burned house.. 😥 RR follows him…
      Both entered house.. RR says it seems that they were here only few hours ago…. Abhay looks around with teary eyes & says its my house.. He reminiscences Msk & Radha .. Kabir & his funny talk with Drisha… Abhay says with teary eyes & in anger Sid choosed my house to keep hostage my Maya.. 👿 Abhay then moves towards a room where Mythili was kept & looks around.. He goes near to a Painting & touches it.. Abhay recalls Drisha showing him all her paintings … RR also enters & touches Abhay’s shoulder 🙁
      Abhay says she was here only.. I can feel her.. But now she has taken away.. This place has snatched everything from me… Abhay kneels down & cries recalling his past life.. He is totally broken from inside & unable to control himself 🙁 Abhay shouts Why??? Why God ❓ Why you made me come here again.. You know that now I can’t handle this pain 🙁 But still you didn’t stop & giving me more pain to me…
      you don’t want to see me as a happy person ever.. RR too gets
      emotional seeing Abhay & makes Abhay stand.. RR hugs Abhay tightly &
      tells I promise you.. Everyone left you but I will never leave you.. 🙂 Abhay
      too back hugs him & cries.. 😥

      Both then notice thorns speared over on bed & gets shocked 😯 … RR takes a thron & finds blood sustain on it.. He gets angry & tells How dare he 👿 Both imagines how would Sid torture Mythili…. 🙁 RR gets angry & says.. I won’t leave this Siddhartha… Suddenly both hears Mythili’s screaming… & gets alert… Abhay runs fastly in that direction.. RR also runs ..

      … Another scene…

      Camera shows all dark inside the forest & Sid is laughing evilly…. Blood is dropping from Mythili’s palm drop by drop in a bowl… (Who is in clutch of Nayasha.. ) Nayasha signs a hh to bring something… Mythili is quiet & thinks hope master inform RishAbhay about Sid’s plan..
      Sid moves around Mythili & sings…
      “nayak nhi khalnaya hun main…
      (Hh brings an injection & Sid gives that injection while talking to her )
      Julmi bara dukhdayak hun main 😎 ”
      What do you think my pretty kitten.. I will let you go… Naah ❗ you should be afraid of me… You should scream but you should not run 👿 I was so nice to you.. But you did a big mistake.. & give urself a big distress.. 🙁 just then a hh comes to Sid & says something in his ears…. Sid’s eye sparkles .. He looks Mythili & says congrats … Ur lover oops lovers 😎 are here Very soon… they will be here to die.. 👿 Mythili is shocked.. 😯 Sid goes near to her & says they r coming..
      But I know this time they are
      weak… Finally My wait is overrr.. 🙂
      Mythili recalls her dream about Sid killing RishAbhay.. She looks around & thinks it’s the same place 🙁 what to do now… 🙄 some hh are returns & tells Boss.. We could not able to find that old
      man.. Sid looks Mythili & tells leave him.. Now We have his fav disciple Maya 😎 soon RR & Abhay will be also here.. That old man will die himself after today seeing their condition…
      Mythili gets a chance during these talk.. she pushes Nayasha & hits Siddhartha.. But falls down on ground because of drug-effect… 🙁 Sid says Ahhh! Baby u fall down 🙁 oops 👿

      Sid lifts her just then Abhay comes there & shouts Mayaaa…. Both glare at each other… Sid smiles 👿 & says oops you are faster than RR 😉 but not stronger 👿 😈
      RR also reaches there.. Nayasha gets happy seeing RR after long time 😉 Both Rishabhay stare at Sid who is lifting
      Mythili in his arms 😉 Sid smirks 😉

      … Next scene…. After sometimes..

      Mythili is lying unconscious on ground…
      She gains conscious & opens her eyes slowly..but gets shocked & scared to see
      Both Rishabh-Abhay under control of Sid.. 😯 some hhs are holding Abhay tightly.. Abhay is looking weak…
      Some other hhs are holding Rishabh tightly who is badly injured…
      Sid evily laughes seeing both….
      MyRishAbhay look each other 🙁 😥 🙁


      Precap ➡

      Shamsher is playing with little chhotu-RR happily.. 🙂 RR wins the game & giggles
      🙂 Shamsher smiles & gives a locket to Rishu he says.. Please keep it safely and it’s his aashirvaad ..

  6. Bulbul (16/09)
    September 18, 14:08 Reply


    JUNOON ➡ It’s Not Human Love 😀

    Episode ➡ 79

    Part ➡ 1

    Episode starts… With showing Abhay coming out of the washroom wearing a towel 😉 he gets shocked & quickly hides himself behind the door of washroom 😆 & asks what are you doing in my room? 😯 He then pats on his head 😀 & comes out.. 😆 He looks that girl who is sitting on his bed 🙂

    He says so now you came again 😉 🙂
    He also sits on the bed near to her.. 😀 She smiles looking at him cutely 🙂 Eyelock 😛
    He then tells do you know something nowadays I am not feeling sleepy 🙁 &
    hungry.. Don’t you think its strange? Or its because of you 😉 pyaar k side-effects 😎 ….. but I know It’s not
    because of love effect 🙄 🙁
    she just smiles again 🙂
    Abhay again says I can’t share these things to anyone now.. 😐 But can share this all to you as you are my.. 😉
    Btw what is ur name? 🙄 She looks him cutely 😛 He thinks & tells let me guess… Ur name should be Sapna.. 🙂 As u used to come in my dreams.. 😉 She nodes no.. Abhay again says then Rani ❗ as u r my sapnon ki Rani n.. She again nodes no… 🙂 & keep looking at Abhay cont.. 😀
    Abhay says ok.. will chose a name for
    you 🙂 if you like any name then just blink ur eyes..
    He says ur name is bulbul 😀 ? ? she doesn’t respond.. 😐 He tells some more cute cute names looking at her but she doesn’t blink 😉 Abhay is confused but smiles 🙂 & tells okk.. U didn’t like any name n..so I will call you as “My dream girl” .. 🙂 only
    she again smiles seeing him 🙂 he tries to touch her nose 😆 but she
    disappears.. He smiles.. 🙂 & pats on his head … 😛

    ….. Its Noon….

    Abhay comes out of the house with a cute smile on his face… 😀
    He met some people & asks their well-being.. Everyone blesses him.. 🙂 Women smiles looking at him.. 😉 Abhay is happy & delighted.. 😀 He sits nearby & looks all of them.. All r busy in their work….

    He says in heart it gives me a wonderful feeling that I saved their lives & now 2 more days .. 🙂 Then everything will be fine 🙂 he looks upon & thanks god… unknowingly he also says that.. its great ! Sun is not creating any problem for me 🙂 Abhay then realizes what did he say.. But unable to know y did he said that 🙄
    Just then he feels that someone is calling him 🙄 he looks here & there…
    But doesn’t find anyone.. A mid-aged man come to him & says beta ❗ hujur is calling u.. 🙂 Abhay looks at the man & thinks Baba is calling me 😯 ❓
    Abhay then goes to his house where
    Everyone is waiting for Abhay for lunch.. Msk looks at him 🙂 & says what ❗ If U don’t feel hungry.. Abhay looks at the whole food stuff & says no m not hungry…. U all eat … I have some work to finish.. 🙂
    He leaves.. Radha gets worried 🙁 & says Ye ladka v n… 🙁 he is not taking care of his health … Msk smiles & says it shows that he has grown up now.. 🙂

    … Next scene…

    Drisha & kabir are outside.. Villagers are decorating all around… 🙂 Drisha says Bhaiya has become a hero 🙂 … Kabir nodes yes in a confused state 😐 & says but don’t you think it looks strange.. 🙄
    Drisha looks kabir 😐 & says what strange.. He is a super hero.. 🙂 she giggles.. 😀 Kabir pats on her head 😛 & says go & get ready for function… 🙂 U all girl took too much time to get ready.. Drisha smirks 😉 & what about you all… You all used to think about ur dream girl only 😀
    Kabir says no m not thinking.. Drisha says but Bhaiya used to think n… 😉
    & his imagination is very beautiful… I made her painting &.. She looks wonderful… Hope I get a bhabhi like her .. 🙂 Just then Radha calls Drisha & she runs towards her house…
    Kabir thinks Dream-girl & Abhay didn’t tell me anything 👿 😆

    … Night …… 🙂
    Some ppl are busy in giving final arrangements for celebration… Msk arrives there with Radha & Drisha… & takes their seat… 🙂

    Abhay & kabir also arrive together… 😎 😉

    Everyone starts celebrating/dancing around a bonfire.. 🙂
    AbhiR .. Drisha/Msk/Radha all are happily watching this all..
    Some girls crosses near by Abhir looking at them.. Abhay smiles & tells You are looking Handsome 😛 Kabir asks why this talk suddenly? Abhay tells I did not say anything suddenly but that
    girl thinked about you like this only 🙂 Kabir looks Abhay 🙄 .. & asks which girl? Abhay points towards a girl standing a little far from them.. Kabir turns & looks that girl.. 🙂
    That girl also looks at him & smiles 🙂 :mrgreen: kabir quickly turns back & tells innocently Abhayyy that girl is smiling while looking at me 😯
    Abhay laughs 😀 & says told you na she likes you 😉 kabir tells shut up 😐 & stop ur blabbering 👿 Abhay tells hey I did not lie to u 🙄 kabir gets little bit angry & tells oh.. 👿 Its means now you will
    tell that you can read mine mind too? Abhay tells I think so.. 🙂 Kabir
    tells ok.. Then now read mine mind & tell what am I thinking.. Abhay
    looks kabir & says seems that you are testing me.. 😉 Kabir says hmmm its obvious.. Anybody can guess it .. No doubt in that? Abhay smirks & tells ok.. Then think something .. Kabir smiles internally.. ? & thinks but what to think now? Abhay cutely smiles knowing his thoughts.. 😀
    Kabir says in heart while looking at Abhay hmmm.. What to think.. If I think only then you can tell na.. 🙂 time for action..Slap me Abhay.. ?
    Abhay asks are you sure?? Kabir looks him in dilemma 🙄 Abhay raises his hand to slap kabir… but stops & says how could I slap you kabir ? 🙂
    Kabir is totally stunned 😯 😐 Abhay holds his arms & asks what happened? Kabir tells I can’t believe it.. 🙄 How you read mine mind? Abhay recalls his talk with that vampy & how he sucked that vampy’s blood.. 😡
    Kabir jerks him & asks tell me Abhay.. Abhay tells No idea but.. I can read others mind 🙂
    kabir asks you can read anyone’s mind na then tell me what is he thinking now? Kabir points towards a village person.. Abhay tells something & kabir laughs.. 🙂 😀
    Both then looks at Drisha & calls her.. She looks both of them & asks what happened.. ❓ Let me dance n… Kabir signs Abhay 😉 Abhay smiles & tries to know but can’t.. Drisha gets irked & says why did u call me 👿 & laughing.. Kabir asks what happened Abhay ?? Tell me what is she thinking.. 🙂 Drisha looks both of them & says bhiayaa 🙁 why both of you are teasing me.. Abhay tells kabir has gone crazy.. You go & enjoy with ur friends.. Drisha leaves..
    Kabir says hmmm.. Now what happened.. Mind-reader.. 😉 Abhay smiles & says y would I tell you what is she thinking 😉 …
    Kabir says hmmmm 😐 Abhay smiles & says kabir… She is my champ.. & her heart is pure.. She has nothing to hide..
    Kabir says okk leave it.. Now tell me about her…. how will you find her ?
    Abhay asks whom?? 🙄
    ( A man comes to them & offers them food to eat.. Both take the plate & starts eating..)
    Kabir smiles & says Your dream girl 😉
    Abhay blushes 😛 & says she will find me 😎 Kabir says okkk then let me see her once.. I mean Drisha told me that she has made her painting.. Where is that.. ?
    Abhay says that is with me.. 🙂 & You can’t see that… 😎 Kabir says will see anyhow.. 😉 Abhay smiles…. 🙂 & says lets see.. He then notices the old man sitting far from everyone.. 🙄 He excuses himself from kabir & goes to him…That man is looking at moon…. 😯

    Abhay goes in front of him & asks y aren’t u enjoying.. ❓ everyone is there..
    Old man says its not the time to celebrate… Abhay says I killed all wolf now what’s the problem.. ❓
    Old man looks Abhay with question full eye & says u killed all wolf only… 😐

    Camera shows river-side jungle… A wolf is running there & suddenly stops near river side… ??

    Abhay asks what do u mean.. 🙄
    Old man says u killed wolf only not were wolf & m wondering that how could you kill wolf easily 🙄 Abhay fumes & says when u know everything then why are not you telling anything to anyone… 👿
    Old man says if I say they will not believe me 🙁
    Everyone think that m mad so let them believe like this & die 👿

    Abhay gets tensed & looks at everyone who are happily enjoying…. 🙁 🙁
    Old man smirks 😉 & says all will die.. All… You.. Ur family..& me too..
    He then walks away…
    Abhay feels uneasy & vomits all food… 😯 He thinks what is happening with me 🙁

    Camera shows the river side again & the wolf starts to turn into a human… 😯 👿

    Ww shouts you all will pay for killing my clan… 🙁


    Part ➡ 2

    …… Morning….. Abhay’s room….

    Abhay is awaken.. ( wearing black ) 😎
    He thinks what to do.. M not feeling sleepy…. 😥 everyone is in danger but I have very less time to protect all… How to find ww 😯

    Drisha comes to his room 🙂 & a little bit shocked to see him like this.. She asks what happened bhaiyaa.. 🙄
    Abhay hides his emotions & says Champ ❗ there is nothing to worry.. 🙂
    Drisha asks then y r u looking upset 🙁 & why this black color.. U don’t like black n… Abhay says hmm.. Champ ❗ it looks good on me n ❗ Drisha nodes 🙂 yes & says u look Handsome .. But your saddy face doesn’t look good.. So smile 🙂
    Abhay smiles.. 🙂 & hugs Drisha..
    Drisha says now come & have a breakfast.. He nodes & both goes..

    Everyone is eating.. Abhay & Drisha arrive there & join them.. But as Abhay takes the first bite .. He feels like vomit
    🙁 😯 .. & leaves in hurry without saying anything… Everyone wonder.. 😯 Radha tries to stop him but he doesn’t listen.. 🙁

    … In village…

    A 6 ft tall person enters there in disguise of a villager … He starts to ask for Msk’s address. … & the guy who killed all wolf 👿

    ….. Opposite side of the river…

    Camera shows Abhay entering inside the cave.. He is about to call that vampy.. 🙄 But that vampy appears in front of Abhay quickly from no where 😯 & tells I knew that you will come! 🙂 Abhay gets stunned and looks that vampy 😯
    He tells seems you are not ready to miss any chance to show ur tricks.. 😐 Vampy smirks 😉 & tells its not mine tricks but mine powers 🙂 I can run faster than
    air.. Abhay says oh I see.. that’s why I am not feeling sleepy & hungry
    too? 🙄 Whatever I eat I vomits 😯 if this all are side effects of ur powers? 👿
    Vampy smiles & tells see now you are not a normal human like others to sleep peacefully & eat ur fav foods.. 😉 Abhay says just stop it.. I have came here to know about werewolf’s … I killed wolves but not ww? How can I find them… ❓ Vampy tells oh ❗ u believed that old man.. 😉 Abhay says u know him.. 🙄 Vampy laughs & tells that old man is mad but tells the truth.. 😈 He knows everything but noone believes him.. But you believed him & that’s y I like you my boy.. 🙂 U r so calculative.. U will become a very good vampire.. 👿 Abhay gets irked & says m not a vampire till now.. just come to the point 👿
    Vampy smiles seeing Abhay & thinks
    Its 4th day Abhay ❗ will see ur humanity… 😈
    Abhay says tell me.. Vampy says ww are native enemy of vampire…
    They are also wolf but can change
    their appearance like humans & vice versa! 👿 Abhay asks what? How can an animal turn into like a human? Vampy tells its their powers like you have some power ,in which you are not interested to know 😉
    Abhay asks I have powers??? 🙄 means I can recognize ww too? Vampy tells yes off course… U can recognize ww.. U can run faster.. U can heal .. U can read minds.. But these all will work strongly if u choose to become a vampire for whole life.. 🙂 Only one thing can harm you.. The sun ray.. 🙁 Abhay looks upon & recalls his saying “Sun is not creating any problem for me ” Abhay says but sun-ray does not affect me.. I think silver affects more… 😐
    Vampy is shocked now.. 😯 & then he smiles & says it means u have this own power… You inherited all power from me.. & this one is ur personal – unique power.. 🙂 Abhay is confused.. 🙄
    Vampy says see ❗ every vampire has a unique power which others don’t have..
    I have the unique power to create any illusion .. Just like this cave… 😎
    & u have this special power of not getting harm by sun… 😉
    Abhay asks I can kill ww with all this power n.. ❗ Vampy smiles & tells yes but not sure.. Anyone can win 👿
    & your power is only for 2 days now…
    Abhay is in despair 🙁 but says I will find that ww before loosing my power & kill him soon … 🙂
    Vampy looks him with wet eye.. 😥
    Abhay tells I don’t want to become a vampire.. 😐 I need to find that ww soon.. 😯
    Vampy says Abhay ❗ m concern for you but only time will decide
    everything! let’s see.. But remember one thing now you need to control
    yourself too if you don’t want to become like me… Side-effects has just started… Abhay tells okk.. & about to leave.. But
    vampy stops Abhay & tells I want to tell one more important thing to
    you.. Abhay asks what? Vampy tells tomorrow is “Full Moon Day” The
    important day for you & me 🙂 Abhay asks means? Vampy tells something (all in mute mode) Abhay looks vampy with anger mix sad look.. 🙁 👿 & tells I wouldn’t harm anyone.. But I will find that ww asap.. I wouldn’t let that ww to harm my family or ppl 🙂
    Vampy says in heart you can’t decide anything Abhay.. 😐
    Abhay leaves from there ….

    …. Noon….

    That tall person is near Abhay’s house… 👿 He notices Abhay coming towards the house… That man hides himself… Abhay stops at some distance … He feels something & starts looking here there… 😯
    He then thinks what am I searching for 😯 … & why am I feeling so much thirsty… 🙁
    He then goes near to well.. & asks for water to a woman…. She gives him .. He drinks water 🙂 but he is not satisfied & gets more thirsty… 😡 He is unable to figure out what is going on… He starts to sweat badly.. 🙁 That woman gets little scared & asks R u okk? 😯
    Abhay jerks her hand & his hand gets slam on wall of well… 😯 That woman gets afraid & runs away Shouting help for Abhay…
    Blood starts to come out from the cut of his hand…. Abhay sees it & tries to stop bleeding.. He sucks the excessive blood .. Bleeding stops 🙂 Abhay feels little relief but not satisfied… ?

    That person is watching him ? secretly 😯 he thinks…. so He is a vampire 🙄 I need to kill him but for that I need support ..he leaves…

    Abhay is feeling more thirsty … 😯 he then recalls vampy word “you need to control yourself” he then hold his head & sits on his knees… He screams I cantttt & faints…. 🙁
    Same woman come there with some villagers.. All looks Abhay 🙁 & then lift him…

    …..Next scene…..

    That ww come to village again in human form & hypnotize a person.. ? Soon he performs this act on some more ppl… ? 🙁

    Abhay is in his room…lying on bed… He opens his eyes 😯 & hears some noise from outside…. 🙄
    some villagers with MSK & kabir are discussing something in hall…
    Abhay comes there & everyone gives a shocked & fear expression.. 😯 👿
    Abhay asks what happened y everyone is looking at me like this.. 🙄 Kabir says nothing has happened.. 🙂 You need to rest.. I will handle everything .. 🙂
    Abhay signs kabir to stop & go to Msk.. Msk says what happened to you near that well ❓ Abhay is speechless 😐 Msk again asks tell me .. What happened to you… Abhay says I just fainted suddenly… 😐

    A man says no ❗ hujur he is telling a lie.. 👿 kabir looks at him & says who r you to say this 👿 just shut your mouth …. But other villagers start to support that man .. Abhay looks that man who is hypnotized by ww.. He thinks him as ww… ? & grabs his neck… Villagers get scared 🙁 … & shouts to leave the man… But Abhay is out of control… 👿
    Kabir .. Msk & other villagers try to free that man from Abhay… Drisha & Radha also come there & both r shocked to see Abhay like this… 😯 That man start to loose his consciousness & comes out from the effect of hypnotism… 😐 Abhay also realizes that he is misguided. ..
    🙁 Abhay leaves the man & he falls on ground… 🙁
    Kabir jerks Abhay… & asks what has happened to you… 🙁 what are you hiding from us… A villager goes to Msk & says hujur now it will be not tolerated.. 👿

    A ww in human form comes forward & says ayee Mohan.. 👿 Your son has gone mad.. 😈 Msk feels humiliated as that person calls him by his name disrespectfully 🙁 he sits on chair totally broken…. & asks everyone to keep quiet.. But noone listen to him
    🙁 Radha rushes to hold Msk while Drisha is crying seeing this all…. 😥
    Abhay grabs that person’s neck & says how dare you to call my baba by his name… 👿 Some villagers tries to hit Abhay … 🙁 Kabir stops them :-)/& then goes to Abhay… Abhay tightens his grip.. Drisha also runs to Abhay & says Bhaiyaa leave him… He will die… 😥 Abhay looks around & finds that everyone is looking at him with anger.. He leaves That person.. Who is dead now.. 😯 🙁 kabir looks Abhay & says you killed him 😯 🙁 Abhay says he wasn’t a man he was a were wolf… A ww..
    But all villagers start to blame Abhay again.. Abhay tells why no one
    is believing me I am saying the truth only.. All villagers ignore
    Abhay’s words & say no Abhay can’t Iive here.. he has to go. 👿 He is a threat to us now… He has lost his mind 👿
    Msk stands after a effort & tells Abhay will leave the village… 🙁 Abhay turns to Msk & says baba its not my fault… 😐 I have saved you all from a ww.. I won’t go anywhere… If I go who will take care of you all… 😥 Msk slaps Abhay hard & says you have just killed a person..
    🙁 This is not a mistake but a crime… Inspite of this ppl are asking you just to leave village not to die but again you r refusing 👿
    Abhay cries & says baba ❗ if I go far from you.. Maa.. Champ & kabir.. Then it will be worse than the death 😥 .. I will not go anywhere… Tears come out from Msk eyes.. He is about to hug Abhay but controls himself & says you have no any choice… You have to go…. 🙁
    The old man comes there & says yes he will go surely.. 😐 All looks that old
    man.. The old man asks Abhay to come aside as he want to talk something.. Abhay thinks for a while & agree to go with that old man.. Kabir
    gets suspicious & he follows them secretly.. 😯
    Villagers leaves MSK’s house…
    Msk .. Radha… Drisha all are left in grief pain & shock 😐


    Part ➡ 3

    …. A little far from MSK’s house….

    The old man asks how did you killed that ww? ❓
    (Kabir also comes there & hides himself behind the tree & overhears their conv..)

    Abhay tells atleast you believed me that I killed a ww not any person… 🙂 Now come with me & tell them.. The old man jerks Abhay & asks tell me how did you killed that ww? 👿 only A Vampire can kill that ww.. It means you are a vampire… 😯

    Abhay fumes & says am not a vampire till now 👿 to become a vampire I need to drink… huma..n.. The old man
    interrupts & tells till now you did not suck any human’s blood.. 🙄
    Abhay is shocked & asks how do you know about this? 😯 The old man says already told you I knew many things but here noone believe me 😐
    and now you can’t stay here among humans.. Abhay asks but why? 🙄
    The old man says because may be you have controlled yourself today but you may be not able to control urself tomorrow.. As tomorrow is full moon day.. 😯
    Abhay tells I knew that too.. vampy told me that if I suck any human’s blood before full moon then only I can turn into a complete vampire.. But I am trying to control mine thirst & now I have killed that ww too.. 🙂 I won’t harm anyone.. dont worry 🙂 old man looks Abhay with a surprised & says hmmm u met him too 😯 🙁 then you must leave… 👿
    ( kabir is totally shocked hearing this & thinks it means Abhay was right about reading minds.. 😯 )
    Abhay is still not ready to go.. 😐 the old man shouts you are not understanding.. You will not be able to control ur thirst tomorrow.. 🙁 You should leave from here atleast for one day.. Abhay tells Believe me I wont harm anyone.. I know how to control myself 🙂 The old man says try to understand the thing.. Its a matter of one day only… 🙂 Abhay thinks for a while & agrees to leave.. 🙁 🙄

    He comes to villagers & announces that he is leaving the village…. All r relaxed…

    ….Early Morning… 5th day….

    .. Abhay’s room…

    Abhay’s is all set to leave the house.. 😐 Kabir enters & looks Abhay.. 🙄
    Abhay asks now what happened to you? Kabir hugs Abhay tightly & cries.. 😥 Abhay asks kabir are you okk? ❓ Kabir tells yest I overheared ur & that old man’s convo 🙁 Abhay is shocked a bit & tells see kabir nothing is going to happen to me 🙂 its just a matter of one day.. I will be back tomorrow morning as ur friend Abhay only not any kind of
    vampire.. So just chill 🙂 kabir says you did a big thing for us.. 🙂
    Abhay tells I will do anything for you & my family 🙂 now let me go only
    then I can come tomorrow 🙂 otherwise who knows I bite 👿 you here as you are looking delicious 😉 😀 with teary-ice on face 😛
    kabir smiles & tells stop cracking ur bakwas jokes.. 😀 Go & come fast… I will be waiting for you.. 🙂 Abhay smiles 🙂

    Abahy is leaving….. 🙁 Msk & Radha are in the room 😥
    Drisha comes out of the house running & shouts Bhaiyaaa Please don’t go
    🙁 Abhay turns to see her… She comes near to him & says Bhaiya pls don’t go… 😥 Maa & baba are also crying
    🙁 Abhay smiles & hugs her… He kisses on her forehead & says champ ❗ I will come back soon 🙂 so don’t worry & take care of MAA & baba….. He then leaves happily…. 🙂 🙂

    That tall person is watching them from afar… 👿 He smirks evilly & tells now I can easily kill all…. & then you… 👿

    …. Next Scene…..

    Abhay is far from village & moves forward…. 😐
    He then enters inside a cave & finds a beautiful secret place… 💡 He tells wow.. 😎 This place is looking wonderful 🙂 that old man’s choice is too good 🙂
    he sits under a tree…… ? & recalls his happy moment with his family….. 🙂 He then says in heart can’t wait to go there… 🙂

    …. In village….

    Everything is so peaceful… 🙂 Ppl are happy that now there are not any wolf or the lunatic Abhay 👿

    While in Abhay’s house.. Msk & Radha are worried… 🙁 Drisha is keep looking at sand of time… ✖ … 🙂

    …. Evening…..

    The same 6 ft tall person enters in village with some of his wolve-mates… 👿 He instructs them to go in different different direction so that no one could escape… 👿 & says that after this we will kill Abhay also 👿

    Kabir comes to Msk & says uncle ❗ I want to talk something very important….
    Msk looks on… 🙄
    Just then someone knocks the door… ❗
    Drisha gets happy that Abhay has return…. 🙂 She opens the door….
    The same tall man pushes Drisha aside & enters in the house… 😥 🙁 😯

    …. In the secret place …

    Abhay is not feeling well.. 🙁 He starts
    feeling thirsty again but controls.. 😡 He thinks I should divert my mind.. 🙁 He takes out Maya’s pic & starts talking to her… 😀 He says do u know something my dream girl …. I am very happy that I killed that ww and now need to spend the night only.. 🙂
    Abhay cont looking at the pic & says you are listening n….
    Suddenly she appears in front of him like a magic… 💡 He smiles & tells I have saved my ppl and my family 🙂 she gets upset & nodes no.. 🙁 He looks her confusingly.. 🙄 puts her hand on his eyes..
    Abhay gets some blur images of burning huts &….. ppl shouting for help.. 😯 He gets panic & opens his eyes in hurry… Abhay finds that her dream girl has disappeared as usual.. 🙄 He thinks no this cant be happen.. 🙁 I should go there to save my family & ppl.. He start to run fastly… 😐

    … In village….

    Everyone is scared.. wolves are attacking on ppl.. 👿 destroying their huts & other things… 🙁

    That man is in MSk house.. 👿 & turning into wolf.. 😯 Drisha screams in fear 😯 Msk & Radha also come out of their room… 🙄
    Kabir comes there & is totally shocked .. He asks everyone to hide in room & lock the door.. Msk signs Radha to go back in room… He looks Drisha also who is crying badly… 😥 He tries to go to her but ww block his way & attack on him… But kabir comes between them & hits the ww with a iron rod… 🙁 Kabir asks MSk to go in room… Msk denies but kabir requests while ww is attacking on him cont… Msk reluctantly goes in the room…. ?

    … Two scenes in parallel….. Its Dawn…

    … Abhay is running & tear are also coming out from his eyes unknowingly.. 😥 He reaches near to village.

    Kabir again hits the ww but no effect.. 🙁 Drisha is shivering in fear… Ww attack on kabir … He tears Kabir’s (arm) muscles with his claws ?? ?
    Kabir falls on groud….. 🙁

    Abhay enters village & is stunned.. 😯 Wolves are killing ppl.. Everything is ruined.. He attacks on wolf like a mad… 👿

    Seeing Kabir’s condition Drisha screams in fear 😯 ….. Kabir is bleeding badly… Ww turns towards Drisha now 👿 kabir faints…. 🙁

    Abhay hears Drisha’s scream & somehow manages to enter his house escaping from wolves… 😐 & comes face to face with the half-human/half-wolf 👿

    Abhay fumes looking at him.. 👿 & then looks Drisha… He asks Drisha to go to a safe place.. Ww is looking at Abhay only.. 😈
    Abhay says you played many tricks by hiding urself but now I will finish you… 👿 He pushes ww to the wall &
    soon both engages in a massive fight 😯 but Abhay realizes that he can’t control ww as he is loosing his power & very soon it will be full moon …but its too late.. 🙁 ww starts attacking on Abhay badly.. 🙁 😥

    He breaks Abhay’s arm & says you killed all wolves with this hand… Now I will kill you & your all family… 👿
    Ww strangles Abhay… & then slams on his ground… 🙁 Abhay gets hurt on his head… Ww looks him 👿 & says wouldn’t kill you easily… I will kill ur family first in front of you… 👿
    he starts searching for Drisha/Msk/ Radha in each & every corner….. ?
    Abhay tries to move but can’t… 🙁

    he then notices kabir who is taking his last breath.. Abhay crawls to him.. & cries looking his condition… 😥 Kabir is sinking.. 🙁 Abhay cries more & says sorry.. 😥 I wasn’t there for you at right time… 🙁 He notices kabir’s blood & is overwhelmed… ?
    He controls himself & tries to move back.. Kabir holds his hand.. 🙄 He looks outside & says don’t go anywhere now… 🙁 you can still save others.. 🙂 Full moon is not come out yet… Use ur power pls… Save Drisha.. Save everyone… Kabir sinks more…. Abhay manages to sit & holds kabir head In his lap…. He says no I can’t do this..how could I do this to you.. 🙁 let me go… I can’t see you like this … 😥
    Kabir fakes smiles & says please Abhay…if you really consider me as
    ur brother then do this for me 🙂 But I have a last wish too… before dying I want to see your dream girl Abhay.. Please let me see her once.. Once :-).. Abhay cries & says finally you found the way…
    Fb – “Kabir says will see anyhow.. 😉 Abhay smiles…. 🙂 & says let’s see”
    He takes out Maya’s pic & shows to Kabir… Kabir takes the pic & smiles. He says she is really beautiful… Suddenly kabir closes his eyes.. 🙁

    Abhay shouts Kabir.. Kabir.. Kabir opens his eyes slowly 🙂 & says See m dying already but want to help you.. 🙂 This all is happening because of my dad n…
    🙁 … I don’t want a miser death.. Kabir smiles & again says You don’t want to see me as hero… 🙁 if u want then please… Do this.. Free me from this… Kabir then asks for a hug…
    🙁 Abhay hugs kabir… 🙂
    Kabir says in his ears… Please Abhay..
    Please save everyone…that ww is after everyone.. Before its too late.. Pls gain ur power…. 🙂

    Camera shows clouds… & then half moon…?
    Abhay’s eyes are sparkling like moon… Kabir notices him changing & tells bite me Abhay 🙂 bite me… before its too late… 😐
    Abhay is overwhelmed by blood but controls himself.. & says nooo… He tries to jerk kabir but kabir hugs him more tightly & says people are crying outside… They need your help.. You can’t let your champ die… 🙂
    Kabir takes a deep breath & says in low voice… u don’t have any other choice like I don’t have any other choice rather than die…. 🙁 Pls make my death worthy at least… Abhay screams & his vamp teeth comes out.. 😐
    He bites kabir reduclantly after a efforts & sucks his blood.. Kabir feels pain but smiles a bit….

    Wind starts to blow ..
    Bg – Behti hawa sa tha vohh..
    A Fb shows ➡ their childhood memories…
    Abhisha hitting Kabir in funny manner…. 🙂
    “yaar humara tha woh kahan gaya usae dhoondo ”

    Kabir unconditional support to Abhay many times
    “Kabeer lost his patience & tells It’s my promise that We will find a solution soon to end this all.. He holds Abhay’s hand.. Abhay looks kabir… 🙂 (Epi 75)

    ‘Behti hawa saa thaaa vohh…urti patang saa tha vohh…Kahan gya use dhundho….’

    Stopping villagers to hit Abhay…
    ” kahan gya use dhundho 😥 ”

    AbhiR talk about reading mind & girls 😥 😐

    Fb ends

    Kabir loosens his grip on Abhay .. 🙁 & closes his eyes with a satisfaction… 🙂 His hands falls on ground 😥 🙁 😥
    Maya’s pic blows outside with wind.. 😯

    …..Its full moon ? ….

    Camera shows Abhay’s mouth full of blood… & then vampy in the cave 👿

    Vampy tells Thank you Abhayendra.. 🙂 You have freed me from this immortality 🙂 Vampy comes out of the cave … A black aura surrounds him in full moon 😯
    Suddenly He disappears & that cave
    too 😯 only black ashes & vampy’s black shawl are there… 😯

    … Another scene…..

    Abhay realizes that Kabir is no more..
    🙁 He holds kabir in his lap… & cries loudly…..kab..i …i … Rrrrrr…….. 😥
    I killed you…. 😥


    No precap ➡ 😯

  7. aarya
    September 11, 13:01 Reply


    JUNOON ➡ It’s Not Human Love 😀

    Episode ➡ 78

    Part ➡ 1

    Episode starts… with showing Mohan & Bindi talking secretly in a room.. 🙄
    Bindi says mohanji.. It’s a good deal, u should not deny..
    (Mohan is tensed 🙁 ) Bindi looks at his face 😉 & says You don’t worry.. Let me handle it.. You just sign the paper.. & it will save many lives including your son Abhay.. 🙂 Mohan looks upon & says but it will be a cheating to all 🙁 Bindi says mohanji you should think about life of many villagers.. Think it like.. Give and take.. 🙂
    Britishers are providing us their weapons.. & with the help of that we can easily kill those animals 😉 .. Mohan says but we don’t know how to use that weapon… Bindi says they will teach us n.. 🙂
    Mohan thinks for a while..He recalls everyone blaming Abhay 🙁 & signs the paper.. 😯
    Bindi takes the paper & thinks now its only half but very soon u will give the whole land.. 😉 he leaves with paper… 👿

    ….. Morning…

    Kabir is on the roof… Abhay comes there ( in a cream color kurta…) & offers him an apple ? … 😀 Kabir deny .. 😐 Abhay says okk.. But m very hungry.. He starts to eat that… ? Kabir looks Abhay 🙄 & snatches the apple.. 😆 He says what do u think..? Abhay again takes the apple & says I thought.. you will not eat this.. So I started to eat .. 😉 Kabir says Abhayyy ❗ 😐 I am talking about your plan.. As yesterday you said that it’s your fault and you will sort out everything… 😯 Don’t need anyone’s help… 😯
    Abhay fumes 👿 & says if noone has any other topic besides this…. I thought at least you wouldn’t blame me.. 🙁 But…
    Kabir interrupts I am not blaming you but after yesterday’s attack ..everyone has started to point on you 🙁 they are the same people who used to love you.. ? .. But now no one want to see u… 🙁

    Abhay takes a deep breath ? & says Let it be.. They can do gossip only… 😐 They don’t have enough courage to take any action against me… ?
    Kabir says but we can’t sit cozy like this in our home… We should do something.. & you promised them also.. Abhay says excuse me! 🙄 I promised.. ? When I promised.. I just said it simply… 🙂
    But I agree that we need to find a solution soon! But how? Who will give solution for this all? Can you… 🙄 ❓
    Kabir is in despair… 🙁 🙁
    Just then Abhay notices a wolf coming from entrance of village.. 😯
    He signs kabir to see & says look at this 🙄 wolf is coming from main entrance not from the river-side jungle… 😯
    Kabir doesnot listen it properly & sees the wolf 😯 He shouts Run…. Run everyone… Villagers hears his voice & in dilemma.. 🙄 😡
    Kabir says we need to alert them… & run downstairs.. Abhay thinks but why wolf was not coming from jungle… 😐
    He then jumps from the terrace & lands on ground 😎 Kabir also reaches there…
    Both looks each other ? ?

    Radha/Drisha/Bindi all asks what happened but kabir doesn’t reply & locks the door from outside… 😯
    Abhay & kabir both informs everyone to hide in a safe place… All villagers hide..
    Wolf is now in village area…

    ” Kabir opens the door & enters but before Abhay could enter.. Wolf attack on him from behind.. :shock:.. Abhay’s kurta comes in mouth of wolf…. Wolf
    drags him outside.. Abhay falls om ground & his shoulder gets hurt 🙁 …
    Kabir tries to go out & save him but Bindi holds his hand.. 🙁 Msk also come out from his room… 😯
    Drisha & Radha are shocked & crying 😥 😥
    Drisha comes out shouting bhaiyaaa.. Abhay signs her to step back… Just then a blast type sound originates & that wolf falls on ground lifeless… 😐
    Camera shows a British man aiming at wolf with a rifle.. :mrgreen:
    (Smoke is coming out from rifle )
    This all happens in just a instant of time ..

    Everyone tooks a breath of relief 🙂 villagers comes out & says finally hujur found a solution.. 🙂
    Kabir frees himself bindi’s clutches… 😐
    Abhay stands & Drisha hugs him crying..
    Abhay wipes her tears.. 🙂 & pats on her head saying pagal y r u crying.. ? M fine totally 🙂 kabir too hugs Abhay tightly… Abhay says easy Kabir easy there is pain in My shoulder .. ?
    Msk thanks that British man 🙂
    Bindi comes to him & says told u n..
    That deal is profitable.. 🙂 Msk nodes…
    But Suddenly a wolf attacks on MSk from nowhere 😯 .. That British man fires on that wolf but no effect.. 🙄 Wolf leaves MSk & turns towards that british man… 👿 👿
    Everyone is in Shock.. A type of stampede is created.. 🙁
    Wolf jumps on that British man…. 😡
    Msk asks everyone to runaway.. Abhay is clueless what to do.. That wolf drags British man towards river side…
    (Bindi is in fear totally now.. 😥 He thinks this was not in the plan.. )
    Abhay signs kabir & both try to chase that wolf but MSk asks them to stop while groaning in pain.. 😥
    (Blood is coming out from his shoulder..)

    Abhay rushes to him 🙁
    Same old man says now werewolf has arrived.. No one can save us….. 🙁 noone can kill that ww now… 🙁
    Abhay hears it but doesn’t say anything & brings MSk inside the house..

    … Next scene…. Evening..

    Msk is resting in his room .. While Radha & Drisha are sitting near him on bed..
    Abhay consoles Radha & says he will be fine…. Radha is silent 😐
    Abhay thinks something & comes out of his house…. Kabir is outside & instructing everyone to light fire all around the village… 💡
    Villagers see Abhay 👿 but cont their work.. 🙁 Abhay goes near to Kabir & says I have decided something..
    Kabir doesn’t respond.. 🙁 Abhay says I am talking to you only.. Kabir says now don’t do any mess… 😯
    Abhay says what the hell.. What are you saying.. I have a solution for this all.. Your this fire-work can’t stop that wolf err werewolf for long … Kabir says are you mad.. U believed that old man.. 🙄
    Abhay says yes.. Because he is right..
    That British killed a wolf easily but was unable to kill a were wolf.. Kabir looks on.. 🙄
    Abhay says one more thing.. I think that it was preplanned.. I mean just after wolf attack that British man came suddenly.. Kabir interrupts not suddenly.. Uncle has made a deal… Abhay is shocked.. & says then m 100% sure that it was pre planned.. U must know who is behind this.. Kabir looks Abhay with disbelief… 🙄 😯
    Abhay says I knew that you wouldn’t believe me.. But it’s your father & now things are out of his control too…
    Kabir fumes.. 👿
    Abhay cont. I am going to end this & knows that who will help me… Only he can solve this all… 😡
    Kabir stops him & says before this I need to clarify some things… 😥 😯


    Part ➡ 2

    …… A small room…

    Bindi is standing in front of Abhay & kabir… Totally stunned… 🙁
    Abhay says I have seen.. that wolf came from the main entrance not from the river side & just after the wolf.. 👿 that British man also came… and you are the only one who negotiate between baba & Britishers… So tell me… What is the truth… 👿
    Bindi looks Kabir 🙁 & says beta! U r doubting on ur dad.. ❓ kabir looks upon & asks Abhay to go out.. 😯
    Abhay says what ❗ now u will take his side .. Not the truth.. 👿
    Kabir shouts just go out & wait for me.. Abhay goes fuming in anger… 👿

    Kabir holds his father’s palm & says how could you do this to Us.. U ditched everyone.. 🙁 He cries & kneels down on floor.. Broken… 😥 Bindi too cries 😥 & says I didn’t think that these all thing will happen.. 🙁 I don’t wanted to hurt Mohanji .. Kabir jerks him & shouts what about other people..? 👿 Those wolves killed our ppl.. and 😥 you don’t care about me too.. 😥
    Uncle regards me as his son.. you as his brother.. But you tried to dithched him.. 🙁 Now I need to repent for this… Everyone was blaming Abhay 🙁 but no it’s my father.. 😥 So now I will make everything right… Kabir stands & comes out… 😯
    Bindi is devastated & shattered totally
    🙁 😥
    Kabir asks Abhay ❗ What is your plan.. Where to go?? I will do as u say… 😐

    ….. River-Side …. Night ….

    Camera shows Abhay’s face & then Kabir standing near river side.. ??
    Kabir says you mean we need to go opposite side.. 🙄 Abhay says no.. Not we but me only.. 🙂 You just wait here for me & if I didn’t come then ask everyone to leave this village for ever…. 🙁
    Kabir says are you mad.. 😡 first of all you are not fine.. Your shoulder is injured & I have came here not to wait.. So Will go with you.. 😉
    Abahy says areey.. Why noone listen to me.. 😛 U said .. You will do what I say… But now denying… 🙁 Kabir says I just said that didn’t promise 😉 to you..

    Abhay says very funny ❗ n Okk come & have some fun 😡 but I bet if you come then he will not meet me… 🙁
    Kabir says if he doesn’t come then it means he is ur imagination or a coward.. Nothing else… 😈 Abhay nodes reluctantly .. 😐 & says come with me 😐

    AbhiR come out of the river & both start to search the cave.. But they have no idea.. 🙁 where to go..
    Abhay says kabir ek baat bolun.. ❓
    Kabir says hmm.. Ask n.. From when you need my permission to ask.. 😆
    Abhay makes innocent face & says how to search/call him.. I don’t know his name… 🙁 Kabir looks Abhay 🙄

    That person is in a dark place…he smiles 😈 & says now I will be free from this life soon. 👿

    Kabir gets attentive ? & says did you hear that sound.. Both turn back & finds ww roaming around river…. AbhiR look each other & says in chorus.. Run… 😯
    Both start running.. Ww are after them
    AbhiR reaches near a cave… & ww stops chasing them.. Both enter in the cave.. 😯
    Abhay says he is here … He is here… 🙂 Kabir looks around but unable to see anything because of dark… 🙁
    Abhay say come this side.. Kabir holds him & says what ❗ which side… It’s a labyrinthine cave… We need to go out..
    Abhay interrupts… What do u mean..? Do u want to handover ourselves to those were wolves .. Nonsense… 😡
    Kabir says not ww but wolves 🙄
    Abhay moves forward neglecting kabir’s word while Kabir is still standing… 😐 Abhay walks some steps & turns to see kabir… Kabir decides to go with Abhay…
    But both don’t find each other.. 😯 They start shouting each other’s name… Abhay – kabir where are you… ❓
    kabir – Abhay.. Abhay… Where are you…

    ” That man says come Abhayendra… Come I am waiting… ”
    Abhay stops shouting kabir’s name & gets attentive to the voice… ? He follows the voice…. 😯 & soon finds himself standing in front of that person.. 😯
    (A white-skinned old man… long hair.. Big nails.. Sparkling red eyes.. & covering himself with a black shawl ..)

    Abhay says.. You are that person.. ❗
    That person says yes.. I am that person.. A vampire.. 👿 With the curse of immortality.. ❗ Now you will make me free from this immortality.. 👿
    Abhay says it means baba was right… You are a blood sucking creature.. 🙄
    Vampy says I have controlled mine thirst many years ago & now want to free myself from this life… For that I Need your help only… 🙂
    Abhay is in dilemma & says you need my help.. 😯 but I need your help 🙁
    I need you to kill all ww.. Ww are killing many ppl & attacked on my baba too…

    Vampy 😈 sits on a rock & says Abhayendra… I have chosen you.. 🙂 Because you didn’t run away after seeing me.. You wasn’t scared of me.. You tried to understand me.. 😈 🙂
    Abhay says I didn’t do anything deliberately … Just help me once..
    I will make you free or whatever you say I will do… Vampy says don’t say only .. do promise… 😉
    Abhay thinks if he is reading my mind.. 🙄 he then looks around & says in heart where has this kabir gone? 🙄 He should see this man.. 🙄 Then only he will believe my words.. Vampy reads his mind & says your friend can’t see me till I wish… 😉 Abhay looks vampy with a shock 😯 & asks how could you get to know that What am I thinking ? 😯 Vampy smirks.. 😉
    Abhay asks what kind of magic is this..? Vampy says I have been blessed with some special power .. 🙂 Abhay asks it means you can read anyone’s mind? Vampy nodes yes 🙂 & says I can read mind.. I can heal any wound.. I can make you see what you feel… I can..
    Abhay interrupts okk enough.. Stop counting your power .. it doesn’t matter what could you do.. ! Just Use your power & kill those ww.. Vampy says you will kill them….. 🙄
    Abhay asks shockingly I ❓ ? But how.. They were not killed even by bullets… 😯 Vampy smirks & says ww can be killed by sandal wood but A mere human can’t handle them 😯
    But A vampire can kill them easily without any help.. 🙂
    Abhay says what? If only Vampires can kill those ww? Then how could I kill.. We don’t have sandal wood in village … & also don’t have enough time to manage sandal wood anyhow… 🙁 But You are a blood sucking vampire 👿 so you can kill them easily n 😐
    Abhay then realises that he has spoken too much & tells sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you! Vampy tells Its ok.. You can’t hurt me.. As I don’t have a heart 😉
    Let me clear your all doubts first Abhayendra.. I will give you my
    power… So that you could kill ww…
    So simple…isn’t it? 😎

    Abhay asks what’s the need for this all?
    Simply end it.. Those ww came here in the search of you only & But now
    they all have started to trouble us also 🙁
    Vampy tells no I wouldn’t.. 😯
    Abhay asks why? You are enough powerful na… 🙂
    Vampy tells I can’t because I can’t go out from this cave & those ww also can’t come inside…. Also I don’t want to do that 👿 Abhay says tell me clearly…. 😐
    Vampy tells Hmmm.. I want to free myself from this Immortality.. 👿
    For that I need your help & You too need my help 🙂 Abhay asks mine help.. I am a simple human.. How could I help you.. 🙄 😡 Vampy says for that you have to become Vampire like me…. 😯
    Abhay says What? Are you mad? 😡 How could I turn suddenly into a Vampire? Or you are going to kill me 🙄 ❓ Vampy says not going to kill you 🙂 but you can turn into a vampire.. and For that you will have to drink my blood.. Abhay
    is shocked hearing those words & cups his ears.. 😐 He tells I can’t do this.. m not a blood sucker.. Now I got it you are trying to use me.. Now I don’t need your
    help… Abhay is about to leave but Vampy holds Abhay’s hand & puts his hand on
    his eyes… Abhay sees ww killing MSk/
    Radha/Drisha & Kabir… ??
    Abhay jerks his hand & says it’s not true… Vampy says yeah! It’s not
    true .. It’s ur fear only.. But it can be true… 👿 If you step out of this cave without my help..Ww will kill you & your friend kabir
    too… Think what do you want to do..

    Abhay is in dilemma… 🙄 Camera revolves around him….
    Abhay says seems you are threatening
    me 🙁 ❓ Vampy says No.. I am not.. 🙂 Okk.. If you wish then go I won’t force you for anything.. 🙂 But I am sure that you will come to me yourselves one day ❗ ! Abhay fumes 👿 & tells No never..
    He is about to go.. Vampy tells I am pretty sure.. You will come to me one day.. But that time you must lost your family & friend too.. Abhay stops & turns towards him! 🙁
    Vampy tells Sorry.. 😐 But this is
    going to happen one day for sure.. 🙂
    Abhay shouts stop ur crap.. 😡
    He then recalls his happy moments with his family & friend.. Vampy comes near
    to him & tells you have only one choice.. Thats me only.. Abhay tells you are selfish.. 😥 Vampy smirks & tells If you call me selfish then what are you ❗ you are also a selfish person..
    You are asking for help from me but not ready to help me.. Abhay asks How can I suck someone’s blood? Vampy tells you
    have to do this if you want to save your family & your ppl.. If you
    are ready to sacrifice yourself for others then you can save all.. 🙂
    Abhay tells okk I agree.. But if you
    are not playing any game with
    me n.. 🙄 Vampy nodes no
    & says its a simple business.. 🙂
    U benefit me.. I will benefit you… 🙂
    Vampy then extends his hand towards Abhay… & scratches it with his big nails… Abhay looks into that vampy’s eyes & then licks a bit after a great effort.. 😡 Vampy tells I know it’s difficult for you as a human.. Try once again.. Abhay
    consoles himself and drinks his blood while tears comes out continuously from his eyes.. 😥 😥
    He starts to feel uneasy..& sleepy.. 🙁
    Vampy lies him on ground & says I appreciate your concern for others.. So telling you that.. I was living here since thousands of years.. This immortality is a curse for me 🙁 😥 but you can break this curse My boy 🙂 I will be free only if a person agrees to take my power & become a vampire by his own wish.. So Now its upto u.. You want a human life or vampire life.. 🙄 It’s a matter of 5 days.. 🙂 If you control your thirst then I will remain here for more long time & you will live a normal life 🙂 without any special power.. 😐 But if you can’t control then I will be free from here.. 🙂 & you will become like me An immortal Vampire.. 👿 Your life your choice.. My Life but still your choice .. Vampy then pats on Abhay’s head softly… 🙄
    Abhay hears this all in semi –
    conscious state 😯


    Part ➡ 3

    … Present scene… 3 scenes in parallel…

    1st scene….

    Abhay says.. that immortal wanted a heir… He was alive for more than 1000 yrs ago & then he found me… 😯
    RR says you could not able to control your thirst & became a vampire 🙄
    you shouldn’t agree to him.. 😐 That decision only spoiled ur life totally.. 🙁
    Abhay tells I know.. after that incident I cursed myself many times for this
    🙁 but that time I didn’t have any other option.. It was destined.. 🙁 I was unable to decide that whether its right or wrong…. I just wanted to save my family… 😥 and therefore I agreed to him on that very moment 😥

    2nd scene…

    Mythili asks master! 🙄 No… It can’t be possible that Abhay was unable to control himself… Something else happened n ??… He agreed to that vampy to save his family-friend only then how he became 😥 …

    3rd scene…

    Sid is searching Mythili everywhere… He tells You are playing with me too much.. 👿 You have to pay for this My pretty kitten till your last breath.. 👿

    Camera shows Sid & Mythili in opposite sides of jungle…

    Mythili wipes her tears 😥 & says tell me master.. What happened next.. Neel takes a deep breath & says I enquired about it from the descendants of those villagers..& According to their beliefs… Neel cont..

    RR says Abhay tell me.. I know you can’t hurt anyone for ur sake not now or that time… 🙂 Abhay says but I did.. I killed my friend kabir …. 😯 😥

    Fb scene starts again….

    Its morning… 🙂 Abhay opens his eyes & finds himself in his room… Radha, Drisha & kabir are standing around him… He smiles 🙂 & says what happened ❗ everyone is here.. 🙄
    Radha sits near bedhead & careless Abhay’s hair… Abhay holds her hand & kisses it.. He says MAA! Y this so much love… ? Any special occasion.. 😉
    Drisha says bhaiya..You slept for 2 night & one full day 😯
    Abhay recalls his talk with vampy & says but I was there in that ca…v..eee
    Radha ji stops him & says baba told you not to go there but still you & kabir went there 🙁 .. It was good that kabir was with you & he brought you here safely.. 🙂 what happened to you there??
    Abhay again recalls how he sucked that person’s blood 😡 & feels disgusted 👿 .. He tries to divert the talk & asks in hurry if wolf attacked again.. ❓ Kabir says yes! 🙁 😥
    tear comes out from his eyes… He leaves then…. 🙁
    Abhay asks what happened to him.. 🙄
    Radha says Bindi is no more.. 🙁 He wanted to repent for what he did.. So this time he came in front of wolves to save others… and died …… 🙁
    Abhay is speechless 😐 & feels sad for Bindi 🙁 he then asks if Dad is fine ?? Radha nodes yes.. 🙂 he is fine now..

    Abhay stands & feels a type of change in his whole body… His shoulder is fine now .. He gets happy in heart 🙂 & asks everyone to go out as he need to fresh up.. 🙂 Radhaji tells come fast we are waiting & then Everyone leaves his room .. Abhay sits on bed & talks to self now I will kill all ww 👿 & become a hero once again.. All women will smile at me again.. 😉 No.. No.. They will flirt with me again seeing My Heroism .. 😉 😎
    Hmmm.. Not those women.. After killing all ww .. I will search my dream girl 🙂
    Yeah ❗ she must me waiting for me somewhere… Mere khyalon ki Rani … Kab milegi mujhe 😀
    He hugs himself tightly … & imagines his dream girl in front of him 🙂
    ( Dressed like a fairy in baby pink color dress )
    Abhay tries to touch her face but she steps back 😛
    Bg…. Mere khayalon ki tu haqiqat h..
    Mere rooh ki tu jarurat h.. 🙂
    Humein milane KO kaynat v jhukegi…
    Tujhe pake hi to zindagi milegi…
    ( Abhay again tries to touch her..but she stops him & puts her both arm around his neck.. 🙂 )
    Tu hi mera ishq h.. Tu hi meri JUNOON..

    Abhay smiles but soon starts feeling itching around his neck.. He comes out of his dream & touches his neck. 🙄
    His hand touches the silver-chain
    He feels a kind of irritation in hand too ..& quickly throws the chain away ..
    his hand gets hurt.. 🙁

    ….. Next scene….

    Abhay is surrounded with all villagers… He says today I am going to kill all the were…wo… All the wolf.. I made a promise & now I will full fill it 🙂
    Everyone claps..
    Msk is sitting on a wooden chair… Abhay takes his blessings .. Msk says now everything is in your hand.. 🙂 I won’t stop you but I want my son to return safely.. Abhay hugs Msk & says yes your son will return safe.. 🙂

    …. Another scene…..

    Some villagers are near the river… Abhay says noone will do anything… its not easy to kill them… So if anyone see them inform me only.. Everyone nodes.. Kabir is sad 🙁 & looking at Abhay cont.. He then asks what has happened to you?? Are you okk ❓ Abhay tells m perfectly okk … But I think you are not… 😐 Are you jealous that everyone is now giving me more importance than you 😉 😎
    Kabir is shocked with his words & says what has happened to you… 🙄 Abhay smiles & says kidding… Just kidding.. Kabir smiles a bit … 🙂
    ( Abhay says in heart can’t see ur sad face.. Can’t bring ur dad back but Soon I will kill all wolf..)
    Kabir Punches him on his shoulder but surprisingly get hurt self… 🙄 He holds his wrist with another hand & says what is there.. It hurt me.. 😯 Abhay is also surprised but soon realizes that his power is increasing… He says hmmm ur mechanism wasn’t correct that’s y… 😉

    Suddenly a villagers shouts.. Abhay Saab! Wolves… 👿
    Everyone run towards that direction….. But Abhay stops everyone & asks for a iron rod.. A villager gives him the rod…
    Kabir tries to go with Abhay but Abhay looks at him into his eyes & asks him to keep faith.. 🙂 don’t come with me 😐
    Kabir nodes in dilemma 🙄 totally mesmerized 💡
    He tells be careful Abhay.. 🙂 Abhay hugs him 🙂 tells don’t worry nothing will happen to me 😉 just wait and watch my new Avtaar 😎 … Kabir smiles & says kuchh v bolte ho…. All the best 🙂

    Camara shows Abhay killing all wolves (a fast forward scene )
    Everyone is chanting Abhay’s name & he smiles 🙂 with a winning look… 😎
    Kabir is totally surprised.. 🙂 😯

    All return to village cheering Abhay
    everyone come to know that Abhay has killed all wolves 🙂 🙂
    Msk.. Drisha .. Radhaji are happy & glad 🙂 to hear that 🙂 🙂
    Drisha runs to Abhay & says Bhaiya… You rocked it .. You are my real Hero 🙂

    …. next day…. … Cave….

    Vampy says it’s 3rd day Abhayendra … form today you will experience other side effects… With great power comes great side-effects 👿

    … Abhay’s room… 4’o clock

    Radha enters Abhay’s room with a aarthi thaal.. Abhay is sleeping…. 🙂

    Radha ji smiles… 🙂 puts thilak on his forehead.. 🙂 & goes 🙂
    Abhay open his eyes.. His eyes are totally red … 🙄 😯 He says in heart its good that MAA didn’t know that I was awaken whole night… 🙄 but why am I not feeling sleepy… I want to sleep but can’t 🙁 🙁 😥 Abhay holds his head with both hands & tries to sleep but can’t… 🙁 😥 He then gets up from bed frustrated & goes to wash room…..

    ….Abhay is bathing 😉 ….
    camera focuses on his back…. A tattoo appears there 😯


    Precap ➡

    Its night.. Villagers are happy.. 🙂 🙂
    Everyone is celebrating/dancing around a bonfire.. 🙂
    AbhiR .. Drisha/Msk/Radha all are happily watching this all 🙂

  8. aarya
    September 04, 11:30 Reply


    JUNOON ➡ It’s Not Human Love 😀

    Episode ➡ 77

    Part ➡ 1

    Episode starts… (FB continues….)
    Camera shows a dirt road… Some British men are walking..
    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: 🙄
    (Only their feet are shown.. Wearing boots )
    They enter into a village.. Its all greeny all around.. Only Small huts ??? are there..
    Some starkers children are playing .. 🙂 🙂
    They stop playing & look at them with big eyes… 🙄 😀 & giggle 🙂 🙂
    Those British men stop near a A two-storey well maintained house ?

    Abhay (in white shirt ) is standing near a tree at some distance…looking for someone.. 🙄 He sees them but ignores ? & moves from there ? in hurry .. He starts running.. ??
    All British men enter in the house… 🙄

    Its an open area… Some women are standing near a well & doing their work…
    Abhay passes from there & all women drool over him.. 😉 Abhay fakes smile seeing them 😉 & all blush.. ? 🙂

    He then comes near a river & finds that someone is about to jump in river.. 😯 He holds her hand & says Drishaaa….what r u doing???
    Drisha turns… 🙂

    Abhay again says what is this Drisha.. How many times everyone told you not to go other side.. It’s not safe .. 👿
    Drisha jerks him & says.. Am not doing suicide.. one day I will go there surely.. Abhay says ohh you still want to go….. 😉 She smiles 🙂 & says haan bhaiyaa.. I still want to go.. Abhay smiles 🙂

    He says hmmmm you will not go.. But I will… 😉
    If everything is all right there then only you will go… Drisha says but when will you go… Abhay pats on her head 😛 & says champ ❗ why would I tell u when m going.. 😎
    Now let’s go.. Kabir must be waiting… Both leaves & Camera focuses on another side of River… A dense jungle in darkness all around 😯

    ….Next Scene….

    Abhay’s House.. Courtyard..
    A old-aged man is sitting on a swing type bed with a hukka … 😉 wearing white dhoti-kurta with a short over coat… & pagri on head…. 🙂
    Kabir ( in yellow kurta ) is standing there discussing something with him..
    Abhisha (Abhay & Drisha ) arrives there chatting & notices kabir with MSK (Mohan Singh khuran ).. He signs Kabir to come.. 🙂 Mohan looks at Abhisha & both go inside a room in hurry… 😆

    Drisha tells if kabir wouldn’t come 🙁 baba is also angry.. Abhay chides her 😀 & says baba is like that only.. Just wait..

    Mohan asks to Kabir why are they calling you? ❓ must be something not so important.. Don’t pay any attention to these things now… You have many responsibilites.. Kabir nodes silently.. 😐
    Abhay again signs him to come inside..
    But kabir doesn’t look.. 🙁
    Drisha gets sad 🙁 & says if he doesnot come then how will we go there 🙄
    Abhay looks at her 🙁 & says champ! Don’t be sad.. I do something… 🙂
    He comes out of the room & says kabir I need to talk to you.. Come with me..
    Kabir looks at Msk & says but now I am busy in work.. Will talk later.. 😐
    Abhay sits beside MSk and says baba u tell him then only he will go..
    Msk says no I won’t.. You should learn from him.. He is taking responsibilities but not you.. Abhay hugs his father from side 😛 & says I will but before this I have to find my dream..gi…r 😉 Abhay stops 😆

    MSk looks kabir & says if you want to go?? Kabir is mum 😐 A lady comes there (wearing Red color silk Saree)
    & says what is happening here.. 🙄
    Abhay stands & goes to that lady.. He says MAA! Noone is listening to me..
    I want to talk with kabir but baba is not allowing kabir to come with me 🙁
    Mohan says Radha.. Don’t interfere in this.. We are discussing something important.. Radha looks Abhay & he says okk.. Abhay drags kabir from there.. Msk looks Radha & says what is this he should understand everything.. He has grown up now.. Radha says but he will be a child only for me n.. 🙂 MSk smiles a bit but again gets serious after looking at some papers 😯

    …. Abhay’s Room…

    Drisha says offo! Kabir itni der ?? 👿
    Abhay slightly slaps Kabir behind head ? & says he need a sorcerer .. Kaam ka bhoot swar ho gya hai Is par… 😛
    Kabir shouts stop itt.. Stop this nonsense.. guys 👿 Abhisha become silent 😐 😐
    Kabir looks both of them & then laughs… 😀 😀
    Both Abhisha hit him.. Kabir says now tell me what was that urgent matter 😉
    Abhay says same matter bro… She want to go that side but first I will go.. Kabir says then go .. Drisha says but Bhaiya don’t know anything you know better.. 🙂 So you also go with him .. Kabir says okk.. But wouldn’t tell you when we are going… 😉
    Drisha says hmmm okk ❗ she remembers something & says kabir you should see this.. Bhaiya ki dream girl…
    Kabir says 😉 Dream girl .. Where is she ?? Abhay blushes 😛 & says nothing like that.. in my dream only.. 🙂 Let’s go…
    Drisha says but I will show… She start to search but unable to find the painting.. 🙁
    Abhay says see … She is kidding ❗ 😎

    …. Next scene….

    ..Night – River side area…
    Abhay & kabir arrive there… Abhay is about to go but Kabir says Abhay it’s not a good idea.. 😯 That time I didn’t want to disappoint Drisha… She is a kid only.. But you should understand.. 😐 & these days you should be with uncle…. as he is faci.. Abhay interrupts now why r u talking like this.. 🙄 I know it’s not safe that’s y I stopped her from going there… 🙂 But I have promised her that will go there.. Can’t break my promise in small pieces.. 😎
    Kabir says okkk but after this you will help uncle ! Abhay nodes … 🙂
    Just then Kabir realizes that someone else is also there… He signs Abhay 😐 & both go behind a tree.. Finds Drisha.. 😯
    She makes innocent face 🙁 & says I thought both of you will not go.. so was keeping eye.. Sorry.. ❗ Abhay scolds her 👿 & says its not safe here & that too at night… 👿 go back.. Abhay looks away… 🙁
    Drisha gets sad & turns to go.. 😥 But kabir stops her & says.. Abhay! Its night how could she go alone.. Abhay says I am not going anywhere.. If you want then go with her.. ?
    Kabir says fine ❗ I am going but u stay here only until I come… Abhay says come fast .. ?
    Kabir & Drisha goes while Abhay sits near a tree & says to self.. Abhayendra singh kundra 😎 have to wait for everything… When this wait will over ..
    When will I meet my dream girl 🙂
    Abhay takes out a paper from his pocket (That portrait of Maya/Mythili) 😉
    He says when will you come in front of me.. 🙂 My dream girl.. 🙂 when ❗ 😛
    BG — kab se kar rha tera intejaar… ?
    Aayegi kab ❗ hai naa khabar.. 😆
    Hai naa khabar …. ?
    Tu hi de meri aankhon KO sukunnn… ?
    Tu hi meri ishq h….. tu hi JUNOON 😉
    Tu hi JUNOON… 🙂 🙂

    Suddenly wind blows & the paper also start to blow with wind.. 😯 Abhay tries to catch it but fails & in this he jumps in the river… 🙄
    The paper falls on other side.. Abhay too moves in that direction & comes out of the river totally drenched.. ?
    He then picks the paper from ground & smiles seeing the pic 🙂 😎 .. But again gets shocked to hear his name 😯 “Abhayendra”… Abhayendra… 🙄 😯


    Part ➡ 2

    Drisha & kabir are walking towards house… 🙂 🙂
    Kabir says you should not come like this.. Drisha says but both of you were there n.. Nothing could happen to me 🙂
    Kabir says hmmm! No one can win from you in talk.. Now go fast else someone will see & scold.. :mrgreen:
    (MSk notices both & thinks 🙄 )
    Drisha fastly enters inside from a small door….Kabir leaves….

    … Near river side …

    Abhay keeps the paper in pocket & follows the unknown voice… 💡
    He asks who is calling me.. Who r you…
    & slowly moves towards the source of voice…. 😯

    Kabir comes back but doesn’t find Abhay…. He thinks Abhay went alone.. ? I told him to wait for me… 🙄

    Abhay comes near a cave.. It’s all dark around but still he enters inside… 😯

    Voice —- Abhayendra, finally you found your destiny…
    Abhay says what destiny ?? & who are you.. If you don’t have courage to come in front of me… 👿

    Voice —- if you have courage to face me… Then be ready.. in thousand of years you are the 1st one who will see me….. 😯
    Abhay shouts show me ur face… 😡 don’t think to scare me.. My name is Abhay who fear of noone….
    He then notices a spark & two Red-eyes looking at him… 😯

    Abhay gets goosebumps ?? but keep looking at him in attentively… That person moves towards him ..
    (Only eyes are shown… ) Abhay then sees his big nails…… 😯
    That person comes near to him & about to say something.. 🙄 Abhay sees his long canine teeth… & is shattered totally.. 😯
    just then kabir comes there calling his name…. Abhay turns back …. Kabir lights a matchstick.. that person disappear… Abhay faints….. 🙁

    Camera shows Mythili’s shocking expression… 😯 She asks Neelambar.. That person turned him in to vampire.. Then What happened to His family.. 😥 😥
    Neel says no that time kabir & Abhay both escaped safely…. 🙂 Mythili says then how? How all thing happened…
    🙁 🙄
    Neel continues…. Kabir was unaware of what happened with Abhay & Abhay too.. He was unable to believe on his eyes & what happened to him in that cave… But he strictly forbided Drisha from going there… After some time he forgot this but time never forget anything…. 😯

    Fb starts again…

    Msk .. Kabir & Abhay are in a room…
    MSk says these Britishers thought we are their slave 👿 till now I fullfill their each and every demand but now they want my people and my land.. They want me to sold this land… I will never sign this paper 👿 (he slams some paper on floor )
    Abhay says baba! If their purpose is good then we should help… 🙂
    A man enters ..(Msk’s helping hand Bindi ) & says your son is right.. 🙂 Now everyone is helping them..our national leaders too. 🙂
    Kabir says but dad! we can’t send our people in war forcefully & this land is not our.. It is their.. We only take care of this… 🙂
    Abhay says I don’t want to go in depth of all this… I just know that baba & you will do right things… 🙂
    Bindi Smiles & says Abhay… You are a nice boy …. will learn slowly…. 😉

    Abhay & Bindi Leaves .. But MSk stops kabir 🙄 & says I told you something if you have searched any suitable boy? ❓ Kabir says uncle! Drisha is too young to get married… Also I don’t think Drisha will accept this.. Msk looks kabir ? & says hmmm good ❗ now go.. I need to take rest… 😐

    … Next scene …

    Abhay & kabir are talking on roof… 🙂
    Kabir says do u know that uncle is looking for a boy… ❗ Abhay carelessly asks boy?? For what ?? 😀
    Kabir says for Drisha… 😐 Abhay is shocked… He says what… How could baba think like this… He didn’t tell anything to me… Kabir says but he asked me to search a boy…. 😐
    Drisha overhears it & says no I won’t do any marriage.. 🙁 I don’t want to go anywhere… Both of you want me to send away… She starts crying… 😥
    Abhay wipes her tear & says champ!! What is this no one is sending you anywhere .. We will bring that boy here 😆 😉
    Drisha jerks Abhay & says bhaiyaa.. Wouldn’t talk to you … 👿 Kabir will talk to baba…. Will you? Kabir says Abhay is kidding.. Abhay smiles & says don’t worry nothing is going to happen…. 🙂
    Trio smiles… Drisha feels something & says did you hear that.. She signs towards river side area…
    Abhay looks in that direction 😯 & says u started again.. 👿 told u n no one will go there… Drisha says but I heard some sound… 🙄
    Drisha again sees in that direction while kabir & Abhay both are looking at her ..
    She sees a animal-shadow..
    She shouts see there 😯
    Kabir & Abhay turn to see but unable to see anything.. Drisha is scared 🙁 🙁
    Both assure her & says calm down ❗
    We are going there.. Drisha says don’t go… Now I don’t want anyone to go there… Kabir says first smile.. He makes her smile.. 🙂 😛

    …. Its Night ….

    Village ppl are sleeping in their respective huts & some of them are sleeping outside of the huts peacefully 🙂
    Camera shows that river & a weird type of big animal shadow comes out from that all drenched.. 😯 That weird big shadow enters inside the village 😯
    saliva is dropping from that shadow’s mouth.. 👿
    Camera focuses on showing its green eyes! The weird shadow looks at the people.. sleeping outside.. & drags a person silently… 😯
    that person opens his eyes & shouts a bit.. But no one hears 🙁
    That shadow quickly jumps into the same river 😯

    …. Next day… early morning ….

    Some ppl are searching that missing person everywhere in the
    village! They are unable to find that missing person 🙁 After
    sometime they all come to MSK’S house & knocks the door.. Mohan comes out.. Village ppl sadly informs him about
    that missing person! Mohan is clueless.. 😐


    Part ➡ 3

    It’s A open area.. Msk is sitting on a platform Under a tree.. 🙄 Abhay & kabir both are also there including Bindi
    Villagers sign towards a lady (who is crying badly ) 😥 & says hujur ! His husband is found dead near river side .. 😥 it seems that some dangerous animal is roaming around.. 😥 Pls save us.. Abhay says there is no any dangerous animal… I have gone there but there is no any animal.. All villagers are shocked & says it means its your fault.. 😯 You have woke up him.. How could you do this… 😈

    Abhay is unable to understand.. 🙄 Msk asks everyone to keep quiet .. & says (Looking towards Abhay ) first let me find about this .. Then only we will decide.. 👿 Who is problem & what is the problem.. 👿
    That lady holds Abhay’s leg & can you bring me my husband back.. 😥 Why you did this.. No one go there.. Then why did you go there.. 😥 Abhay is in dilemma… 🙄
    Some villagers try to console the lady..
    Msk looks Abhay & drags him to the house… 😈

    …..in house…

    Msk shouts Radhaaa…Radhaa…
    Radha comes there & Msk says ur son has done a birlliant job… 👿 He went there 🙁 didn’t you tell him not to go there.. Now everyone is saying blaming him 👿 What is my respect now 👿

    Abhay says baba ❗ but there is nothing.. Believe me.. 🙂 MSk says you are fooling me or urself.. Abhay says I can say only one thing that there is no any animal…
    ( Bindi smirks 😉 )
    You don’t believe me n then ask Kabir.
    Msk looks kabir 🙄 👿 & says I know there is no any animal but he lives there… 😯 he used to kill human .. Abhay says who ❓ 🙄 Radha murmurs let it be n.. Abhay you go inside .. Msk says no Radha.. You should tell him earlier & now He should know that A blood sucking creature lives there.. Abhay says you are again wrong.. If you have seen him.. ❓
    Msk says if anyone see him he die.. 😯
    Abhay says but I saw him & m still alive.. MSk & Radha are shocked 😯
    Kabir is also shocked…. He says you saw someone there.. & didn’t tell me anything 🙄
    ( Bindi murmurs Abhay has gonna mad)
    Abhay says ya ! But he was not any animal or blood suckling creature.. He talked to me normally.. I accept that I didn’t tell anything because I was little afraid that time … 🙁
    Msk says stop making stories… First you did a mistake & now trying to cover up…..
    Abhay says you never believe me… Msk says give me proof that there is no any animal or that creature behind this…
    ( Bindi gets nervous…)
    Abhay says fine! I will prove that….

    .. Next scene….Far from village area…

    Bindi is talking to someone… 🙄 He says Abhay can fail our plan… He is sure that there is no any animal & if he proves it then it means noone will leave this land and I wouldn’t get control over them… 🙁 Camera shows a British man…. That man says you have our full support… Tell me your plan… 🙂 Bindi says MSk have more faith on my son kabir than Abhay.. 🙂 I just need to prove that its all because of Abhay… 👿 that man says u can easily prove this now… We just need to make villagers believe that Abhay is the only culprit as he only went there & wake up that creature… If it happens then everything will be handover to kabir means to you only… 😉
    Bindi says but what about that creature..
    British man asks creature?? 🙄 if the story of that creature is right?? Bindi says don’t know we have heard only about him from our ancestors… 😐 British man thinks poor Ppl believes on crap only…. & says hmmm! Then don’t worry about that.. It must be a story only… 🙂 You should think about getting money & power only… Bindi eyes sparks in dream of money.. 💡 & he says okk arrange more animals… & send them in river area….around village…. 👿 British man says but be careful.. Animals don’t recognize anyone…. Bindi says I will handle that…. 😎

    …. Drisha’s room…

    Her room is full of painting only.. 🙂 Everywhere is painting only.. On bed.. Walls.. Chair… Mirror… Ground.. Everywhere…
    Abhay enters there & says champ where are you… 🙂 He moves forward.. take a painting from floor & keep it on a table… He again says champ! Where are you… Drisha says I am here… (Drisha is making some sketch behind door… )
    Abhay says now what r u up to?? 🙄
    Drisha says bhaiyaa.. Everyone is right.. I too saw that animal.. That animal looks like this only.. She points her finger towards the sketch… (A wolf pic )
    Abhay cups her face & says but I am telling n there is nothing… If you don’t trust me.. Drisha says I TRUST YOU bhaiyaa.. I TRUST YOU.. more than anyone… I know that you will find truth soon.. 🙂

    …Present scene…

    Abhay says she trusted me more than anyone but I .. I broke her trust… I didn’t believe anyone.. 🙁 I didn’t trust anyone… I thought what I am saying/thinking is only Right… RR says If that nonsense Bindi succeed?? 👿 Abhay says hope! He was succeeded but he failed & those wolf were out of control now… 😯 Many ppl was hunted by them… RR asks means?? Abhay says now the threat were ww & That immortal vampire… Who was trying to get rid of his immortality… 😯
    RR asks immortality?? Like you 🙄
    Abhay looks RR 😐

    Fb cont…
    Kabir & Abhay is near river side! They looks here & there .. Abhay says see there is no any animal… 🙂 Its not a jungle where animal will come & live…
    Kabir says we should check another side.. 😯 Abhay says no.. Already told you Noone will go there… 😯
    Kabir puts his hand on Abhay’s shoulder & asks what is there Abhay.. ? 🙄 What happened with you that night .. If uncle is right that there is any blood suckling creature … 😯 Abhay says no.. that person is weird but he can’t be a blood sucker…. What is happening in village is not because of him.. Kabir looks Abhay in dilemma 🙄
    Just then they hears some noise from village & runs to see…. 😯
    Some Wolves are attacking on village ppl ❗ ! All are scared & running
    inside their huts.. Abhay & kabeer is shocked to see this… Both try to shoo away wolves… 😯 😐
    Radha notices Abhay-kabeer from window & asks them to come inside…
    🙁 🙁 She runs towards door & open it…
    Abhay says kabir let’s go inside.. We can’t handle them.. 😯 Kabir says but how could we leave them alone… 😐
    Kabir takes a iron rod & hit a wolf.. That wolf turns towards kabir.. Abhay says Kabir run… ? But kabir silently stands there… Wolf jumps on him… But before this Abhay drags him aside & Kabir throw the iron rod on wolf.. 🙂 It hits ww’s neck directly & ww falls on ground.. Abhay looks the wolf attentively.. 😯
    Radha again shouts to come back home.. Abhay’s attention breaks & he brings kabir inside home.. 😯
    Radha scolds both 👿 & says what was the need to do all this… Abhay says I told him but he didn’t listen… Noone listen to me… 😐 Radha says now stay here in the house safely.. 🙂 don’t think to go outside.. Its not safe.. Drisha comes there 😥 & says I already told them that I saw a animal near river.. 😯 now what will happen… If those animal will kill everyone.. 😯 Radha hugs trio & cries.. 😥
    Kabir says they are killing people…& we are helpless 🙁 🙁

    Outside wolves kill some ppl & goes 🙁

    ….. After sometime ….

    Msk returns to village… & notices the dead ppl & a dead wolf… 😯
    All ppl come out of their houses slowly in fear… 🙁 & asks MSk to do something… A man says Wolves killed our ppl… 😥 😥 Before this they attacked at night time but now in daylight too.. 😯 Dont know when will they attack again…& how many ppl have to die.. 🙁
    Abhay & kabir also come out from house…
    All look Abhay & start to blam him.. ?
    An old man says m afraid now.. ? Now no matter who did this… But If wolf are here.. Then very soon werewolf can also come … Everyone is shocked … ?
    Old man says their enemy.. That creature also lives here secretly .. 🙄 😯
    We need to kill all wolf and that creature as soon as possible… Villagers get more scared & says who will do this.. We can’t take risk of our lives… 🙁 🙁
    MSk says its all Abhay’s fault…. But I will settle everything… All ppl says in chorus no its Abhay’s fault.. Its all because of your Son..he should try to find any solution but he is trying to save himself & his friends-family only.. 👿
    Abhay says enough… 😈 what is wrong in that .. You ppl also does the same… You only care about ur family… Msk signs Abhay to keep quiet.. 😐
    A man says hujur ❗ ur son is not like you.. He is very selfish.. He want all of us to die.. 🙁
    Kabeer lost his patience 😡 & tells It’s my promise that We will find a solution soon to end this all.. He holds Abhay’s hand.. Abhay looks kabir… 🙂

    Kabir again says we will kill all wolf or that creature before next attack… No one will suffer more… ❗
    ( Bindi gets afraid to hear this & thinks if he did right or wrong… His son’s life is in danger now 🙁 )
    Msk puts his hand on Kabir’s shoulder.. While looks Abhay with anger…. 👿
    Abhay says if its my fault then I will sort out everything… 😯 Don’t need anyone’s help…
    Msk gets worried now.. 🙁 While Bindi feels relax he smirks.. 😉 & thinks Abhay You will never succeed…. 😈


    Precap ➡
    Abhay is standing in front of the immortal person.. That person says I am a vampire.. 👿 With a curse of immortality.. ❗ Now you will make me free of this immortality.. 👿

  9. aarya
    August 30, 23:51 Reply


    JUNOON ➡ It’s Not Human Love 😀

    Episode ➡ 76

    Part ➡ 1

    Episode starts with showing a jungle area… ???
    & then Neelambar’s face…. He is little tensed & thinks how to go out
    of this jungle… 🙄 HH r everywhere 🙁
    I am unable to contact Maya also
    🙁 where is she 🙄

    … Dobriyal house…

    Shiva & Deep is ready to go out… Just then Pia comes there & says I
    also want to come..can I?? 🙂 Deep looks at Shiva 😐 & Shiva too
    Shiva says hmmm..am not a khadus …. Y r u looking at me like this..
    😯 & Pia, if u want to come then come…. No need to ask.. 🙂
    Pia says I thought u r angry on me 🙁
    Shiva says areey… 😐 Forgot that.. Okk m sorry.. I was worried for
    Mythili but now I know that you was right..
    Pia smiles 🙂 & says no I am sorry….
    I also overreacted… ?
    Anika is looking at all of them & smiles… 😛
    Deep interrupts okk okk we should go now… Anika then rememberes
    something & says but what about RR & Abhay. Where r they 🙄 ❓
    Deep replies I have talked to Mr.Chandra .. Both have gone somewhere..
    Pia asks but where?? 🙄
    Deep says he didn’t tell me 🙁 & I didn’t ask much… Shiva says they
    r doing so much for our family n… & I doubted on them 🙁
    Deep pats on his shoulder & says let’s go now.. Don’t do melodrama
    Shiva nodes.. DeePia & Shiva goes
    Indirag is upstairs looking at them… 😐 She looks at Aarab’s room &
    says our daughter will be back soon 🙂

    ….Hide out area… 👿 In Room….
    Mythili gets up from bed 🙂 & looks around…. She says in heart I
    knew it you will again try to make me unconscious but this time I was
    prepared for this Sid.. 😉 May be you have power & brain but am also
    not dumb… 😉

    FB – Mythili notices some injections ?? speared near by her &
    thinks Sid kidnapped me 🙁 She try to recall about
    kidnapping-incident.. She reminisces her talk with R-A 🙂 & then sid
    making her unconscious… She cries 😥 😥 & then says in heart
    no I can’t sit like this like a weak person.. 🙁
    I need to do something 🙂 but first I will have to handle this Sid..
    👿 If I oppose he will again try to inject drugs to me then..
    🙄 Noo.. No I need to do something…! But why is he calling me
    outside 🙄 hmmm he must have any other plan behind this.. 🙁 I
    need to make my own plan 💡
    She then gets down from the bed.. stumbles a bit 🙁 but manages to
    walk self.. & goes to change her clothes….

    After changing clothes… She notices Mineral water – bottle & then
    starts to search for something 😯 & finds a
    box behind the bed.. 🙂 She opens it & finds some drug vials &
    injections! She quickly makes all the vials half empty & fills it with
    pure water !
    She tells in heart it will reduce drug’s effect 🙂 & I wouldnot faint
    just hope that he won’t find it.. She prays to god 🙂
    Fb ends..

    Mythili slowly moves forward towards the door but Finds Sid & Nayasha
    talking to HH outside.. 😯
    She hides herself behind the door of room & secretly hears their
    Sid says to Nayasha & all HH .. Still you all are unable to find him
    👿 you ww are of no use.. Nayasha smirks 😉 & says ufff !:
    Siddhartha.. Now only ww are here to help you.. Where is ur clan…
    👿 They were so weak that Abhay killed them already 😉 .. Sid
    fumes a bit & tells m alive n & enough for him… 😈 But can’t
    go as I have to take care of My… My pretty kitten.. Nayasha says but
    she is unconscious now n.. We should go out & search her master
    together.. All HH will keep eye on her 🙂 Sid thinks for a while &
    says okk but I must check her once..
    Mythili quickly goes on bed & acts like sleeping… Sid enters into
    the room & goes near to bed… 😯
    He caresses Mythili’s face & says See! am touching you & you can’t say
    that sentence “Dare to touch me” 😀 He then goes close to her &
    smells .. ?
    Mythili is uncomfortable & angry 👿 but controls herself from
    reacting… 😐 Sid murmurs in her ear “see you soon My pretty kitten
    I will come back with a good news” 😎 & leaves with Nayasha….
    Mythili opens her eyes & fumes. 👿
    She thinks Sid & Nayasha are not here but I need to be attentive… &
    before they find master I need to find him… 🙂
    She then looks at herself & recalls Sid Smelling her 👿 She says
    now this smell will help me to go away from here & you .. 😈
    but how to protect myself from these HHs… They are outside now with
    Sid & Nayasha… Before all HHs enters house I need to execute my
    plan.. She looks at the Bed 💡
    Song Plays in BG…Dard bedardaaaa…, dard bedarda..Dard bedarda,
    dard bedarda..Hai ranjishein..Tere mere darmiyaan aye zindagi….
    Gunjaishein samjhoton ki
    Door tak dikhti nahi 🙁
    Ab tu jee le ya main saansein loon
    Zidd kahe zidd kar na 👿
    Ajj rajj rajj ke mainu chahe rula
    Ajj rajj rajj ke mainu de de saza
    Ajj rajj rajj ke dil sehne lagaaa

    ….Shiva’s office…

    DeePia – Shiva directly enters inside V.S cabin & start to search his
    drawers & files…. 😈 A staff comes there & says what u all r
    doing here.. ShivDeep glares him & he quietly goes back…
    Shiva opens V.S laptop & finds some official documents.. He checks
    another files & finds photos of Movie
    promotion day! 🙄 But there is only cropped Mythili’s pic..
    Shiva fumes & slams on the table.. 👿 Pia asks what happened?
    Shiva tells he fooled me like a Kid 👿
    🙁 DeePia looks at the pic & both thinks Sid is after Mythili 😯
    for what?
    Pia says he is mad.. What does he want from Di?? 😯 Ahh! If he do
    anything to her n.. I will not spare him… Deep says I just hope that
    she is alive.. ? Pia shouts shut up .. She is alive.. Call Abhay or
    RR .. We should tell them about this… Deep dials RR’s no but its not
    reachable 😐
    Shiva is looking at both of them 🙄 & says we should inform Police
    first n..
    Let’s go. Shiva takes the laptop & trio leave for P.S

    Part ➡ 2

    ….. A Highway…. Camera shows a Car…

    Abhay is driving ? while RR keeps checking his mobile regularly…
    Abhay looks at him & RR says network problem 😐
    Abhay stops the car & says give me the address of that hacker.. ❗
    I will go & ask him.. RR says no.. I can’t let you go alone.. If
    something happened to you or you faint like earlier then 😯 😉
    Abhay is like ? what is RR saying.. 🙄 He is Caring for me
    Abhay then says nothing like that just tell me his address… RR says
    no… First say you will also take me with you 🙂 Abhay nodes ok 🙂
    with dilemma but just then RR’s mobile?makes a beep sound.. RR gets
    happy 🙂 & reads the message of that hacker. He then shows that
    message to Abhay! Abhay tells it means we are still very far from
    her… He again starts the car & drives fastly…

    ….Dehradun P.S… (Noon)….

    ShivDeePia comes there & asks for Mr. Joshi.. A constable says he will
    come after some time…. Trio sit there & wait 😐 😐 😐

    …Hideout area…. 👿

    Mythili takes a bag & sneaks out of the room .. 3 hh are outside her
    room …
    🙁 she thinks what to do… She then coughs & hides
    HH gets attentive 😯 & says she is awaken.. 🙄
    2 of them enter inside… Mythili takes out a broken bedpost from the
    bag 😉 & hits on their heads hardly back to back 😈 they
    faint…. 🙂 Another one hears noise & comes… 😯 He tries to
    stop Mythili but she blocks his hand & knocks out him… 🙂 She then
    comes out of the room & secretly goes in hall..Some hh r still
    there…. A hh notices her & shouts catch her…. Mythili gets
    tensed… 🙁

    Sid is in jungle area ??? with Nayasha & says l will kill
    this Neelambar… 👿 Nayasha says ufff ❗ first find him then
    only n .. She then says BTW I have an information for you.. 😎 Now
    everyone is after V.S …
    ( Neelambar notices them coming & hides himself behind a tree )
    Sid looks on Nayasha & then says I knew it they will find about me but
    don’t you think its too late… 😉 Nayasha gets tensed 🙁 & says but
    what about me .. Now am also a criminal as I am with you… Sid laughs
    😀 & says shut up.. 😐 Don’t behave like an innocent person…
    Nayasha says but what about me… my normal life…. 🙁 how could…
    Sid feels something & shushes her… 😐 He goes towards a tree and
    quickly salms his fist on that tree… It breaks but no one is here…

    Camera shows Neelambar behind another tree far from them… 🙂
    Sid looks around & says I can feel he is still here… He quickly
    starts checking behind each tree.. One by one 😯
    Nayasha is just looking at him & thinks no matter who loose but I am
    going to win at last.. 👿

    Mythili is fighting with HHs in defensive mode… 🙂 🙂 she feels A
    little bit dizzy…but still fights….. 🙂 & overcomes the
    Same song starts in BG… Raahon mein hai jo kanch bichaye.. 😯
    Fb – Sid spreading Thorns around her & her pain.. 🙁 giving
    Pairon ne hai ye zakham jo paaye… 🙁
    Ab toh lage ye dard hi marham saaa…

    She runs quickly & comes out of the burnt- house.. Hh follows her…
    She succeeds in making them delusional..
    She runs fastly & comes in dense jungle area… 😯
    She then hides a bag in between bushes..& runs from there quickly..
    Bg song cont.. Ab tu jee le ya main saansein loon… Zidd kahe zidd
    kar na
    Ajj rajj rajj ke mainu chahe rula
    Ajj rajj rajj ke mainu de de saza
    Ajj rajj rajj ke dil sehne laga ?

    Sid is still searching Neelambar… 👿 Just then a hh comes there
    & says boss she ran away.. 🙁 Sid is shocked 😯
    He grabs his neck… & says what did you say.. 😈 Hh says
    Boss.. Mythili is escaped from there 🙁 Sid asks how can she? HH says
    don’t know boss how she gained conscious suddenly! 🙄 We tried to
    stop her but she ran away.. Sid looks that hh & hits him hard in chest
    with a pointed sandal wood…. 😯 He then orders Nayasha & some
    other hh’s to find that old man (Neelambar)
    all hh nodes in fear.. &
    Nayasha thinks because of Mythili.. 👿 Sid killed this ww 👿
    but how did she manage to escape? 🙄
    Sid talks to self I told her will be
    back soon but she ran away.. 🙁
    Silly girl.. 😈 She should wait for me but no… can’t stay for
    a moment without me 👿
    Sid shouts like mad… Mythili iiiiiii 👿
    ( Neelambar is shocked to hear about Mythili & also feels happy 🙂
    that she escaped… He also gets a chance to escape as Sid/Nayasha &
    hh r busy in themselves )

    Sid runs towards the burnt house…

    ..Next scene… Highway….. ?

    RR asks Abhay to stop the car & Abhay says if this is Sid’s location
    ❓ 🙄 I don’t think he is here 😐
    Both comes out of the car & RR says I think we should search them in
    jungle area.. ? Mythili is not too small to hide on highway… 😉
    Abhay says but which direction.. Left or right… 🙄 We should go
    in separate direction…. RR nodes & says but don’t go so far…& meet
    me in 15 min here only… Abhay says & same thing is applicable on you
    also.. RR nodes… Both goes in different different direction & shouts
    ( Mythili’s name echos all around.. Mythili… Mythili… Mythili…

    …Dehradun P.S….

    Inspector Joshi enters into P.S & sees DeePia & Shiva.. He asks you
    all here?? 🙄 Shiva says we have some info.. Joshi asks them to
    sit on chair.. Trio sits in front of Joshi… Deep says Sir! V.S Mehra
    has kidnapped Mythili…
    🙁 Joshi says V.S Mehra 🙄 Pia says yes.. He kidnapped my
    Sister… & Nayasha also helped him in this… Joshi says but we can’t
    take any action without any solid proof… Before this also Mr.Shiva
    doubted on RR ..
    Shiva says sir! That was my mistake only.. But this time I am right..
    We have proof also.. 🙂
    Deep gives joshi the “mask” & Shiva handovers him Laptop..
    Shiva says sir! This is V.S mask.. & his laptop.. His eyes was on my
    Sis.. 👿 Joshi is shocked & says but according to media/news he is
    not in India n & if he is behind Kidnapping then it could be
    dangerous.. 😯 But I will try to help in every possible way…
    Shiva says ya! try something.. Bring him back… Talk to higher
    authorities.. DeePia are quite.. 😐 joshi says OK.. Deep then says
    sir one more thing His name is not V.S.Mehra .. I mean his name is
    Vedhanth Mehra only
    ( Shiva looks Deep 🙄 )
    Trio them come out of the PS.. Shiva asks dude! How do you know his
    name… While I was still unknown.. Deep says RR-Abhay told me.. Shiva
    says with confusion 🙄 … RR & Abhay 🙂

    … Hideout Area… 👿

    Sid enters in burnt house & goes in the room.. He looks around & says
    how could she escaped 👿 I gave her drug-injection ? .. Then
    how? Sid then slams his hand & checks all vials.. 😯 He says how
    could I forgot that she is daughter of a Doctor.. ? & She is
    Maya… Ahhh! How could I?? 👿
    But again he smirks 😉 with a laugh ? & says Smart girl! Beauty
    with brain.. Too much fun… M coming to chase.. You can’t go anywhere
    My pretty kitten as this is My place.. My kingdom… I am the Lion
    king of this jungle & you are just a small kitten… 👿 😈
    He then asks a hh if HHs are all around the jungle area? Hh nodes..
    Sid acts like taking a deep breath & laughs.. He says Her smell 😛 is
    overwhelming me… 😉
    you can’t go far Mythili…fly Mythili fly… Fly like a bird … once
    I catch you.. You will be a Bird but without wings.. 😈


    Part ➡ 3

    …. Jungle Area…Evening…

    Mythili is running continuously… 😯 She looks behind & finds no
    hh.. She looks around & feels relax.. 🙂 She says in heart it feels
    like I have seen these things already.. Why am I feeling that
    something wrong is going to happen 🙁
    I need to contact Master… She hides herself in bushes & sits on
    ground to concentrate..

    Sid & hh are searching Mythili everywhere.. Sid again tries to feel
    her smell & signs towards a direction.. 🙄 All goes in that
    direction.. Sid says I know u r here only… Come out otherwise…
    😳 Oops.. U don’t know otherwise 👿 n

    …… Highway…. ?

    RR & Abhay are still searching separately but doesn’t find her.. 🙁
    🙁 RR again sees the message & thinks its the same location then
    where is Sid 🙄
    He then thinks something & looks down.. Starts to search for
    something… He notices something, 💡 just then Abhay comes there
    & says he can’t be here.. 😯 RR also nodes & signs towards that
    thing.. Abhay sees it.. & pick it from bushes.. Its V.S mobile 😯
    RR grinds his teeth & says he again fooled us.. We are underestimating
    him 😯 & he is playing his own game 👿
    Abhay says but if this mobile is here it means Sid must be near.. RR
    says but what if he is not ❓
    Abhay says we can’t give up like this .. RR nodes & points towards a
    direction.. He says we should search there…
    Abhay looks towards that direction & nodes yesss! RR asks then let’s
    They start to walk inside the dark dense
    jungle.. 👿 RR tells this place is not looking good .. Abhay looks
    around & tells will search her together.. Don’t go so far from me.. RR
    looks him & tells I won’t go ever ! 😉 😎

    … Jungle Area…. 👿

    Mythili concentrates to contact with Neelambar.. 🙂
    While Sid is moving in that direction with a evil smile on his face..
    He slowly moves … & removes bushes from his way.. He says where are
    you My pretty kitten? Come to me.. He then gets smell of her 👿 He
    removes another bush & says Mythili..ii 😎

    Mythili finally connects to Neelambar & says Master.. Someone puts
    hand on her shoulder… 😯
    She open her eyes & finds Neelambar standing in front of her… 🙂

    Sid is shocked 😯 to see a bag inbetween the bushes! He takes
    that bag & opens it.. But fumes to see a small kitten hidden there !..
    🙄 The kitten cutely sounds meoww.. ? looking at him 😆 Sid
    smirks 😉
    The kitten jumps out from the bag… and runs from the bushes 😀
    Sid looks here & there but doesn’t find Mythili .. 😯 He fumes..
    & thinks but the smell is still here.. He then checks the bag & Finds
    Mythili’s clothes .. 👿
    He fumes more & says I wouldn’t spare you … 😈 He then asks
    everyone to search her in opposite direction.. 😯

    …… Highway Side…

    Abhay & RR are still searching.. RR looks in a direction & about to go
    there but Abhay stops him & says be careful.. 😐 and Be awareonce you
    enter here.. You can be lost 🙁 as it’s a quagmire type of areas! RR
    nodes.. & they both search again..

    ….Jungle Area….. 👿

    Neelambar says yes Maya 🙂 Me…. Ur master..
    Mythili takes blessings of Master & says Sid kidnapped me.. 🙁 But I
    somehow escaped now let’s go.. Neel stops her & says hh has surround
    this place .. We can’t face them alone… Mythili feels sad 🙁 & says
    we need help then.. Neelambar tells we need to hide ourselves for long
    so that we can get help … RishAbhay must be coming here… 🙂
    Mythili looks Neelambar with confusion & says master if you came here
    for RishAbhay ❓ Neelambar nodes 🙂
    Mythili looks around & says but which place is this… 🙄 I never
    came or hear about this place ever…. Neelambar says it’s not
    Dehradun… Mythili looks on..& asks then? Neel says this is Abhay’s
    native place ➡ Pandher
    Mythili is shocked & says Abhay’s native place… Neel nodes 🙂

    …. Near Highway Jungle…

    RishAbhay are still searching Mythili everywhere in the forest..
    😯 They come to center of the forest.. 🙁 RR says we searched
    her everywhere..but she is nowhere 🙁 🙁
    Both feels helpless.. 😐 Abhay lost his patience.. & kneels down.. He
    holds his head.. & shouts Mayaaaaaaaaaaa… Where are youuuuu… 🙁
    Why did you left me againnn 😥
    RR also looks him with worried face & he cries too.. 😥 🙁 but he
    tries to console Abhay.. RR also bends down &
    holds Abhay’s arm ❗ But Abhay jerks him & tells go away from me.. I
    don’t deserve anyone’s love! RR steps back & looks him 🙁 😐
    He tells No Abhay you are wrong..You are such a nice person..
    Abhay shouts am not a nice personnnn.. How could I ???
    His vamp teeth comes out.. & he totally lost his control..
    RR is stunned seeing him! 😯 & looks him cont.. While Abhay cries
    madly 😥

    RR then cups Abhay’s face & tells calm down Abhay.. Just come down..
    is totally hopeless 🙁 & tells she
    left me again all alone 😥 I came here
    only for her.. But she left me again
    Without her what would I do in this world.. No one is here for me..
    😥 I should leave this world! I lost her again.. I couldn’t save
    her… 🙁 What’s the need to stay here? I became alone again..

    RR tells what are you saying Abhay .. How could you give up so
    easily.. Earlier you only said that “We can’t give up..” But now you
    are talking like this
    🙁 😥 You are not that Abhay whom I know 🙁 Mythili is still here
    & you are not alone ..I am here for you & I won’t let you go
    anywhere.. If you go then I will also come following you.. I have
    promised her that I will take care of u.. 🙂

    ….Two scenes in parallel….

    …… Jungle-Area….. 👿

    Mythili says Abhay’s native place 🙄
    Neel nodes & says yes.. 🙂 Mythili says but his bunglow is in
    Dehradun n… Neelambar says Maya.. This is Abhay’s native place who
    was a human not a vampire… & I came here to know about him only &
    also get the way of uniting RishAbhay… Mythili feels happy 🙂 &
    asks How? ❓
    Neel says it’s related to his past life.. 😐 Mythili looks on 🙄
    & says he never told me about his family or past life.. 🙁
    I want to know everything…
    tell me…master…. Tell me everything…

    ….. Near Highway-jungle….

    Abhay stands & tells I don’t want to hurt or create any problems for
    you… 😐 RR tells you can’t hurt me.. 🙂
    If you hurt me it means I hurt myself.. we are not different…We are
    same n… 🙂 Abhay shouts we are not same.. I am a vampire.. A Blood
    sucking creature not A Human like you! 🙁 You don’t know anything
    about me.. I am the most unlucky person in this world.. everyone left
    me alone My family, friend, My sister.. & Maya.. Now Mythili too 🙁 I
    don’t deserve anyone 🙁 Just go away
    from me.. RR holds his hands & says then tell me n who you are? ❗
    Abhay looks him! RR asks him who is Abhay then.. Who is Abhay in
    realty.. as A human not as A vampire?! Why everyone left you alone?
    What you did?

    …Neel tells to Mythili Abhay was very happy with his family… He
    had everything… 🙂
    ( Mythili is listening silently….)

    Abhay stands …. & tells with tear in his eyes…
    I love them a lot but couldn’t save them..Maine jise v chaha use kho

    A Fb of Abhay’s past life starts….

    Its a haveli… Abhay is sleeping 😛 Peacefully on a royal bed…

    A girl enters his room.. She jerks him & says bhaiyaa…Wake up……

    Abhay opens his eyes & says champ u woke up early… 😉 She smiles &
    Abhay too 🙂 she again says I made that painting according to your
    description.. 😉
    Abhay sits on bed & says show me then… 😎 She opens a folded paper
    & Abhay is totally surprised to see the painting.. He says exactly
    Drisha… She is the same… 🙂
    You have given a face to my imagination
    Camera shows the painting.. Its Maya/Mythili face … 🙂

    Abhay cutely 😛 smiles seeing the painting 🙂


    No Precap 😉

  10. abbas
    August 21, 15:41 Reply

    Vivian Dsena .. the best drama i have seen 4 time ” pyar ki ek kahani ” and now trying to see once more i remember the scene and its my fav scene when abay raichan is sleep long under the ice water and piya goes their and songs start and its become a romantic scene ever i saw in my life its look like real …http://www.hotsizes.com The real vampire love not human and all you know its succed in the end .
    then priya say i feel some thing here i remember this place i dnt know why and then priya gave a life again to abay and she fall in water and abay raichan see priya open his eyes priya see 🙂 abay she seeing abay non stop even she can,t breath their after 1 minute priya get out from water and go back to home and all night she think about the person she saw in her dreams and in water … Anyway i like this drama very very very much and hope it beings continued plz.

  11. aarya
    August 21, 14:21 Reply


    JUNOON ➡ It’s Not Human Love 😀

    Episode ➡ 75

    Part ➡ 1

    Episode starts with Showing…Dobriyal house…. Shiva wakes up & stands …
    He looks at the calendar & gets sad… 🙁
    He comes out of his room & goes into Mythili’s room.. He looks around & cries.. 😥 😥 He touches Mythili’s pic hanging on wall & tells HAPPY RAAKHI..behna .. He recalls his & Mythili childhood’s memory… 🙂 🙂
    BG – Jhula baho kaa aaj bhi do naa mujhe… Jhula baho kaa aaj bhi do naa mujhe… Bhaiya goad me uthao naa aaj mujhe….
    Shiva then recalls how Mythili used to tease him…
    Bg song cont.. Too khushi toh karar toh bahar hai.. Dam sey tere hi toh ghar pe nikhar hai…
    Shiva consoles himself & says Every year you used to tie rakhi on my hand.. But today you are not here to tie Rakhi.. where are you?? 🙁 Everyone is Missing you badly 😥 Please god! give me some clue… Any clue about her… Tumhare bina Ye ghar bilkul adhura h…
    He comes out of the room & goes to Indirab’s room .. Indiraji is falling asleep on chair.. He caresses her head & then takes blessings of Both Indirab.. He says in heart I will find her at any cost .. I promise & it will be my Raakhi gift to her … 🙂

    …Outside Dobriyal house…garden area…

    All are looking at RR & Abhay says V.S went abroad… Siddhartha is nowhere…
    Where has he gone 🙄
    Chand says I came to know that V.s has booked a ticket for Paris
    Deep interrupts Aryan & Trishna are also there n.. If Nayasha knows this 🙄
    Everyone gets shocked.. 😯
    RR & Abahy both says in chorus no.. She doesn’t know.. Both looks each other 🙄 & then again says in chorus we should…
    Abahy looks RR & says okk u tell.. 🙂
    RR looks him for a while & then says we should talk to Aryan .. But don’t tell him anything about Mythili.. Otherwise he will come here to help forcefully …. Chand nodes & tells I will talk to him & try to find about V.S
    Pia says we need to know more about V.S & Shiva can tell us better.. Deep nodes & DeePia goes inside…

    …… Hide out area….. 👿
    Camera shows Nayasha’s face & then all around 😯 She looks around & says ufff! Abroad my foot! 👿 Sid has trapped me here in this old & antique house. She turns & looks at the house ➡ A burnt house 👿
    She fumes more looking at the house & then goes in a direction…. A hh enters the house in hurry.. 🙄

    .. In room..
    Sid is holding Mythili’s hand.. & because of blood.. His vamp teeth comes out.. 😈 he looses his control & his teeth touches Mythili’s wrist… 😯 but before he could inject his vamp teeth just then hh comes there & shouts bossssss… 🙄
    Sid looks the hh angrily (red eyes & blood on mouth) 😈 & then smiles.. 😀 He says u came at the right time.. Otherwise I may loose my pretty kitten … Hh says boss.. He… is…
    Sid notices a small piece of thorn hurting Mythili’s hand.. He signs HH to shut up 😐 & softly removes the thorn.. She feels pain & murmurs a bit.. 🙁 He again softly touches her hand & says its hurting right? Sorry.. 🙂 Sid leaves Mythili’s hand & looks at hh
    Hh signs towards outside & says he is here … Sid asks who?? Hh says he is here.. I tried to catch him but he escaped.. Sid looks Mythili & says he.. Here 🙄 ?? 👿
    Sid leaves Mythili’s hand & goes with hh…
    Mythili opens her eyes 🙂 slowly… But feels pain 🙁 & again closes her eyes…

    Sid comes out with hh & says How did he escape…? & what was he doing here?? He can ruin my plan.. 🙁 👿 I can’t stay here long.. What to do… 😐 What to do now… Sid then asks if he knows about Maya… 🙄 Hh says I think he doesn’t know but was spying on us.. Sid says hmmmm 👿 he is calling his death himself… I need to do something else now. Sid orders all HH to surround the area so that he can’t escape & couldn’t inform anyone about Maya… Hh nodes.

    Dobriyal house….. ….Hall….
    Shiva is talking with someone on mobile! He cuts the call… sits on sofa & thinks now what to do? 🙁 DeePia also comes there & sits.. Both think how to start talk
    or ask directly about V.S to Shiva.. 🙄 Both feel helpless.. 🙁 Shiva looks both
    DeePia & thinks hmmm m sure they wanted to talk about RR-Abhay.. 👿 Especially in favor of RR.. so it’s better to be quite.. Shiva & DeePia looks each other… 😡 Deep tries to talk but Shiva calls out Anika…honey… honey..
    Anika comes downstairs from Indirab room & asks what? Shiv tells bring My office files from my room! She nodes & goes..
    Pia lost her patience & about to ask but Deep holds her hand & nodes no.. Pia stays quite.. 😐
    Pia takes a news paper & acts like she is reading.. Anika comes there with some files & gives it to shiva.. Shiva takes all files but A mask falls down from the
    files! DeePia looks that mask… Deep picks that mask… & both DeePia thinks this one?? 🙄
    Pia asks Shiva… is this ur mask…???
    Shiva looks Pia & says oh! Now r u suspecting me.. 👿 Pia says no Shiva m just asking, it can help us to find Di.. Shiva fumes & says I know how to find her .. Don’t need any help..he takes the mask from Deep’s hand & goes towards his room in hurry… Pia fumes 👿 but Anika asks her to be calm 🙂 & says It’s of Shiva.. Deep says Shiva?? Ani says yeah! I found this mask in his room.. if there is any problem ?? 🙄
    (Fb- Deep throws that mask from terrace & its falls down inside Shiva’s room through window because of wind..
    After sometime Anika enters inside Shiva’s room with dry clothes &
    notices that mask… She then keeps it inside the drawer between the files)

    Deep says no.. I just asked like that.. 😐 Anika leaves….


    Part ➡ 2

    … A car stops near a studio….. ?

    RR 😎 comes out while Abhay 😎 is still sitting in car… RR enters the studio & shows a pic of V.S in his mobile to a staff/spot boy…. That person signs towards a chair & says he can tell better… 🙂 RR nodes & goes towards chair… Just then his mobile rings…. (Its Anika’s call ) He rejects the call & stands near that person in his right side…
    ( A 70 year old aged man )
    RR shows him V.S pic & says do u know him?? That person takes the mobile & looks the pic with big eyes… ? He then says its VEDHANTH MEHRA 🙄

    RR looks him puzzled 🙄
    & says but everyone knows him as V.S mehra.. That person says ya… nowadays he like to call himself as V.S only.. 🙂
    RR thinks *S* S for what…. 🙄 He again asks which type of person is he?? If he has any criminal record.. ❓ That person looks RR & says sorry who r you.. 🙄 I don’t know you so can’t tell… U can go now?? RR fumes & says everyone know me & you don’t know me.. 👿 😯
    its good for you… 😡 You are old enough that’s y better for you if u remain unknown… That man gets angry & asks RR to leave… 👿
    RR looks at Abhay (in car) 😯 Abhay signs him to calm down… :green:
    RR again says listen old man! M just asking which type of person is V.S but u r showing tantrums.. That person says first you should learn how to ask something…..but u r…. ( RR gets pissed off & walks off in between… Abhay takes his place… )
    Abhay comes in front of the old person & looks into his eyes… He says What do you know about V.S?? Tell me everything.. Everything… 🙂 🙂
    That person’s eyes get wet 😥 & says he was such a nice person.. he used to help people… But now he hate people… I made him .. I taught him everything but now he doesn’t recognize me 🙁 Because of his changed behavior his family hates him now & left him but it doesn’t affect him… Abhay is shocked… 😯 he snaps his finger… Puts his hand on shoulder of that person & says okk… Everything will be fine… 🙂 Abhay leaves…

    Another scene in parallel…
    RR sits in car & call back Anika… ?
    Anika is in Mythili’s room… She notices RR’s call & receives it… RR asks y did you call me… Anika is in dilemma how to ask 😐 … RR says if ur fiance Shiva has asked you to call me & do jasusii…. Then u r wasting ur time… & he too… 👿
    Anika says but you met Mythili last time n… y did you met her last time..?? 🙄 RR fumes & says not interested in giving any explanation to u .. & why I need to do these things.. You know me better right… Ani murmurs I know… But… Ahhh! I know it can’t be you… 🙂 Okk tell me if I could help in any way.. RR smirks 😉 & tells just give some of ur intelligence to Shiva & try to find about his B.O.S.S V.S…. Anika nodes & tells ok.. RR says sorry I talked rudely.. She tells its ok I can understand.. I would mind if u were talk sweetly 😉 she cuts the call….

    …Its Noon..Hide out area 👿 ..Outside..

    Nayasha comes back & finds Sid 😯
    She smirks ufff! Someone is waiting for me 😉 Sid goes to her & says with a smile kahan gyi thi?? 🙂 Nayasha says was just roaming in fresh air… Sid laughs & then angrily looks her… 😈 He holds her hand tightly & drags her inside… Nayasha jerks her hand & says r u mad?? 😡 Sid says you can’t go anywhere without my permission… Nayasha fumes & says M not Mythili okk… 👿 Sid says tum ho v nhi sakti… 😉 Nayasha feels irritated & says U have gone mad… This is the realty… Sid fumes… 😡
    She says yes.. U have gone mad totally … You are trying to keep her here by giving injections… how long siddartha… For how long you are going to give injections to her like this? Ufff You can keep her with you like this only.. If she gains conscious then she will never accept to live with you..
    Sid shouts Uuuuuu… & comes near to Nayasha & holds her neck.. Nayasha also fumes & tells this is the truth..and
    You can’t change that! 😉
    she would never agree to stay with V.s or Siddartha…
    Sid tells I don’t care about it.. Nayasha frees herself from his grip & tells but I care.. You kidnapped her but seems I am the hostage here! 🙁 She fumes & tells hereafter I am not going to stay here.. She is about to leave but sid
    holds her & makes her close to him! Sid acts romantically & asks why are you getting angry on me? We both are here to spend some quality time na.. She fumes more & jerks him! She tells don’t act.. I am not a fool.. Do whatever crap you want to do with her but leave me.. 👿 I am fed up with ur craps.. You are doing this all for you only.. Then
    why should I help you.. What am I going to get from this? She turns to leave
    but hh surround her.. She fumes while Sid smirks looking at her! Sid then looks towards Mythili’s room & thinks something… He says thank u Nayasha darling.. Thank u for this..Nayasha is puzzled… 🙄 Sid says let’s make a deal… You help me to get her.. & you will get RR … Nayasha looks on .. 🙄 Sid says yes Nayasha darling I promise you once after capturing RR & Abhay I will handover RR to you…I wouldn’t harm him 🙂 Nayasha gets happy… 🙂 Sid says in heart wake up Mythili…V.S is waiting for you 😎

    …. It’s evening…. Chand’s bunglow…

    RishAbhay & Chand are talking… Chand says Aryan is safe there with his family… & I asked him to find about V.S too… as He & Nayasha both are out of my trace.. They used to give their pics to media themselves… But for his info we will have to wait for tomorrow… 😐
    RR says it means we wasted one more day 🙁 Abhay says no… We are very close to him… V.S is their puppet… According to that old man now V.s is not like before so may be he is in influence of hh.. Or he is with them totally… Or… RR interrupts he is Siddhartha himself… 😯


    Part ➡ 3

    ……. Night..Same hideout place… 👿
    Mythili gains conscious & wakes up fully… 🙂 she looks her hand/arms & feels pain.. A person comes there & gives some clothes to her.. She looks that person strangely! 🙄 The person says Boss is waiting for u outside & he has send these clothes for you… he is waiting outside for u mam.. She looks
    her dirty clothes & thinks I should change.. She takes that clothes!
    The person leaves from there.. She remembers something seeing that
    clothes & try to recall.. She touches that clothes & closes her eyes & start to concentrate.. But her concentration breaks.. She opens her eyes & thinks why am I unable to concentrate? 🙁 Why I am feeling this much weak? She then notices some injections ?? speared near by her & thinks something! She then gets down from the bed.. stumbles a bit but manages to walk self.. & goes to
    change her clothes..

    After sometime…. Mythili comes out of the house wearing that clothes & notices some more persons are also there for security purpose! She thinks which place is this? ?
    She looks around & thinks how to inform RishAbhay about this place… How 🙄 ya!! I need to contact master.. But No.. Not now… If someone notices then… Master life will be in danger… 🙁 First I need to find some way to escape from here after that I can contact master.. 🙂
    she then hears some foot steps & sits
    silently on the bench..

    ….. Dobriyal House…
    Shiva is in his room.. DeePia are outside .. Anika comes there & Deep signs her to ask… Anika assures them 🙂 & goes to room … She puts her hand on Shiva’s shoulder & asks busy in work ❓ Shiva looks at her & says not in work but trying to get some clue about Mythili but still no any clue 🙁 Anika again looks at the door & DeePia sign her to ask.. ❗ Anika sits on bed & says why did you shout on Pia in morning… She was just asking about mask n … Shiva tells I didn’t want to shout but that time I did this to avoid her questions.. ❓ Anika asks why?? Shiva tells actually this is not my mask…Don’t know how it came here with my files.. ( DeePia gets alert )
    💡 Anika tells if it’s not urs then whom??? Shiv tells My boss V.S Mehra.. It is his mask.. Anika is confused & says he used to wear mask?? 🙄 Shiva tells yeah! he is like this only… I noticed this in office .. once i was in a search of files & noticed this mask in his drawer.. My boss told that it’s his fav mask as he loves Batman movie….& it suits on his new face… 🙂
    ” FB — Shiva asks new face.. Sid smirks I had done face surgery like michel jackson..as I was not good looking.. Shiva looks on.. Sid starts to laugh 😀 & says just kidding.. ” Fb ends..

    Shiva says he jokes sometime like this
    too..but Very nice person! 🙂 If I tells this to Pia then she will suspect on my boss more….Already they are asking too many questions about him.. But he is innocent..he is just trying to help me in this hard situation.. Nothing else 🙂

    DeePia are shocked & Pia is totally blank.. 😐 She puts her both hands on her mouth in shock 🙄
    Camera shows DeePia’s shocked face… 😯 😯

    …Hide out area… 👿
    Totally dark around… A person comes near to Mythili! Mythili looks that person.. he signs everyone to leave from there.. All leave.. He comes in light… Camera shows V.S face.. He comes & sits near to Mythili on the bench.. She looks him with a shock.! 😯
    V.S tells I know you must be angry on me for what I did.. But my intention was not wrong! 🙂 I dont have any other way to show my love! She looks him with confused face 🙄 & says you kidnapped me to show your love.. 👿 V.S.Mehra… V S says yes! Its my love & I know you understand this Love too.. Once RR also took you forcefully to his Mansion n.. 😉 Mythili fumes & says its none of your business & how do you know this… 🙄 V.S says hmmm… I know everything 😉 but am better than RR… Actually I didn’t do anything.. I only saved u from that kidnapper … 🙂
    Mythili asks you saved me 🙄 from whom… V.s says yeah!
    She asks who is that person? 👿 V.S tells he is….his name is…
    Mythili shouts tell me who? He tells his name.. his name.. Siddhartha! She gets
    shocked & asks whattt you saved me from Siddhartha? 😯 He tells yes.. She asks how do you know his name??
    V S tells he only told me… He used to call himself as The great Siddhartha.. When I asked him to leave you.. He
    attacked on me 🙁 but I saved myself & you from him! 🙂 and now you are doubting on me 🙁 that I kidnapped you.. She asks do you know who is sid? V.S makes innocent face & tells I don’t know.. She tells he is a devil.. 👿 V.S smirks evily 👿 She tells I can’t believe that you saved me from him! He tells may be he is powerful than me but my love is more powerful than him! So saved you.. I love you.. 🙂
    I am powerful than Sid and love you more than RR … Mythili is in dilemma… V.S says I know it’s wrong to kidnap you & keep you here with me.. But I don’t have any other way to protect you.. Believe me.. V.S folds his
    hands in front of her & says please forgive me for this .. 🙁 😥

    …Dobriyal house…. RishAbhay arrive there with chand & enter in Shiva’s room directly…. 😯 Indiraji notices them from Aarab’s room & says Aarab they r searching her .. She will be with us very soon… 🙂
    Shiva looks trio strangely .. DeePia also enters with Anika.. Shiva says what?? What u guys r doing here… 🙄 Abhay says show me that mask… Shiva says which mask… & how dare you all to intrude into my house like this… 👿 RR says stop ur drama.. & blah blah….. Pia says its in that drawer… Shiva looks Pia… 👿 Chand opens that drawer & finds that mask.. 🙂
    Abhay & chand looks each other… Both recalls “Aryan showing them a video footage.. Sid appears wearing the same mask”
    Abhay murmurs its Siddhartha… 😯

    …..Hide out scene…. 👿
    Mythili holds V.S hands & says no need to ask for forgiveness…. you self know that what u did was worng..so let me go… 🙂 He tells are you still angry on me
    🙁 please don’t get angry & please don’t go anywhere… See! I won’t force you for anything but you should also understand one thing that I love you..& You need to stay with me… 😯
    Mythili stands & tells but I don’t love you.. V S also stands & holds her both arm…. He tells don’t say like this.. She stares at him & jerks his hand.. She tells dare to touch me again.. 👿
    Sid fumes & tells in heart it’s really irritating to act like a normal human 😡 but again acts like V.S & tells please try to understand I am ready to do anything for u.. 🙂 She tells I don’t want anything from you just leave
    me & let me go…. 😐
    He tells no I won’t leave you till you understand my love for u.. She fumes & tells stop ur bakwas I don’t love you… I Lovee.. She stops.. He asks you love? He again holds her arms & asks you love me right? She again jerks him & Slaps him hard.. 👿 she says told you not to touch me…
    Sid turns his face & his eyes starts to sparkle in anger… 👿
    Mythili tells very soon you see them when they will come here to save me.. He again turns to Mythili & asks really? They will come.. “THEY” it means you have more than one lover… 😆
    she screams yesss.. I love RishAbhay.. RishAbhay only… 🙂 Sid fumes hearing
    RishAbhay names & holds her neck.. He asks what did you say? Tell me
    again? 😈
    He behaves like sid & his eyes sparkles.. Mythili smirks smartly looking him 😉 & tells welcome Mr. V .S Mehra aka Siddharthaa.. Sid leaves her
    neck & realises that his identity is revealed… 😯 She tells not bad you acted very well.. You made everyone fool but now not anymore! He smirks &
    tells Smart move Ms.Mythili Dobriyal.. 😉 But you should know one thing
    that Siddhartha has kidnapped you .. You can’t go anywhere… If your lovers come here then they won’t return from here..
    Mark my words! ❗ But first they need to find about me & this place then only they can come n.. 😎
    She tells I know them… Just wait & watch
    Sid says okk same 2 you.. Wait & watch my pretty kitten..( He touches her face.. 👿 ) Mythili fumes.. Sid leaves from there..

    ….Dobriyal house….

    RR looks at Shiva & now you tell, this is V.s mask n… ❓ Shiva looks Anika & she looks away… 🙁 Shiva says yes so what??? RR glares at him.. 👿 Deep interferes & says I found this mask on terrace & thrown it.. But it came into ur room because of wind… It means V.s came here at that night… 👿
    Camera revolves around everyone…

    After a while… Everyone is at terrace…
    Abhay says V.s somehow managed to come into Mythili room.. 🙁 He then made her unconscious.. & brought her here… May be Mr. Aarab tried to stop him or saw him.. V.S pushed him from terrace… 😥 & kidnapped Mythili…
    Shiva holds his head & sits on ground like a mad… 😡 He recalls everything how V.S used to ask everything…
    He stands & dials V.S number…but its not reachable..
    (Camera shows V.S-mobile in a bush)

    Shiva trembles more & tells everyone about V.S.. his talk/enquiry about family & DeePia marriage…

    R-A / Chand/ DeePia looks each other & fumes that they couldn’t recognize Siddhartha earlier… 🙁 🙁 🙁 👿 RR says Shiva u need to give statement against V.S .. Shiva nodes & all turns to go… But finds Indiraji… Indraji asks V.S?? Who is V.S.. why would he kidnap my daughter? What is his motive? 😯 All are speechless.. 😐 😐 Indraji goes near R-A says tell me n.. He can harm her n.. He can do anything to her.. RA looks her helplessly & says in chorus.. “I know that she is fine” indiraji looks both R-A & says plese bring her soon & tell me who is this V.S.. Shiva says mom he is my boss.. Indiraji is confused & asks but what is his motive behind this all…
    RR says he… He…. Right then padminiji comes there & tells He is a Psycho.. 😡 All looks Padminiji with big eyes.. 🙄 Indraji asks what do you mean padmini ji?
    Padmini ji tells yes.. V.S is a Psycho type of person! He was mad after Mythili.. once he tried to kidnapped her while
    shooting in mumbai & she gets hurt.. Shiva asks means that media news
    was ture only? Padmini ji tells yes but Abhay & RR saved her from him.. 🙂
    After coming back from Mumbai.. we all thought he won’t come back but he reached here & pretended like that he has changed… But no.. We were wrong.. 🙁 He kidnapped her.. Shiva asks but V.S has came from abroad.. RR looks shiva & tells yeah! When we came here in Dehradun, He also left from Mumbai.. He just played a game to fool us.. Indraji asks but why Mythili didnot tell about this ever… ❓ Why all of you hide
    these things from us? If we get to know about it earlier then we will be more alert na.. She cries.. 😥 Padmini ji holds her & tells sorry.. 🙁 We all thought problems were ended in mumbai itself that’s why But don’t worry Indraji.. My Rishu & My another son Abhay is here.. 🙂 now they will find her.. Shiva tells I will also come with you both.. RA looks him.. 🙄 Deep tells No you can’t go.. we have another work also.. 1st we should check ur office… may be we can get some clue from there.. Shiva thinks & tells yes you are right..
    RR then comes near to padmini ji & asks MAA.. aap yahan kaise? 🙄 Padmini ji tells just came to see Aarab & Indiraji.. He says thanks maa you have handled
    the situation well.. 🙂 But if you know about V S.. Padmini ji tells no I don’t know him but if you all r after him then it means he is not a normal person… & no any normal person can capture Mythili easily.. thats why I just created a story..
    RR tells nice story 😉 now am not a villain or shaitan for Indiraji.. 😎 Padmini ji tells I am an actor’s mom & producer’s wife so I know how to make a story.. 🙂
    Indirji looks at Abhay.. She holds his hand & then goes to RR.. She tells I know you both will bring her ! But please bring her soon… I can’t wait more… Both R-A nodes & says she will be with you very soon… 🙂

    ….Next day…4 a.m…..Chand’s bunglow…

    Abhay is packing some stuffs/weapons 😯 & Chand gets a call… He cuts the call & says V.S & Nayasha are not there.. 😯 Abhay says I knew it already.. That Siddhartha fooled everyone in disguise of V.S but not now… RR is using his contact to track Sid’s mobile no.. From which he used to call Shiva.. Once we get the location we will find Mythili too… 🙂 🙂 Sid must be near to that location… & Mythili is must be with him.. Chand says but why r u going alone… 🙄 Abhay says I am not going alone .. Do you think RR will left me alone… 😆 and its dangerous too, I can’t take risk of more lives… 😐 You need to stay here with Dobriyals & don’t tell DeePia about this.. I & RR will handle this now… 🙂
    RR enters & says let’s go.. Abhay asks about Location.. RR gets sad 🙁 & says didn’t get the exact location yet .. Abhay says then where are we going.. 🙄 RR says I have asked that hacker to text me the details.. Abhay nodes okk & both leave….

    …. Hide out area…. 👿
    Mythili is awaken in the room.. She looks around & thinks whom house is this… 🙄 She looks all the painting & goes near to a painting.. She touches that unknowingly… 🙂 Her attention breaks after hearing Sid’s voice… Sid enters inside singing a song… “Ye kahannn aa gye hum” 😉 sid comes to Mythili & says you must be thinking something like this n.. “Where I have came”. Let me tell you, you are in my kingdom… Mythili says ur kingdom or you possessed someone’s house… 👿
    Sid smirks internally 😉 & says in heart not someone else .. But tumhara koi apna… 😎
    Mythili tries to read his expression & Sid calls out Nayasha.. Nayasha comes in hurry.. Sid says I acknowledged ur suggestions Nayasha but see now miss. Dobriyal is asking too many questions & thinking to escape or contact her master… am I right my pretty kitten.. 👿 Mythili is speechless.. 😐 sid looks Nayasha & says hold her.. Nayasha moves towards Mythili while Sid takes out a injection… ?
    Mythili gets afraid… 😥 & says I won’t go anywhere… Don’t give this injection…
    Nayasha holds her.. Sid comes near to her.. Mythili again says please believe me I won’t go.. Sid says okk… Mythili feels relax 🙂 but in a very next moment sid gives the injection & says silly girl… she should know How could I believe her… 😈
    Nayasha fumes internally & thinks once I get RR… I will kill this Mythili & then you Siddhartha… 👿 Sid looks Nayasha & says now go & enjoy fresh air… Nayasha leaves Mythili & Sid holds her… he makes her lie on bed & says sleep well …. 🙂 my pretty kitten… He then leaves…
    Camera shows Mythili sleeping on bed
    🙁 … & she opens her eyes 🙄 🙂


    Precap ➡

    RishAbhay are searching Mythili everywhere in the forest.. They comes
    to center of the forest.. 🙁
    Abhay kneels down & holds his head.. He shouts Mayaaaaaaaaaaa… Where
    are youuuuu… 🙁 Why you left me againnn 😥 RR also looks him with worried face & he cries too.. 😥

  12. aarya
    August 14, 09:49 Reply


    JUNOON ➡ It’s Not Human Love 😀

    Episode ➡ 74

    Part ➡ 1

    Episode starts with showing A Village.. Two persons enters Maya’s village… 🙄 Tribes are shocked a bit to see them…
    ( Abhay ? with Chand )
    Tribe head comes in front of them & says with confusion Abhay ❓
    Abhay says we need help… TH says you need help ❓ for what… 😯
    Chand says we r in search of Maya…. 🙁
    Tribe head asks Maya.. What happened to her ? Abhay explains him everything
    Tribe head says Only Siddhartha can do this.. 👿 Chand says yes we know but we don’t have any clue about him where has he gone… 😥

    ( Abhay looks around & feels Maya’s presence… 🙂
    Bg – Khushbuoon se teriii yunhi takra gaye…Chalte chalte dekho na hum kahaan aa gaye..Jannatein agar yahin
    Tu dikhe kyon nahin… 🙁 Chaand suraj sabhi hai yahaan…
    He recalls his happy moments with Maya…. 🙂 ?
    Bg song cont Intezar tera sadiyon se kar raha..Pyaasi baithi hai kab se yahaannn… Humari adhoori kahaani
    Humari adhoori kahaani.. Humari adhoori kahani.. 🙁 )

    Chand says to T-H okk but if u get any info about Maya or master also then please inform us… 😐 Tribe head nodes…
    Abhay & Chand leaves….

    …. Hide out area…. In room..
    Mythili murmurs something & faints..
    🙁 Sid-Nayasha looks her.. 🙄
    Sid bends down & tells It will pain little bit baby..But you can sleep well 🙂 He then carries Mythili in his arms & makes
    her lie on the bed.. He sits near by her 😳 & looks her with love! He softly touches her face.. 🙄 & tells She is beautiful na? 🙂 Like a small pretty kitten… 😯
    Nayasha fumes 👿 & tells I don’t think so.. Sid turns & looks Nayasha 👿 Nayasha tells Ahh.. may be she looks beautiful to you.. Sid stands & comes near to Nayasha! He asks what did you say? 😈 Nayasha looks sid & says I said yeah! She murmurs uff beautiful that’s everyone is going gaga over her.. 👿 & then asks But u tell me what’s the need to give injections to her? What can she do here? After all you are The great Siddhartha.. ? & No one can do anything especially when your full concentration is on that person! 😉 Sid smirks & tells that’s why I am ur Boss.. 😎 & you are working for me! If You don’t know this girl.. She looks pretty while sleeping only If she gains conscious then she will defintely try to contact Master Neelamber via telepathy.. 👿 & I know it very well because once I acted like neelambar na.. Sometimes she used to ask me in her girly voice.. ( Sid acts like Mythili) “Master.. Master.. 🙁 I tried to contact you but I could not.. ”
    Hmmm & now I don’t want to give that chance to her! Nayasha asks Do you think she will agree to live with you? 🙄 Sid turns & looks Mythili.. He again goes near to her & sits.. He tells
    Now she is MINE.. Totally MINE 👿 She can’t go anywhere leaving me the great
    Siddharthaaa.. 😎 Nayasha looks sid 🙄 & thinks He has gone totally Mad..

    ….RR Mansion….

    Padminiji enters inside RR room holding arthi thaal & notices that RR is getting ready to go somewhere.. She smiles… 🙂
    RR turns.. 😉 She comes near to him & about to put tilak on his forehead..
    But RR refuses! 🙁 She looks him with worried face 🙁 Just then Cg enters & informs that Mr.Joshi has come to meet. RR & padminig come downstairs…

    RR asks to Insp joshi any information ❓ Inspector joshi tells we tried our level best sir but didnot get any clue! But don’t worry we will find her & this info will not leak to anyone. 🙂
    RR tells Hmm 😈 I don’t want this news to be leaked to anyone especially to media! If they get to know about it then they will create more problem.. 😐 Already there are lots of problems to be sorted out..! anyways Thank you Mr.Joshi for ur support.. 🙂 Inform me once if u get any info about…
    Inspector joshi says sure sir but there is a problem.. RR asks what?? 🙄 Joshi says sir.. Her brother Shiva Dobriyal has come yesterday to lodge a complaint against you .. Don’t know on what basis He was saying that you are behind all this 🙄 and if next time he comes with proof then you may need to come PS… 😯
    RR says you do your enquiry & I will come if it needs… Joshi nodes & leaves with his two constables..
    Cg is looking at RR.. 🙄 RR asks what happened cg? Why are you starting at me like this? 😯
    Cg tells chief yest that producer again called me & asked me to fix
    meeting with u.. 🙂 RR gets irritated & tells cg already told u not to disturb me regarding these things for some days.. 👿 Cg tells but chief.. Ur movie is also releasing in some days… 😎 We need to do something for that n… 🙂
    RR looks C.g 😈 & says leave C.g…leaveeee.. Cg is helpless & leaves from there silently.. 😐
    Padminiji asks RR to come & have breakfast.. RR tells no maa I am not
    feeling hungry & Now I am going to meet Abhay.. don’t know when will I return.. Padminiji nodes & tells be careful & take care of him too.. 🙂 After that incident he has broken totally.. 🙁 God only knows for how long he has to tolerate pains in his life.. RR gets upset & hugs padminiji.. she too hugs him back.. 🙂
    RR steps out of the Mansion & dials a no.He gets little shocked 😯 & says okk will come…

    … Next scene…. Office…it’s noon…

    Shiva is busy in work… His mobile rings… He picks the call & asks did u Enquire about the details.. From another end the person says didn’t get the call/message details.. 🙁 Shiva fumes & slams his hand on table… He sits on chair totally broken 😥 & says How could this happened.. How that msg was deleted & now no details… 🙁
    how will I found you … 😥 I know RR is behind all this.. Or he is connected anyhow… What would I tell to MAA &.. & Dad…, When dad be fine, He will ask about you then what will I answer.. am of no use 🙁 😥 really m of no use.. U r right Dad….m of no use.. I am unable to search my sister… 😥

    …. A Studio…..

    RR arrives there & tells why r u here ??
    Camera shows Abhay’s face… RR asks so no clue from village too 🙁 ..Abhay says Its Fourth day now 😥 & we r unable to find her 🙁 RR says exactly 👿 we r unable to find her..so we need to find her n. what r u doing here…?? 😯
    Abhay says I came to know about Shiva… He still believes that you are behind all this.. 😐 RR says Shiva 🙄 hmmm he will never believe me… He went to poli…. Abhay interrupts without any proof police can’t take any action against you…

    …( Fb – In Mythili’s Room… Shiva sits on bed & tells why all thing is happening to us.. What will I tell to mom? He cries..
    🙁 Abhay looks Shiva with worried face.. 🙁 & then takes the mobile silently.. He deletes the msg )

    RR says I don’t care about this… 😡 I just want to find her.. & we have searched all the place.. now what ?? Abhay says will search again… We need to work together & have faith on each other..I have thought something.. Let’s go….. Both sit in car… RR drives & both leave…
    BG — Sara jahan mera hua..Sara jahan mera hua..Subah ki woh pehli dua.. Ya phool resham ka…
    Both recalls Mythili’s Smiling face

    Masoom sa, masoom sa.. ☺
    Mere aas paas tha masoom sa..
    Mere aas paas tha masoom sa..
    Meri toh woh pehchaan tha..Meri toh woh pehchaan tha..Ya yun kaho ki jaan tha wo..chand aangan ka…… 😥

    Both Abhay & RR are silent 😐 & hiding their pain…

    Masoom sa, masoom sa..
    Mere aas paas tha masoom sa..
    Mere aas paas tha masoom sa..
    Haan.. Masoomsa.. 😐

    …A devastated solitude place…

    Neelambar is sitting on ground.. He opens his eyes with a smile.. 🙂 He look towards a direction & says Maya… I have found the link between them .. They need to come together at that place at same time… 🙂 He then looks around… 🙄 & says why this place is not like before… 😯 Why m feeling that something unwanted has happened.. 🙁
    Neelambar stands & looks at a house situated very far from him…. 😯


    Part ➡ 2

    …..A Public Garden …..

    RishAbhay arrives there… 🙂 Chand is already there with Deep… All looks each other & asks in chorus… Y did u call us .. ❓ Just then Pia also come there & looks everyone… She says if any info about Maya di?? Chand says no… 🙁 She bursts out saying then y called everyone like this.. 👿 Y wasting the time…. 👿 Deep says Pia calm down… 🙂 She says angrily u just shuttt up… 👿 because of ur stupidity Di is not with me… 🙁 She looks at RR & says you send us away from house.. RR is speechless.. 😐 Abhay is also Silent.. 😐
    Chand says Pia you can’t blame anyone.. RR asks Chand not to say anything… 😯 Chand says but she is wrong… RR & Chand start to argue while Pia sits on ground & looks down… 🙁 She says can’t blame anyone.. 😥 because I am responsible only.. I prefer my happiness 🙁 than her.. I left her all alone that night… 🙁 😥
    Abhay feels pissed off & helpless to see all of them like this.. He slams his hand on a tree… 👿
    Deep shouts stop itttt guys…. 😡 Chand & RR looks Deep & then Pia (who is silently sitting on ground & crying)
    Deep goes to Pia & make her stand…
    he says we should not blame each other guys.. Pia wipes her tears & then jerks Deep’s hand.. Deep feels sad 🙁 & then says we all r here to find a way… 💡 & its for Mythili only.. So just don’t fight with each other…
    Camera shows everyone in circle.. Abhay/Chand/RR/Deep/Pia…

    …After sometimes…same Garden area….
    Abhay says so we have to start from start & we can’t afford to miss any link/info… We tried to search Mythili but now we will search Siddhartha.. 👿 Chand says we need to find about that guy also.. That V.S.Mehra.. may be he is with Sid.. 🙄

    Abhay says Deep & Pia both of you try to collect some info from Shiva about his boss V.S…. and check each & every corner of house.. every rooms.. kitchen.. hall.. If you found anything strange or feel any unassual things then inform me…! DeePia nodes..
    Abhay again says RR will try to find about Nayasha & I will go with chand in jungle area to find Sid & Mythili… All nodes … & leaves in different different direction…
    Deep looks Pia 😐

    He follows her…comes in front of her & says Why r u behaving like this Pia.. It was not ur fault n… 🙁 Pia says yes it wasn’t mine but it was our mistake to leave the house for our so called happiest night.. 👿 We became selfish … I hate you.. I hate myself for this…. Deep holds her both arm & says but I love you… & will always Love you…. 😥
    Deep cups Pia’s face & says Just Listen… Just listen to me once…. Look at me Pia.. Pia looks on Deep… Both look each other… & Deep hugs her…
    Bg — Paas aaye..Dooriyaan phir bhi kam naa hui… Ek adhuri si hamari kahani rahi
    Aasmaan ko zameen, ye zaroori nahi… Jaa mile.. jaa mile (Both cries 😥 😥 )

    Ishq saccha wahi…. Jisko milti nahi manzilein.. manzilein..

    Deep wipes her tears.. & she too wipes his tears..Deep tells we can’t blame anyone for this.. 🙂 We should be brave to handle this situation.. I believe that we will find her.. 🙂 You should keep faith on self & everyone.. Pia looks Deep.. ?
    Deep tells I can’t see you like this… Mythili is not only your sister but she is mine friend & family too… It’s mine responsiblity to…Pia interrupts.. Our… It’s our responsibility to find her.. 🙂 Deep holds her hand & both leaves together…

    ….Office – Scene…

    Shiva is still in office… trying to get involved in work… But unable to concentrate 🙁 .. He thinks about his family & says in heart now whole responsibility is mine.. I need to take care of them & for this I need to work & earn… 😡 I can’t sit like this..
    Right then his mobile rings.. He picks it.. stands in hurry.. & tells hello sir..
    V.S asks how are you shiva? Shiva is quite for a while 😐 & then tells I am.. fin..e…e… sir.. Sid smirks 😉 & asks what happened shiva? I feel like you are hiding something from me? I mean U r sounding sad.. 🙁 Shiva tells noth..ing.. like that sir.. How is ur trip sir??
    Sid looks at Mythili 👿 & then says Hmmm.. My trip is going good… U tell me about urs.. I am ur boss inside the office.. But you too know very well that I always treat u as my friend.. I always see you as my brother/friend.. 😈 So don’t hide anything from me.. Tell me what happened? Y r u sad?? Is everything ok there? If you too regard me as a friend/brother then share ur problems with me.. 😉

    Shiva keeps mum for a while.. 😐 Sid tells ok if you dont want to share then.. Shiva feels a belongingness & tells him about Aarab (in coma) & everyone’s condition in his family.. 🙁 Sid shockingly asks what? 😯 & murmurs.. That old man is still alive… 😯 Shiva says what sir.. 🙄 Sid says I mean Mr.Aarab is old now so he will take time to recover… But How did this all happen suddenly? Shiva
    cries & tells don’t know how this all happened.. My sister is also missing from that day.. 🙁
    Sid asks what? 😉 Your sister means means.. Mythili?? Mythili Dobriyal 😎
    (Sid sits on the bed very close to Mythili.. 😳 He caresses her hair & smells it..He smiles looking at her who is still unconscious 😈 )
    Shiva tells yes Sir.. Mythili
    Sid tells but I didn’t get any news regarding this.. Shiva says sir.. Police asked us not to talk to media regarding this… 🙁 Sid looks Mythili & asks any idea.. Where has she gone? Shiva tells don’t know sir where has she gone? We are searching her 🙁 Sid asks do you have any doubt on anyone? I mean any suspect..?
    (Sid points fingers towards himself.. http://img.india-forums.com/images/600×0/136067-siddhant-karnick.jpg
    & says in heart it’s mine pleasure to kidnap her… Mine.. Only…. 😈 )

    Shiva tells yes..yess.. Sir… That day My sister finally met RR-Abhay.. After that only she is missing.. 🙁
    (Sid fumes hearing RishAbhay name & holds Mythili’s hand tightly )
    Sid again says then lodge a complaint against them.. Shiva gets more sad & says I don’t have any proof & RR is very powerful.. Police asks for proof & I don’t have any proof… 🙁
    Sid acts he is feeling pity for Shiva.. & tells oh! I c… If u need any help then tell… M ready to help you.. 🙂 Sid thinks for a while & says Shiva you should take leave & stay with ur family as their condition is not well n .. 🙂 Shiva tells its ok sir I can manage. Sid gets angry & shouts 👿 saying n take leave & stay at home… He then calms down himself & says in heart… Shiva if you wouldnot stay in house then who will give me updates… 😈
    Sid softens his voice & says I am like ur elder brother so asking you to take care of my family.. 😉 You can do office-work from house too… Shiva thanks him! Sid cuts the call…
    ( Sid looks Mythili evily & says so finally you went to meet ur lovers 😡 hmmmm now they will go behind bars for this… No..no… They will go far away from the world…& u.. For this you will be punished 😈 my pretty kitten )

    Shiva takes some important files from the office & leaves from there..

    ..Evening… Dobriyal house….

    Aarab’s room… Anika enters there with some food in a plate & switches on the light… 💡 She finds indiraji sleeping, sitting on chair beside Aarab.. She keeps the plate on table & then puts her hand on Indiraji’s arm.. She says MAA…. 🙂 Indirag touches Anika’s hand & wake up in haste saying Mythili.. Mythili… 😯 Tum aa gyi 🙂 But then she notices that its Anika & says She didn’t come yet
    🙁 … She looks Aarab with teary eyes.. 😥 Anika says MAA u did not eat anything & also not taking rest properly.. If Mythili would be here she must feel sad to see you like this n… 🙁
    Indiraji says yeah! That day also she brought food for me but now she is not here 🙁 🙁 Anika says MAA when she come.. She will scold me that I didn’t take care of you… So pls Maa… Eat something… Anika then takes the plate & feeds her… 🙂
    Shiva arrives outside & just then DeePia also come there.. Trio look each other.. Pia says Shiva I need to ask something..
    Deep signs Pia not to do hurry.. Shiva says what?? 🙄 Pia says Ah! First we should go inside then only… Trio enters inside….

    … RR is outside Samrat’s bunglow…
    He notices that it’s locked… 🙄 He calls C.g & asks C.g do you have any idea about Natasha khurana… ❗ C.g says chief Why r u asking about her.. You are searching Mythili n… 🙄 RR gets irritated & says aap ne hi kaha tha n movie is releasing in some days but see.. Everyone is missing.. 😯 I came to meet her but she is also not here… C.g says Chief I have heard that she went on vacation..with..
    RR cuts the call & says vacation huh! She is also involved in Mythili kidnapping…. 👿


    Part ➡ 3

    ….Dobriyal house… Shiva’s Room….

    DeePia are present in the room… Shiva comes out from washroom… Deep says Shiva how are you?? How was the day… Shiva while arranging his all official files.. says as usual like before.. ❗ 😐 He keeps all the file in drawer & sits on bed near DeePia…
    Pia says I mean its very tough to do job & look after everything 😐
    Shiva says yeah! a bit as m in charge of everything but not now.. Deep asks what do u mean.. 🙄
    Shiva says actually forgot to tell earlier because of marriage & then everything turned worst so didn’t told.. 🙁 My boss V.S sir is on holiday so now m handling all official work but today only he asked me to do work from home.. 🙂
    DeePia are in dilemma .. Shiva says leave this yaar.. We have more important work than this n.. Tell me if you guys get any info.. Pia says we r trying.. RR & Abhay is also tr…y… Shiva interrupts I don’t believe them…
    Pia says okk..okk but don’t you think V.s is taking more interest while he is no one to us.. Shiva fumes 👿 & says he is a very humble person.. He is just trying to help & u r saying bad about him.. Deep handles the situation & says u know n Pia is like this only.. Pia says no I really have a dobut on him
    (Just then Anika arrives there)
    Deep looks Ani & says Pia I think we should go.. Anika says no.. Y r u going.. I thought u all r discussing something so come to join..so that I could help.. 🙂
    Shiva says no any discussion more.. We all know who is behind this.. Some ppl don’t want to see the truth.. Pia looks Shiva 🙄
    Deep puts hand on Pia’s shoulder & takes her out of the room…

    ….Shivika – Scene….

    Ani sits beside Shiva & says what happened Shiva… ❓ What was Pia saying?? Shiva looks his family photo on table & takes it.. He weeps seeing that & recalls their happy moments… 🙂 😥 Anika tries to console him! He tells everyone is blaming themselves for this MAA.. Pia.. Deep.. everyone But the real culprit is still roaming around … 👿 Anika says Shiva u r wrong this time… He can’t do this.. I know he is a bit arrogant & rude.. 😐 But he truly loves Mythili.. 🙂 He can’t do anything wrong with her… Shiva looks her in dilemma & says now you too 😯 if he is not then who?? & with what motive??? Actually n its me only.. I failed as a son.. & a brother… 🙁
    I failed to save my sister.. 😥 Everyone
    is in pain because of me.. I am so irresponsible person… n…. am neither a
    Good Son nor a Good Brother 🙁
    Anika hugs him & tells No.. You are
    not responsible for this.. & if you think like this then am also responsible…. I should be with her that time but I left her alone 🙁 Shiva tells honey! will u do me a favor?? Ani aska ya.. Tell me n.. Y asking like this.. 🙄 Shiva says I know No one will help me in this..so asking to you… Don’t know why Abhay is protecting RR & DeePia have full faith on RR… So can ask you only… if u believe me??
    Anika nodes .. 🙂 Shiva says then please help me to find proof against RR…
    everything is messed up now… Don’t know where is she and in which condition.. 🙁 Anika looks Shiva’s condition & says okk…

    DeePia are in lounge.. Pia is totally restless… 😡 She says m going to ask him directly.. Deep says Pia how could you ask anything directly.. ❓ If you will say him about hh/vamp/ww …. He wouldn’t believe & His life could be at risk too… 😯 Pia says fine but can’t sit like this … Okk…okkk..
    (She takes a deep breath )
    We should start checking all around… 💡 Both start to search everywhere…
    Deep enters in Aarab’s room & acts like checking all medical-equipments… ❗ Indiraji awakes & says it’s working n 😐 Deep nodes & looks around.. 😯
    Pia is in Mythili’s room! After some time she comes out & enters another room… but finds Deep coming out of that room.. Pia looks Deep & he signs nothing is found.. 🙁

    … Jungle area…..Night… 👿

    Abhay is searching all around in caves/Sid’s place like a mad 😡 .. Chand says Abhay we have searched here earlier too.. Abhay shouts but may be we didn’t find anything then.. 😥 Chand looks Abhay with concern.. 🙁 Abhay says Sid didn’t come in front of us after I saved Trishna.. He said he will come back.. But he didn’t come to me.. I shouldn’t believe him chand.. I should not.. 🙁 He targeted Maya this time.. 👿 not me.. Ahhhhh.. He targeted her & succeed.. 😥 Chand says calm down Abhay.. As far as I know if Siddhartha said something he surely do it.. May be he came in front of us but we didn’t see.. 😯 I guess we r not seeing the thing clearly… Abhay says ya.. You r right…

    …Dobriyal house….
    Pia is on terrace… Looking at the sky..
    Deep also comes there & asks if you get anything.. Pia nodes no.. He tells ok.. Don’t lose ur confidence… We will search together again..& surely find something 🙂 ! Pia says don’t lie Deep… Both look each other with hopelessness.. Suddenly wind start to blow fast.. DeePia asks in chorus what happened suddenly to this weather?
    (Camera shows that Mask in a corner..)
    The Mask moves & roams around them because of wind.. It gets stuck in between DeePia’s feet.. Both looks
    down 🙄 Deep bends down & takes that Mask.. She asks what is this?
    Deep tells seems like a Mask.. 😐 He then again throws it…. 🙁 😯

    …..Early Morning….

    .. Abhay is outside a house… Chand comes there & says V.S is not here..
    Abhay asks then where is he?? Chand says he went abroad but which place .. No one knows 🙄
    Abhay asks Chand! What is full name of V.S ??? Chand looks on…. & says V.S Mehra.. Abhay gives a unsatisfied look 🙄 & says we should go to Dobriyal house…

    .. Dobriyal House…

    Deep is sleeping in lounge… His mobile rings.. He receives the call & says okk..
    He then goes upstairs towards Pia’s room.. He knocks the door.. But it is opened already.. 😯 Deep enters & finds that she is sitting on ground.. 🙄 & looking at so many Newspapers… He says Pia… RR is waiting outside for us.. Come.. Pia nodes & takes one of the newspaper… both goes…

    … Outside Dobriyal house…

    RR /Abhay/Chand & DeePia are there…
    Abhay says so any info.. Deep says V.s is out of the country…. Chand says we know this.. & Nayasha is with him too… RR gives a confused look & says Nayasha with V.S 🙄
    Pia handovers him the newspaper.. & says see .. They r in news too.. 👿 She is so cheap.. ? RR says but its undigestable i mean how could she love somone else suddenly… Pia says its not sudden.. media is right in this matter…RR – Abhay looks Pia 🙄 Pia tells yes.. Both Nayasha & V.S are in relationship.. I saw her coming out from washroom with him… Pia stops & tells I mean while promotion day! Disgusting..yuck…
    Deep tells Poor V.S Don’t know what will happen to him when he came to know about her reality.. Before this She used that officer Sikandar pillai too… 😈

    … Abhay says no.. I don’t think so..
    Nayasha can’t love anyone & this V.S.. He is up to something.. either he is too a prey of her or he knows everything.. 👿
    Chand says yeah! I have doubt on him from starting.. He came from nowhere & suddenly taking interest in everything.. 😯 RR says if Nayasha is with V.S then.where is Siddhartha? 🙄

    …..Hideout Area/Room… 👿

    Sid comes in the room with lots of Rose flowers ??????????
    .. Nayasha says u said u don’t love her..then why these flowers & all 😉
    Sid says when I said I don’t love her.. 🙄 I love her .. She is my pretty kitten & chicken 😡
    now see & enjoy He starts to pluck of all petals & then spreads the thorns all around Mythili on bed… ?
    Nayasha says it will hurt her.. ? Sid says r u concerned for her 😉 Nayasha says uffff… Why would I.. You do what u wanted to do…
    Sid smirks & looks at Mythili 😉 … He says its her punishment…… Kaaton ki sez for my pretty kitten… 👿

    He lifts Mythili’s hand & touches it very softly like people used to touch a small kitten’s hands.. Nayasha looks him 🙄
    Sid fumes recalling shiva saying that she went to meet RishAbhay finally…. 👿 He leaves her hand.. Her hand falls on thorns & gets hurt… 😥 😯 he does this again n again in anger…
    ( Mythili feels the pain but unable to shouts or Scream…only tears are
    🙁 coming out from corner of her eyes… 😥 )
    Nayasha says I need some fresh air… She leaves…
    Mythili’s hand starts to bleed a bit.. Sid again lifts her hand & smells the blood.. His vamp teeth comes out.. 😈


    Precap ➡

    RishAbhay are searching Mythili everywhere in the forest.. They comes
    to center of the forest.. 🙁
    Abhay kneels down & holds his head.. He shouts Mayaaaaaaaaaaa… Where
    are youuuuu… 🙁 Why you left me againnn 😥 RR also looks him with worried face & he cries too.. 😥

  13. aarya
    August 07, 23:10 Reply


    JUNOON ➡ It’s Not Human Love 😀

    Episode ➡ 73

    Part ➡ 1

    It’s @11:45 pm… Episode starts…with showing a man, a little far from Dobriyal house… keeping eye on RishAbhay.. 👿

    ….Shivika Scene…. 😉 still eyelock 😀
    A waiter comes to them ! & Shivika’s attention breaks.. 😳 Shiva tells
    honey I forgot to share a good news.. 😎 She asks what news? 🙂 Shiva
    tells yest my boss called me & informed me about his abroad plan.. He has handovered his all responsibilities to me.. He trusts me a lot 🙂 n…
    I am happy for this… Anika congratulates him 🙂 he tells
    it’s all because of u my honey.. 😎 You are my lucky charm na 🙂 Anika
    smiles & tells no.. it’s not because of me but because of ur hard work…. 🙂

    …. Outside Dobriyal House…
    RishAbhay is talking…. RR says so now we have whole night to talk.. Tell me ur story.. Abhay looks RR 😐 & says u already know n..then y r u asking to me.. 🙄 RR says hmmm but I don’t know properly.. Abhay looks RR from head to toe 🙄 & thinks if Mythili is right 🙄 about RishAbhay.. RR says y r u looking at me like this.. 🙄 .. Ahaaannn.. 😉 I know y.. U must be thinking that now RR have everything.. 😉 Ur face.. Ur power.. Ur Ma…y….( RR stops in between & murmur oops what I said.. I should not say this)
    Abhay completes Maya… 🙁 RR says no.. I didn’t mean to hurt.. 😥 Abhay again interrupts u know one thing… I can’t even say movie’s dialogue “mere paas MAA h” 😉 both looks at each other 😯 😯 & then smiles 🙂 😎
    Suddenly Abhay feels hh’s presence all around & shushes RR… 😐 Both gets alert ! ? ?

    … In honeymoon suite… ? (Washroom)
    Camera shows Pia in a red-gown.. ? She looks her into mirror & feels shy… 😳 She says how to go outside.. 🙄 What will Deep think… 😆 she then pats on her forehead & says hmmm Pia…. U r dumbo… 😀 He is ur husband & u love him… 😛 n
    She smiles then & goes to open the door…

    In restaurant… Anika see the time & says Shiva its almost 12’o clock.. 😯 We need to go.. Shiva says hmmm but It’s not 12’o clock.. Anika says Shiva.. 👿 let’s go.. Shiva says okk… Okkk.. 🙂 Let’s go ..Both leaves then…

    Next scene….. Dobriyal House….

    RR says if they r here… 🙄 Abhay says yes… RR fumes & says I knew it they will do something … Now I will kill all… 👿
    Abhay says no..no..no…we need to stay here… Just then Chand calls Abhay…
    Abhay receives the call… Chand informs him that Shivika has left from Hotel…
    Abhay says if there is any danger.. ❓ Chand nodes no…( a waiter passes very near to him… He looks Chand 👿 ) 😐
    Abhay says.. Chand r u there… ❓
    Chand replies Abhay I think sid is trying to attack all…. I have just notice a hh…
    Abhay gets shocked & says I was right…
    Chand says it means Shiva & Anika are in danger too 🙁
    Abhay says don’t worry u stay there… I will check Shiva & Anika 🙂 … Chand says okk …. Abhay cuts the call…

    RR asks the matter… Abhay says you need to stay here… I need to go… ❗
    RR asks r u sure.. I mean u r not looking well.. 🙁 Abhay says can’t take risk today… Any of us need to be here… & I know now you can handle them.. will be back soon 🙂 RR nodes… Abhay goes

    Just then RR notices a man keeping eye on them… That man try to hide himself in brush/cluster… RR gets suspicious & goes in that direction… 😡 That man starts to run… 😯
    Both comes far from Dobriyal house…

    …. Honeymoon suite…. ?
    Pia opens the door & Deep looks her totally amazed… 😀
    He says “sabr ka phal meetha hota h” Ye toh pta tha par itna sundar hota h.. Aaj dekha h.. She cups her face.. & Pia is totally nervous.. 😛

    …Next scene… Midnight….
    All Scenes in parallel….

    Dobriyal house….
    Camera shows Shadow of A person.. 👿 who jumps on the terrace!
    Camera focuses on the person standing in terrace wearing a mask! ( Like Joker of Batman )
    He looks upon the sky & starts to count the Stars! He sings a rhym in a weird way.. 😈 😉
    Twinkle Twinkle Star.. We are going to play love & war…
    (That shadow slowly steps down from the terrace & start to check the rooms one by one & switches OFF the all lights)
    He conts singing.. 👿
    How I wonder where you are ?…..
    Now you tell me where you are? ❓

    ( He stops & steps inside the room)

    Camera slowly moves inside the room & shows that Mythili 🙂 is sleeping on her bed peacefully Only one table light is ON!
    (The shadow comes near to her & sings in low voice..Now I found you.. 😀 here you are :-))
    That shadow switches OFF that table light too & sits near to her
    He again sings in low voice..
    Now its your turn to find me.. Oops! You cant find na! 👿
    The shadow comes more close to her & smells her 👿 & tells Hmmmmmm.. It gives me a wonderful feeling… May…na na..na Mythili iii… 👿

    …. Honeymoon suite…. ?
    Deep lifts Pia in his arms.. ? & moves towards bed…
    Bg — Labon KO labon se lagaooo.. Kya ho tum mujhe Ab Batao…
    He puts her on bed softly.. 🙂
    Pia is just looking at him continuously.. 🙂
    Deep says what happened Mrs. Deependra … U r so quite now… 😉 feeling nervous…
    Pia sits on bed & says hmmm dumbo.. Not at all… 😯 you know one thing.. It’s my first time.. I don’t know what to say what to do… I was just learning you that what to do… Deep looks at her 🙄 & says in heart god! 😡 Y i asks her to speak… 😆 He then puts her hand on Pia’s mouth… Pia looks at him
    Eye lock.. 😀
    BG song cont…

    … Dobriyal house…
    Mythili feels something strange & opens her eyes.. 😥 she finds someone is near to her.. She quickly extends her hand to switches ON the light.. But that shadow holds her hand… 👿 She shouts a bit but that shadow puts his another hand on her mouth & shuts her mouth.. 😐

    Aarab awakes in his room & feels thirsty.. ❗ He takes a jug of water to drink but its empty! He is about to wake up indraji but thinks.. She is already tired..shouldn’t bother her… I should go
    He takes the jug…. 🙂

    The shadow comes more close to Mythili… 👿 face to face & tells Shhhhh.. She could not able to see that shadow face clearly because of darkness.. 🙁
    she struggles to free herself from that shadow’s grip & soon faints 🙁
    The shadow holds her in his arms & comes out from the room…. But just then Aarab also comes out of his room…
    Aarab feels weird that all lights are switched off… He thinks who switched off the all lights? He then switches on all the lights. 💡

    That shadow again goes inside the room & thinks not in mood to kill anybody today.. 😈 Am Just focused on her… What to do.. He looks towards terrace.. ❗
    Aarab steps down to downstairs & That masked person moves quickly towards terrace! Aarab feels something fishy & turns.. He gets glimpse of that person 😯 & shouts who is there? that shadow moves quickly towards terrace…
    Aarab also goes upstairs again & notices that masked person! 👿

    ….. Shivika are in car… ?
    Abhay notices that Shivika’s car is coming from little far & says glad! 🙂 they are fine.. But he notices a ww 👿 on the tree jumping from one tree to another & about to ready to jump on Shivika’s car! Shivika’s car passes… & Abhay quickly jumps & catch that ww in air.. He bites him with his vamp-teeth.. 😈

    Abhay follows Shivika again… But again he started to feel like something has went wrong… He thinks sid didn’t come out yet.. if I underestimated him
    🙁 Dobriyal family… & Maya… 🙄 My Maya.. 🙄 if She is in danger… I need to go…but then he saw some another ww in opposite side running parallel to Shivika’s car… Abhay feels helpless & says in heart RR is there … hope! Everyone is fine… 😥

    RR is chasing that person..suddenly he starts to feel grief & pain… He
    catches that person from behind & holds his neck.. The person free himself & turns… He smiles evily looking at RR… RR thinks if he is not sid then where is sid? & realizes that he has came very far from Dobriyal House.. 🙁 He stops & thinks oh no….Dobriyal family… & & & Maya.. My Maya… 🙄 She is in danger.. I need to go….but that person punches RR hardly.. RR fumes & punches him back… RR hits that person badly & the person falls down.. RR gets shocked & says he is not a hh.. 🙄 but a Normal person… Who sent him… 😯 RR fumes & about to go but finds himself surrounded with many Wolves…. 🙁 👿

    …..Dobriyal house….

    Aarab comes on the terrace & finds that masked person has holding Mythili
    in his arms! He shouts who are you? Leave her…. Aarab throws the jug on that person.. it hits his face… 👿 & breaks with a sound…

    ( Indraji awakes hearing the noise… & looks by Aarab’s side but does
    not find him! 🙄 She thinks where has he gone? She comes out of the room )

    Aarab is about to attack that person! 🙂 But that person somehow manages to grab Aarab’s neck from his right hand..
    🙁 While keep holding Mythili. He then pushes Aarab to the edge of terrace… & tightenes his grip on neck… 🙁 Aarab is unable to see that person’s face because of mask & darkness.. Aarab tries to remove that mask & tells leave my daughter….that person nodes noo.. 😉 Aarab extends his hand to remove the mask from the person’s face! & mask falls down on the terrace somewhere ❗

    Indraji comes downstairs & thinks where is Aarab… & Shiva also didn’t come yet… something is strange.. 😡 She goes to her room & takes her mobile to call Shiva but then hears noises from the terrace & moves towards the terrace.. 😯

    The person gets more angry … Aarab again shouts… Leave me & my daughter… That person grinds his teeth & then smiles… He says can’t leave your daughter but can leave you… 😉 He smirks & leaves Aarab….
    Aarab falls down from the terrace! 🙁

    that Person lifts Mythili & jumps from the terrace holding Mythili in his arms!
    (Like Ra-one movie but weird SRK style) He looks at the sky & sings
    twinkle twinkle… My two little stars.. Find your love…& win the war…
    The moon light falls on him.. That shadow’s face is visible now… Its Siddhartha…. 👿
    … War starts now….

    Camera shows.. Abhay in despair / Unconscious Mythili in Sid’s Arm/ Rishabh fighting with ww … in one frame…


    Part ➡ 2

    ….Scenes in parallel….
    Honeymoon suite…. ?
    Pia removes Deep’s hand & says what r u doing… Deep shushes her again by putting his finger on her lips… 😳

    ..Another scene… Dobriyal house…
    Indiraji comes on the terrace & doesnot find anyone… She thinks but I
    heard the noises from here na? She then notices that jug & looks around..
    She goes towards edge of terrace with shaking heart & looks down…
    She finds Aarab on the ground.. & shouts…. Aarab…bb…b.. She dials Shiva no & starts running down in haste…

    …..In Honeymoon suite.. ?
    Deep then holds her hands & looks at her passionately… He then kisses her both hands.. Both comes close & A kiss ? bg– labon KO labon se lagaoo….kya ho tum..muj…
    Just then mobile rings….& he says Pia
    🙁 why didn’t you switch off ur mobile receives.. Pia smiles & says its not mine .. I guess it urs.. Deep takes the mobile & says it is Shiva’s mobile.. 👿 & auntji is calling him… Pia says receives it 🙂 dumbo.. She must be worried about him.. Deep says okk & receives the call.. 🙂

    Indiraji tells beta where r u 🙁 … Come fast…Ur dad.. 😥 😥 … Ur dad fall down from terrace.. Come fast ….
    She cuts the call…

    Camera shows Deep’s shocked face 😯 & Pia looking at him 🙄
    Mobile falls from Deep’s hand & Pia asks what happened… 😥 Deep says uncle…he is not okk… Pia shouts how..?? When?? what do u mean that dad is not okk.. 😥 what happened to him… Deep says don’t know 🙁 we need to go….

    ….Jungle area….
    RR is fighting with all werewolves… Suddenly all ww start moving back … Run away.. 🙂
    RR thinks what does it mean… He then run towards Dobriyal house… 🙁

    Next scene….. Dobriyal house….

    Shivika are half km away from Dobriyal house & Abhay is also after them…Shivika car moves but Abhay stops after seeing RR coming out from Jungle…. 😯 both looks each other 🙄 RR says it was a trap to keep me away from house.. 🙁

    Indirag comes out of the house… & tries to wake up Aarab… Just then Shivika also arrives there… Shivika comes out of the car happily & then gets shocked 😯 Indiraji hugs Shiva & starts crying… She says pls do something n…he is not speaking.. Aarab… Aa..Aarabbb… 😥
    Shiva is in dilemma… 😐 He checks Aarab & then carry him to the car.. He makes him sleep on back seat… Indiraji holds Aarab in her lap… & all sits in car…
    Abhay arrives there with RR & finds that everyone is leaving in car… Abhay looks at him & says if Sid did something.. 🙄 Both then goes after Dobriyal family….

    Next scene… In hotel…
    Chand notices that both Deepia are coming outside in hurry! 😯 They notices Chand standing near by there.. DeePia comes near to chand!
    Deep tells him Mr.Chandra something has happened to uncle.. 🙁
    Chand tells what.. Kya hua h.. Pia tells don’t know properly 🙁 Deep tells I called Anika.. All r in hospital… We need to go.. Pia looks on Deep with full tension. Deep holds her hand & tells Chand lets
    go.. Deepia leaves from there with Chand

    ….Hospital scene…
    Indiraji & Shivika are waiting outside ICU.. 🙁 Doctors are doing treatment of Aarab.. Indraji sits on the floor totally heart broken near ICU door.. Anika holds
    her & cries! Shiva bends down & sits.. He cups Indiraji’s face asks with teary eyes.. 😥 how all this happened maa? Indraji looks her hands with full of blood & is speechless 😐 Just
    then RishAbhay also arrives there.. & tries to understand the situation!

    Rishabh comes near to Indraji.. He holds her hand & tells Nothing will
    happen to him! 🙂 Indraji is in full dilemma & keeps mum! A nurse comes out.. All stands & asks What happened to him? She tells he has injury on his head & nerves of throat are totally damaged.. blood is also clotted in brain.. Doc. Aadvika is doing operation! Lets see.. She then leaves from there.. All gets shocked hearing that..
    Shiva breaks down & cries.. 😥 Indraji-Anika also cries badly.. 🙁 😥 Shiva wipes her tears & asks tell me n maa how this all happened? Indraji cries more.. RR says let her sit 1st.. Anika makes her sit on chair… Shiva holds her hands.. & says tell me n maa.. How this all happened? All listen to Indraji..
    Indraji tells don’t know what happened? I was sleeping & then heard some noises coming out from terrace.. I woke up & doesn’t find Aarab 🙁 Then I went on terrace to check.. But found him lying unconscious on the ground 😥 She cries hardly..
    All looks her with worried face 🙁 Shiva hugs her.. RishAbhay looks eachother..

    Just then Dr.Aadvika ? ?comes out from the ICU 💡
    Abhay asks her any improvement? DeePia – Chand also arrives there! Dr.Aadvika tells actually Aarab sir has lost much blood.. 🙁 & we tried our level best.. But he is not gaining consciousness.. Deep asks means? Dr.Aadvika tells may be He went to Coma! All are stunned 😯 Pia looks indraji & finds her saree full
    of blood stains 🙄 she recalls hh attack on village & faints.. 🙁 Deep holds her & shouts Piaaa.. 🙁 🙁
    Dr.Aadvika checks Pia & tells because of tension & fear she has fainted.. She asks a nurse to take pia to the another ward/room & tells she needs rest..
    Deep nodes & lifts Pia.. Chand signs R-A something & they leaves
    from there..

    ……Dr.Aadvika’s cabin…..

    RishAbhay-Chand enters inside! Dr.Aadvika looks them.. 🙄 Chand says
    we have to meet Aarab.. She tells now he is unconscious you guys cant meet him.. RR tells we know that but we just want to see him.. All are worried for him.. So let us meet him once! Chand requests more! After a lots of hesitation she agrees.. 🙂
    RishAbhay-chand Thanks her & leaves..

    All goes inside the ICU to see Aarab! Shivika looks Aarab 🙁 🙁
    Anika hugs shiva 🙁 Indraji cries seeing Aarab.. Shiva is helpless &
    asks her to be calm.. 😐 But she cries more.. Shivika takes her out of
    the ICU.. Chand looks both RishAbhay & signs! Both RishAbhay comes near to Aarab.. They puts their hands on his head & try to heel Aarab.. 🙂 Both concentrates 🙂 But Abhay gets a jolt & moves back..Chand holds him 😯 RR looks Abhay & asks what happened? Abhay says nothing.. Nothing has happened… Let’s heal him… 🙂 R-A try one more time but it doesn’t work again… 🙁
    Abhay recalls his healing power didn’t work properly with Aryan too… 😯 He looks his hands & tells my heeling powers are not working 🙁 Chand – RR
    looks him 😯 Abhay feels uneasy.. RR tells he is already not well.. I think that’s why.. Abhay looks RR & tells no it’s because of something else! Call Mythili…she can help.. RR says buttt where is she… 🙄
    Trio comes out of the ICU 🙁 🙁 🙁
    Chand & RishAbhay looks around & sees everyone & asks in chorus where is Mythili? Everyone gets
    attentive.. & realises that Mythili is not there.. 🙁 Abhay tells she must be went to bring medicines or some important stuffs n… But y didnot come yet… ❓
    Shiva tells no… She didn’t come with us…. He wipes his tears & tells I think she must be sleeping in her room.. ❗
    R-A looks each other & thinks sleeping 🙄
    Deep also comes there & asks what happened to Mythili?? RR tells nothing has happened.. 👿 & asks how is Pia? Deep tells still she is unconscious only..
    Shiva too feels worried 🙁 & searches for
    his mobile.. Deep handovers Shiva’s mobile.. Shiva looks Deep! Deep tells
    you missed to take ur mobile from the suite.. Shiva pats on his head &
    looks Deep 🙁
    He tells sorry yaar.. I spoiled ur…. Deep hugs Shiva tightly 🙂 & tells idiot.. Shiva dials Mythili’s number but no answer
    from her! Abhay also tries her number.. Shiva tells she is not picking up.. RishAbhay-chand-Deep looks eachother! They get suspicious.. 😯
    RR tells Deep you go.. & take care of Pia.. Dont let her stay alone!
    Deep nodes & goes.. Abhay tells Chand you should be here with all & inform me each & every update… 🙂 Chand also nodes! RishAbhay are about to leave.. Shiva stops them & tells wait.. I am also coming with you both! Don’t know how will she react if she come to know about it.. RishAbhay nodes & trio rushes to Dobriyal house..


    Part ➡ 3

    It’s a royal bed room… 🙂 Decorated with many western paintings all around…
    A Man is looking at one of the painting… A girl comes & hugs him from backside….& tells so finally we
    reached here 🙂 Camera shows both person’s face! It’s Sid & Nayasha
    😯 Sid turns & holds her close & smiles 🙂 she smiles.. sid laughs madly 😡 😈
    Nayasha asks so this was ur plan! Sid tells yess.. finally I got what I
    want.. Nayasha tells but still
    I could not understand one thing! She shows a newspaper to him & asks
    what is the need to publish this all? 🙄 Sid looks that newspaper.. & tells you only said na media is gossiping about us means V.s & Natasha are in a relationship.. She asks so what?? Sid looks Nayasha romantically.. 😉 & says so I made it more spicy by this rumor that we are going abroad together… ?She says okk but don’t stare at me like this 🙄 He says why..if m not hansome.. 😎 Nayasha steps back & says yesss…now you are butt… 😐 Sid tells shhh.. He takes out his mobile & tells for a while think I am your RR.. 😎
    She asks what? He smirks & ? hugs her from side… He makes her more close to him.. She looks him! 🙄 & jerks Sid..& says what are you doing? You know na I only love RR…
    Sid smirks & says I know but you don’t know that I don’t love anyone… 👿
    Sid again comes close to her & kisses her on lips… Clicks a photo…
    Nayasha is speechless 😐 she shouts Siddd…. Sid says Our this selfie is a proof that we madly love each other & in abroad…. 😈
    He asks her to smile… But she doesn’t respond.. He grabs her arm & shouts Smile.. 👿 Nayasha shakes in fear… Sid says smile please… 🙂 Nayasha smiles reluctantly… Sid too smiles & takes selfie with her again.. & tells this one is perfect.. 🙂

    He leaves her & tells now use ur power & publish this news in tomorrow’s newspapers with headline “A New lovely pair Natasha-V.s.Mehra are spending quality time together in abroad” ?
    Nayasha tells I always remain clueless about ur ideas.. Sid tells don’t forget I am ur boss so you have to follow my orders without asking questions.. 👿 Nayasha fumes a bit & tells ok … 🙂 Nayasha then asks “but what to do with her” Sid tells Jo v Karna h main karunga… 👿
    Camera focuses on Sid’s evil eyes.. He tells Sorry Abhay… This time also I will win….. ?

    …..Dobriyal house….
    RishAbhay & Shiva arrive there & goes to her room…but doesn’t find her 🙁
    They start to search Mythili everywhere in the house.. every rooms.. kitchen.. garden.. Abhay tells will search her
    near by places.. Trio goes out & searches her.. 🙁

    After sometime..
    Trio come again to the house.. Shiva holds his head 🙁 & thinks where has
    she gone? Both RishAbhay are restless thinking about her.. Shiva again
    dials her number.. It rings from her room! Trio head towards her room & finds her mobile! Shiva takes her mobile & tells her mobile is here.. But where has she gone? Shiva starts to check all calls/messages & finds RR message “We are
    waiting outside”
    Shiva fumes seeing RR 👿 & holds his shirt collar & asks where is my sister? ❓ RR is clueless & asks what? 😐 Shiva shows him the message & asks what is this? You called her outside to meet & now she is missing… 🙁 RR removes Shiva’s hands from his shirt collar & tells she came to meet but.. Shiva gets angry on RR & tells don’t show ur acting skills to me.. I am not a fool to believe you.. RR is helpless.. & tells seriously I don’t know where is she? Shiv tells dont lie to me 👿
    Abhay tells listen Shiva.. She came
    to meet us… Shiva looks Abhay
    🙄 Abhay tells yes I was also there that time but she went again inside the house.. Believe us.. It’s not the time to show ur anger on Rishabh without knwing the truth…
    Shiva sits on bed & tells why all thing is happening to us.. Wat will I tell to
    mom? He cries.. 🙁 Abhay looks Shiva with worried face.. RR dials commissioner number & lodges a compliant about Mythili-missing..
    Abhay looks RR & signs no use to call police… 🙁 Both realizes that Siddhartha is behind all this.. Sid’s plan was for Mythili not for Aarab… 🙁
    Both breaks down… Shiva looks at both of them & start crying more… 😥 😥

    Everyone come to know that Mythili is missing & Camera shows Indiraji/Anika/Pia/Chand/Deep/Padminig… all in shock… 😯 😥

    …..Present secene…
    Camera shows all fb & then Sid’s eyes…. Sid is smiling 😉 recalling all this
    He is in the same royal room sitting on sofa.. looking towards something… 🙄
    just then Nayasha comes there calling his name.. He signs her to shhhh & says she is sleeping .. Don’t shout 👿

    …. Both DeePia are crying ?? recalling the day…Deep stands & says I can’t sit like this… I need to help Abhay ..
    Pia also comes out of her room & says in heart nothing will happen to you di..
    I can’t loose you again…. She leaves

    ….Next scene……
    Now Nayasha is sitting on sofa… She is fuming… 👿 She says it seems like I am hostage here not she… 🙁 I can’t meet RR.. Wish I could kill her now…
    Sid comes & looks a girl who is lying unconsciously on bed… 🙁 her face is covered with her long hair.. He says what did you say.. 👿 You will kill her…how dare youuuu… 👿
    He shouts Only I have the rights to kill her or keep her alive… 😯 The girl slowly starts to gain conscious 🙂 & try to open her eyes.. Sid looks Nayasha angrily… Nayasha says in heart.. Sid has gone totally mad.. Don’t know what is he doing… 😡
    Sid opens a box & takes out a injection.. ? He goes near to that girl..& sets her hair softly & Camera shows her face its
    Mythili.. 🙂
    He tries to inject that injection into her body.. 🙁 Mythili resists.. & try to see his face.. in this she falls down from bed…
    🙁 Sid forcefully gives the injection 🙁 & tells Sleep well baby 🙂
    She cries 😥 camera freezes showing Mythili’s face 😯



    Precap ➡

    Sid carries Mythili in his arms & makes her lie on the bed..She is still unconscious! He sits near by her & looks her with love 🙂 He softly touches her face.. 😯

  14. aarya
    July 31, 14:15 Reply


    JUNOON ➡ It’s Not Human Love

    Episode ➡ 72

    Part ➡ 1

    Episode starts with Showing RR-Abhay 😉 😎 sitting on ground in garden area outside the Dobriyal house….. ? Chand comes there & asks why did you call me Abhay?? Everyone is enjoying inside… ☺
    RR says how could we enjoy Mr.Chand ? Chand asks if there is any problem…. ? Abhay fumes a bit ? & tells I thought he will definitely come to do something today… I expected him to do something on DeePia’s marriage! But he did not come? ? RR tells me too thought like that only & it should be his last day… ?But we are unable to finish Sid’s chapter..
    Chand looks both RishAbhay & thinks both are talking in same manner!! ?
    Abhay tells I thought to trap him today! This was a nice chance for sid to attack us… But why is he not coming out to face us?? ?
    RR tells He can’t run away from us & he can’t be quite like this for a long time.. I think he must be thinking in some other way to trap us! 🙄 RishAbhay looks eachother & says in chorus What is that??? ? Chand too looks both RishAbhay! ! ! & then says we should be happy that nothing happened yet… Don’t worry we all here so how could he harm anybody… 🙂
    RR says hope for the best.. Chand says okk come inside asap… He goes inside…
    Abhay stands to go but RR holds his hand…. 🙄

    Two scene in parallel… 1st scene…Inside Dobriyal house….
    Guests starts to go & gifts DeePia…
    Mythili looks around for RR .. She notices that neither RR nor Abhay is there… ? 🙁 Padminiji says Rishu must be here only… Mythili just smiles 🙂 &
    starts to search for RishAbhay… She starts asking everyone… 🙄 She asks to DeePia… Deep also looks around & then notices chand.. He says Mr.chand must know… Mythili excuses & goes to chand…
    Chand tells them about RishAbhay…

    2nd scene…. RR-Abhay convo…
    Abhay says we should go…
    RR says I want to know something….
    Abhay tells already told you not interested in this ? …
    RR says why do you always choose pain for self while you can get what you want… 🙄
    Abhay says it’s my destiny & noone can change it..RR says but that was past… Abhay says you don’t know anything about my past… 😐 RR looks Abhay.. & says Drisha..aa.. your younger sister…. Abhay looks RR with shock & sits again..
    RR cont… You must be very happy with your family n… Your mom.. Dad .. Sister & friends… 🙂
    A flash back starts…… ➡ camera shows a teenage girl from back standing near a river … She is about to jump into the river but someone holds her & says Drishaaa….what r u doing??? 😯
    She turns & camera shows her face….

    That person again says what is this Drisha.. How many times everyone told you not to go other side.. It’s not safe ..
    Drisha jerks him & says.. Am not doing suicide.. 😆 one day I will go there surely.. 🙂 He says ohh you still want to go…..She smiles & says haan bhaiyaa.. I still want to go.. (it’s Abhay…) 🙂


    Abhay smiles :-)& says hmmmm you will not go.. But I will… ?
    If everything is good there then only you will go… Drisha says but when will you go… Abhay pats on her head 😆 & says why would I tell u when m going.. Both leaves then…
    Camera focuses on another side of River… A dense jungle in darkness all around 🙄

    Fb ends…
    Abhay is looking RR with a shocked expression.. 😯
    RR says what happened?? If whatever I told is correct.. 🙄 Abhay asks how do you know all this.. RR says don’t know but I feel like all these things had happened to me…… 😯 Abhay says it’s impossible… How could you remember my pasttt.. 😡
    (Abhay notices Mythili coming out.. & stops…)
    He signs RR not to tell anything to Mythili… RR nodes

    Mythili comes to them & says both of you r here ? what you guys r doing here.. ❓ Come inside.. RR tells both of us were trying to do some blasts from past… Mythili says hmmm I thought both of you have left.. But u guys r here busy in some blast… It’s not the time to do this..co..m..e
    Abhay interrupts what will you do if I leave you forever? 🙄 Mythili fumes &
    repeats the same what will you do if I leave you forever? 😯 Both R-A tells don’t talk like this again.. She tells
    oh.. It’s hurting? R-A looks her.. 🙁 She tells same here! & asks Abhay
    to promise her hereafter he won’t talk like this & won’t think to leave
    her.. Abhay is speechless.. 😐 She asks what are you thinking? Promise
    me.. You won’t leave me na? Abhay keeps mum.. 😐 She holds his hand & says
    promise me Abhay.. You won’t leave me na? RR holds their hands & tells
    don’t worry I won’t let him go.. ☺ Without my permission now he can’t go
    anywhere.. 😉 I promise you.. She smiles 🙂 RR looks Abhay & asks Am I
    right Mr.Abhay Kundra ❓ Abhay gets little bit shocked to hear this… ?
    Mythili says kundra?? ? His name is Abhayendra Singh… RR smirks & tells A great personality has told what is in name…& superstar Rishabh Raichand is saying what is in surname… ? R-A looks eachother!!.. ? 🙄
    Mythili says okkk now I don’t want to listen ur annoying jokes..Today is DeePia day…. RR says its night Mythili… ? Mythili fumes …. ? & says come inside.. ?
    She holds both RishAbhay hands… ❗
    Abhay looks her with a questionfull eyes & says if there is anything which is bothering you… ? Mythili nodes no…
    Abhay says don’t take advantage as I can’t read ur mind…. 🙁
    She drags both RishAbhay & says there is nothing to say.. Come with me n…But again she stops inbetween & tells yesss actually I want to say something RishAbhay looks her! & RR comments hmm.. If its ur habit to prove Abhay right.. ? 😉
    Mythili tells I want to share something but not now! 🙄 I mean everyone is waiting for us.. So can’t talk anything now! She thinks again & tells if both of you wish then we can meet here after sometime once everyone leave 🙂
    RishAbhay looks each other & tells ok as you wish.. She smiles 🙂 & trio go inside..

    …Inside the house…
    Mythili comes there with RishAbhay 🙂
    Cg notices RR-Abhay together ? & gets confused.. 🙄 Aarab says here r they .. Both young man r together.. 😎 ? He goes towards RishAbhay & talks … 🙂

    Deep goes to Pia & says now everyone is going .. & our new life as a couple ?? will start… R u ready 😉 Pia shushess him 😳 & says everyone is here can’t you keep quiet.. Deep says so Piyali Deependra Singh is feeling shy ? Pia fakes anger but smiles internally. 😆

    Indiraji says now I am feeling relief.. as everything happened in good way…. ☺
    Padminig says now we need to go..
    Deep also nodes & says yaa.. Yaa.. Now we all should go… Come Pia.. He holds Pia’s hand & asks her to come… 🙂
    ( Everyone smiles ??? )

    RR says naah.. You can’t go ? …
    “Abhi na jao chhor k… Ki.. Ki… ? U can’t go there… Deep says what?? RR goes to Pia.. & gives her a key..
    He says I have booked a honeymoon-suite for you & Deep… ? So both of you will go there..
    Deep says but we can’t take it.. ? Pia also nodes & says how could we accept this.. ?
    RR says hmmm.. Its a gift from my side .. Just take it.. & enjoy ?
    Mythili signs DeePia to accept it & about to say something but then padminig goes to DeePia & gives the key in Pia’s hands…she says just accept it.. Nothing else…All smiles ?

    C.g comes near to RR & says chief..? RR asks tell me cg! Cg looks Abhay ?
    & signs RR to come aside.. RR goes with him near a corner… 🙄

    Cg tells chief.. RR says I am listening to you only.. Cg again looks Abhay & tells chiefff.. 😯 RR asks what happened cg? Cg tells chief this Abhay.. RR asks Abhay? What happened to him? Cg tells no chief I mean this Abhay can be dangerous for ur career! ? If he comes out & mixup socially like this then……. ❗
    RR looks cg & asks…. then? Cg tells if he
    comes out then media can create problems for you & it’s not
    good for you image chief 🙁 He can take your place.. 🙁 Abhay looks like you na! RR smirks & asks so..? Any problem for you… Listen C.G.. It’s not my face only which runs the place but it’s me & my talent 😉
    Cg tells chief I don’t know how to explain.. 😐
    RR tells cg do u know ppl used to say that there are 7 ppl who look alike… 🙂 They have same faces! So what’s your problem cg? In films also we are
    showing double/triple roles na 🙂 cg tells but chief It’s in real life..
    RR again smirks & tells cg can you do something for me? Cg tells ji
    chief.. RR tells now leave this Abhay & I want to see/meet remaining all
    5 persons having my face… 😉
    I mean Who look like me!
    Cg looks RR 😯 RR sets his shirt collar & tells from now your main work would be this only 😉 ok cg?
    Cg tells chief I know u r kidding with me 😀 …
    RR makes his face serious! 😈 Cg gets panic.. 🙁 RR tells its My order! I don’t know how will you search them but try to find those persons asap! RR
    leaves.. Cg looks him with dilemma 😐


    Part ➡ 2

    Outside Dobriyal house… 10’o clock

    Padminig sits in car.. C.g sits beside driver ! But RR tells maa both of you go to mansion & I will come tomorrow morning! 🙄
    Padminiji asks morning? Why ❓
    RR tells maa.. Actually I need to talk with Chand & Abhay.. regarding release of movie…. 🙂
    so I am thinking to stay tonight with Abhay in chand’s bunglow! Cg looks both.. & says but chief.. RR looks cg 👿 …
    Padminiji thinks for a while 🙄 & tells ok beta you go.. But be careful.. 🙂 RR tells sure maa.. Padminiji & C.g leaves
    RR hides himself near garden.. 🙄

    Chand.. Abhay .. DeePia & whole family come outside..
    Indirab asks Shiva to drive DeePia to their suite… Shiva happily agrees.. ☺
    Pia tells Di… you & Anika also come n…! Deep looks Pia with dilemma…
    Indrab looks her 🙄 Mythili says hmmm… What will I do there…
    Pia tells Di.. I mean to give company only.. Then return with Shiva… Mythili says hmmm… Now Deep is there to give you company so no need of mine..
    ( Deep feels relax…)
    Anika says okk I will give you company
    Chand-Abhay-Mythili looks her 😯 Mythili says but it’s already late na! Anika asks so what? Shiva is with me na
    🙂 Shiv holds her hand casually & tells yeah I need a company now 😉
    DeePia smiles.. Indrab looks eachother & Aarab says but its not safe.. ? Chand says let them enjoy today… Aarab tells ok go with them but be careful 🙂
    Abhay-chand looks eachother! 😯 Abhay signs something to chand.. Chand also nodes! Shivika-DeePia sit in car & drive off.. Abhay-chand also leave in separate car..
    Indrab goes inside with Mythili..

    Shiv is driving car towards suite..
    Abhay-chand is following them
    secretly.. ? Abhay stops the car inbetween & asks chand to follow them! Chand asks & you?? 🙄 Abhay says I have some work.. Chand nodes okk…
    Abhay steps down from car..

    …. Next Scene…
    RR is waiting outside Dobriyal house for Mythili.. Abhay also reaches
    there! RR smiles 🙂 seeing Abhay & Abhay too try to fakes smile 😐

    …..Inside Dobriyal house…
    Indraji is arranging the whole things properly! Mythili looks her & says MAA we can do these all works tomorrow also na? Indraji tells not feeling sleepy so I am doing this work but if you want to go & sleep then go otherwise help me 🙂 Mythili thinks… now how to meet
    RR-Abhay.. 🙄
    If maa finds it then she will be angry on me! I should help mom then only she will go to sleep soon! & I can meet them! Mythili tells I will also help you maa.. 🙂 Aarab tells both of you do it I am feeling tired so am going to sleep… don’t disturb me! Indraji- Mythili nodes.. Aarab goes upstairs! Mythili starts to do work in
    hurry! 😳 Indraji asks why are you in so much hurry? 🙄 Mythi tells no maa.. I am not 😆
    both arranges things properly.. Mythili thinks what to do now? 🙁 Just then Mythili gets msg from RR..”We are waiting outside..”
    Mythi replies.. wait for me 20 min plz..

    ….. DeePia & shivika arrives near The Hotel….& come out of the car… Deep holds Pia’s hand & says come… Shivika smiles 🙂 & Shiva says hey! M coming too … Deep looks Shiva ? & says why.. Why Will you come.. ? ?? Shiva says dude! I mean will fix both of you to ur room..honeymooon suite only.. 😀 Not going to stay with you today… ?

    …. Dobriyal House…
    Indraji-Mythili finish their work.. Indraji tells now I am going to
    sleep! Mythili tells me too maa.. Indraji asks do you want milk? Mythili
    tells no maa I am not feeling hungry! Indraji tells but I am feeling
    hungry & tired.. ? Don’t know what will be my condition in your marriage..
    Mythili tells hmmm… just wait I bring something for u 🙂 first eat then go to sleep….she goes to kitchen & brings some snacks for indraji..
    Both sits on sofa.. Indraji tells Today I am very happy 🙂 Finally DeePia’s marriage ends well.. Now I want to see Shiva’s marriage! Mythili just nodes.. Indraji about to talk about Mythili’s
    marriage.. Mythili tells maa I am feeling sleepy now.. Indraji tells ok you
    go.. Mythili stands & goes towards her room.. She switches off the lights
    but keep looking at Indrab room!
    Indraji finishes eating & goes to her room! She lies on the bed & switches off the lights.. 💡
    Mythili feels relax & tells now I can go to
    meet them! Thank god Anika is not here otherwise I have to manage her
    also 🙂 Mythili opens the window & jumps outside! ☺

    RishAbhay are waiting for Mythili.. Mythili comes there & smiles seeing both 🙂 Both RishAbhay ask in chorus why did you ask us to wait here? What do you want to say? She smiles seeing both telling same thing! RishAbhay too looks eachother.. ?
    Mythili tells actually..umm. Umm. Actually today was the best
    day na after long time! Everyone enjoyed a lot.. RishAbhay again asks in chorus so you wanted to say this?? 🙄
    Mythili looks RishAbhay 😳 & tells ya.. Ya..off course.. Why both of you are in serious mood? Isn’t it best day today? RR tells That day would be best day when we will finish sid… ? Mythili interrupts We should enjoy these moments.. ☺ why both of u are thinking about him? Abhay tells you should understand the situation.. We are unable to understand that why is he not coming out? Mythili fumes & tells so you both of you are going to talk about him only.. ? She gets angry & turns to leave.. But both RishAbhay holds her hands 🙂 &
    stops.. She looks both & smiles internally 😆 but acts like angry on them! 😳
    Abhay tells but we can’t ignore him right? Mythili tells I know we can’t ignore him but earlier we thought Sid will do something on today so only we decided to do simple marriage & it works .. 🙂 He didnot do anything But now by talking about him.. Both of you r making him spoiling the day… 👿
    RR tells but you should think why is he
    not…co…m.. 😯 Mythili interrupts if you both want to talk about him only then talk but I am leaving.. R-A looks eachother & tells ok we won’t.. She smiles & asks now tell me who wrote your dialogues today? ?

    RR asks what..? She tells don’t you think both of you are talking same-same
    dialoges?? 😉 R-A smiles 🙂 🙂
    Mythili says I want to say one more thing.. RishAbhay looks her ?
    She thinks how to confess? Her heart beat starts to beat fast.. She looks both RishAbhay! R-A asks her to tell.. ❗

    She holds both RishAbhay hands & tells I want to confess something!
    ” She looks into their eyes & tells I lo..v..
    I mean both of you are important for me! I can’t imagine My life without both of you.. both of you are My life 🙂 ” ?

    RR jerks her & asks what happened? Tell n…. 🙄 Mythili comes out from her imagination & feels a bit awkward.. 🙁
    RA asks what happened? Tell something.. Mythi feels helpless 😐 & tells ah.. ah.. Master told me..
    (RR mobile rings! he excuses & moves aside)
    Abhay asks still you think RishAbhay is possible in reality?? Mythili looks into his eyes..

    (RR is talking with cg.. Cg tells chief we have reached mansion.. RR tells
    ok..then y called me.. Take care of My mummy & ur tummy ) ?

    Mythi tells I don’t know.. master has told me this & I believe him 🙂
    Abhay asks do you think RR will agree for this? She tells no idea whether he
    agree for this or not but if it happened then I will feel happy 🙂
    Abhay also looks into her deeply..
    Eyelock 🙂
    Bg – Junoon title song…. Saari sarhadein tor di humne… Fir se Milne KO… Tu hi mera ishq h… Tu hi meri Junoon…


    Part ➡ 3

    …. Hotel scene… ?
    Shivika – DeePia are in the Suite 🙂 both shivika are teasing DeePia 😉 Deepia blushes.. Anika says wow! Nice Decoration.. Shiva says do you like it.. will also book same suite for our Honeymoon.. ?
    Pia says Shiva.. If you too like this means U r praising RR ..? Shiva says hmmm… That RR …never & ever I could praise him… ?
    Deep says what will you take to go.. ?
    Shiva tells to Deep nothing dude but a pic… ? He take out his mobile ..& makes some adjustment in camera-settings…
    Deep says hmmm.. You r taking too much time let me click it… ?
    Deep takes his mobile & clicks a selfiie with Shivika & Pia… Deep smiles & tells now go.. Shiv too smiles & leaves with Anika.. 😉 Deep locks the door..
    Shivika comes outside … Chand sees them & hides himself from Shivika.. He thinks hope Sid won’t come here.. 😐

    Another scene….RR is talking with C.g…
    C.g says Chief but when r you coming.. ❓ RR tells told you C.g will come back in morning.. Cg tells ok chief.. RR cuts the call..

    Mythili notices RR is coming towards them.. Abhay is still looking at her
    only.. 😆 She blinks her eyes & Abhay’s attention breaks.. ❗
    RR tells sorry cg called me.. Now tell me what do you want to say? What did master tell u? 🙄
    Mythili is about to say.. But suddenly Abhay starts to feel uneasy… He looks around 🙄 & stumbles a bit… ? RR notices & holds him! ☺ Mythili gets shocked & asks what happened Abhay?? 🙁
    Abhay lies nothing.. I am.. I am fine.. She tells I know nowadays u r not
    well 🙁 RR looks both & asks Abhay are you ok now? Mythili tells no he
    is not ok.. He should take rest.. Abhay tells noo.. no need.. She tells stop it Abhay.. You are showing interest in taking care of others but not taking care of urself.. 😡 Abhay tells it’s not like that! RR tells she is correct.. Now you need rest.. Abhay looks both MyRi.. ?
    Mythili says I know you send Chand after DeePia…Abhay says yeah! I still have a feeling that Sid could do something so asks Chand to take care of them… ?
    Mythili says exactly thinking about everyone but not self… You need rest…
    Abhay says m not human ? like others.. Y r u not listening… If I go then who will take care of you… Mythili looks Abhay..

    BG…. Kisko pata tha pehlu mein rakha
    Dil aisa paaji bhi hogaaaa…. ?
    Hum to hamesha samajhte the koi…
    Hum jaisa haaji hi hoga….
    Hayeee zor… kare, kitna shor kare… Bewajah baaton pe ainwayi gaur kare….
    Dil sa koi kameena nahiiii…. ?
    Dil toh bachcha h jiii….

    RR says Abhay is also right.. ❗
    Mythili says you must remember that I am Maya.. and capable of protecting me & my family .. ☺
    Abhay looks Mythili.. Mythili insists…
    & both R-A says okkk… ? ?
    RR says now you go inside.. But she refuses.. RR tells it’s already too
    late & it’s not safe outside so go inside.. Mythili looks Abhay! Abhay tells RR is correct you should go inside..
    Mythili tells but then who will take care of you? RR smiles unknowingly 😛 seeing both of them taking care of each other! She tells Chand & Deep are also not here with you na?
    RR interrupts 😉 don’t worry I will take care of him.. She surprisingly looks
    RR & asks are you sure? 🙄 🙂 RR tells yeah! I am sure.. Abhay too tells yes you go & take rest as u must be tired..
    RR promises her I will take care of him..go now..
    Mythili nodes & tells both of you also should leave from here! It’s an order…not request..
    RA refuses but she insists.. ❗
    R-A nodes reluctantly ? & RR says first You go inside..then only we will leave….happy now?? Mythili smiles..
    RR tells hmmm you must be happy that a superstar & a vampire is following ur order.. She smiles & holds their hands & tells I will be happy forever if you both stay together like this 🙂 R-A assures her.. She smiles 🙂 & goes inside looking
    towards RishAbhay..
    RR makes Abhay sit near by there.. Abhay tells we are not going anywhere we have to be here only ! RR nodes.. ?

    Mythi comes inside into her room & sits on her bed.. She thinks what is
    happening with Abhay? ? Nowadays he is not ok.. I should meet master for
    this but where is he? ? he must be in tribe’s village.. ☺ Tomorrow I will meet him at any cost because now master only can help Abhay..! She lies on her bed.. & thinks But why I am unable to confess anything.. I meet them to confess that “I love both Rishabhay” 🙂 and I am expecting RishAbhay as a reality but why I felt awkward to tell those words? ?
    She starts to recall her moments with both RishAbhay ? ?
    She closes her eyes & sleeps ?

    ….Hotel Scene…. ?
    ShiviKa come outside but Shiva drags Anika towards restaurant & asks her to sit.. She tells it’s already too late
    now we have to go.. Shiva tells what is this honey? After long time we have
    got some time to spend together but you are scolding me? 🙁 Anika tells
    but it’s not the time.. Shiv insists & says Maa- papa must be sleeping.. Will tell them that we came at time…. ? Anika tells hmmm ok only 10mins.. 🙂
    Shiva smiles & tells you are my sweet honey 😉 Anika too smiles 🙂 Shiva
    Calls a waiter to order.. Anika tells but I am not feeling hungry.. Shiva tells cold drink only.. She tells ok! Shiva asks ok now tell me about ur future plans.. ? Anika asks future plans? He tells haan.. She tells 1st I want to finish my studies ☺ then it’s already decided I mean
    our marriage.. He asks I know honey I am asking abt next plan 😉 she
    tells Mr.Shiva Dobriyal now I understood u r talking abt what.. ? Shiva
    smiles 😀 she asks you don’t have any other topics than this? Shiva laughs 😀 Eyelock 🙂
    Bg — Dil to bachcha hai ji
    Thoda kaccha hai ji…
    Haan dil to bachcha hai ji
    Aisi ulji najar unse hatt-ti nahi.. ?
    Daant se reshmi dor katt-ti nahi…

    … In suite…
    Deep is standing near washroom & asks Pia how much time?? ? If you are going to stay there till my budhapaa.. 🙁 Pia opens the door slightly & says I can’t carry this Saree… so I need to change ?.. Deep looks at her & says I can help you in this… ? Pia blushes 😀 & shuts the door again… Deep says Ahh! I can wait till my 60’s 😳
    BG — Umar kab ki baras ke safeed ho gayi.. Kaari badari jawani ki chatt ti nahi
    Walla ye dhadkan bhadne lagi hai
    Chehre ki rangat udhne lagi hai
    Darr lagta hai tanha sone mein ji… ?
    Dil toh bachcha h jiii… 😀


    Precap ➡
    Sid looks Nayasha romantically….
    She asks why are you staring at me like this? ? Sid comes close to her! He
    hugs her from side & makes her more close to him.. She looks him! 🙄
    He kisses her… 😯

  15. aarya
    July 24, 11:34 Reply

    Every story has three parts…
    The Beginning…. 🙂
    The Middle… & …
    The Twist…. 😉
    Welcome to the Third part 🙂

    SEASON ➡ 2 Starts 🙂


    JUNOON ➡ It’s Not Human Love

    Episode ➡ 71

    Part ➡ 1

    Camera shows a Ganpathi Bappa Idol inside the Dobriyal house! ?
    Indraji is doing the pooja holding the arthi thal ?
    DeeP & Shivika are there!
    Indraji turns & finds everyone…
    She notices Pia also standing last wearing a simple kurti & jeans.. No mangalsutra or sindoor… 😐
    She puts tilak on Shivika’s forehead & they takes blessings from her! Then she goes near to Deep & puts tilak on his forehead & asks him to put tilak on Pia’s forehead.. 🙂
    Deep nodes & takes sindoor from the arthi thal & about to fill Pia’s maang! But Pia steps back & goes upstairs… 🙁 Deep looks at her 🙁 & then takes blessing from Indraji.. Indraji blesses him & then looks towards upstairs. She gets upset! ? & says Pia is blaming herself for all this…
    She then goes upstairs holding the arthi thal.. Deep comes near to Shivika! & tells take care of auntygi Now she needs both of you! Shivika nodes.. Deep leaves from Dobriyal house!

    Upstairs ➡ Indrab Room

    Indraji opens the door & moves inside! She sits on the bed
    Camera shows Aarab 🙁 who is lying on the bed unconsciously like a lifeless person… Surviving on life-supporting systems arranged in the room!
    Indiraji puts tilak on Aarab’s forehead..
    she holds his hand & cries! 😥

    Shivika enters inside.. Shiva looks both Indrab & gets worried 🙁
    He tells Maa.. 😥 Indraji looks both Shivika & tells I don’t even think in my dreams that we will face these kind of days in our life ?
    Both Shivika holds Indraji’s hand.. Anika tells Don’t worry maa.. God is with us… ? He will show some path to come out from this pain! ?
    Indraji careless her head.. Shiva tells maa now come & have some food! It’s not good for ur health to keep fast whole day.. But indraji refuses & tells Now I need solution for our all problems & for that I am ready to fight with God..
    God has to bring back all happiness to me… ?
    Shiv tells but maa.. She tells don’t force me beta.. Anika signs Shiva not to force.. Shiva nodes & tells ok maa it’s ur wish I won’t comple..
    I am leaving for office.. U know na I have all the responsibilities of office so I have to go..
    She nodes & tells come soon before getting dark.. ? & again looks Aarab.. Shiva tells ok maa & signs Anika to take care of mom.. Anika assures him.

    Shiva leaves from there! Anika looks both Indrab & recalls her happy moments with them! 🙂 🙂
    Indraji tells That day was the worst day.. Everything has changed totally ?
    she cries.. Anika is helpless that how to console indraji…
    Camera shows Pia listening this all near door.. ?? She too cries & says in heart I am responsible for this… ?

    Chand’s bunglow…..
    Deep arrives there in car & dials a no. He asks any progress ❓ Deep gets upset after hearing the reply…
    He comes out of the car & looks at the bunglow which is full of dirt 🙄 & there is silence only… 😐 He sits on ground & tear comes out from his eyes… ?
    He says that day was supposed to be my best day.. But turned in to the worst day… 😡

    Mythili’s room….
    Pia is standing near window.. 🙁 She says It all happened because of me… Maa dad.. Everyone & my Maya di… 😥 ? All r suffering because of me…
    She cries hardly… ? ?

    Both DeePia recalls their day of marriage…

    Scene starts in FB ➡ … It’s morning… 🙂

    Pia comes to Mythili’s room & doesn’t find her… 🙁
    She shouts her name… & Mythili comes out from washroom…. 😀 Pia says wow di! You r ready… 😉 Mythili says yeah after all it’s my sister’s wedding tomorrow 🙂 & I have only one day to shop… 😎
    Pia says okk di.. M coming in just a minute… Pia goes… & Mythili recalls her dream.. 🙄
    A dark shadow watching at her ….

    She says in heart that was a dream only…. But I can’t ignore this… I should tell this to Abhay/RR… ❓
    But again she thinks about DeePia & decides to tell this after marriage.. 🙁

    Chand’s bunglow….
    Deep is getting ready… Abhay enters his room & tells if you feel anything suspicious then must tell me…
    Deep nodes & hugs Abhay… ?
    He says jahan Abhay vajan bhay ki jagah to ho hi nhi sakti… ? Abhay says m serious…. 😯 U should be alert….
    Deep says m serious too…jahan Abhay vahan bhay kyun 😀 & leaves ?

    …..Dobriyal house….
    MyPia comes downstairs & Deep arrives…Shiva also joins them..
    Mythili says wait a minute… ShivDeePia ask in chorus wait for what??? ?
    Just then Anika arrives… Mythili says for Anika 🙂
    Anika smiles & says I thought u forget me in ur happiness & fame… ? 👿
    Mythili hugs her & says sorry … ?
    How could I forgot you & how could you think like this… You can call me like you used to call bhai ? … But nhi… You also didn’t bother… Anika says omg! Mythili is speaking non stop today… 😉 Mythili says yes now I know how to make everyone realize their mistake 😎 & make them happy too… 🙂 DeePia smiles… ?
    Mythili says okk wait… Wait …wait a minute.. M Coming … ?
    She rushes to her room & take out a small box from cupboard ?
    She comes downstairs & give it too Anika… Ani opens it & finds a gold chain.. ☺
    Mythili says in low voice… Maa gave it to me to handover to you but I forgot… ?
    Sorry for the late but pls don’t complaint to mom… Ani chides her & says its okk…but this is precious.. How could I ?? Mythili says juskt keep it.. Its for u only.. Jab pura ka pura bhai tumhara h to ye to sirf ek chain hi h… ? Mythili notices indiraji coming out from her room… 🙄
    She asks Ani to keep it fast… 😀
    Ani keeps the chain in bag…
    Indiragi comes there from her room & says what is happening here…. Everyone looks at her… 🙄
    Indiraji tells u all r badmash company… All Forgot me.. I am also going with you all…. ?
    Pia says no MAA.. Nothing like that we just thought to shop a bit as wedding is not so grand n.. So only a little bit shopping.. ? Indiraji says hmmm… & cups Pia’s face… She says but I want my daughter to look like a princess 🙂 so we all need to make good preparation for that n… Come on let’s go now… 😛

    All leaves for shopping….Scene moves in fast forward… 🙂 🙂
    Bg– hanste hanste Kat Jaye raste.. zindagi yun hi chalte rhe…
    Everyone is busy in shopping… Shivika is choosing dress for Deepia… & their personal romance 😉 is also on.. Mythili diverts indiraji & takes her aside…
    Abhay is keeping eye on them


    RR is busy in shoot…
    Chand is decorating the bunglow & feeling happy …

    BG song cont.. Khushi mile ya gum…badlenge na hum.. Duniya chahe badalti rahe… 🙂

    Indiraji comes back to ShivDeePiKa & smiles… 🙂

    ….Evening…..Dobriyal house…

    Everyone arrive & finds Aarab waiting for them… Indiraji says you came early..
    Aarab says yeah! & cooked food too 😉
    You all must be tired after shopping 😆
    So go & refresh.. Then come fast & enjoy my hand made food
    Shiva whispers to Indiraji.. Dad is angry with us that’s y he cooked n..as we didn’t take him with us.. Indiraji shushes him…& says okkk.
    all moves upstairs silently…
    Aarab smiles internally & thinks sometimes it really feels good to see Indira in silent mode….
    He then notices Mythili & recalls Something.. Aarab asks Mythili to stop & says Mythili I need to talk something..
    Mythili says dad! M really tired .. Will talk later… She runs in hurry…. ❗

    …it’s Night…..Wind is blowing slowly….
    two scenes in parallel
    DeePia is awaken in their respective room & both r looking at the sky through window…wind blows gently
    BG — Gungunati hain yeh hawayein Gunuunata hai gagan Gaa raha hai yeh sara aalam Zoobi do.PAram Pum Zoobi doobi zoobi doobi pum para Zoobi param pum…
    Both lies on bed… thinks about their marriage…
    Both blushes & closes their eyes…
    Both dances in dream 🙂

    BG — Shaakhon pe pattey gaa rahe hain..
    … Phoolon pe bhawre gaa rahe.. Deewani kirnein gaa rahi hain…
    Yeh panchhi gaa rahe…Bagiya mein do Phoolon ki Ho rahi hai guftgu …
    Jaisa filmon mein Hota hai Ho raha hai Hu bahoo….
    Zoobi doobi zoobi doobi pum para Zoobi doobi param pum Zoobi doobi zoobi doobi naache Kyun pagal stupid maan

    Pia smiles & holds a pillow tightly…
    Deep too smiles & sleeps
    🙂 😀 😛

    Part ➡ 2

    A New Day….

    A mandap is shown.. 🙂 Panditji says finally the marriage is completed.. 🙂 Everyone claps & bridegroom lifts his sehra… It’s RR 😉 with Mythili 🙄
    RR says I am your Loyal Husband & will Give you Royal Treatment 😉

    BG song… tere ishq pe tere vaqt pe bas haq hai mera… Bas haq h ek meraaa… 😉

    Both hugs each other & RR says you r totally mine Maya… 🙂

    “Not Maya it’s Alisha.. Alisha..” 🙄

    RR comes out of his imagination after hearing Director’s word.. 😯
    He completes his dialogue & Director says cut….

    RR calls C.g & says C.g what is this.. Before yesterday u made me a good Bro & today a husband.. Aapke is gol mol dimag me kya chal rha h.. 😉

    C.g says chief I just fullfilled ur wish…ur wish to do some romance.. C.g giggles ?
    RR looks at him ? & says u forgot about action… ? I guess I need to apply it now… Hai n chimpu ji 👿
    C.g says I was just kidding but I must say chief u r looking dashing as bridegroom.. RR smirks & says will look even more dashing in my real marriage.. C.g giggles again & says but who is Maya chief… RR looks c.g ? 👿 & c.g says chief.. we r getting late for Deependra marriage ..
    RR says let’s go then… otherwise ur teeth will come out today either by excessive laugh 😉 or my Punch

    …Registrar office….

    Dobriyal family is there & waiting…
    Camera shows Pia wearing a silk Saree


    A car arrives & Pia thinks that its Deep’s car.. she rushes out

    RR comes out with padminig & cg


    RR congratulates her & says finally u r doing something which Normal girls do.. Pia says hmmmm even boys do this .. 😉 But dumbo Deep is late… 👿
    Padminig chides RR & asks Pia not to be angry .. All go inside…

    RR’s eyes start to search Mythili & finds her behind shiva.. Talking with Anika!
    Ani sees RR.. & say hi to him…Mythili looks Ani ?
    Ani signs Mythili to look back..

    Mythili turns & finds RR staring at her! Eyelock 🙂


    RR says if everyone agrees then another marriage can happen…
    Indira looks at RR 👿
    Padminig looks RR 👿 & RR says I mean Shiva & Anika….
    Aarab laughs & says nice one..
    Padminig asks to call Deep & when is he coming??
    Just then Deep comes with chand & says m here m here…


    Pia looks at him with angry face.. 👿 Deep holds his ears & says sorry.. All proceed towards Registrar cabin…
    Registrar asks them to sign on paper….
    Pia signs it first .. 🙂 Deep takes the pen & about to sign but stops in between 🙄 & says Pia just want to share something.. 😯
    Aarab & indirag looks on… 🙄 Mythili comes forward & says Deep.. Any problem.. ❓
    Deep says its between me & Pia..
    I need to clear something.. Pia is confused … 🙄 Both comes outside ..
    Deep says Pia I just want to confess one thing.. Pia is in dilemma… 😐
    Deep says with hesitation… I..I…I just want to say that before u I had crush on someone.. But I swear that was a crush only.. Pia shouts what?? 😯 Who was she.. ? If u still used to meet her… 👿
    Deep says u know her.. Pia is shocked I know? Who.. 😯
    Deep says Nayasha 😆
    Pia looks Deep with a shock mix confused expression.. 😡
    Deep tries to explain .. He says I was with them that time & the way she used to fight with Siddhartha.. I started to like her but it wasn’t love… & after her attacked On me & Mythili… I hate her only 😐
    Pia says with anger from now there shouldnot be any relationship with her.. Neither Love nor hate… 👿 She holds his collar… Deep says its not love… try to understand.. It was just attraction type… attraction only… 😡
    Pia gives him a angry look & then brusts out in laugh… 😛
    Deep gives a helpless look 😐 & Pia hugs him.. 😉 She says so My dumbo used to like the vamp.. Not bad good choice…. 😎 Now what .. Still want to Go after her..
    Deep tightens his grip around Pia’s waist 😆 & says no… Not at all… Pia says then let’s go n complete the formalities…My sweet Dumbo…
    Shiva comes there & coughs.. DeePia try to become Normal.. 😳 Shiva says both of you come here for this.. 🙄 Can’t wait till marriage.. Pia says ur friend is so impatience… 😀 Trio go inside….

    RR comes near to Mythili & says aaj meri v shaadi ho gyi… Mythili looks on…
    RR says in shoot.. My first experience 😉
    Mythili says I need to talk to you & Abhay… I guess something bad is going to happen.. RR says hmmm… A guy is going to loose his azaadi.. That’s it.. 😆
    Mythili kicks on RR’s feet & stammers m serious….. 😈 Just then shiva turns & finds Mythili with RR 👿 & he fumes a bit seeing RR! & says aa gya bodyguard … 👿
    RR notices him & asks Mythili why always ur brother gives a Romantic look while looking at me? ❗ Mythili looks RR 👿
    RR says tell ur brother not to stare at me like this because hereafter I
    m ur bodyguard 24*7 😉 Mythili tells you never miss a chance to tease
    My brother! RR smiles 😉

    Registrar completes the formalities & Deep signs on the paper.. All claps….
    DeePia exchange garlands… ?
    Indiragi says I have arranged a small get together at home so pls Come with us… Chand says but you didn’t inform about it earlier… 🙄
    Aarab says my wife can organize party even in a sneezing moment…she likes to do party.. Oops parties…. ??
    Indirji looks at Aarab with a fuming expression… All start to leave..

    RR goes to Chand & asks about Abhay…
    Chand signs outside…
    ( camera shows Abhay outside in car watching them all….) 🙂
    Chand says we thought Sid can attack or do something so we need to be alert…
    RR tells actually I want to ask something.. If u know who is Drisha??
    Chand says Drisha?? Who is she.. ?
    Don’t know.. Y r u asking..? 🙄
    RR says hmmm… If u don’t know then I need to ask this to right person.. & I know he knows everything… 😎

    RR goes to padminiji & tells I will join u & C.g later at Dobriyal house… He then goes in opposite direction… Towards Abhay’s car.

    Mythili notices this & tries to go there but she feels that someone is standing behind her very close… 😯 She turns to see but noone is there… 🙄 She turns back & doesn’t find RishAbhay…
    🙁 Just then Someone puts his hand on her shoulder… 🙄

    Mythili turns & smiles 🙂
    She says Ahh! dad! Everyone is waiting for us let’s go… Aarab stops her & says Aryan called me.. (Mythili’s expression changes… 🙄 )
    Aarab again tells .. Aryan thanked you.. Mythili just smiles & says With a little shock expression… It means Aryan is fine 🙂
    Aarab says Mythili m ur dad… I know u r hiding something.. Aryan is also hiding something that’s y he asked me not to reveal about him but he thanked you specially & also told me about Abhay/RR..
    Tell me What you trio r doing secretly..??
    Mythili holds Aarab’s hand & says dad! We r not doing anything… 🙂 & its not the right time or place to discuss these things… Today we should celebrate 🙂
    Aarab says I know.. But we need to talk on this… Mythili nodes okk 🙂
    Both goes towards car & leaves with everyone….


    Part ➡ 3

    … Dobriyal house …
    Indiraji is busy in making arrangements for dinner… MyKa are helping her… :
    While Aarab..Padminig… C.g…DeePia… Chand & some other people are gathered in hall… 🙂 😀
    Mythili looks at the Door 🙁 & thinks where are both… Just then light went off & Shiva announces everyone to sit as there is something special for his friend Deependra…All r surprised…& sits aside… MyKa & Indirag too come out from kitchen to see ….
    A spot light falls on DeePia & then Another one on Shiva… 😉


    Shiva signs towards DeePia & sings –
    “vo pehli baar jab dono mile… Hui thi takrar jab dono mile” 😈

    (Deep shows him a punch & Mythili says right bro.. Both used to collide only 😀 )

    Shiva again sings – “Dheere dheere pyaar k phul khile or ho gya Deep ka Dil ? deewana… Hota h pyaar kya .. Ye Pia ne jaanaaa…. ” ???
    Pia blushes…Everyone claps… & Shiva says oho.. That’s not the end.. Now I will show Deep’s present condition…
    Shiva plays music….

    Song starts….”Aanhh!!! Its He on the track Lets Go! He’s Sexy sexy 😀
    He’s Sexy sexy He’s Sexy sexy Attention!!

    Shiva drags Deep in center… 🙂

    Song cont…. Ishq ka rog hai yeh.. 😉
    Aisa jog hai yeh Isse bachne ka Abb.. asaar najar nahi aata…
    Kuch Yaar Nazar nahi aata…
    Ghar bar nazar nahi aata… 😀
    Sansar nazar nahi aata…
    Jab pyaar hota hai… ?

    Deep tries to go n sit but Shiva stops & humms Kuch Yaar Nazar nahi aata
    Ghar bar nazar nahi aata … 😉
    Sansar nazar nahi aata
    Jab pyaar hota hai 😉

    Song ends..

    Deep feels a bit awkward & blushes too… 😳
    He hugs Shiva & says in his ear now you wait .. What I do in ur marriage… 😆

    Indiraji says nice Shiva.. 🙂
    Aarab says after all he is my… No no.. Ur son Indira… A party person… 😉
    Indiraji says okk its enough, now it’s time for dinner… 🙂
    Chand says let me call Abhay… He excuses himself & comes out… 😆

    Next scene…
    A little far from Dobriyal house… A car stops there & camera shows RishAbhay together…. 😎 😉
    Abhay says we are near to house.. You can go..
    RR says who told you that m come here with you to go alone… 😉 You are also coming with me.. Abhay looks RR & says if you really think that I don’t understand y did you come with me… 😐 But I won’t ans any questions… 🙁
    RR says I was expecting this only but won’t give up … 😎 I want to know about Your family & Drisha…tell me who is Drisha… Abhay is shocked to hear “Drisha” 😯
    Abhay recalls some blur images of a girl… she tells I trust you.. 🙂

    RR tells I have a strong feeling that you have some connection with this Drisha! Don’t know why am I feeling like this.. 🙄

    Abhay again recalls blur images of a burning house… 😯

    RR says tell me who is she…
    Abhay fumes 👿 & says I don’t know any Drisha…. & am not interested in all this… ❗
    Let’s go now.. Abhay drives off the car in full speed… 🙁

    … Outside Dobriyal house…
    RishAbhay arrives there in car & finds chand outside… Chand feels happy to see both of them.. 🙂 🙂
    & asks them to come inside…
    Abhay says people will doubt on us if we go together like this.. They will try to know more n more about you & Me ..
    RR says it doesn’t make any difference..& you have rights to live freely… Abhay looks RR & then Trio moves towards Dobriyal house 🙂

    Inside House… Dinner is finished & All are talking happily.. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Deep asks Mythili so what is
    next? We all have finished dinner too! Mythili tells I know both of you are
    not happy 🙁 as we could not celebrate this moment on large scale 🙁
    DeePia tells nothing like that.. 🙂 We are enjoying this moment too and
    everyone’s safety only important now! 🙂 Just waiting for next surprise..
    Mythili nodes yes but.. thinks
    what to do now? How to make everyone happy?? 🙄
    Just then…A woman’s voice comes from somewhere & she asks everyone to sit on their respective places..
    Everyone gets confused but all sit on their places! 🙄
    The woman comes infront of everyone covering her fully with shawl.. 😯 Everyone looks that woman with confusion 🙄

    RishAbhay & chand enters inside … & Abhay gets alert to see that woman.. ❓
    Mythili gets happy…. While some people are shocked to see RishAbhay together
    😯 they whispers both are look alike..

    …Music starts ….
    La la la la la la la la ho gayi re
    Behja behja behja behja ho gayi re
    La la la la la la la la ho gayi re
    Uhuh.. Uhuh..
    The woman coughes & drags Mythili in center & asks her..HUN TUSSI VI GAO NA.. 🙂
    (Mythili gets little bit confused but she too cont sings with that woman..)”

    “La la la la la la la la ho gayi re
    Behja behja behja behja ho gayi re..

    Now The woman removes her shawal-Its Anika 🙂


    Everyone is suprised seeing her & start to clap for them 🙂
    Both Myka starts dancing happily 🙂
    RR-Abhay smiles & Abhay feels relax..)

    Song cont…Kudi hui mutiyaar
    aayi roop ki bahaar
    kar haar te singaar
    jab nikli bazaar
    Toh.. La la la la la la la la ho gayi re
    (Deepia looks eachother & blushes) 😆
    Munde huye pareshaan
    dekh roop ki dukaan
    bole bhaari hai samaan
    lenge bech ke makeen
    La la la la la la la la ho gayi re
    Behja behja behja behja ho gayi re..”

    Both Myka drags Pia in center & Pia starts to sing & dance looking towards Deep 😉

    Dekhe mujhko wo aane bahaane
    Peeche aaye gali naapta
    munda hai wo ya jhokha hawa ka
    kya pata.. 😉
    Yu lage har ghadi har jagah wo
    jaise mujko rahe dhoondta
    munda hai wo ya jhokha hawa ka
    kya pata..
    Yu lage har ghadi har jagah wo
    jaise mujko rahe dhoondta

    (Both Myka tells in chorus-Oye Balle…)
    Ho.. Peeche bhi naa chhode mera
    (Deep smiles seeing pia 😉 )
    chup bhi na tode
    keh bhi na paaye dil wali, wo sawaali..
    Mera dil ka..
    Mere dil ka hua aisa mehram
    thoda thoda pyaar aa gaya..

    La la la la la la la la ho gayi re
    Behja behja behja behja ho gayi re..

    Now Anika comes in between MyPia & start to sing & dance looking towards Shiva & she acts like him 😉
    ek gabru jawaan aise hua beimaan
    bandook teekhi taan
    bola lootunga samaan
    ( Shiva smiles seeing Anika imitating like him )

    Toh.. La la la la la la la la ho gayi re
    Behja behja behja behja ho gayi re..”

    ” Mythi comes in between AniPia & looks towards both Rishabhby 🙂 🙂 she starts dancing & song cont ….
    Jaane kaise hai uske iraade
    main na jaanu wo kya chahta
    dhoondhe uski nigaahein kya mujhe
    kya pata..
    (AniPia tells in chorus-Oye Balle Balle..)
    Socha keh do badan pe tu mera
    yun chhuri si nazar na chala
    dhoondhe uski nigaahein kya mujhe mein
    kya pata..

    RishAbhay smiles seeing her singing happily 🙂 🙂
    Mythi cont singing..
    Ho.. Ek tak dekhe mujhe 😎
    thandi saasein leke
    karte ho jaise rakhwaali.. wo sawaali..
    Mera dil ka..
    Mere dil ka hua aisa mehram
    thoda thoda pyaar aa gaya..
    Everyone joins them.. Indirab & padminiji too join them… C.g Also

    Shiva starts to click their pictures! AniMyPia gives pose 🙂 🙂 🙂 Myka drags DeePia in center & start to dance around them! DeePia feels more happy seeing all 🙂 🙂

    Toh.. La la la la la la la la ho gayi re
    Behja behja behja behja ho gayi re..

    Performance ends 🙂
    Camera shows everyone looking happy & A dark shadow eyeing on Dobriyal house from little far from the house 😯


    Precap ➡ No precap

  16. drishti
    June 05, 21:01 Reply

    JUNOON ➡ It’s Not Human Love ?

    Episode ➡ 70

    Part ➡ 1

    Episode starts with showing….
    Nayasha entering in her room & gets afraid ….& then says oh! Its you ?
    Sid smirks yes was waiting for you only…
    Nayasha says huh! You should go to ur house also… Mr. V.S ?
    Sid says if you want my … Oops V.S family member to die … U know what will happen if I go to V.S house.. & I hate human.. They r not my family.. Buttt ( Sid notices a newspaper & keep staring on it.. )
    Nayasha says but media is reporting rubbish about me.. They r linking me with you ? my public image is spoiling because of you…
    ( Sid doesn’t respond & is cont staring at newspaper..)
    Nayasha cont RR must be thinking only wrong about me ? .. But I love only him…
    Nayasha looks at Sid & says R u listening what am I saying.. Sid says shut up..stop Ur bakwaas .. ?
    Nayasha fumes & says okk its bakwas ? then let me tell u the important thing…Your doubt was right…
    I just checked that graveyard… Aryan was not inside the coffin & seems like he is escaped breaking that one..his car was also not there..
    It May be possible that Trishna-raj too escaped from our trap as those two ww didn’t return yet… ?
    She again tells now I feel like to.. Sid tells leave them! ?
    Nayasha looks sid & asks what? Sid tells hmm.. Don’t bother about them.. Although Aryan were escaped..he won’t come again! Now he knows me very well.. & I dont think that His wife & children r alive… Ur two foolish ww must be died in blast along with them… ?
    So Aryan don’t have that much strength to face me…. One more Chandra… ?

    Nayasha tells but.. Sid tells saying na.. leave them.. Nayasha nodes! She looks Sid & tells y r u staring that newspaper..
    She then notices Mythili pic ? & says I knew it ? r u forgetting who r u ??
    She is our enemy.. & you love her..
    Sid looks her with full anger & hold her neck… ?

    …..Chand’s bunglow….

    Abhay says Mythili you know everything n then you must know that I am the only misfit in your life.. ? & I need to make everything good before .. Mythili shushes him & says sit .. Abhay says what?? Mythili says just sit .. ?
    Abhay sits on chair & Mythili sits next to him on ground.. She says show me ur hand…. Abhay try to avoid but she holds his hand & see the bleeding.. ?
    She again says ur wound is not healing
    ? .. Abhay says it takes time now..
    Mythili says I know the reason.. Abhay looks on & says u know.. ❓
    Mythili touches his wound soflty & says yes.. Its because of RishAbhay… ?
    Abhay says U know its not possible.. Its ur thinking only… Mythili says okk once Master return then you & RR both will believe me… ?
    Abhay stands & Mythili too.. He says I believes you but the problem is you r not accepting the truth… ?
    you should accept the reality .. Mythili says no.. U should accept the reality.. & from now dare to even think about to give pain to urself.. Abhay just nodes & Mythili goes out from secret room…

    Mythili comes downstairs thinking now everything is sort out… ?
    She notices Deep & says Deep! Come with me na… We have so much work at our home regarding marriage… help us..
    Deep says waah! You went like ? Miss. Roli & comes like miss.muski.. ?
    Mythili smiles & tells nothing like that.. She looks Upstairs (Abhay is coming down.. ) & says everyone should be happy..& smile always.. ?
    Now come with me.. Deep nodes okk… Jiski shaadi h usise kaam karwaoo… ?
    Both leaves..
    Abhay thinks there wouldn’t be any pain or me after finishing Sid… ?

    …In Samrat’s Bunglow..

    Sid says how dare you to questioned me… M ur boss not you…
    Nayasha somehow manages to free her & says buttt she..
    Sid says yesss… Yesss I love her.. I love her.. Just like human love Chicken…
    Nayasha is shocked & says means??
    Sid says human used to bringing up chick .. They shower their love but once they grow up… Their life ends..
    I will do same with Mythili… Have u seen her she is so much attractive… Not like u or other humans.. ?

    .. She is different from Maya.. ?

    Hmm I don’t want to recall that Maya.. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ChESoJiW4AAVy19.jpg
    Mythili is differenttt.. http://s13.postimg.org/e40xnnvvb/1184971_459638820822222_73114234_n.jpg

    I will take care of her..like my own property… My own Life saving drugs…
    She is my need to quench my thirst any time…a very attractive need…

    …… *******…..

    Part ➡ 2

    ….It’s an outdoor shoot venue…
    Camera shows fit n fine C.g busy on mobile ?
    He then enters into vanity & says Chief…
    RR ? turns & says ahaaaan… C.g is back.. ? c.g says ji chief m totally fine now.. RR says so it was ur plan to trap me in this add shoot.. Without my permission.. C.g says its good chief..
    RR says but I didnot want to do ?
    C.g gets upset ? & says chief I told them that you will…
    RR pats on c.g’s shoulder & says hmm c.g pahle puri baat suniye…I said main karna nhi chahta tha but now I will do for you..as a gift to you.. ?
    He pulls his cheeks

    ….Next Scene… Dehradun Police station
    A inspector is busy on phone & says If Mr. Aryan Roy is there in Mumbai.. ?
    What!! He is not there..
    Okk. He cuts the call goes in cabin of Sr. Officer (New Sr. Officer )
    He says Aryan sir & his family is not in Mumbai.. Sr officer says did you get his car.. Inspector says no sir.. we found nothing… Sr officer says call/meet everyone who knows him or related to him anyhow.. Inspector nodes…

    ….. Outdoor shoot….

    RR is ready for shoot & C.g comes to him & says chief this shoot is about bonding of Brother-sister.. RR says hmmm.. Emotional sequence but I like to do Action & romantic seq… If I do this then if you will do romance.. C.g feels shy.. & says chief aap v…
    RR says so who is my sister… A girl come there & says Sir! Its me…
    She extends her hand for hand shake.. Both shakes hand & RR asks what is your name??
    She says her name & RR says nice name Drisha… That girl says no sir I said Misha… RR looks at her & thinks I heard Drisha..my sister Drisha 🙄
    He then says aaj se apna naam Drisha rakh lo… & moves ahead thinking…

    ..Dehradun hospital…

    Aarab is in his cabin & thinking about Aryan.. He says why didn’t he called me.. Just then a constable comes & tells him about Aryan’s disappearance.. Aarab is shocked .. (His mobile rings but he ignores.. )
    Constable asks if you have any idea sir.. Aarab thinks to tell about Trishna & Raj leaving with two constable…
    But just then his mobile rings again… He excuses himself.. & receives the call…
    Aarab says hello..
    Its Aryan from other side ..
    Aryan says Mr.Aarab don’t say anything..just listen to me… We r safe
    So don’t bother about us… & pls don’t say anything to anyone about us .. Just pretend like you don’t know anything.. Aarab says butt where r you… Aryan says can’t talk more… Aarab looks at constable & says okk… Aryan says one more thing Mr.Aarab tell my thanks to ur daughter &.. U can trust Abhay – RR both… Aryan cuts the call…. But Aarab pretends like still talking on phone & says okkk just take medicines.. U will be fine… Aarab cuts the call & says to constable with a fake smile…
    “my patient.. I need to care him even on phone..”
    Constable says so do you have any idea…about Aryan sir.. ? His family was living at your house…
    Aarab says ya! But they left for Mumbai & then no info.. sorry can’t help more…

    ….. Dehradun college…. Its noon…
    Lecture ends & everyone starts to leave… Some students comes to Anika & says hi! Ani.. How r you.. Anika just smiles & says good.. Come n join me..
    They says actually we wanted to ask about Mythili.. When will she come… Anika says don’t know .. I didn’t talk to her since few days… All student gets sad & says now Mythili is famous n.. Y would she talk to Ani..
    Ani gets irked hearing this & shouts if all of you don’t have any work to do.. I know Mythili very well.. She is not like this…
    A student says.. If it’s not like that then y r u shouting.. If u also thinks like this..
    Ani fumes & leaves the classroom…
    She sits under a tree & take out her mobile… She thinks If now Mythili doesn’t consider me as friend.. Nowadays she doesn’t share anything to me… But before she used to share everything… What is happening…
    Her attention breaks after hearing Shiva’s voice.. She looks here & there.. Then she finds that it’s from mobile…
    She says hello! Shiva.. What happened?
    Shiva says hmmm… You only called me .. U tell me how is my honey ?
    Anika realizes that she dialed Shiva’s no in dilemma..
    She says oh! its by mistake…
    Shiva says what 🙄 by mistake… U wanted to call someone else..
    Ani says hmm.. Nothing like that.. Tell me how is ur job… Shiva says m in office now sweetheartt… & its goiiinggg greattt.. My boss trust me a lot & very happy with me…
    Ani smiles & says that’s good.. Shiva says oh! I guess u must be joyful now thinking of my success because after this our marriage will happen ?
    Anika says oh! You r doing this for marriage condition only
    Shiva says oh! my honey is beauty with brain & asks Okk tell me when r u coming home.. ?
    Anika says for what?? Shiva says aree.. Its Pia’s marriage n.. In two days…
    Ani says oops! I forgot but I will try to come soon.. Shiva says yes.. & after this marriage.. One more marriage then you will come home permanently…

    Just then V S enters his cabin.. & Shiva cuts the call…
    Ani says pagal! & smiles…

    …..Office – scene….

    Shiva says good afternoon sir!.. Sid says girl friend..?? Shiva says no..no.. Sir & submits some files.. Sid smirks & tells good Shiva…
    Shiva tells sir I want 2 days leave from tomorrow.. Sid asks for what? Shiva tells sir for my friend Deependra’s marriage!
    Sid tells that turup ka ikka.. ?
    Shiva says what sir??? Sid tells I mean
    oh.. I just forgot it.. Ok take leave..
    Shiva smiles & about to leave..
    But again Sid asks Shiva!! no invitation to me? Shiva turns & tells sirr.. we are planning to do simple type of marriage so invited only close friends & relatives!
    Sid tells but you guys did a grand mehndi function for them na? Shiva tells haan sir but.. Pia requested that she wants simple type of marriage so..
    Sid fumes but hides it & says oh I see.. so it means I am not invited.. Shiva tells not like that sir.. V.s smiles & tells just kidding.. Just then Nayasha enters inside like storm & calls Si…d & she stops seeing Shiva standing there! Shiva also looks Nayasha & V.S !
    V.s signs Shiva to leave.. Shiva nodes & leaves.. Sid looks Nayasha & asks what?..Nayasha says I have found his weakness… Sid smiles evilly & tells this time Abhay spoiled my plan.. But not again…
    Nayasha tells hmm yes.. I think he has only saved Aryan… Sid tells I am not talking about it.. Nayasha asks then? Sid tells Pia’s marriage is going to happen in simple way.. Nayasha asks so what? Sid looks Nayasha & tells it means Abhay is expecting my presence while pia’s marriage ! thats why this “A Simple Marriage” BTW if ur little sister Piyali invited you or not.. Nayasha fumes & says she is not my Sister.. ?
    Sid says it means you r not invited too..
    But you can try to go..by using ur relationship … Nayasha says you still want to go there & att.. Sid interrupts no..
    Nayasha tells hmm but our plan is to attack on them during marriage na.. Sid tells no.. not now…
    She says it means we are not going to attack them on while DeePia’s marriage..
    Sid thinks something & tells smart move Abhay.. planned to trap me.. But you are not smart more than me! He smirks..
    Nayasha says now we know his weaknesses too… ?


    Part ➡ 3

    ….Chand’s bunglow….

    Abhay is with Chand in hall…
    Chand says I got a call from PS.. They were asking about Aryan to me…but I handle them well..
    Abhay says I knew it …. That’s y give fake ID & passport to Aryan..so that no one could trace him…
    Chand says but they r not getting any clue..
    Abhay says they wouldn’t get it ever.. as I have setup all the things…
    [ Fb – After Aryan goes to sleep .. Abhay leaves from chand’s bunglow in Aryan’s Scorpio.. He reaches at a hilly place & then push the scorpio down…
    It blasts … He then goes to his quarter & take his all important stuffs.. Web cam etc…..
    … Fb ends… ]
    Chand says so what is our next move…
    Abhay looks chand & tells will tell u once we catch Sid.. He will come to DeeP wedding definitely
    “He has to come at any cost…He has to face me.. ”
    Abhay smirks while chand looks on..

    Next scene… Its Night…

    Outside Dobriyal house… Deep comes out of the house & opens the door of car… but Pia come there & back hugs him.. He says.. Hey! What r u doing…
    If anyone will see then? Pia says hmmm we r going to marry legally.. Then what’s the problem.. Deep says but still not married n…
    Pia says don’t you think u r telling my dialogue.. I should say these things as m a girl.. Deep says when I first saw you.. You was a tom boy type… Pia puts her both arm around Deep’s neck & says or Ab.. Deep says Abbbb..
    He holds her waist & makes her close to him! Eye lock ?
    BG- Kyunki tum hi ho..ab tum hi ho..zindagi ab tum hi ho..
    Deep tells Ok.. Now Go inside otherwise aunty ji will come out to search you! She cutely smirks & tells Hmm.. & removes her hands from his shoulder! She is abt to leave.. He tells Good Night.. Enjoy your Ajaadi…
    She smiles & tells Same to you & turns towards car…
    But Pia is still standing there only & looking at him! Deep asks what? She tells for me these days are going to be a long one! He tells for me too.. & if u wish then Give me something in advance to compensate.. ! Pia asks in advance? He tells yess in advance.. & he holds her hand & again makes her close to him! She tells I will beat u now
    Deep tells Noo.. I dont want this one as advance.. She laughs But Deep kisses on her cheek .. She gets little bit shock & looks him! He smiles..
    She jerks her hand & says when I met you first you was a dumboo… & now you have become a .. She feels shy & runs inside smiling at Deep! Deep too smiles & sits inside his car & drives off

    RR mansion….
    RR comes out from the washroom & puts the towel on table.. He lies down on his bed to sleep.. Just then his mobile starts to ring.. He notices.. its from Mythili & he picks it.. Mythili tells sweetly helloo.. RR tells aahaaan.. finally Miss.Mythili has missing a person named RR.. Who also lives on this earth.. She laughs..
    RR smirks & asks tell me why u called me now? She tells just like that.. RR asks just like that u called me?! Hmmm.. Not bad.. But seems u r talking happily after a long time.. ! I can feel it.. She tells Hmm.. Yes I am happy.. finally all problems are going to sort out.. RR asks really? She remembers her talk with Abhay in secret room & tells haan…. Have two reasons..
    RR asks okk tell me both reason for ur happiness!.. Mythili says u already knew it… My sister’s marriage
    RR tells oh i see! So finally u guys r going to put him (Deep) in jail & for that u guys are feeling happy?! She laughs & RR too laughs..

    She tells but if its happen in grand way then its looks more great na.. RR tells but Abhay has only put condition for that right.. She tells hmm.. I think he has planned something for sid.. RR tells me too think so.. She tells hope everything ends well..
    RR asks but you did not tell me the another reason for ur happiness! She tells aahaaan.. will tell u at right time..
    RR tells so now you are also putting condition… Not bad… RR tells I will wait for that right time..Good Night..
    She cuts the call.. & lies on her bed.. She tells both of you are important for me.. I can’t imagine my life without you both.. You both are My life ..
    She hugs her pillow tightly & sleeps…

    Camera shows a dark shadow near window..watching Mythili.. ? http://www.johnburkeonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/man-in-shadows.jpg

    ……**** End******……

    Season ➡ 1 ends… ?

    Season ➡ 2 ..Starts from 24th July

    Promo ➡

    Its a haveli… Abhay is sleeping Peacefully on a royal bed… A girl enters his room.. She jerks him & says bhaiyaa…Wake up……
    Abhay opens his eyes & says champ u woke up early… She smiles & Abhay too ? she again says I made that painting according to your description..
    Abhay sits on bed & says show me then… ?
    She opens a folded paper & Abhay is totally surprised to see the painting.. He says exactly Drisha… She is the same…
    You have given a face to my imagination
    Camera shows the painting.. Its Maya/Mythili face … https://scontent.cdninstagram.com/t51.2885-15/s320x320/e35/11348221_490609451109149_411209893_n.jpg
    A BG voice – It was all started from here – will end here only ….

  17. drishti
    May 29, 09:55 Reply

    JUNOON ➡ It’s Not Human Love

    Episode ➡ 69

    Part ➡ 1

    Episode starts.. Its night…..

    ..Dobriyal house…..
    Mythili is pacing in her room totally restless… She thinks y didn’t Abhay call me till now.. Raj is fine or not…
    Just then Pia enters & hugs Mythili… She tells m very happy di….I convinced maa & papa for my simple marriage as Abhay told now no problem.. Mythili keeps quite … Pia notices it & asks diii what happened say something n…

    Mythili says they r in danger.. & am unable to do anything.. Pia looks at her confusingly & asks who di..
    Mythili says Raj & Trishna….
    She explains everything to Pia.

    Pia is speechless… She recalls her behavior towards Trishna & gets emotional… She again says its because of me .. I wanted them to leave this house as soon as possible.. Its my mistake di … Now what to do..
    If u tell about this to anyone or not… Mythili says I called Abhay but till now didn’t get any response from him… Pia says okk let me call Deep…
    Pia calls Deep & just then Mythili gets Abhay’s msg ” Trishna & Raj are safe ”
    Mythili sees the msg & gets happy
    Pia sees this… (Deep receives her call)
    Pia says to Deep talk to you later & cuts the call in hurry…
    Mythili hugs Pia & says both r safe Pia…
    Pia smiles….
    Mythili says in heart Thank u Abhay..

    …Chand bunglow….
    Abhay enters in bunglow & finds Deep waiting ! He says Aryan is also coming here… If everything is ready??
    Deep says don’t know.. Chand only can tell…. Just then Chand comes in hurry & asks If Aryan & his family is OK or not…? All are fine na? Abhay nodes..& asks if everything is set ??
    Chand smiles & says yes…now we need Aryan only…

    …..After a while….
    RR arrives there holding Aryan on his shoulder! All gets shocked seeing Aryan in this condition….
    Chand goes towards Aryan & asks what happened to you? Abhay tells let him sit 1st & RR makes Aryan sit.. Aryan is quite! Chand asks How did you get this injury? & then he notices blood & move towards Aryan…. Everyone is shocked
    Abhay stops him in the middle & asks to go inside … Chand says Let me check him he is fine or not… Everyone feels relax…. Chand checks Aryan’s & says you need treatment.. who did this…
    RR tells seems Mr.Aryan thought to play Hide & Seek with someone but fortunately or unfortunately he got stucked inside the coffin!… Aryan try to say the truth but feels dizzy..& starts to loose consciousness..

    Abhay hold him & starts to heal Aryan’s wounds.. But it doesn’t work..
    Abhay is surprised.. RR asks what happened .. Cure him n…
    Abhay just nodes & again try to heal Aryan with his full efforts.. Aryan’s wound start to heal…
    Aryan is suprised & looks Abhay.. He is stunned seeing his chest & head gets cured automatically!
    Abhay says now tell me what happened?
    Aryan looks Abhay …
    Deep says it must be Sid ..Aryan nodes… & tells everything.. All are stunned..

    Chand tells sid has crossed his all limits.. Abhay tells he don’t have limits to cross.. I know him very well that’s why I asked Aryan to go back to mumbai..
    Aryan says sorry I didn’t listen you… Chand says its okk…
    Aryan then looks around & asks to Abhay where is Trishna & Raj ? You told me that they r fine.. But where r they??

    Deep tells they are in room upstairs & tells him about Sid’s plan to kill Trishna!
    Aryan gets shocked & feels guilty.. RR tells Hmmm.. Interesting! Sid played well..
    Aryan thanks Abhay for the help.. Abhay tells if you want to thank then tell your thanks to Mythili.. Because she only informed me about it at right time otherwise we would not be able to save ur family.. Aryan nodes & tells I want to meet my wife..
    He is about to go upstairs but Abhay stops him!

    Abhay asks Deep to give some clothes to Aryan for change. If Trishna see him in bloody clothes then she will get upset.. Deep tells okk.
    He brings a shirt for him…& says change it but before going to meet ur wife please arrange or buy any suprise gift for her! Aryan looks Deep.. Deep tells him about his talk with Trishna…

    [ FB- In car..

    Trishna asks why did he cancell the trip? & why is he not answering my call? & when did he call you? What did he say?
    Deep is driving & thinks why she is questioning me like this? Abhay didnot tell me how to ans these questions..
    Trishna says tell me na..
    He tells ah.. ah.. haan.. Actually Aryan has planned some suprise for you.. She asks suprise? What suprise? He tells telling na.. It’s a suprise.. How could I know about this..? Trishna smirks oh I c…. Deep feels relax & drives..

    …. Fb ends ]

    Deep says to Aryan now don’t look at me think for her surprise… Aryan smirks & says it was ur idea n to give her surprise.. Not mine.. Deep looks Abhay & says I just tried to handle the situation that time …
    Abhay also smirks & says so handle it now
    Deep thinks now what to tell Trishna which surprise ? m stucked now
    Abhay & Aryan smiles seeing Deep


    Part ➡ 2

    …Camera shows a Room…
    Here Trishna is sleeping beside Raj.. Suddenly she opens her eyes & sees the time (…it’s 8 pm )
    she thinks still Aryan didn’t come .. Where is he?? Deep told me that he has planned a surprise for me… If I should believe on Deep… She dials Aryan’s no & comes out of the room… She looks down & see Deep sitting on sofa
    She says How much long I have to wait for my suprise? & comes downstairs Deep sees her & thinks oh no.. she came here & now how to arrange her surprise…!

    She comes downstairs & notices Abhay-RR & gets fully suprised…
    Aryan also comes out from the room & looks Trishna! She looks Aryan & tells oh.. you are here? When did you arrive?
    Aryan says 1/2 hr hour before but you was sleeping so didn’t disturb you…
    She hugs him & tells hmmm… I like ur surprise… Thank god.. You cancelled the trip otherwise I miss to see Abhay-RR together …
    Both Abhay-RR smiles… Deep tells yeah.. Exactly.. & self talk Thank god I escaped.. Abhay looks Deep & everyone.. He smiles a bit…
    Trishna thanks Abhay & tells I know that this “thanks” word is not enough for what you did for us but I dont have any words.. U saved me & my child.. Nobody believes me but I know he was a devil.. & you saved me from a devil.. Aryan hugs Trishna from side…
    Abhay tells it’s ok.. Trishna comes near to RR & tells I want to take a photo with both of you! & U know something.. my hubby dont like you..
    RR smiles & tells I know…. Aryan says this is not the truth but a history …
    Trishna smiles…
    Deep clicks their photo…. Trishna feels happy and asks Aryan BTW when we are going? Abhay tells tomorrow early morning @4 am..
    Aryan looks Abhay! Abhay says actually The surprise is that Aryan has planned a holiday trip.. So you r not going Mumbai but abroad…..
    Trishna gets more delighted & smiles.
    She tells ok … Aryan is confused …
    He looks at Abhay… Abhay assures him….
    Aryan tells to Trishna .. ok now go & take rest… We need to leave early.. She nodes & goes upstairs..
    Aryan tells Abhay you was right this is not a normal type of case to handle in my style.. Chand tells finally you understood.. Aryan asks but how to handle that sid he is very dangerous! RR tells don’t worry.. We all know how to handle him so just relax.. Aryan holds both Abhay & RR’s hand &
    tells you both are not only looking same but ur nature is also same…
    may be both of you looks rude but from heart both of you are very soft..
    He thanks both for saving him & his family.. RR asks is this Thanks giving day? Why everyone is thanking us? All smiles …

    Abhay tells Aryan I just hope hereafter you won’t take any risk again!
    Aryan says but what is this abroad trip..how will we go.. RR says if you don’t have passport.. Aryan says yes I have but We don’t have tickets….
    Deep says chand has done all the arrangements… No need to bother… he handovers him air-tickets ..
    Abhay says Sid thinks that you & ur family is dead .. So for some time its good to live in disguise…. Dont reveal ur identity to anyone..
    I hope you will do this for ur family.. Aryan tells sure..
    Just then RR mobile rings.. He says oh! No I forgot MAA must be waiting for me.. I have to go…
    Chand says but how will you go.. Let me drop you…RR says oh! Yes as u wish….
    Both leaves…..

    Aryan also goes upstairs…. Abhay says Deep take care of them. I have some work to finish…

    …Next scene… Dehradun Airport

    Aryan-Trishna-Raj arrives there along with Chand
    Aryan Thanks him for everything.. Chand tells its ok.. But I am happy that you understood everything.. Trishna looks chand .. Chand bends down & tells Raj.. Strong boy.. Take care of ur dad & mom.. Raj tells cutely sure uncle..
    Chand smiles Aryan-Trishna too smiles.. Chand tells call me once reached there safely… Aryan nodes.. Trio leaves…

    Their flight takes off… Chand feels happy


    Part ➡ 3

    Camera shows a dark forest……. Mythili arrives there & says Abhay .. Rishabh… Where r u… Suddenly someone laughs evilly & hits on Mythili’s head .. She faints…

    After a while…
    Mythili gains conscious & opens her eyes slowly.. She gets scared & stands up! She is shocked seeing RishAbhay under control of hh’s.. She runs towards them & try to hold both but in between some more hh holds her & drags her afar from RishAbhay!

    Mythili looks both RishAbhay & cries.. RishAbhay (both looks weak) too looks Mythili but unable to do anything..
    Sid comes there wearing the mask & welcomes Mythili..
    He sings Oh my beautiful girl welcome to my evil place.. Mythili asks him to leave RishAbhay.. Sid smirks..
    She shouts in anger.. How dare you? Leave us.. Otherwise.. Sid tells otherwise.. What will you do? She tells I will kill you! Sid tells oh I see…. But how… He starts to punches back to back both Rishabh-Abhay! Mythili cries more seeing both.. She tries to free herself from hh’s grip but unable.. She pleads sid.. If you want to kill.. then kill me but leave them.. Plz…
    Sid tells yeah!! I will kill trio..but Before that I want to see your reaction by killing them! She is stunned.. Sid asks tell me which one you want to see die first? She cries and tells plz leave them.. both of them are important to me..
    Sid laughs & tells.. How lucky are they..
    What kind of love is this? 1girl & 2boys?? Anyways I don’t love anyone so tell me who will die first…. choose which one you want to see die first? She looks sid & cries..
    Mythili begs him to leave both RishAbhay.. Sid signs hh’s to leave her.. She runs towards RishAbhay & about to touch both.. Sid tells lets see whom you are going to touch first.. he will be my 1st target.. Maya will touch Abhay or Mythili will touch Rishabh..
    Mythili stops hearing this & steps back.. She turns & looks sid who is laughing evily.. She is unable to decide.. She bends down & start crying hardly..

    Sid comes near to them! & asks her to choose one from both.. He tells ok.. U do not like this game…
    Then now I have changed my game.. Choose anyone first.. I will try to kill him later.. What say? Mythili looks sid.. ? He says don’t like this too… very bad…Hmmm but u have no any choice baby… He forcefully makes her stand infront of RishAbhay.. & asks to choose..
    Mythili is skeptical.. Sid asks whom you love sincerly? Rishabh? Or Abhay? She again looks RishAbhay! They also looks her..
    Sid gets angry & again he punches both RishAbhay.. She shouts & try to free them but some hh holds her again… She try to overpower them but can’t.. Sid start to beat both Rishabhay badly..

    Sid tells let me decided now.. My old enemy or new enemy? He punches RR badly.. RR falls on the ground unconsciously.. Mythili screams & frees herself from hh.. She runs to RR & holds him! She asks him to open his eyes.. She cries more & says open ur eyes.. !
    sid turns towards Abhay.. He drags him near a tree! Mythili looks at Sid..& says Abhay can’t die.. Sid smirks…& stabs Abhay… Mythili is shocked & runs towards him..
    sid hits Abhay’s head on that tree!
    Abhay also falls on the ground & closes his eyes…. Mythili screams NO…. You can’t die…..she try to wakeup him.. & says Pls wake up .. We need you Abhay… I need you…
    Sid tells he has gone forever n ever…

    Mythili shouts Noooooo…& opens her eyes in haste …

    ( Its morning..)
    She looks around & finds herself in her room… She feels relax & .. try to remember whole things properly but gets only blur images..
    She talks to self…How could Abhay die.. He has healing power…. How could Sid captured Both RishAbhay… No it was a dream only… It can’t happen in realty…
    Before that also I dreamed like RR falling from the bridge! When I told this to RR he does not care about it.. But now its about both .. & Abhay died?? How could I dream like that…. Why am I dreaming like dis cont..
    She feels restless..& thinks I need to meet Abhay…

    ….In hall…..
    Indiragi comes there & finds Aarab busy on call.. She touches his shoulder & asks the matter.. Aarab says if Trishna called you?? She nodes no..
    Aarab says hope they r fine… indirag says don’t worry they must be fine …
    just then …Mythili comes downstairs & Indiraji asks where r u going Mythili???
    Mythili says maa have an urgent work so going out… She leaves in hurry.. Indirag try to stop her but Aarab says relax Indira.. must be something important.. That’s y she went like this.. Now I also have to go to hospital…so pls help me n.. Indirag chides him & says hmmm okk

    …..Next Scene….. Chand’s Bunglow…

    Mythili arrives there & enters the bunglow… Deep greets her & she asks about Abhay… Deep says he is in secret Room… Mythili runs towards the secret room without saying anything… Deep tries to ask the matter but Chand stops him & says its between them.. Let her go..& talk …

    ….In secret Room….
    Abhay is thinking Why his healing power didn’t work properly while curing Aryan… He takes a knife & cuts his palm to check his healing power… Just then Mythili enters & shouts with shock Abahyyy!!! What r u doing…
    She comes near to him & try to stop bleeding.. Abhay is amazed & says its a small cut .. It will heal automatically..u know it…
    She recalls her dream once again & Tears come out from her eyes automatically ..
    She says why you always do this Abhay… Abhay try to say something but Mythili says no you wouldn’t say a single word now..chup raho ekdam… You will listen only…
    Mythili grabs his collar & says
    Do you know how much it hurts me whenever you try to hurt yourself.. Whenever you ignore me …
    You think everyone will be happy without you.. But its not true…
    She removes her hand from his collars & looks at him for a while with a blank expression…
    Abhay says what happe… but again she signs him not to speak & then says That night you came into my room & erased your name..
    Abhay says u know this?? Mythili says told you n not to speak.. Just listen me.. yes I know this and What do u wanted to prove from that.. How many times I said that you & RR both r one.. See my hand (Mythili shows her both hand to Abhay )
    RR name is also disappeared… If there is no Abhay then there is no RR
    You think I don’t understand but you r wrong.. If I doesn’t say anything then it doesn’t mean that I don’t know anything or understand anything… you think what r u doing is right… But its not right…

    Abhay says I never meant to hurt you Maya… Mythili says but it hurts me Abhay… It hurts me a lot…because it hurts you…

    Abhay is totally speechless & stunned…
    While Mythili is crying …
    Camera revolves around them…

    BG song starts in female voice (slow version..)
    Pehle kabhi, na tune mujhe gham diya Phir mujhe, kyun tanha kar diya
    Guzaare the jo lamhe pyaar ke
    Hamesha tujhe apna maan ke
    To phir tune badli kyun adaa
    Yeh kyun kiya?

    Mythili looks Abhay with teary eyes…. Abhay try to wipe her tears but Mythili stops him .. …

    BG song cont…in male voice..
    Kabhi jo badal barse…
    Main dekhun tujhe aankhein bharke
    Tu lage mujhe pehli barish ki duaa
    aa.. sathiyaa.. sathiyaa..

    Abhay says I cant see you like this…
    He wipes her tears

    Koi nahi.. tere siva mera yahaan
    Manzilein, hain meri to sab yahaan
    Mita de sabhi aaja faasle…
    Main chahun mujhe mujhse baant le
    Zara sa mujhme tu jhaank le
    Main hoon kya?…

    Mythili hugs Abhay & Abhay too..
    Both cries…

    BG song in both male- female voice..
    Tere pahloo mein reh loon
    Main khudko paagal keh loon
    Tu gham de ya khushiyaan
    Seh loon sathiyaa….
    Kabhi jo baadal barse
    Main dekhoon tujhe aankhein bharkeTu lage mujhe pahli baarish ki duaa…


    Precap ➡
    Dobriyal House: Mid Night..
    Everyone is sleeping in their respective rooms!
    Camera slowly moves towards Mythi’s room & she is sleeping on her bed peacefully Only one table light is on! But someone switch off that too
    Camera shows a dark shadow standing near to her!

  18. aarya
    May 23, 09:24 Reply

    JUNOON ➡ It’s Not Human Love 😛

    Episode ➡ 68

    Part ➡ 1

    Episode starts….with showing Dobriyal house….. 🙂 In hall Pia is busy on mobile & indirag is roaming around her… ( Mythili is still thinking about Trishna -Raj 🙄 ) Pia (on call) says cancel all the arrangements.. We don’t need it… 😯 Indirag takes mobile from Pia’s hand & cuts the call… She asks what r u doing pia.. 🙄 Y r u canceling all the orders…? Pia says maa! First relax ur self… & sit.. Pia makes her sit on sofa & self sits on knee on ground… 🙂 She says maa I want my marriage a simple marriage… Koi taam jhaam nhi.. 😉 but a simple marriage only… Indirag says but what is the problem if its not simple but a great grand wedding… Pia looks on 🙄 [ Fb (after promotional P-C.. MyRi, chand & Pia are in Chand bunglow… Abhay is saying something (muted scene) .. Abhay says Sid is not coming in front of us but chand & I have a strong feeling that he is very near to us .. Mythili asks he killed that officer n..?? Abhay says yes… He killed that officer only to show his strength… So, we can’t ignore him… RR interrupts (Deep signs him to keep quite..but RR cont..) we all know this already .. Say something new.. :smirk: Abhay says New… Yes for the first time Sid is hiding his face.. He came in front of the camera but didn’t show his face… Chand says yes this is something unusual.. So we should be alert till we catch sid… RR says & kill him.. Abhay looks at RR & says yes this time for sure… But till then don’t give him any chance to come close to us… Chand & I have decided something… Chand goes to DeePia & says see! Its good for all of us.. If ur marriage happen in simple manner with limited guests.. DeePia look each other 🙁 🙁 Mythili says no.. What’s the need.. We r not afraid of sid right ??huh!!! RR says Mythiliii just think about it ..use ur mind not heart… Abhay says now sid could go to any extent.. We can’t take risk of many lives… Mythili starts arguing with RishAbhay… & says now both of you r talking in same way.. 👿 RR smirks…you always feel that we r same n…so yes hamari shakal or akal dono ab ek hi h 😉 Abhay says to Mythili okkk.. If you don’t want then… DeePia say in chorus we don’t have any problem… Everyone looks at them… 🙄 Pia says yeah.. We don’t have any problem… & If its necessary then we r also ready to postpone the marriage till we find Sid… Abhay says no..Pia…no need to postpone it… He goes near to Pia & says I know its very difficult for you but m glad that u agree for this wholeheartedly … Abhay caresses her head & says there would not be any problem… Pia nodes & says I trust you… (Abhay recalls a blur image of girl saying the same word “I trust you” ) He removes his hand & says now you all should go… Its too late… He starts to walk upstairs… Deep says to chand why didn’t you or Abhay kill siddartha earlier.. Abhay hears this & turns back… MyPia, RR & chand also look at Abhay.. Abhay also looks everyone in front of him..& thinks this is not the right time to say truth… He again turns & goes to his room…. Mythili tries to go but chand stops her & says he wouldn’t ans anything now.. He wants to live alone… Mythili says okk I won’t go…but tell him that for how much long he will live like this… He loves to give pain himself n.. But it also hurts other… Mythili leaves .. RR is totally blank.. & goes after her… Pia follows them. Camera shows Abhay’s room.. Abhay is watching MyRi together outside through window.. 🙄 He says I don’t want to hurt anybody anymore.. That’s y doing this all… Mythili turns to see Abhay & he hides himself… Pia is watching this all silently standing near car. 😐 Fb ends…] Indirag says pia.. Pia.. Pia’s attention breaks .. Indirag says if something is troubling u.. ?I know you r not happy.. Pia smiles & says no maa… M happy.. But after death of Mr.khurana… Indirag looks at Pia.. Pia says he wasn’t my dad.. But for world he was… Sooo… Indirag says I understand but no need to worry about world or society… Pia says m not… Just agree for this n maa.. Deep is also ready for this… Indirag pats on Pia’s head & says oh!! Jab hone wale husband-wife hi h raaji to kya kare Ye indirajii… Pia smiles & hugs her…. 🙂 Just then .. Aarab enters & says what both of you r doing…? He looks at Mythili, who is lost in thinking… 🙄 He says both of you left her alone…but no problem m here n.. Indirag & Pia smile.. Indirag says sit with ur daughters & goes to kitchen… Pia gets busy again in marriage related stuffs…. Aarab sits near to Mythili.. & touches her shoulder. He asks what happened beta? Look like u r in a very deep thinking.. Mythili comes out from her thinking & tells nothing papa… Indraji comes there with a glass of water & give it to Aarab.. She tells Mythili is missing Raj.. Aarab asks missing..but why.. There r here only n… Indirag tells about Trishna-Raj.. Aarab gets hyper & asks when? & Why No one informed me about it? They are our responsibility… 🙁 Indraji tells just relax.. Aryan only sent 2 policeman & asked them to bring Trishna & Raj to the airport.. So Trishna-Raj left from here.. Dont worry they will call once reached to the airport.. Indirag again goes to kitchen to bring coffee for him.. Aarab feels restless & thinks how could it be possible? We both only planned that coma drama to find the culprit… How could he go without finding him… ?how could he send policemen to bring Trishna – Raj alone like this? & where is he? & he also didn’t inform me abt it? 🙄 Aarab quickly takes out his mobile & calls Aryan (old number) but its switched off.. Aarab feels more restless.. Mythili notices aarab & thinks why dad is looking so tensed after hearing dis? If m right.. If Rajjj.. 😥 & Trishna r in danger.. No.. No.. This can’t happen. I should inform about this to Abhay…. I cant take risk.. Now he can only help.. She silently goes upstairs in her room & calls Abhay

    .. ……*****…..

    Part ➡ 2

    RR Mansion…. Padminig is trying RR’s no… She talks to self where is he? Didn’t comeback yet… Very soon it is going to dark… & nowadays its not safe outside… She again Dials RR’s no… & It connects… She says hello.. Rishu… Camera shows C.g outside a studio talking on phone… C.g says auntyg chief is busy in shoot… & its almost finished now.. We r coming back…. Padminig feels relax & says okk tell him to come fast.. C.g coughs & says ji auntyg… …… Chand’s bunglow…. Abhay is thinking about Sid’s disappearance.. His mobile starts to ring.. He sees the no & then picks it.. Mythili informs Abhay about Trishna – Raj.. Abhay gets suspicious & asks when did they left? She tells just 10-15 min ago.. But I don’t think that it was a good thing to send them alone like this.. He tells okk relax I will check whether they reached airport safely or not. She tells ok & cuts the call.. Deep asks the matter.. Abhay tells I think Trishna & Jr.RR is in trouble.. We should check.. Deep asks means? Abhay tells him about Aryan’s plan (Trishna in coma) & says he can’t send any random policeman to bring Trishna & Raj.. He could self bring them to the airport.. Case has been also solved.. Then why he did not visit Dobriyal house to see Trishna & Raj? Deep tells something noo.. Everything is looking fishy.. Abhay calls Aryan (old number) but its switched off.. He then asks about chand.. Deep tells look like he was upset a bit & dont know where is he now! Abhay tells ok then come with me.. Deep asks where? Abhay tells to the airport.. Both come out of the bungalow… & Deep tries to hold Abhay’s hand.. Abhay jerks his hand & says sit it car… Deep says I thought I will go with you with full wind speed… Abhay smirks yes you will go with me with full wind speed… Abhay sits on the driver seat & asks Deep to put seat belt.. Deep does.. Abhay starts the car.. Deep tells but its a wrong way.. Abhay tells its a short cut to reach airport.. We need to reach there before they reach.. Abhay accelerates the speed & drives fastly….. Deep shouts slow.. slow..slowww….. Car goes in forest area… Next scene…. RR is in car & C.g try to sit in car but RR closes the door.. C.g says chief let me come… RR says Chimpujii you go to ur home .. Take rest as u r not well & I will go mine home… RR starts the car but C.g again stops him & says chief its not the right way .. Let me call driver… Where is he..?. RR says C.g this is the way.. I need to reach home before RR’s mom start to call him again n again… C.g says ji chief but y did you send the driver… RR looks at C.g & says ahaaan.. U r asking questions to me… But u ans my question if I can’t drive.. Okk let me show you… How smoothly I drive… C.g nodes & just then RR accelerates the car in full speed.. C.g closes his eyes in fear….. …….. 😆 Another scene… Trishna – Raj is in car.. Trishna is happy thinking about returning back to mumbai.. 🙂 Raj tells I am going to meet my old friends.. Trishna smiles & kisses on his forehead 🙂 She thinks where are you Aryan? She asks to policeman where is he? when will he reach airport? That policeman replies don’t know mam.. Sir only told us that he will reach there directly once he reports his file/paper to the sr.officer! She tells oh I see.. Ok.. she again dials Aryan number.. & Network connects.. …. camera shows Grave-yard & Aryan’s face inside coffin.. His mobile starts to ring.. He gains consciousness hearing the ringtone.. He tries to receive the call but it disconnects…Aryan struggles to breathe & mobile slips from his hand… He tries to break the coffin but unable ….. 🙁 But he cont. trying to open that.. & shouts for help … Outside the Grave-yard….. RR is driving fastly.. Suddenly he feels that someone is calling him… 😯 RR tries to stop the car & it stops with a harsh sound…. RR steps out of the car & fumes as no one is here… He checks the car & gets irritate to see the condition of engine… He slams his hand on car bonate & says no one is here & now I need help.. He calls C.g & says what is this C.g… What is Your work.. Aap kiska khayal rakhne me busy hain.. Mera ya meri car ka to rakh nhi rahe… Do you know my car is stuck again.. ?Cg coughs & tells in low voice sorry chief.. RR realizes & pats on his head & tells sorry cg.. I just forgot that u r not well.. As usual I scold you! & I know its my fault as I was driving very fastly n… Cg tells its ok chief.. RR asks Btw how is ur health now.. Feeling better? Cg tells I am fine chief.. & coughs again! RR tells Hmmm.. I can feel ur fineness from ur popular Arjit Singh voice… 😉 cg tries to laugh & tells chieff.. RR tells ok cg take rest.. I will call mom to arrange some other car for me! Cg tells ji chief & cuts the call.. RR loos around & notices a Scorpio near by there.. He thinks something & goes there! 🙄 He comes near to that Scorpio & thinks its Aryan’s car.. But where is he? 🙄 He again tells this place is not looking cool…. Why did Aryan come here…& Where has he gone? 🙄 Suddenly he holds his head & sees some blur images of a man struggling inside a coffin! He opens his eyes & again looks around & thinks should I go inside dis place? 🙄


    Part ➡ 3

    Trishna is restless & thinks why isn’t he answering.. ? 🙁 The car turns towards a cave & about to enter the cave….


    Trishna gets suspicious & little bit afraid… Raj looks at her 🙄 The policeman suddenly stops the car… Both Policeman finds that someone’s car is standing in opposite direction.. That has blocked their way! Trishna-Raj & that 2 policemen look on.. Right then Deep comes out of the car & comes near to Trishna’s car.. Trishna is surprised & asks u r here? Deep asks Trishna – Raj to come out from the car quickly & tells just now Aryan called me & informed me that trip is cancelled so he asked me to pick up both of you.. Now Dont waste time come with me…. Deep literally forcefully brings them out of the car… Trishna is confused & tells butt… 🙄 Deep holds both Trishna & Raj’s hand & quickly moves to his car.. That 2 policemen look each other & they also step out of the car & try to stop Deep.. But Deep makes Trishna – Raj sits inside his car fastly & drives his car in the same route.. Both policemen get confused & clueless what to do? Just then Deep stops his car & calls both policeman near to him.. They come.. Deep tells ahh..Aryan has also told me that both of you should go to the same way..I mean airport through this cave… someone is waiting for both of you there…. Dont miss it… Deep drives off.. Both policemen again look each other.. …….

    Grave – yard…… RR enters inside & looks around.. He then finds the coffin & thinks this one is looking same.. He hears someone’s voice who is shouting for help & realizes that the voice is coming from inside the coffin.. He thinks it means that wasn’t my imagination… Someone is in trouble. RR goes near to that coffin & asks if there is anyone alive inside the coffin?? 😆 Aryan shouts to open the coffin.. & also slams that hardly.. RR finds that its Aryan’s voice & asks Mr.A. B.C… 😉 what are you doing inside the coffin? Aryan shouts 1st bring me out from this coffinnn.. RR tells ok ok.. & he punches that coffin and its breaks in his one punch.. 😳 RR looks his hand with big eyes! Aryan comes out of the coffin & starts to take breathe fastly.. He coughs.. RR is in dilemma… he makes Aryan sits near by there! RR runs towards Aryan’s car & brings a water bottle.. He then offers water to Aryan.. Aryan drinks.. RR tries to make him calm.. Aryan tells Thanks Abhay.. RR looks him and tells Rishabh.. Rishabh Raichand.. Aryan looks RR & tells RR?? RR tells yess RR.. Both look each other.. ….. 🙄
    Next scene….. Both policeman r in dilemma .. One of them says our plan failed … & what did that human said.. ?Who is waiting for us… Another man says whoever he is.. He will pay for spoiling our plan… Their eyes sparkles & they make sound like wolf… Woooooo 👿 Both go inside the cave & ask who r you… ?Ur friend ran away quickly but Now you cant runaway… Abahy comes in front of them… Both get shocked seeing Abhay standing there! Abhay fumes seeing them.. both try to run but Abhay blocks their way quickly & punches them.. Both shout for forgiveness… But Abhay keep beating them without saying anything…. Both fall down on the ground… Abhay holds both hh’s hand and drags them to the car.. He then makes them sit in the car..& starts the engine standing outside of the car. The car starts & moves towards cave… It comes out of the cave & falls from the hill.. 😯 Car blasts with a big sound.. Camera shows a wolf watching this from a far.. Nayasha comes to her human form & smiles evily.. She tells finally pack up for Roy’s family. . ….

    Grave-yard…. Aryan asks RR to call Abhay.. RR asks Abhay? 🙄 Aryan tells I dont have time to explain plz call him.. RR dials Abhay’s number.. Aryan garbs mobile from his hand..


    RR looks on.. Abhay picks it.. Aryan tells Abhay pls save Trishna & Raj.. They must be in trouble.. Abhay tells don’t worry they are safe! Now they are in chand bunglow.. Aryan feels relax & tells thanks.. Abhay asks where are you? It’s RR’s mobile right? Aryan tells hmmm.. I am with him.. Abhay tells ok.. Come to chand bungalow asap.. Aryan tells sure.. (Abhay messages Mythili : Trishna & Raj are safe ) Aryan tells RR to drop him to chand bunglow.. RR asks what is this all? How did you stuck inside the coffin?? Aryan looks RR & asks tell me one thing how did you break that coffin in one punch? Both look each other & smile 😉

    Next scene……. V.S cabin….. Shiva knocks the door & comes inside! He submits some files/pen drive to V.S & tells sir it’s already getting late so I am leaving now.. V.s tells hmm.. I really appreciate ur dedication for this job.. Now you can go.. Shiva gets happy & leaves.. V.s takes that files & acts like checking.. But he cont looking at Shiva.. Shiva takes his bag & leaves from the office.. Sid keeps that file on the table & takes that pen drive & inserts in his laptop.. He starts to look promotion pictures of MyRi..


    He smirks! He tells not bad.. they are looking Good together! He starts to look pics one by one & stops after seeing Mythili’s smiling pic He again smirks & tells Now I got to know why those two emotional fools are mad after you.. Because.. You deserve.. Sid goes near to Mythili pic & try to smell…… He then tells Ah!!! Even ur pic is over whelming me… Mythiliiiii.. I thought to kill everyone.. everyone.. Who try to come in my way including You.. Ur old-lover.. new-lover.. But not now.. I already killed you in ur last birth itself na so this time something different.. DIFFERENTTT… 👿 In My style.. Its really boring to kill you again & again! So now I am thinking to do prayaschit for killing you in ur last birth….
    (He Zooms Mythili’s pic)


    Sid tells Your both lovers will be depressed in heaven also after seeing us together here! He laughs evilly.. You are going to live with Sid.. The Great Siddhartha.. (He stands & extends his hands- the weird SRK style ) Once after finishing all my lovable enemies I will rule on this world.. Right then Nayasha enters inside & hugs Sid.. Sid jerks her & says chiii… Ur smell is so bad… But Nayasha ignores his words & smiles. She tells our plan succeed… Finally it’s Pack up for Roy’s family.. Its really fun to watch that car blast.. She asks about Aryan? Sid smiles.. She tells ok.. I can understand the meaning for ur smile! She then notices Mythili’s pic in sid’s laptop & looks Sid… 🙄 She thinks something.. & Sid says don’t stare me … If u love this face… Nayasha signs towards Mythili pic… Sid says ur work is finished… U informed me n… Now go… Nayasha goes looking at pic & Siddhartha… Sid sits on chair & again looks at Mythili’s pic… He says I can’t wait more… I want you… You will be my personal drugs… My personal blood bank… & I will feel more joyful to torture you . 👿 …. .

    …..*****……. … ….

    NO PRECAP….. 😯

  19. drishti
    May 16, 00:25 Reply

    Junoon ➡ It’s Not Human Love

    Episode ➡ 67

    Part ➡ 1

    Episode starts….. ( Its 6 pm )
    A devasted-solitude place.. Camera shows Neelambar entering into a burnt house
    He says his life is connected form here… Now I could know what I need to do..

    .. At Promotional place…
    MyRi r still on stage..while media & others r enjoying foodstuffs…
    RR holds her arms & asks why did u stop me?? how dare they to talk ill about u?? she looks around & asks him to speak softly..media is still here ..if they hear this..RR is fuming & angrily says so whattt?? main kisi ke baap se v nahi darta..she holds heis they were just doing their duty?? he removes her hands & says duty my foot..if u didn’t interrupt i’ll..she says u’ll beat them..& break their cameras..RR fumes & says they deserve ..she asks & what happened after that did u ever think?? RR casually says I don’t care..she says u should ..they were talking about me..I didn’t mind..& we know the truth na..then?? he holds her arms tightly & says it’s not about u only …it’s about US.. u r mine.. I’ve the right on u…. no one has right to talk to u in this manner..otherwise what’ll I do with that person I myself don’t know..she smiles looking at him..
    he gives confused look & asks u r smiling?? maine koi joke nahi mara..she says pata hai.. he says then why smiling?? she says just like that seeing this RR after a long time…. both smiles looking at each other & holding each others arms..
    she asks RR why does it affects u that much?? he smiles & says u know the reason..both look at each other ..eyelock..
    bg song plays- (in male n female’s voices) Main toh tere rang mein.. Rang chuka hoon.. Bas tera ban chuka hoon. Mera mujhme kuch nahi sab tera..
    just then ,Shiva comes there & sees them..he fumes & moves towards them..RR sees him coming ,but keep holding Mythili..shiva comes next to them..& says Mythili.. she sees Shiva & leaves RR’s hand & says..hmm bhai ..he says film promo. has ended now let’s go home..she feels awkward & just nodes.. she is about to move but, RR holds her hand & says wait…Mythili..
    Shiva sees this & asks RR.. leave my sis’ hand..otherwise..
    RR smirks while Shiva fumes..
    Mythili looks at them ..RR says otherwise what?? both move towards each other Mythili standing in btw them & looking ..Mythili asks them to stop..she says let’s go bhai..RR says u can’t go I’ve something urgent to talk to u.. shiva says mr. RR ..she won’t come..her work is completed..RR says who said her work is complete??
    just then, Pia also comes there & senses the entire matter..she thinks oh..no again RR n Shiva r fighting & my poor sis is stuck inbtw them..she goes there & asks what happened?? Shiva says pia it’s good u came, now, u tell to mr. RR that film promo. work has ended..RR says Pia tell him too that Mythili is RR’s heroine ..I’ve to discuss something to her in private.. shiva fumes..but Pia says shiva RR is right..it’s their film na..so let them discuss..we should leave..shiva says but..pia says u come..I make u understand..she takes him from there..
    Mythili looks at RR who is smirking… looking at shiva..

    ..At Sam’s office…
    Chand comes to meet V.s in his cabin.. he knocks the door & goes inside..but finds no one there..he thinks y m feeling like this… At P-C also I felt his presence… But he wasnot there…
    Chand comes out & sees Pia & Shiva .. Shiva asks Mr.Chand what r u doing outside V.s sir’s cabin?? he says nothing just came to meet him.. We didn’t get chance to talk during P-C n…
    shiva says but, he left that time only ..chand gets shocked & asks what?? shiva says what happened?? why so shocked he had some other work so he went..that’s it..chand says hmm.. He signs something to Pia & leaves the place..

    ..Next Scene… Police station…
    A senior officer is asking questions about sikky murder to Aryan…
    Sr. Off – What was he doing in your quarter..y did he shoot himself in your quarter…??
    Aryan says I don’t know…
    Sr. Off calls shardha & she says Aryan sir doubted that sikandar sir wanted to harm his wife…
    Aryan is about to say about Nayasha & his partner but stops.. He thinks her partner killed everyone who knows about them.. I can’t tell them anything….
    Aryan says I was wrong about sikandar.. & don’t know what was he doing in my quarter.. But he only called me in my quarter..
    Sr.off asks for proof.. Aryan starts to search his mobile but didn’t get it.. He says u can check sikandar mobile..
    Inspector says there was no any mobile near him..
    Aryan is shocked…
    He remembers something & says give me time.. I will answer ur all questions..

    ..Near Promotion venue…
    MyRi r outside the film promotion venue..Mythili asks what kind of behavior is this?? RR looks at her & says what I did now?? she says don’t act smart..u know what i’m saying why u talked like that to my bro.? RR smirks & says leave this matter ..we both like to hate each other so let us hate & enjoy this….she looks on & says RR….
    he changes the topic..& asks her to show hand..she says why?? he says uffo..can’t u listen me once why irritating me like your bro. ?? she hits him..& says don’t talk anything about my bro.?? he smiles..she shows her hands..he sees her mehandi..& finds his name but, Abhay’s name missing..he looks at her with confusion..she asks what happened?? why r u looking like this? he asks where is Abhay’s name..I saw it..she says it earased..he asks u did it?? she says no ..didn’t know how it happen?? RR gets confused & asks Mythili actually I wanted to ask something..she says hmm ask..he asks why u wrote both the names on your hands?? she says don’t know..he asks what do u mean by don’t know.. she is speechless…
    RR says sorry didn’t ask this to trouble u & touches her mehandi on which Rishabh is written.. Mythili just smiles & says I thought u will get angry & shout… RR says me to think so.. But don’t know y for the first time I m ready to share my “haq”…RR stops & then asks if u know about Abhay’s Past… Mythili looks at him confusingly & says u too know n..
    RR says no I mean about his family.. How he turned as a vampire…
    Mythili is in dilemma & says I never asked.. & he never talked about this… But why do u want to know.. RR thinks something…. Mythili asks what happened?? he says nothing now come I’ll drop u at home?? she asks but, u said infront of bhai that u have something urgent to talk about the movie?? he smirks..& she looks at him & says it’s means u lied?? u liar.. she pats him on his hand..both smiles..
    Just then Chand with Pia come there & asks MyRi to come to chand’s bunglow..
    Mythili says if its about sikandar Pillai?? Chand nodes & says this place is not looking good to talk about these matter… MyRi nodes
    RR opens the car door for Mythili & she sits..he too sits.. & drive the car..
    Chand – Pia also leaves…
    Camera shows Nayasha hearing this all…

    ….Police quarter…
    Aryan comes there & finds police security.. He thinks I can’t go directly… He enters inside secretly through window! & start to search something.. He looks everything messed up! He gets upset.. He then enters towards bedroom.. & notices the blood marks /outlined spot where sikky died…
    he gets emotional..& tells I wont leave you damn.. He then notices a webcam under the table.. He takes that & thinks now I will know who the hell u r exactly….

    …its night…

    Dobriyal house.. Indrab room..
    Indraji & Aarab both r sitting on bed & talking ..Indira ji says I want to tell u something about Mythili ..Aarab says me too ..she says about mehandi day incident to him.. he also recalls RR name in her hand..she says we should talk about Mythili Abhay marriage..he gets shocked & says Abhay?? from where he came?? we should talk to padminiji na?? she says padminiji kyun?? he says Indra what happened to your memory just now u said about mehandi function na..RR’s name was written on Mythili’s hand.. she gets shocked & says what?? but,I’ve seen Abhay’s name.. both look at each other….he says how can it be possible 2 names in her hands?? u must be mistaken,.she says no I’m sure..she says & u know na what kind of person is that RR?? we should talk about Abhay Mythili marriage to Mr. chand..Aarab recalls Aryan’s words & thinks about Abhay..he says no ..it’s not possible..we don’t know anything about him.
    Indirag says I know what I have to do
    Aarab looks at her…

    …Samrat’s Mansion….
    Nayasha enters & says Mr. V.S where r you… She laughs aloud & says cmon… Need to share my happiness.. Sid says look back & pats on her shoulder.. She turns & gets shocked to see Sid in a joker mask (from batman movie)… She says what is this..
    Sid says if you don’t like it.. Nayasha says its weird .. Sid says good u didn’t like it.. I won’t change it.. Nayasha fumes & says I wanted to share something… Sid says speak.. Nayasha tells him about MyRi & chand talk..
    Sid smirks evilly with a evil smile on his face & says my dear Nayasha isn’t it confusing that they r finding me & I m in front of them only…
    Nayasha smiles… & says this time they would not be able to do anything…


    Part ➡ 2

    NEXT DAY Morning….Aryan calls Trishna!
    Camera shows Aryan standing outside a mobile shop.. He asks abt her health.. She tells I am fine but where are you? Why yest you did not call me? Ur mob no is also not reachable.. Aryan tells I was little busy related to a case..& my mobile is lost… Its my new no..save this.
    She feels worried & tells don’t know why am I feeling not good staying here long.. I just want to go back to mumbai.. Aryan tells don’t worry soon we are going back to mumbai.. She feels happy & asks really? He tells yes till then be careful & take care of your health & raj too.. She smiles & tells ok.. He cuts the call..
    A person (software technician) gives a cd to aryan! He tells sorry sir we are unable to recover the whole date because camera was crashed badly.. Aryan says its ok fine.. Thanks..
    Aryan sits in his Scorpio & opens his laptop. He inserts that cd..
    Video start to play but it only plays crashed sound.. Aryan gets irritate.. He is about to close his laptop but then notices something in that video.. he gets shocked..

    ..Dobriyal house…. Mythili’s room..
    Mythili comes out of washroom after bath & finds Indirag… She says maa.. U here… Indirag says just thought to give you prasad.. Mythili forwards her right hand to take this & indirag try to see the name.. But doesn’t find any name… Mythili too notice this & says maa! Give me prasad.. Indirag says take it from both hands.. Mythili is skeptical & says what is this.. But indirag says why r u discussing on this matter like this.. Mythili reluctantly forward both hands.. Indirag is shocked & Mythili too..as Rishabh name is also not there… Both looks each other… Indirag keeps the prasad-thaal on table & holds Mythili’s both hands.. Mythili asks maa! Now what?? M getting late for college n… Give me prasad.. Indirag looks at Mythili suspiciously & gives prasad to her….
    She then leaves…
    Mythili looks at her both blank hands…
    BG – sunaa… Sunaaa.. Lamhaa lamhaa…meri raahein tanhaa tanhaaa….
    Camera shows Abhay/ Mythili/Rishabh in one frame….

    ….next scene…Chand bunglow
    Aryan arrives there & calls Abhay – Chand..
    Abhay-chand come downstairs & looks Aryan.. Aryan tells I have to show something to show both of you.. Abhay nodes!
    Aryan plays that video
    Abhay chand watches..that video is not so clear… It shows ” A person’s foot coming near to webcam & laughs… He says spying on me..is not that easy… He then crushed that webcam with his foot… Webcam shows some blur images of that person going back & them turns again.. He shows his face wearing mask & again crushed the webcam totally… ”

    Chand tells its should be Sid.. Aryan asks sid? Abhay tells yeah its Sid aka Siddhartha..
    Aryan fumes & tells you advised me to close this case & asked me to go back to mumbai.. but see now.. I have got an evidence against him! Abhay tells but you cant do anything with this useless evidence! Aryan smirks & tells oh i see.. I cant do anything? Abhay-chand look him with confused face.. Chand tells you dont knw about him..
    he is not a huma.. Aryan says stop ur crap stories.. Who will believe ur crap stories.. Abhay tells you have to believe us if you want to save ur family & u have seen Nayasha with ur own eyes…. Dont take risk again! Its not a normal type of case as you think..
    Aryan tells I have seen her but this is not her… Now i am going..He has to pay for his deeds.. He kidnapped my wife & tortured her & also warned me once to stop this investigation.. How dare he? Chand tells it was me who warned you.. Aryan looks chand.. Chand tells yes it was me who asked you stop this investigation in the earlier stage itself because I don’t want to see one more chan.. Abhay stops chand & signs no. Aryan gets suspicious…
    He takes that cd & leaves..
    Abhay try to stop him! But he leaves.. Abhay fumes and tells fool.. Don’t knw how to make him understand.. He is not ready to listen anything.. Chand gets emotional & sits.. He remembers that horrible day & tells dont know.. Now what this sid is going to do with his family.. Abhay looks chand & thinks.. He then says chand! Did you notice sid was trying to hide his face… But why???

    ..Dehradun college…
    All r busy in reading news…
    Mythili enters & finds everyone staring at her…
    Girls/boys surround her & asks for autograph.. Mythili feels uncomfortable…
    She says m not a superstar… Anika enters & see Mythili surrounded…
    she just walk ahead without saying anything.. Mythili notice it & try to stop her.. But student block her way…
    One says you & RR were looking great together in PC.. & I must say ur movie will be a super duper hit… Mythili just nodes..& try to move but can’t…

    Some college staffs with dean come there & asks everyone to go in classes… Mythili feels relax & thanks them..

    Dean says I m pleased that mine two students r very popular now but its an educational place & u will gain more popularity day by day.. These students will behave like this daily.. So I would suggest you to complete ur studies from home.. I give you permission for this.. Don’t bother about any attendance or classes.. You will get everything on demand..
    Mythili also thinks & says I understand & I m okk with this.. But I would like to attend the class today..
    Dean smiles & says okk

    • drishti
      May 16, 00:42

      Part ➡ 3

      Dehradun police station….
      Aryan enters inside with that C.d & moves towards Sr.Off cabin… But stops at the gate & thinks .. Abhay can’t lie… He saved Trishna ..if I should believe him..
      Next scene…..
      Aryan enters in sr. Off cabin & submits his report about girl’s murder case.. He says it was an Animal attack…
      He gives sikky postmortem report & says sikky dies because of loss of blood ? as he fired on himself..
      Sr officer says but I have doubt on you…
      Aryan says I have someone who will clear your all doubts…
      Abhay enters & tell him that Aryan was with me when all this happened. So don’t suspect him…
      Aryan also submits his report on Sam’s murder case.. & says According to this.. When he died.. The timing was like that Sam must be at home or near .. Natasha’s blame on Abhay is not right..
      Sr.off looks both of them & says if both of you r favoring each other.. Abhay smirks is it that easy…to favor each other.. As far as I know police & law believes on proof..
      Sr.off says you wouldn’t teach me law.. Abhay sits on chair… puts his left hand on ear & Signs him to shhh & says dheere boliye…dheere..
      I can hear you in low volume…& even then if you don’t speak…
      Sr.off fumes.. Abhay looks at his name plate then takes it…& reads his name… Aryan thinks now what has happened to him…
      Abhay goes outside
      Aryan also comes out of the cabin… & says I don’t think he will easily accept & approve my report.. Abhay smirks & says he will & if he won’t then other will do..because har koi tumhare jaisa nhi hota… I know how to make him do this.. Abhay leaves…

      After some time..
      … Sr.off comes in Aryan’s cabin with a smile & says Mr.Aryan what’s the need to do all this.. I didn’t asks for this..
      Aryan says what I did??
      Sr.off giggles & says I have just get informed that I have been transferred to other place.. If it’s not you then it must be ur partner…who came with you earlier.. Abhay…
      Aryan says sorry but I.. Sr.off interrupts …but I must say he has benefited me so I can approve ur report before going…
      Aryan says benefit??
      ..sr.off whispers to Aryan I thought to ask for money only to that rich Man (Abhay) but he fulfilled mine both wish..
      my new posting will be in My home town ?
      Aryan is uncomfortable thinking of bribe but relax himself & nodes…
      He thinks hope Abhay find that sid soon & I can take my revenge…

      Its evening.. 2 scenes in parallel…

      1st scene..Dobriyal house …
      Doorbell rings.. Indraji goes & opens the door & finds two policeman standing there! She gets little shocked & about to asks.. But they tells we came here to see Trishna mam.. Aryan sir’s wife! Indraji feels relax & asks them to come inside.. She calls Trishna.. Trishna-raj comes downstairs & she looks that policeman! They give her air tickets & tells that Aryan sir ordered us to bring you both safely to the airport.. MyPia also comes there.. Trishna gets confused & tells but he did not inform anything abt it.. Both policeman looks each other & tells actually sir is very busy in his work so may be he is unable to inform about it.. Trishna dials Aryan’s number.. Both policeman again looks each other & they looks tensed.. Trishna thinks why his mobile is not connecting.. Indraji asks policeman to wait for sometime as her husband will come & drop them safely.. Policeman tells mam its already late.. So we have to go otherwise Aryan sir will scold us.. Trishna recalls her talk with Aryan earlier in the morning..
      She takes that air tickets & tells them ok wait I come in a while! She goes upstairs.. Raj hugs Mythili & tells maduu..tum v chalo na hamare saath..she caresses his head & says raj can’t come now na..I’ll come later ..he extends his hand promise ..she puts her hands on his hand & says pakka promise..& kisses on his cheek..
      After sometime Trishna comes downstairs along with luggage! She hugs indraji, Mythili, Pia & thanks for everything.. Indraji smiles & says call me once reached mumbai.. Trishna nodes.. Mythili stops trishna & asks her try Aryan’s number.. Trishna again tries Aryan’s number & tells it’s still not reachable.. She then thanks Mythili for caring Raj.. & says I will call you once I reached airport Mythili nodes.. Pia thinks finally.. finally they r leaving.. Trishna- Raj sits inside the car & smiles seeing them…Car leaves.. Mythili thinks is this right thing sending Trishna & Raj alone??

      2nd scene..
      A grave yard is shown.. camera moves inside it..Aryan is sitting alone near sikky’s body which is in fire…
      ..he recalls their first interaction… He stands & look at the burning dead body with teary eyes.. he recalls sid’s words & grinds his fist..he takes oath ..I won’t leave u sid.. sikky was innocent..u have to pay for this..
      just then, he hears someone’s voice..waiting for me..AR turns & sees someone standing infront of him in dark..he asks who r u?? he laughs evilly..didn’t recognize..me..just now u took oath to kill me..AR try to look his face & says sid?? he laughs & come in light (with mask.. ) & says..so finally u recognized me..btw u r right he was innocent..but, he did a mistake..he came to know everything about my plan.. Was trying to spoil it.
      Sid cont. this stupid was dreaming to send me in jail..mujhe..siddharth the vampire ko..& see where he has gone.. AR fumes while sid laughs aloud calling becharaaaa… AR closes his fist & punches on sid’s face.. black blood comes out from sid’s lip..he sees it & leaks it..AR feels disgusted & shocked..
      He thinks Abhay is totally right.. just then Sid punches him.. Aryan falls a little far.. blood comes out from his head..& hands..AR tries to punch him again ,but sid blocks it & punches him hard ..& says na..naa..mere munna.. don’t try too much..u can’t win with me. he holds his neck & ..a blood drop falls on his hand..he gets overwhelmed with it..his vamp teeth comes out ..
      AR looks all this fully shocked..he licks the blood drop…. & says now it’s time for ur pack up too..
      I thought to kill you in last but u r in so hurry to die…you escaped from my trap.. I thought police will suspect you for dominating sikky..& his suicide… But u escaped munna… Now Ur sikky bhai must be getting bore there..so sending u there for a company after that will send your lovely wife & son too..u all enjoy there..
      Aryan tries to fight back but unable .. He tries to stand but faints.. Sid is about to bite him but as he goes near to Aryan… He screams in pain.. Sid notice a silver chain around Aryan’s neck… He fumes & calls his men.. they come holding a coffin.. They lock Aryan inside the coffin! Sid evilly smirk & says Final wala good bye Mr. Aryan Roy.. he looks towards the sky & says aloud sikky I’m sending your beloved bhai to u..take care of him..

      camera shows Trishna – Raj sitting in the car & Aryan’s face inside the coffin..

      Precap ➡
      Camera shows Trishna-Raj inside the car.. Trishna is happy abt returning back to mumbai & Raj tells i am going to meet my old friends She smiles & kisses on his forehead..
      Suddenly the car gets stucked & falls down from the hills & its blasts with big sound

  20. drishti
    May 08, 13:54 Reply

    Junoon ➡ It’s Not Human Love ?

    Episode ➡ 66

    Part ➡ 1

    Episode starts … with showing Aryan in jungle totally shocked & full of anger….
    He says I must killed her by one bullet only .. Why did u dragged me here…
    He fumes a bit.. & again says she is danger for civilians..
    I am going to kill her… Aryan is about to move but a person stops him by putting his hand on Aryan’s shoulder..
    Aryan looks on & camera shows Abhay’s face ?
    Abhay says what do you think its that easy to kill her.. If you succeed any how then you can go to jail..
    Aryan says she is a threat.. I need to do my job.. Abhay fumes a bit & says why don’t you understand.. No one will believe you .. You will go to jail for murdering an innocent girl.. & then no one can save ur family too..
    Aryan fumes a bit & says who will harm them.. I wouldn’t let anything happened to my family.. Let me go..
    Abhay holds him again…

    Another scene in parallel…
    ..Aryan’s Quarter…
    Sikky is fully shocked to see that person..
    camera shows that person’s face..it’s Siddhartha.. ?
    Sikky asks who r u & what r u doing in Aryan’n house ?? he laughs evilly.. & says I was missing this lineee… Who r you? Ah!! Finally someone asked this..
    I am really eager to tell the whole world that I am.. The Greattt V.S.. ? It sounds nice n.. Sikky urf Sikkandar Pillai..
    sikky gets shocked & asks how do u know my name?? V.S laughs & says many times I have heard about your foolishness from Nayasha .. I mean..Natasha.. & today seeing it from my own eyes..BTW if u don’t want to know the full form of V.S..
    Sikky fumes & says oh! so u r Natasha’s Partner ..won’t leave u too.. I arrest you & then will tell everything to A.R & u both will go in jail for life time ..
    V.s smiles & says u’ll send me jail.. & laughs aloud & says 1st save yourself from me..sikky gets shocked as V.S move towards him with a evil smirk..
    sikky steps back.. & says stop there only.. He takes out his revolver..
    Sid laughs & moves towards sikky saying I asked something to you that if you don’t want to know the full form of V.S…

    Sikky is speechless & shoots on V.S
    But gets shocked to see that nothing has happened to V.S & his eyes is changing colors..cont…
    sikky gets scared..& steps back..& says plz, leave me..won’t tell anything to anyone..
    v.s says can’t leave u ..as u know everything & want to ruin my plan.. he comes out in his fully vampy look.. & says I am V.S.. V.S Vampire Siddartha…. ( raising his hand In weird SRK style..)
    Sid is back to destroy the happiness..

    Sikky gets more scared to see this.
    he tries to run, but stumbles & falls down on the floor.. He gets injury on his hand & legs..
    V.s moves towards him..while sikky runs from there to another room & tries to hide himself..under a bed

    … Abhay – Aryan convo..
    Abhay says she is a werewolf & not alone.. Aryan interrupts I will kill all ..
    Her all partners.. Abhay says fine you want to kill.. Then shoot me first.. Shoot me now.. Aryan says r u mad??
    Abhay says shoot me .. Nothing will happened .. Or you want to see me as vampire.. But That will be more terrible for you..
    Aryan is in dilemma unable to think anything.. He looks at Abhay & moves on without saying anything… Abhay says wouldn’t stop u now.. But u will come back soon..

    … Aryan’s quarter..
    Sid is roaming in entire house he saya Sick..oops sikky.. Come on I need to finish this game.. U r the only first one.. So don’t take mine precious time.. (Sid fumes more..) Sid’s says with anger I need to kill u n..so that Aryan could go to jail.. He need to take the taste of his own jail game..
    Sikky thinks this V.s want to kill me to frame Aryan.. ? I need to call A.R ..
    Sid is searching him in the whole house..he smells blood & goes there
    He finds some blood on the floor..& gets overwhelmed with it..

    Sikky dials Aryan’s no.. Camera shows Aryan driving.. Aryan notices Sikandar’s call & stops driving..
    Sid enters the room where sikky is hidden .. Aryan receives the call & Sikky says Bhai! Save me please.. He will kill me.. He wanted to frame you in my murder charge.. AR shouts who?? & asks Where r you Mr. Pillai..
    Sid goes from behind & clutches Sikky’s neck..& drags him out… Mobile falls down from Sikky hand..
    Aryan shouts hello.. Hello..

    Sikky shouts to leave him but Sid attacks him & bites him on neck…. Sikky dies like a sacrificing goat ? ? ?
    ..camera shows blood on Sid’s mouth & hands..he wipes it & laughs evilly..
    He looks at Sikky’s dead body & says kaha tha na..u get both things ” maafi ” & ” mukti..”

    Sid then notice sikky’s mobile lying on floor.. Aryan is still on line..
    Sid lies on floor near mobile in resting position & says hello! Mr. Aryan come soon.. Ur officer need ur help.. He is waiting for you at your home…
    Aryan shouts.. Bustardddd.. I will kill you
    Sid smirks Ah!! Galat shabdon ka istemal.. I should say this..I will kill ur son then ur wife.. ? & then you
    Sid cuts the call..
    Aryan quickly sits in scorpio & drives off…
    Sid notice Sikky revolver.. & thinks something.
    He keep the revolver in sikky hand & make him fire on self..


    Part ➡ 2

    …A restaurant….
    Pia is waiting there for Deep..
    Deep comes there with a smile & says sorry m late again… He sits on chair..
    Pia is quite.. Deep says r u okk.. If you would not scold me for coming late.. Pia holds his hand & says we r happy in own life but others r not.. Deep looks on & asks what happened.. She says di is not OK.. She has stuck somewhere.. I mean she is not well.. Deep says tell me clearly.
    Pia explains him all thing.. (Mehndi/master words)
    Deep says Abhay is also behaving strangely.. Deep take out the * pandent & says He gave me this as his symbol..
    Pia says we need to do something.. They won’t do anything for their own life/love..
    We need to find a way.. Deep nodes..

    next scene…. Noon…
    Dobriyal house….
    Mythili is in her room with Raj..
    She gets a call & receives it..
    it’s shiva..he asks where r u Mythili?? she says at home..why?? he fumes & says u have to be here for the movie promotion, but u r still at home?? have u lost your mind?? she suddenly reminds & says oh! so ..sorry bhai..I completely forgot.. just coming in few moments..he says o.k.. & call that superstar too..if he is coming or not..she asks if he didn’t reach there..he fumes & says it’s his old habit to show tantrum..& cuts the call..
    Mythili tries to contavt RR but his no is not connected..she thinks now what happened to this RR?? I told him it’s important for him..but, don’t know where is he??

    …. Chand bunglow…

    Abhay arrives there & finds that Chand is about to go somewhere.. Chand asks did u meet Aryan.. If he agreed.. Abhay says no.. He is still unable to believe.. he is a big fool.. Chand gets sad & says I thought he & his family could be saved.. Abhay consoles Chand & asks where r u going.. Chand says there is a movie promotional event at Sam’s office.. Abhay looks chand 🙄 & says you r going for promotion.. ? Chand says actually I wanted to meet V.S Mehra..
    Abhay says that new in-charge.. Chand nodes.. & says he meet everyone but not me & you.. It looks something fishy…

    next scene..2 scenes in parallel..

    1st scene.. Aryan’s quarter…

    AR reaches there & enters his quarter…
    He starts calling for Sikky as Mr. Pillai .. & soon enters that room.. He is totally shaken up.. He sits near Sikky dead body..
    camera shows media person entering Aryan’s quarter… Police also arrives there & everyone looks at Aryan..
    A inspector goes near to Aryan & says We need to collect evidences from here.. So you need to stay away from this as this us your quarter.. You cant interfere in this case..

    2nd scene..At Dobriyal house…
    Trishna & indraji watches this news & gets shocked..Trish is fully restless …
    Raj also sees it & gets afraid.. He runs towards Mythili’s room

    At quarter …
    AR comes outside & media tries to ask questions but he avoids all the questions… just then ,he gets a call..he sees the no. & says Trishna..must be seen everything in t.v..he moves aside..& attends the call..Trish asks what’s happening all this..what r they showing in news..they r saying that someone killed a police officer sikandar Pillai in our house..she says it means that devil again came there..but,didn’t find us ..so killed that innocent person.. she cries..Aryan asks her to calm down.. & not to take too much stress..everything will be fine..u trust me na..
    she nods..Aryan says then believe me i’ll make everything o.k..

    …Mythili’s room..

    Mythili is getting ready in her room & thinks i’m doing this only for u RR ..because it’s important for u..
    ..just then, Raj enters calling maduu..& looks at her & says maduu.. Maduu..
    She asks what happened Raj?? He says maduuu that uncle.. That uncle.. Raj asks her to come in hall.. Mythili goes with him… & see the news.. Mythili is totally shocked & thinks sid?? Raj asks what happen to that uncle.. why r they showing our house ?? who killed him?? ..Mythili thinks if my doubt is right .. If sid is behind all this??
    Raj sees her lost & jerks her hand & asks batao na madu..she comes to her sense & says nothing..& tries to divert him..
    She says these all r like a movie… U come with me.. Both goes upstairs in Mythili’s room.. She asks main beautiful lag rahi hun n??
    Raj sits on bed & looks Mythili from head to toe.. He says haan ?
    Par tum kahan ja rahi ho?? she says..film promotion pe..he says mere bina (without me)..she smiles & says what’ll u do there .?? no kids will be there ..u’ll get bore. he says nahiiii..now I’m a big boy & strong too..he shows his muscles..& says see this..she smiles.. he cont. i’ll go with u as your body guard..if that RR again trouble then, i’ll be there to protect u na..she laughs..& says acchha..& kisses him..
    she thinks we should make Raj safe from all these things..can’t take any risk..she hugs Raj….

    Part ➡ 3

    At Sam’s Office… media is already gathered there & covering the event.. they r giving each n every update …

    inside the office…Shiva is busy in doing all arrangements & ordering cms..pia also reach there & offers him help..he asks where is Mythili?? she says just coming…she asks btw where is Nayasha & that his new partner?? shiva says they r on the way…he excuses himself..

    At film promotion place…

    shiva is waiting for v.s at the entry gate…. while media is busy in taking live coverage.. just then, chand’s car arrive there..he steps out & move towards shiva..both shakes hands & smile..shiva asks mr. chand it’s good u came..btw where is abhay?? he says he has some urgent so he didn’t come..shiva says oh! & ask him to come inside..chand moves,but stops & says shiva u r not coming inside?? he says just coming..u enjoy ..chand asks if u r waiting for someone special..he says no ..nothing like that actually v.s sir didn’t come yet ..so waiting for him..chand thinks something & says o.k..& moves just then, shiva cell rings & he picks it & says sir aap? where r u ?? (chand hears this but,moves)
    ppl r waiting for u?? he asks where r u ?? he says at the entry gate..he says come in my cabin..right now..he says gets confused but,says o.k..sir…he goes inside..he knocks the cabin & finds v.s there..he gets shocked & asks sir how did u come?? i was there at the main gate..v.s smirks ..shiva says u came here from back door..he says smart boy..that’s why i like u..he pats him on his shoulder..shiva smiles & says thank u sir..just then,he notices some blood stains on his mouth..he gets shocked & says sirrrr..v.s says hmm what?? he points towards his face & says khoon…sir r u o.k?? wait i call a doc. he gets shocked then, diverts him that it;’s not blood,but, tomato catch-up..i was very hungry so eating before u came..& wipes it..& says excuse me..
    shiva self-talk tomato catch -up..

    next scene..

    v.s is in wash-room.. & self talk ufff..kitna sawal puchhate hai ye insaan..just then,nayasha enters there & says exactly u should remember this…he smirks & says u here?? btw do u know it’s men’s washroom..she says so what?? he smirks & says tell why u came?? she asks why u killed that sikky?? he smirks & says kahin tumhe usse pyaar to nahi ho gaya tha??she says oh! shut up sid..sid fumes & clutches her neck tightly..& says how many times i would have to remember that don’t call me sid..now there is no sid..it’s only v.s…she says ok..leave me..v.s..he pats on her face & says good girl..nayasha holds her neck & coughs & tries to compose her self.. she says i was just saying that already everyone has doubt on us..& u killed that sikky..now they’ll suspect us ..he smirks & says no..they’ll suspect u only..as u r with him..nayasha fumes..he says calm down..just kidding..let’s go ..ur rr must be coming..
    they come out from the washroom..& pia sees them & hides..she thinks nayasha gents toilet me?? vo v v.s ke saath..disgusting..

    At the promotion place..everyone gathered there..Mythili enters & camera focuses on her .. http://s13.postimg.org/e40xnnvvb/1184971_459638820822222_73114234_n.jpg
    all start clicking her pics..shiva , pia & chand smile to see her….nayasha fumes while v.s looks at her fully mesmerized..he thinks is she the same Maya.. 🙄 & murmurs she is so beautiful ..mythili looks at him & says excuse me..what u said? he comes to his sense & says nothing..& welcomes mythili & extends his hand for handshake..she ignores him(just like rr  ) & says let’s do the work for which we came..shall we begin..shiva tries to says something to her,but v.s stops him & says as u wish ..plz come..btw where is the hero?? shiva says he didn’t come yet..& neither his nor his p.a’s cell is connecting ..all get worried ..v.s says no problem let’s start it..mythili gets worried & says but,rr..he smirks..& says just now u said to start..now what happen..?? all start taking there place..v.s offers her a chair,but, she is cont. looking at the entry gate & takes another chair.. he looks on mythili & then at the entry gate..just then, natasha sits on that chair & says oh! thanks..v.s grinds his fist,but smiles &u says ur welcome.. & about to sit next to mythili,but , pia says sir this place is for rr..he fumes & sits nayasha says let’s start Pc.. media ppl say without hero?? he smirks & says hmm,hero..well ..we informed him..but,still he is not here it means he might be not interested in it..or may be he considers himself a superstar before releasing the movie..shiva smirks while mythili fumes …just then, rr’s car arrive there..& media start taking his pic..he enters with a smirk ..& walks towards the stage…looking at shiva..v.s..natasha..then,notices mythili..both smile..both move towards each other ….both stand very near to each other ..eyelock.. http://i.imgur.com/1zSalSz.png shiva sees this..& fumes.. camera light flashes on their faces & their trances break..
    rr moves towards v.s & others & says u already started the film promotion without the hero?? v.s comes & hugs him..calling rr my bro. they fill a kind of power ..rr jerks him..v.s also feels something weird ..he welcomes him..he says thank u..& sits next to mythili..both smile looking at each other..while media is taking there pic..they start asking q. about the film & they answer looking at each other..while shiva ,v.s & natasha cont. look at them..natasha fumes..if this mythili will get all the attentions then,what about me?? rr hears it & says u’ll also get chance..as where there is a hero-heroine..there is always a vamp..she fumes..& says rr u.. rr smirks & says..hmm,it’s me only..he intores natasha as the vamp …all laugh..mythili gently hits on his leg with her leg..he looks at her..then, says i mean film ki vamp..what u all thought?? all laugh while rr smirk..looking at natasha then,mythili & says now o.k..??
    media start questioning about their personal life …we heard that mythili is his g.f? he recommended her name for the movie ? if she is the reason behind ur & natasha break-up ?? if she came inbtw u both?? rr fumes while myshivpia & chand get shocked to hear this natasha & v.s evilly smirk looking at myri…… rr grinds his fist tightly..& about to ans back..but,mythili puts her hand on his hand…rr looks at her..she signs him no..he nodes & controls his anger.. he says.. sunne sunane me kya rakha hai.. ? if i say me too heard that there is someone else in your life except your wife.. then, think what will happen with u at your home..ur wife will beat u ..that reporter zapped & says but,it’s a lie..rr smirks while all laugh ..he says i think u got ur ans. ..all praises rr for his sense of humor..myri smile looking at each other while natasha fumes ..
    they ask for myri pics. .. rr says sure & stands & gives her hand to mythili ..mythili gives her hand in his hand smilingly & stand with him ..they pose for the camera..media take there pics from diff. angles ..rr sees shiva angrily looking at them..he smirks & comes more close to mythili..he pulls her by waist & pose..mythili feels awkward & thinks ab is rr ko kya hua ?? why is he behaving like this?? she slowly tries to remove his hand ,but rr tighten his grip..she looks at him..he also looks at her with a smirk ..she whispers leave me.. what r u doing?? he too whispers keep quiet otherwise our photo would get spoiled ….
    MyRi do Rishbala Banner pose ? http://i.imgur.com/4Fhywm5.png shiva thinks this rr is now crossing his limits..i’ll … ? he moves a bit towards them..just then, pia comes & asks him where r u going?? let’s go n see the other arrangements.. he says u go..i’ll come after taking mythili with me..she says di can’t come with us now she is heroine of the movie ..so,she’s to be stay here with rr.. u come shiva fumes ,but goes looking at myri..rr sees him going & removes his hand ..mythili looks at him confusingly..he smirks only..

    rr says hope u’ll get your ans & photos too..so , film promotion over..now what?? PACK UP.. ,but , before going u all r invited for the lunch party..our ph has organized a special lunch for u all..so enjoy..they leave.. v.s , chand & natasha also leave from there.. myri look at each other..

    … Dehradun PS.. Evening…

    A.r is sitting sadly in his cabin..recollects his talks with sikky..
    He recalls Abhay’s word too.. & whole day-incidents…he gets sad..just then,a constable comes & informs that postmortem has done,report will come tomo.aryan says o.k..the constable was still there aryan asks what else?? he says sir , sikky sir was an orphan who will do his funeral ?? aryan says i’ll do..& ask him to do arrangements..

    aryan enters chand’s bungalow calling chand & abhay..they come …aryan says i have to show something very important to u.. he shows a c.d..chand-abhay look on…

  21. drishti
    May 01, 09:45 Reply

    Junoon ➡ It’s Not Human Love 😛

    Episode ➡ 65

    Part ➡ 1

    Episode starts with… showing Dobriyal house… 🙂
    Mythili wakes up in haste… 🙂 & finds Anika getting ready for college 😯
    Mythili wakes up in haste & asks why didn’t u wake me.. ?? 🙄
    Anika says hmmm.. U worked too much last night so I thought not to disturb you.. 🙂 Mythili stands & says no I will also go.. 🙂 Wait for me.. 🙂 Anika says Mythili its too late so u should better rest…. 😯 & I wanted to ask something… 😯
    Mythili looks at Anika…. 🙄 Ani makes her sit on bed & also self sits on bed… 🙂 She then asks what is in your mind… 🙄 Mythili asks what?? 🙄
    Ani thinks something & says if u love both as their face is similar 😯 but
    One should love a person not face.. 😯
    Mythili is skeptical.. 🙄 She just says Ani its not like that.. 🙁 Will answer ur all question but not now.. 🙁 Anika looks Mythili with confusion… 🙄 She signs towards Mythili’s hand & says I think u need to think & decide…. 🙄 Mythili is quite & open up her hand to see her mehandi again.. She gets shocked… 😯
    Just then Pia enters & Anika stands to go.. 😯 Pia says hey! Its me .. 🙂 & Where r u going now? 🙄
    Anika looks Mythili & then leaves without saying anything.. 🙄 Pia says what happened to her di!! 🙄 She has started to behave like Shiva.. 😆 Mythili says with shocked it disappeared 😯
    Pia asks what?? 🙄 Mythili shows her right hand & says Abhay’s name… 😯
    Pia is also shocked & says how.. 🙄 Mythili says don’t know but it was there till night.. 🙁 Ani is also questioning me.. 🙁 Don’t know what to say her… 🙁 I can’t handle this any more… 🙁 Pia hugs Mythili & says u r my strong Maya di n… 🙂 Tell me clearly.. 🙂 What happened… 🙄
    Mythili tells her about Anika-questions.. 😯 Pia also gets confused & asks but in a way she is right n.. 🙄 Mythili says but for me both r same… 🙂 I can’t choose one.. 🙁 Don’t know how to describe but master has also told me that RR & Abhay r not different.. 🙂 Pia says if its like that then why master is not solving this all.. 🙄 Mythili says he is trying to know.. 🙁 Suddenly Mythili recalls master’s word “U already know the answer” & says Pia.. U remember about the scratch marks.. 🙄 Now I guess its related to Abhay also.. 😯
    I mean those r the signs that RishAbhay is realty.. 🙂 Abhay who never felt tired/weak he used to feel like that & those marks automatically appeared on RR.. 😯
    these things looks un usual.. 🙄 But these all may be related n 🙄
    Pia nodes.. & says may be… 🙂 If it’s like that then only future can solve all things.. 🙂
    They hear some noise & Mythili asks who is shouting.. 🙄
    Pia fumes & says Trishna…. 👿 She is here n.. 👿 If it disturbs you then I am going to tell her not to shout like this.. 👿
    Mythili says hmmm.. No need you just enjoy ur bachelor life .. 🙂 Let me go & check….

    …. Dehradun Hospital….

    Aryan is sitting next to Trishna holding her hand..& crying.. 😥
    Sikky is watching this all from outside.. 🙁 He feels restless & thinks I need to talk to Natasha right now… 😯 he quickly goes from there.. 😯
    Aryan notices him.. & comes outside.. 😯 Aarab also comes there .. 🙂 Aryan says lagta hai kaam ho gya.. 🙂 he thanks Aarab & shakes hands. 🙂 .Aarab smiles & says you r always welcome Mr.Roy… 🙂 Aryan turns to thank that girl.. 🙂 she stands & salutes him.. 🙂 he says well done Inspec. Shradha.. 🙂 She smiles & says it’s my duty sir. 🙂 .she goes from there. 🙂 .Aryan goes to follow sikky.. 😯

    …..Dobriyal house… 🙂

    Raj is running in the room wearing a towel.. 🙂 while Trishna is trying to chase him.. 🙂 she scolds him & asks him to come n have a bath… 🙂 Raj says no mumma.. 🙂 & runs… she follows him calling Raj 🙂 …just then, Mythili comes & Raj collides with her.. 🙂 He hugs her calling maduu.. 🙂 she smiles & says good morning Raj & di…. 🙂 Trishna nods.. 🙂
    Raj too replies good morning maduu.. 🙂 Mythili asks btw, what r u doing?? 🙄 why r u running like this?? 🙄 Trishna says ..see him.. 😉 i’m telling him to take a bath..but, he is not listening to me.. 👿 & running here n there.. 🙂 now, u tell him..may be he listen too u… 🙂
    Mythili asks Raj what is this?? 🙄 why r u troubling mumma?? 🙄 she is ill na.. 🙁
    he says sorry maduu.. 😳 she says say sorry to mumma.. 🙂 he says sorry mumma.. 🙂 Mythili says that’s like my RR.. 🙂 he smiles cutely.. 🙂 Trish asks her to sit ,but Mythili asks her to take rest.. 🙂 & says i’ll take him for bath … 🙂 Trishna says but he is too naughty.. 🙂 Mythili kisses on Raj’s cheeks & says will u trouble ur madhu..? 🙄
    Raj says no.. 🙂 Trishna nodes okk.. 🙂

    Mythili-Raj come to bathroom.. 🙂 Mythili opens the tap.. 🙂 Water starts to flow & falls on Raj’s body gently… 🙂 He shivers a bit… 🙂
    Bg Song..Itti si hassi..itti si khusi..itta sa tukra chand ka… 🙂

    Raj starts to play with water 🙂 & sprinkles some water on Mythili too.. 🙂 they play with water.. 🙂 she takes out him from the washroom & dabs his hair & helps in wearing clothes..
    song cont… 🙂
    she makes him sit in front of mirror & combs his hair.. 🙂 she says perfect. 🙂 .ab mera Raj puri tarah se taiyar ho gaya hai.. 🙂 & gives him a kissy.. 🙂 he giggles..& says maduu main kaisa lag raha hun.. 🙄 she says very cute.. 🙂 he says handsome too na.. 🙂
    she laughs & says bilkul.. 😉 bahut handsome… 🙂 he smiles & says us 2nd wale RR se v jyada.. 🙂 she smirks & says haan..us RR se v jyada.. 🙂
    Raj again asks but who was he?? 🙄 Jo RR Jaisa dikh rha tha but I felt more scared so didn’t go to him.. 🙁
    Mythili smiles & says he was Abhay.. 🙂 Raj says ooo.. Its good then I thought his name is also RR… 😳 Mythili just smiles 🙂
    & says now Raj is ready 🙂 so what next…what next.. 🙄 hmm break-fast.. 🙂 & takes him downstairs.. 🙂
    Trishna Indraji & Pia r already sitting there.. 🙂 both come 🙂 ..
    Indraji says so our little prince is ready .. 🙂 he says haan madu made me ready… 🙂 Mythili makes him sit on the chair & feed him with her hands.. 🙂
    Indraji & Trishna look happily at them…. 🙄 Pia also smiles.. 🙂
    Trishna tells them thanks.. 🙂
    Indraji & Mythili says no..no.. 🙂 no need to say thanks… 🙂 u all r also our family member.. 🙂 all smile.. 🙂
    Pia says Trishna u didn’t meet RR n.. 🙄 Want to meet him or not… 🙄 Trishna says now I want to meet both.. 🙂 I mean RR & Abhay too… 🙂 (Indirag silently try to figure out Mythili’s expression.. 🙄 )
    Indirag says both looks same.. H n.. Mythili.. 🙄 Mythili looks at indirag & just nodes…. 🙂

    Pia thinks something & again asks to Trishna.. 🙄 Why do u want to meet Abhay?? 🙄
    Trishna says I want to tha… 😯 She stops & says I just want to see both RR & Abhay together… 🙂 Pia fumes & thinks Abhay saved her but still she is not telling this to anybody.. 👿 his husband is after Abhay only.. 👿
    While Trishna recalls her talk with Aryan.. 🙄
    “Aryan asks her not to tell anyone about kidnapping & Abhay until I find out the truth… 😯 ”

    Raj finishes his breakfast in hurry 🙂 & says maduu let’s go n play.. 🙂
    Mythili happily says ok boss.. 🙂 she goes with him.. 🙂 Indirag looks her…. 🙄

    next scene..

    Samrat’s Mansion…

    Nayasha is sitting on couch & talking to someone on phone… She says very soon we succeeded in our plan.. Trishna is in hosputal but not dead.. She is in coma…. just then, Sikky enters like a storms calling Natasha.. she cuts the call & says what happened Sikky darling?? You come here at this time..if all is well.. Sikky fumes & says nothing is well..she asks what happened?? he says Trish is in coma..Aryan is crying..I can’t see them ,like this..he gets emotional..while Nayasha’s eye starts sparkling in happiness..she says oh! come on Sikky darling..why r u getting so emotional..it’s good na ..that our plan worked..
    he gets shocked & says what?? 🙄 what did u say ?? 🙄 our plan?? Our?? 🙄 & plan was to make her remember everything not this.. 👿
    u told me something else last night..she laughs evilly .. 👿 Sikky gets shocked & says it means u lied to me.. 👿 she says oh! come on sikky don’t be a fool.. 👿 he pulls her hand & asks u told me that meds. will help Trishna to get back her memory.. 👿 but, she went into coma 🙁 & u r laughing.. 👿 she puts her hands around Sikky’s shoulder & says ufff! 👿 your this habit sometimes make me very angry on u.. 👿 why r u like this sikky…. 👿 at least sometimes use your brain.. 👿 agar main tumhe mera real plan batati to tum meri madad karte..naahhh..kabhi nahi… 👿 So I used you & your love.. 👿 Sikky gets shocked & says you used me?? 🙁 U never love me…. 🙁
    Nayasha smirks & says now you used your brain Jo pahle use Karna chahiye tha… 👿
    Sikky fumes & slaps Nayasha hardly.. she fumes & says uuuuuu how dare u to slap me.. & slaps him back.. 👿
    Sikky is totally shocked + heart broken.. 🙁 🙁

    Bg- tadap tadap k is dil se aah nikalti rhi.. 🙁
    Mujhko saja di pyaar ki.. Aisa kya gunaah KIA… 🙁
    Sikky recalls his happy moment with Nayasha… 🙁
    Song cont..to lut gye hum Teri mohabbat mein 🙁


    Part ➡ 2

    RR mansion.. 🙂

    RR is sleeping in his room peacefully.. 🙂 padminiji comes & wakes him up.. 🙂 he says let me sleep a bit more maa.. 🙂 & puts the blanket on his face.. 🙂 padminiji says Rishu wake up.. 🙂 it’s already too late. 🙂 .u have to go for movie-promotion na.. 🙂 cg is waiting for u downstairs.. 🙂 he fumes & says ye cg v na… 😉 sometimes he seems like my biggest enemy.. 😉 always comes to irritate me.. 😳 padminiji smiles.. 🙂 RR puts his head in padminiji’s lap.. 🙂 she caresses his head..& says yesterday I talked with Abhay.. 🙂
    RR sits & looks at her.. 🙄 She says I know about him but m not afraid… 🙂 His heart is pure & he is very good person… 🙂
    RR smirks a bit & says mujjhe se v jyada.. 😉 she pats him & says I said good person not badmash…. 😉 RR smirks.. 😉 & thinks everybody loves him.. 🙂
    she cont. he called me maa & asked me that if he can call me maa..??.. 🙄 RR sits on bed in a haste & says & what he said.. 🙄 & what did you reply… 🙄
    she says I said yes u can call me maa.. 🙂 RR makes face & says no u r only RR’s maa .. 😳 no one else.. 🙁 I can’t share my maa with anyone.. 😳 she smiles & says Rishu.. 🙂 what’s this?? 🙄 RR fumes & says no I don’t like this.. 😉 ” aap sirf aur sirf meri mata ho..naaki jagat mata .. ” 😉 she smiles & caresses his face & says u r still a kid.. 🙂 mera seedha – sadha baccha .. 🙂 RR smirks & says not bad maa.. 😉 now u r also delivering dialogues.. 😉 she says now go n wake up otherwise cg will come.. 🙂 RR smiles & says maa you know one thing… 🙂 Only you can talk like this & behave normally after knowing whole thing….. 🙂
    Padmini looks at him 🙄 & says I can tolerate anything if you r fine & with me… 🙂
    RR smiles & says you should know that m always with u maa.. 🙂
    He talks to self & I should know 🙂
    What is in Mythili’s mind.. 🙄 Y m not angry to see Abhay’s name on her hand & why m not feeling happy seeing my name.. 🙄
    I need to talk to her… 😯

    ….chand’s bunglow..

    Deep is getting ready in front of mirror.. 🙂 & whistling … 🙂 he sees Pia’s face in mirror..& tries to touch it.. 🙂 she disappears.. 🙂 Deep pats himself..& again sees Pia sitting on his bed.. 🙂
    B.g song plays tu hi tu..har jagah aaj kal kyun hai.. 🙂

    he goes & sits next to her & extends his hand to touch her face, 🙂 but she again disappears.. 😳 Deep smiles & comes outside.. 🙂 he sees Pia there & goes to her… 🙂 Pia asks him to sit.. 🙂 Deep goes near to her.. 🙂 Pia stands… 🙂
    he twirls her & does R.k banner pose.. 🙂

    Chand shouts Deep what r u doing?? 🙄 Deep comes to his sense & sees Mr. chand in his arms.. 😳 he quickly removes his hand..& says sorry Mr. chand.. 😳
    Chand says what happened to u Deep.. 🙄
    R u o.k?? 🙄 Deep feels awkward & says yaa..i’m fine…. 😳
    Abhay also come there & look both of them.. 🙂
    Deep goes to Abhay & says we were just practicing.. 🙂 Abhay looks at Deep seriously & says I didn’t give you anything n… 🙁 So I have something for you.. 🙂
    Abhay takes out the ” * ” pendent & gives it to Deep.. 🙂 Deep says butt.. This is yours .. 🙂 I mean it alert you from any danger.. 🙂 Abhay says just take it.. 🙂 As my symbol… 🙂
    Deep looks at Abhay with confusion & asks if u r going somewhere… 🙄 Abhay says no.. 🙂 But no one has seen future n… 😯
    So just keep it with you .. 🙂 Deep takes the pendent & leaves reluctantly seeing Abhay’s face & pendent 😯

    Chand comes near to Abhay & says what happened suddenly.. 🙄 If everything is okk.. 🙄
    Abhay says haan! Chand Ab sab thik h… 🙂
    Aryan is very near to truth & once he find out the truth.. 🙂 I will make him understand everything… 🙂
    Chand says r u sure.. Aryan type of person will believe you… 🙄
    Abhay smirks.. & nodes yes.. 🙂 He is now following sikandar Pillai.. Who helped Nayasha… 😯
    Chand looks on & says that time u went somewhere n.. 🙄 Abhay says yes I heard Aryan – Aarab convo… 😯

    [ fb – everyone is outside of Dobriyal house.. 😯 RR is little bit fuming on Abhay but trying to understand Mythili’s condition also…. 🙄
    Abhay notice this & thinks I know RR u must be angry on me… 🙁 but MyRi can’t be separated… 🙂 Abhay turns to chand-Deep
    RR looks Abhay & thinks why m not angry or shouting on Abhay..or Mythili… 🙄
    Why …. RR- Abhay both look each other once again… 🙄 & then
    RR leaves with c.g & Padminig.. 😯 While Deep & chand leaves with Abhay… 😯
    In way Abhay stops the car & asks Chand & Deep to go.. 😯 He comes out of the car… 😯

    At Dobriyal house… 🙂 Abhay reaches there & talks to self .. 🙄 You can’t keep anything related to me.. I need to do this.. 😯
    He enters Dobriyal house secretly… & goes towards Mythili room 😯 but stops near guest room.. 😯 after seeing Aryan & Aarab talking together… 😯
    He heard their convo…. 😯
    Fb ends… ]

    Chand says you went there to hear their convo only.. 🙄
    Abhay recalls… 🙄
    “Later in night…. 🙂 He enters inside Mythili’s room 🙂 & finds MyKa are sleeping by their sides! 🙂 He sits near to Mythili.. 🙂 looks Anika who is sleeping well.. 🙄 He then holds Mythili’s hand & finds Rishabh’s name! 🙂 He tells himself you deserves Rishabh only .. 🙂 not me… 🙁 He then holds her right hand & reads his name in her hand.. 🙄 He starts to erase his name from her hand.. 😯 He again self tells Now i feel like I should erase all those memories of mine from your mind too But its not possible with you.. 🙁 Maya! What can I do? 🙄 He cries a bit.. 😥 He is about to cups her face but stops & leaves…” 😯

    Chand again says tell me…. 🙄 You can easily find out their convo from outside too n.. 🙄
    Abhay says Chand.. U know me well .. 🙂
    I don’t want to tell lie but I also don’t want to tell truth.. 🙁 So pls don’t ask anything… 😯
    Now I need to go as Aryan is very close to truth… 😯 he doesn’t believe me but he will believe on his eyes 😯
    You should trace out about Sid.. 😯 Chand nodes… 🙂
    Abhay leaves… 🙂

    …Another scene… Samrat’s mansion… 👿

    .. Sikky is there only staring at Nayasha… 🙄
    Nayasha says now what.. get outtt.. 👿
    he says I will tell everything to Aryan.. 👿 & turns to go..but, Nayasha says go n tell.., 👿 but no one will believe u & you too r involved in this.. 👿 So if he believes you then he will beat you first…. 👿
    Sikky stops .. 😐 she says why did you stop go n tell.. 👿 You don’t have proof against me .. 👿 all will suspect you only.. 😯 as u have done all this with your hand.. 👿 no one saw me there…. 👿 sikky says I never thought u would be like this.. 👿 u used me.. 👿 he cries n goes from there.. 😥 Nayasha smiles evilly.. 👿

    She says I didn’t think for a while killing Samrat.. 👿 Who the hell is that Trishna… 👿
    She gets furious in her victory-madness & her half lower part turned in to wolf…. 😯

    camera shows A.R face who is listening this all standing behind the door.. 😯
    Aryan gets goose bumps to see this.. 😯 He is totally skeptical.. 🙄 Unable to think anything… 🙁

    Nayasha feels human presence.. & looks around.. 🙄
    She comes in Normal human form..& goes towards door… 😯
    Someone drags Aryan aside quickly…. 😯
    Nayasha finds no one there & shuts the door…. 😯
    Aryan us totally blank & speechless… 😐

    next scene….sam’s office…

    shiva is in v.s’s cabin.. & working on some scripts.. 🙂 Sid comes & sees him .. 🙄 he says I’m impressed Mr. shiva..u r really working very hard.. 🙂 shiva thanks him & shows some scripts.. 🙂
    Sid sees & says i.n.t.e.r.e.s.t.i.n.g…. 🙂 & asks what about RR’s film promotion.. 🙄 shiva says I’ve make arrangements for that also sir.. 🙂
    he says o.k..go now… 🙂
    Shiva moves to go..but sid stops him in btw, 😯 & asks about the mehandi-sangeet function.. 🙄 & appologies for not coming.. 🙁 shiva says it’s o.k..sir.. 🙂 everything was good .. 🙂
    Sid tries to know more & says I have heard that Aryan also came there & his wife is in hosp.. 🙁 shiva gets shocked 😯 ..& says no sir..who said this.. 🙄 she is at our home..yest. she was ill, 🙁 but now she is better & staying at our home with his son.. 🙂
    Sid gets alert & says oh! i see.. 😯
    Okk u can go & do ur work.. 🙂 shiva goes.. 🙂

    Sid thinks what’s running in Aaryan’s mind.. 🙄 why did he spread false rumour that Trishna is in hospital.. 🙄
    He again did a mistake… 👿 But I can make this rumor true…. 😯 Wait Aryan… 👿
    How I finishes all of you… Roy.. Dobriyals.. Raichands & A.B.H.A.Y 👿


    Part ➡ 3

    RR mansion.. 🙂

    RR enters the room talking on phone 🙂 & saying someone that discuss these matters with cg.. 🙂 he comes & throws his cell on the couch & sits.. 🙂 he puts his legs on the center table.. 🙂 he thinks something & smirks.. 😉 he takes his cell & dials a no… 🙂

    Dobriyal.. House.. 🙂

    Mythili & Raj both r sitting on the floor 🙂 & busy in playing.. 🙂 her phone starts ringing.. 🙂 raj takes it & says hello kaun.. 😳 RR gets surprised .. :shoc k: says Mythili… 🙄 Mythili hears this & asks raj kiska phone hai.. 🙄 he gives her the cell.. 🙂 she says hello.. 🙂 RR says hello Mythili.. 🙂 she says RR tum.. 🙂 he asks who picked your phone 1st.. 🙄 she says raj has picked .. 🙂 RR smirks & says oh..small devil.. 😳 he is still there.. 🙂 she shushes him..& says oh! hello don’t call him devil.. 👿 he is very sweet & cute.. 🙂 not like u arrogant n egoistic .. 👿 RR smirks.. 😉 she asks if u want to say something or else I end the call.. 😳 as i ‘m very busy 😉 ..RR says ahaan.. 😉 busy.. 😉 zara hum v to sune in which work u r busy.. 🙂 she says i’m playing games with Raj.. 🙂 he says what ?? game ?? .. 🙄 she says haan..why so shocked.. 🙄 he smirks & says yest. someone was asking about my age ….,but , forgot about her own age.. 😳 Mythili fumes & says RRrrr…u r very bad.. 👿 won’t talk to u & about to cut the call 😳 ,but RR says s.t.o.p.. 🙂 she stops & says now what?? 👿 ..he says listen..i called u to ask if u will come for movie promotion or not.. 🙄 she says hmm don’t want to come ,but that v.s mehra .. 👿 he can take any legal action against us na.. 🙁 RR fumes & says if he said anything to u .. i won’t spare him.. 👿 she says RR ,..just relax.. 🙂 no need to pay attention on him.. 🙂 u just focus on your career 🙂 ,.this film will help u in full-filling your dreams 🙂 ..so just relax.. 🙂 he says hmm..o.k.. :)but (RR becomes serious.. 🙁 )
    Mythili asks but?? 🙄 RR says I wanted to talk to you.. 😯 Mythili says hmm u r talking Now.. 😉
    RR says no I can’t discuss that on phone.. 😯 We need to meet… 🙂
    Mythili thinks for a while 🙄 & says okk I will come for promotion.. 🙂

    ……Next scene….

    …..2 scenes in parallel…

    1st scene…

    Sikky enters A.R’s quarter.. & calls out his name.. 😯 he goes in a room (study room) & sees a man from backside 😯 & thinks it’s A.R.. 🙄 he moves towards him & says Aryan u r here .. 🙂 & i was searching u in the whole house…. 🙂 he looks around & says btw ,why there is so darkness in this room, 😯 there is light outside.. 😯 sikky gets serious & says i know u r very much upset 🙁 ,don’t want to talk to anyone.. 🙁 but i came here to tell a truth to u.. 😯 just listen once… 🙁 he cont. i had mixed that meds in trish bhabhi’s drink.. 😯 but, believe me..i didn’t know that meds would adversely affect her .. 🙁 he fumes on himself & says u were always right i ‘m a big fool.. 😡 i didn’t think anything & trusted on that cheap woman’s word.. 👿 he says aryan natasha told me to mix that meds. in bhabhiji’s drink.. 😯 she told me that she’ll regain her memory..that actually what happened that night.. 😯 but, it was a lie.. 👿 trish bhabhi went in coma because of my stupidity.. 🙁 he cont. that it’s natasha & some one else is also with her in this plan.. 😯 as i heard her to informing someone about it.. 😯 he says i think the story behind her dad’s death is also false.. 😯 she is a big cheater.. 👿 he cries & says bhai mujhe maaf kar do.. 😥 that person’s voice comes ” itni jaldi kya maafi mangne ki.. ” 😯 he turns & sikky gets shocked to see him.. 😯 that person’s smiles evilly..& says milegi.. 👿 maafi v aur mukti v.. 👿 camera focuses on his devil face.. 👿

    .. 2nd scene…Dobriyal house..

    indraji is busy in ordering different different stuffs for pia’s marriage..trish comes & offers her some help..indraji smiles & holds her & asks her sit.. Trishna asks kab h shadi??
    Indirag says after one week 🙂

    Trishna gets happy & says wow! Its good.. 🙂 plz give me also some work… 🙂 u guys r doing so much for me & my son. 🙂 .me too want to help u all.. 🙂 indraji says u want to work..she nodes.. 🙂
    Indirag says then, sit here & check this guest lists.. Trishna smiles & says OK… 🙂
    She again says whenever I see Pia & Deep I recalls me & Aryan .. 🙂
    Indirag smiles & says then you should watch ur marriage once again… 🙂
    Both laugh… 😆

    camera shows sikky’s shocked face/ Trishna’s smiling face & Aryan’s blank face… in 1 frame.. 😯

    Precap ➡

    A.R reaches at the quarter.. 😯 police & media were already present there.. 😯 aryan enters & gets shocked to see Sikky’s dead body.. 😯 🙁

  22. drishti
    April 24, 13:18 Reply

    Junoon ➡ It’s Not Human Love

    Episode ➡ 64

    Part ➡ 1

    Episode starts with… 🙂

    Both RR looking at each other… Raj says dikhta nahi hai cheater cock…. RR fumes & says ruko tum abhi batata hun..… RR moves towards him..
    Raj gets afraid &…. runs from there calling bachao… 🙁

    He enters a room & collides with Mythili.. 🙂 she asks Raj what happened ?? 🙄 Raj says maduuu & hugs her…. 🙂 He again says maduu bachao mujhe.. 🙁 vo aa raha hai..s he caresses his head & asks kaun aa raha hai?? 🙄 kya hua hai?? 🙄 he says while hugging her vo R.K aa raha hai..

    she gets surprised & says R.K.. 🙄 kaun R.K?? 🙄 yahan to koi R.k nahi hai.. about whom u r talking?? 🙄 he leaves her & pats on his head & says arrey..vo tumhare film ka hero R.K ,aur kaun??
    she smiles & says oh..ho.. u mean that RR.. 🙂 he says haan..ab samjhi n.. now hide me quickly he must be coming… 🙂 he goes behind her back & tries to hide.. 🙂 just then, RR comes there 🙂 & Raj hugs Mythili tightly & from back side.. 🙂 He whispers see he came.. RR sees Mythili & smiles 🙂 & says Mythili u r here 🙂 & I was searching u all around .. 🙂 & vo shaitan baccha aake takara gaya .. Mythili tries to controls her laugh ( Raj who is listening all ..feels more scared 🙁 )
    RR says have u seen that chhota packet .. 🙄 she says..nahii..nahi to… just then, RR notices Raj & smirks & says oh! tumne nahi dekha & moves towards her .. Mythili gets scared & says why r coming like this?? 🙁 stop there only… she slowly moves few steps back..& Raj too.. RR goes & says chhipkali .. she shouts in fear & Raj too… 🙁 & asks kahan ?? 🙁 kahan pe?? 🙁 RR smiles & says tumhare pichhe … she turns & Raj too turn.. & says but there is nothing.. he points towards Raj & says here he is… Raj says I’m not chhipkali.. hain na maduuu?? .. she says bilkul nahi… 🙂 & pats RR & says u scared me.. he holds her hand .. 🙂
    Raj gets angry & says leave my maduuu’s hand .. otherwise I’ll beat u.. MyRi look at Raj .. 🙂 Mythili says didn’t u hear what he said?? leave my hand .. I’m his maduu.. 🙂 he smiles & says Ahaann.. & leaves her hand.. 🙂 Raj comes forward maduu.. 🙂 & says daro mat maduu..I’m with u.. 🙂 she smiles 🙂 & RR too smiles 🙂 & says so u r here.. 🙂 & asks him to come near.. 🙂 Raj hugs madu.. 🙂 RR says o.k..then,i’m coming & moves..

    Mythili stops him & says what r u doing ? 🙄 he is a kid.. 🙂 RR says this kid has messed with RR.. Ask him what he said me few moments ago…… 1st he collide with me then.. Raj cuts inbtw & says no u collide with me.. RR fumes more & says see …how is he talking.. & why did u call me cheater cock.. Raj says because u took my name.. RR says maine?? 🙄 Mythili smiles & says hmmm that’s very bad.. RR gets puzzled & says u r also saying this?? 🙄 I’m RR.. 🙂 Raj says no..I’m RR.. it’s my name.. 🙂 why u took my name..?? 🙄 both look at each other.. RR fumes .. Mythili smiles & says yes..why u took his name his name… he is Raj Roy.. 🙂 Aryan’s son .. 🙂 RR expression changes into smirk..

    he says oh! ho! to ye Mr. A.B.C.. ke suputra h.. like father like son.. he also used to collide with me.. now his son also.. Raj says u know my papa?? 🙄 he is a police officer.. 🙂 if u fight with me..then, he’ll lock you in cell.. MyRi smile.. 🙂 RR says oh! ho.. then, I should be afraid of u … Raj holds Mythili’s hand & signs her to bend down.. 🙂 she sits & Raj whispers something to her…. 🙂 she smiles ..& looks at both RR one by one.. 🙂 & says of course u.. 🙂
    Raj gives her kissy..& signs her to give him kissy too.. 🙂 she smilingly does.. 🙂 he quickly runs from there.. 🙂

    Mythili smiles seeing him.. 🙂 RR comes near to her & says btw what did he say to u secretly.. 🙂 she says nothing.. 🙂 he says then, why u gifted him that precious kissy.. mujhe to kabhi nahi diya.. she chides..& says he is a kid.. he says really.. mujhe to chhota shaitan laga.. (small devil) didn’t u see he was fighting with me..
    Mythili says hmm…dekha.. how u were fighting with him.. btw how old r u Mr. RISHABH RAICHAND.. ?? 🙄 he gives puzzled look & says matlab?? 🙄 she says hmm tell me your age then,will tell u the matlab… he annoys & says didnot u hear that it’s bad manner to ask age to a girl or a superstar.. she chides & says hmm, I knew it u won’t tell… so Mr. superstar u were fighting with a 6 years small kid..& calling urself a superstar.. think if some media ppl r here in the party 🙄 & publish this news that Superstar RR is fighting with a small kid with pic.. Then?? 🙄
    RR looks around & asks u called media also?? 🙄 she says not me.. but may be media can come following u.. 🙂 She laughs & says why u actors r so dumb ?? 🙄 she laughs more.. RR fumes.. & says now enough ..stop laughing.. but,she cont.. he says u won’t stop.. she signs o.k..won’t laugh.. & tries to control her laugh 🙂 ,but , again burst into laugh.. he fumes & puts his hand on her mouth ..& says chuppp…
    she stops..& looks into his eyes..EyeLockkkk …

    BG…. Naina laage to jaage…Bina dori ya dhaage…Bandhte hain do naina khwaab se…Na ataa ho na pata ho 🙂
    Kore naino mein koi aa base 🙂
    Iska uska na iska hai…Jaane kitna hai kiska hai… Kaisi bhaasa mein bhasa mein hai likha..Iske uske ye hisse mein
    Tere mere ye qisse mein 🙂
    Maula seekhe bin seekhe bin de sikha 🙂
    Kaisa ye isq hai, ajab sa risk hai.. 🙂
    Kaisa ye isq hai, ajab sa risk hai.. 🙂
    he extends his hand & touches her face…she feels shy…..

    Just then..Both hear some noise & their attention breaks.. Shiva comes there & looks at them.. RR smirks & whisper ” lo aa gaya kabab me hadda.. ” Mythili fumes & quickly moves aside.. shiva tells to Mythili (who is standing behind RR ) what r u doing here.. mom is calling you.. Both shiva – RR stare at each other.. Shiva recalls RR holding Mythili’s hand in his office.. He fumes.. RR smirks.. Mythili looks both & moves silently from there..

    RR also goes to main function hall… 🙂 Some guests surrounds him & start asking for autograph/photograph.. 🙂
    RR gets annoyed & dials C.g no…. 🙂

    Outside Dobriyal house….

    Abhay is outside.. & talking with chand.. 🙂
    Abhay says we need to find about him…
    He can’t sit quietly.. He must be planning something.. Chand nodes & says but everything is fine here.. 🙂 Abhay interrupts except Aryan.. 🙁 But it will be also solved very soon… Chand nodes… & goes inside.. 🙂 Abhay is also about to go inside but then notices someone in garden area & stops..

    ..At function… 🙂

    Mythili comes to Indirag & Indirag says where were you.. 🙄 Help me in wrapping things.. 🙂 Guests r going now… 🙂 We need to make assure that everyone had their dinner 🙂 & gifts.. 🙂 Mythili nodes & asks what about Aryan – Trishna.. 🙄 Indirag says let’s see.. Mythili looks upstairs at guest room… 🙄

    DeePia are sitting… 🙂 Pia tells That Aryan spoiled my function… 🙁 He & his wife.. Acahnak se faint ho gyi.. Don’t know what is going on upstairs.. 🙁 Deep says let me see.. He stands to go but Pia make him sit 🙂 & says no sit with me… 🙂 Deep says hmmm.. ;-( If I won’t go then how would I tell you that what is happening there.. 🙂 Pia says she must be fine as dad is with her… 🙂 u should be with me today… 🙂 Deep says m always ready for this.. 🙂 Pia says okk what will I call you after marriage… Jaan/baby/janu/sweetie/… Deep interrupts halwa/jalebi/gulabjamun.. Ye sab v bula lo… Pia fumes & about to hit him but he holds her hand & says ur mehndiiii.. She sees her hand & smiles… 🙂 Pia is looking at her hand.. 🙂 She reads “Deependra” & blushes…
    Deep goes near to her & whispers 🙂
    don’t blush baby reading my name only… U can call me Deep only.. 🙂
    Ur deep-love.. Both look each other.. 🙂
    Eyelock…… 🙂
    Bg— Koi sone sa tole re…Koi maati sa bole re…Koi bole ke :)chandi ka hai chhura
    Hota aise ye mauke pe..Roka jaaye na roke se…Achha hota hai
    Hota hai ye bura…Kaisa ye isq hai… 🙂
    Ajab sa risk hai 🙂

    …..Scene in parallel…Guest room….

    AR shows a small packet to Aarab..he takes & looks it attentively…
    (Fb starts –
    Aryan pats sikky’s shoulder & tells keep it up & he moves.. 🙂 While moving he remembers sikky’s words.. 🙄
    “Because already someone has kidnapped bhabhiji na! 🙁 So I thought to provide some protection” 🙂
    Aryan recalls how carelessly sikky behaved while searching Trishna in the forest.. 🙄 Aryan stops in midway & thinks but.. 🙄 Now sikky is showing so much concern towards My wife?? 🙄 Something is looking fishy.. Aryan secretly start to notice Sikky’s every movements! Aryan comes near Aarab & start to talk to him.. 🙂 He acts in front of sikky that he is busy in talking with Aarab but he keeps eyeing on sikky.. 🙄 Sikky goes towards washroom.. Then Aryan follows sikky & hides himself near to washroom! He finds sikky is mixing something in cold drinks! Aryan thinks what is he mixing in that cold drink? 🙄 & for whom? 🙄 Then he notices sikky offering that cold drink to Trishna! He gets shocked.. Trishna takes that & but busy in talking with indraji.. 🙂 Aryan gets tensed & self talks Trishna don’t drink that one.. 🙁
    Aryan notices sikky…
    Sikky self tells ahh.. Nature calling.. Great sikky.. How many works you are doing today.. 🙂 he goes towards washroom.. & throws that small packet in dust bin & tells work done..He goes in washroom..

    Trishna is about to drink that cold drink & Aryan intentionally collides with her and makes her drop that cold drink glass down.. He tells sorry.. 🙁 Trishna looks him & Indraji tells its ok.. 🙂 and she calls waiter & asks him to clean.. 🙂 Indraji excuses herself and moves from there.. 🙂 Then Aryan quickly calls another waiter & takes that cold drink glass 🙂 & offers it to trishna.. 🙂 Trishna refuses.. 🙁 But Aryan insists.. 🙂 She then takes & smiles seeing him.. 🙂 Aryan excuses himself for a while..
    He comes near washroom & notices that packet in dustbin & he keeps it in his pocket.. Then he quickly rushes to near Trishna..

    Camera shows sikky coming out from washroom & finds that Trishna is talking with Aryan 🙂 & drinking that drink too.. 🙂 He feels relax.. 🙂 Aryan too notices that sikky is speaking with someone on mobile.. He gets suspicious abt sikky
    fb ends…)

    Aarab looks that packet & gets little shocked.. He asks from where you get this one? 🙄 Aryan tells someone has tried to give this medicine to Trishna but I stopped her at right time! Aarab asks do you know what is this? 🙄 Aryan says no idea! Aarab tells It can make people permanently unconscious/coma or can kill.. 🙄 Aryan looks Aarab with shockes & confused face! :roll Aarab tells in simple word.. Its a “Poison” Aryan gets shocked.. Aarab tells it means someone is trying to kill your wife?! Aryan recalls Sikky mixing that medicine in cold drinks but he keep mum! Aarab looks Trishna & asks Aryan.. 🙄 Did you asked Trishna anything abt her kidnapping? 🙄 Aryan tells hmmm.. 🙁 But she is telling some strange stories that no one would believe in this 21st century.. 🙁 I think she is scared a lot that’s why she is telling like that.. 🙁 Aarab holds Aryan’s arm & tells you are thinking wrongly.. 🙄 She cant tell strange stories suddenly.. Aryan tells but.. 🙁 Aarab tells I think she is aware of something unbelievable things.. thats why someone is trying to kill her.. & you are also near to that person.. Aryan again thinks abt Abhay & fumes.. Aarab tells now you have to do one thing.. Aryan asks what? Aarab tells now you have to believe ur wife’s word..whatever she is telling you.. may be her words looks strange to you but not for her because she faced that in reality.. So you have to believe her words.. 🙂 It will help you to find answers of your all questions.. 🙂 Aryan looks Aarab… 🙄 Trishna gains consciousness & both sit near to Trishna! 🙂

    …..next scene… Samrat’s Mansion..

    Nayasha is looking at Sid continuously.. 🙄 Sid says open ur mouth & asks.. 🙄 She says your face is changed now then what was the need to kill her.. 🙄 she cant recognize you with this face na.. 🙂
    if you wanted to kill her then why you did not try dis earlier once after Abhay saved her from the cave? 🙄

    Sid smirks & tells hmmm.. I hired some hh’s to kill her in hospital but Abhay was there to protect trishna that time.. So they unable to do that.. 🙁 Then i leaved her sometime to live her life peacefully because i thought to use her to trap/arrest abhay in dis case.. Aryan also arrested him.. & now her husband is showing so much interest on this case after her kidnap incident.. Dont knw when he is going to realise his mistakes.. No problem if he is not interest to realise his mistakes.. Then i will make him to realise.. & I think till now aryan is not aware of this things! But.. If she opens her mouth then he will get some clue abt us & its not good too.. That’s why i asked you to give that medicine to trishna via sikky..
    Nayasha tells so hereafter she cant remember anything.. & aryan also not going to get any clue..
    Sid smirks & tells not only her memories but she too will be no more..


    Part ➡ 2

    …outside Dobriyal house…

    Padmini ji is in garden area sitting on
    a chair. she is lost in thoughts..
    She recalls her 1st meet with Abhay & her conv with chand..
    (fb- padmini ji tells Abhay looks like RR.. Chand tells No.. RR only looks like Abhay.. )
    She then recalls Maya giving powers to her womb. 🙄
    She is totally lost in thoughts.. 🙄
    Abhay comes there & finds its padmini ji.. 🙂
    He goes in front of her & looks at her continuously… 🙄 & then touches her feet automatically… 🙂 She comes out from her thinking.. 🙂 & looks Abhay.. 🙄 She touches his face! 🙂 Abhay also looks her… 🙂
    She cries.. & tells Abhay.. 🙂 Abhay is speechless! She tells I thought to talk more while meet you but I don’t know what to speak now! 🙁 Abhay says I also don’t know what to say but now I can feel a connection with you maa.. 🙂 She feels happy & asks what did you say? 🙄 You called me maa? 🙄 Abhay says I am also like your son na? 🙄 She cries in happiness and tells hmmm.. 🙂 Now I have two sons Abhay sits on ground on his knees .. 🙂 She caresses his head.. 🙂
    Tears comes out from Abhay’s eyes unknowingly.. He then remembers some blur image of burning houses.. 🙁 & thinks no..I don’t deserve this… 🙁 I don’t deserve any family or love.. 🙁 He stands to go.. 🙁 But Padminig stops him & tells you sacrified your whole life for others happiness.. 🙁 You are great & Maya too because of her I am alive now.. 🙂 She holds his hands & tells I want to see both of you together.. 🙂 I was selfish who thought to talk about MyRi’s marriage to indraji but its not correct.. 🙁 you and Mythili are made for each other.. 🙂 She is born for you.. 🙂 Abhay recalls master’s word and & tells no she is born for Rishabh.. 🙂 Her destiny is connected with him only.. 🙂 You can’t unite her with me.. 🙁 Because everything is already decided… 🙁 She tells but.. 🙁 I am ready to talk about you and Mythili with indraji.. 🙂 Definitly she will agree for your marriage! 🙂
    Abhay tells this is my wish.. 🙂 If you really want to do something for me then unite MyRi.. 🙂 I will be happy.. 🙂 She looks him confusingly.. 🙄 But he moves from there silently..
    C.g comes there & notices Abhay going inside.. 🙄 Padminig wipes her tears & about to go inside.. 🙂 C.g comes to her & says auntygi if chief said anything to you?? 🙄 Y r u crying.. 🙄 Padminig says champak ji.. Kuchh nhi hua h.. 🙁 He was Abahy not Rishu….. 🙂 She goes inside .. 🙂
    C.g is confused…. 🙄

    …. Dobriyal house… 🙂

    Abhay enters inside… 🙂 Shiv notices abhay & he goes towards him. 🙂

    Shiv comes near to Abhay.. 🙂 He introes himself.. 🙂 Abhay smiles and tells i already knw abt you! 🙂 Shiv gets happy & tells i see.. 🙂 But i dont knw abt you.. 🙁 But its ok.. & You are looking like..
    (Shiv looks towards RR who is busy in autographs.. RR notices Shiva staring at him ) ….Noo.. You are not like him.. You are little different.. Shiv thinks himself because he(RR) always roams behind/around my sister na! I dont like to see him with my sister! He fumes.. Abhay reads his mind & smiles! 🙂 Shiv asks abhay.. 🙂 Do you want to drink anything.. 🙄 He is abt to call waiter & abhay stops him and tells its ok.. 🙂 I dont want anything.. 🙂 Not feeling hungry! Shiv tells ok.. & he start to talk something to abhay.. 🙂 Abhay just smiles! 🙂 RR notices both shiv-abhay & thinks wat both are talking? 🙄 Shiv try to show RR that he is close with abhay.. 🙂
    C.g enters inside & shocked to see Abhay & RR… 🙄 he thinks who is chief in btw them 🙄 just then, RR says finally aap Gaye… Now handle these people… 🙂 C.g comes to him & says chief he looks like you.. RR says hmmm… C.g..every one knows this.. U r late.. Cg is totally stunned & he looks both RA cont… 🙄 & tells double role?? 🙄

    RR comes near to Abhay – Shiva 🙂
    .. Shiva glare at each other.. & moves from there.. RR asks abhay what he said abt me? Abhay again smiles & tells nothing.. He din tell anything abt you.. But i can tell one thing that he dont like you! RR says me too…. Abhay tells esp with his sister.. RR smirks! Abhay tells hope you can handle him.. 🙂 RR looks shiv & mythi.. 🙄 He smirks evilly.. he says btw its too late… where is my maa..& looks around for her.. 🙄 & then finds her .. 🙂 He goes to her.. 🙂

    Part ➡ 3

    Trishna gains conscious.. 🙂 & opens her eyes slowly.. 🙂 Both Aryan & Arab are sitting near to her! 🙂 Aryan makes her drink water.. 🙂 She asks where is he? :roll Aryan asks who? 🙄 Trishna remembers RR-abhay entry & says he.. he.. Both are looking same!? 🙄 Aryan fumes and tells its Abhay.. His name Abhay.. :evil Trishna looks Aryan & hugs him.. 🙂 Aarab looks both and smiles he signs something to aryan & he nodes.. 🙂 Aryan makes trishna sit.. 🙂 Aarab asks trishna can you remember wat happened when someone kidnapped you? 🙄 I mean exactly the day? 🙄 She remembers sid’s face & gets scared.. 🙁 Aarab tells relax.. relax.. 🙂 No need to get stress.. 🙁 Just relax.. 🙂 She is quite & tears comes out from her eyes cont.. cry: Aryan gets angry on Abhay but he controls.. Aarab looks her.. 🙄 Finally she speaks.. 🙂 She tells that day i was busy in doing household works.. 🙂 Raj.. Raj.. also playing with toys.. 🙂 Suddenly i heared a strange sound from outside & when i went to check no one was there.. Then i start to cont my works.. 🙂 (Trishna stops after hearing knock at door.. )
    Aarab opens the door & finds indirag.. 🙂
    Indiragi says Chand- Abahy.. Padminig-RR is leaving.. 🙂 U should be there.. 🙂
    Come with me.. 🙂 Aarab nodes & goes reluctantly.. 🙂 Aarab nodes & goes reluctantly.. 🙂

    Two scenes in parallel….

    ..1st scene ….At hall… 🙂

    Abhay/chand/Deep.. RR/padminig/C.g are there in hall.. 🙂
    Shivika are standing together aside while Mythili is with Pia.. Indirab come there.. 🙂
    & Aarab says sorry I couldn’t attend you all.. 🙁 Chand hugs him & says hmmm.. 🙂 Ur first duty is as a doc n.. So no problem..
    Aarab then goes to Abhay & thinks about Aryan’s words.. 🙄 Abhay extends his hand for handshake… 🙂 Both shake hands & Abhay says ur wish is fulfilled today… 🙂 U wanted to meet me & m here.. 🙂 Aarab just nodes.. 🙂
    Padminig says we also should leave now.. 🙂 Indirag greets her… 🙂
    (Mythili is looking at Abhay-RR cont 🙄 )
    Mythili thinks what to say to them.. 🙄

    Indirab & all head towards door to go outside.. 🙂 Mythili again thinks should I say them about this… 🙄
    Deep turns & looks at Pia with smile.. 🙂
    Abhay is also going towards door but stops & thinks no Maya don’t do this… 🙁
    RR feels something & stops.. 🙂 He looks at Abhay… 🙄
    (Except Abhay-RR all are outside… 🙂 Shivika r standing behind Mythili talking together… 🙂 )
    Mythili starts to move towards them… 🙂
    & Just then RR-Abhay turn.. 🙂 She shows her both hand jointly… “Rishabh-Abhay” 🙂
    RR- Abhay reads it as Abhay-Rishabh…. 🙄 RR thinks what is this.. 🙄 What does she want to tell…? 🙄
    Abhay says in heart its not possible Maya… 🙁 Mythili is about to say something but Anika calls her name.. 🙂 & she turns .. 🙂 RR-Abhay look at each other & then leave… 🙁

    …2nd scene….

    Aryan looks at Trishna & asks then.. 🙄 What happened then??… 🙄

    Trishna cont… he entered inside like a devil broked our house door! I was scared & he threw my son away.. 🙁 He dont have heart.. 🙁 She cries & says he slapped me badly & dont knw wat happened after that.. 🙁 When i was try to open my eyes i found myself in a dark place 🙁 (cave) & he tortured me a lot.. 🙁 He told me like still now he has never taste the blood of a mother-child at same time..
    I was clueless why he was torturing me 🙁 & he scratched my arms & hands.. 🙁 he used to taste my blood too.. Aryan gets shocked hearing that.. She tells he was not a human he was a devil.. When he was turned to his real form.. She cries more.. & tells he is a vamp.. A normal person cant handle him.. 🙁 Aryan again fumes on Abhay.. He hugs trishna.. 🙂 Aryan tells stop it here after i dont want to hear anything.. 🙁 Trishna tells no u need to believe me.. Then he came there.. ]

    Aryan says who?? 🙄 She cont.. after that he came.. he came there & saved me from that devil.. 🙂 He fought with him.. 🙂 That devil could not handle him & he ran away.. But.. he only rescued from that cave.. Aryan asks who? 🙄 You are talking abt whom? 🙄 She tells abh.. Abhay.. 🙂 He only saved me & my child from that devil.. 🙂 Aryan gets suprised & they look each other with shocked face.. She again asks where is he? 🙄 I want to meet him.. 🙂 I want to thank him.. 🙂 Aryan nodes .. 🙂 Just then Aarab enters & asks what happened.. 🙄 Aryan thinks & says I came to know that Abhay is innocent.. 🙄 Trishna want to meet him… 🙂 Aarab is confused & in dilemma.. 🙄 He then says but they had gone.. & she need rest.. 🙂
    Trishna tells but I want to meet him.. 🙂 Aarab tells no now you need complete rest.. 🙂 You can meet him later also.. 🙂 He puts injection to Trishna.. 🙁 She sleeps.. 🙂 Aryan is quite.. Aarab comes near to him & asks so wat you are thinking now? 🙄 Aryan gets emotional and tells I thought abhay kidnapped my wife but he helped us a lot.. 🙂 But i doubted on him & arrested him too.. 🙁 Because of him now my wife & my child with me.. 🙂 He gets more emotional..

    Aarab tells dont be an emotional fool Mr.Aryan Roy.. Aryan asks means? 🙄 Aarab tells may be he pretend like that he has saved her… Aryan thinks about whole incident… 🙄 He sits on a chair & recalls how Abhay used to read his mind while enquiry 🙄 & no data’s on the recorder! Aarab touches his shoulder & asks what? 🙄 Aryan is quite..& thinks how to tell him that this is not a normal case.. 🙄 I can’t put his life in danger… 🙁 Aarab tells Think Mr.Aryan.. 🙄 Think well.. You will surely get some clue.. 🙄 may be he thinks himself as a brilliant person in this world.. 🙂 But.. Every brilliant person has a weak point.. Aryan thinks.. & tells himself now I found that weak point..
    Aryan stands & tells I need ur help to find the real culprit…
    Aarab tells off course I will… 🙂
    Aryan looks at the packet & says.. So we have to make outside world also to believe dis..

    Aarab tells I know how… will tell you tomo. once i arranged things for that.. Aryan is confused & nodes! 🙂 Aarab asks if you wish then you can stay here along with Trishna-raj.. 🙂 Aryan refuses.. 🙁 Aarab holds his hands & tells dont take risk again.. 🙂 Dis is abt your wife & your life.. 🙁 Police quarter is not safe for her now.. 🙁 If that unknown person gets to knw abt dis then he will try to kill your wife again.. 🙁 Aryan looks trishna who is sleeping peacefully & tells okk.. 🙂 But i am going to stay police quarter only.. 🙂 trishna-raj will stay here for sometime.. 🙂 & i will come here see them daily.. 🙂 Aarab tells secretly.. Aryan tells hmmm secretly.. Aarab tells don’t worry my wife is here she will take care of your wife & raj too 🙂 Aryan Thanks aarab.. 🙂 Aarab smiles & tells its okk.. 🙂 Aryan also smiles 🙂
    Camera shows outside of the room.. A person’s shadow listening dis all secretly…

    ….At hall…

    Every one has gone… 🙂

    Aarab comes there.. & asks indraji abt raj.. 🙄 She tells he is sleeping in shiv’s room! 🙂 Aarab tells oh okk.. 🙂

    Aarab asks every family member to stay in hall for sometime.. 🙂 Mypika-shiv-indraji look aarab.. 🙄 Aryan comes downstairs! Aarab informs that trishna&raj going to stay some days in their house only.. Mypia get shocked shiv also gets confused.. Anika happily tells then raj is going to stay with us 🙂 but pia gets angery and asks why? Aarab tells after her kidnapping incident she is scaring more to stay there so.. 🙁 Pia tells but he can give police protection to his family na.. Aryan looks pia & tells okk.. 🙂 If you all are not interested then.. 🙁

    Indraji stops him & tells not like that aryan.. 🙂 Already told you na trishna also like my daughter.. 🙂 So they can stay here with us no problem aryan thanks indrab.. 🙂 Shiv thinks dont knw wat is going on here? 🙄 He moves towards him room.. 🙂 Pia asks di wat is dis? 🙄 Mythi signs her to dont talk.. Then all move towards their rooms! 🙂

    Next day morning.. 🙂

    Guest room.. 🙂

    Both Aryan-Aarab already there! 🙂 Aarab asks her how are you feeling now? 🙄 She nodes good.. 🙂 She gets up & tells sorry for the trouble i sleept well.. 🙂 Aarab smiles & tells its ok.. 🙂 She asks where is raj? 🙄 & also she is abt to leave but aryan stops her & makes her sit.. 🙂 He tells trishna.. You & raj both are going to stay here for somedays! Trishna asks why? 🙄 He tells i think for now staying in police quarter is not good for your health.. 🙁 I mean you are getting more stress in police quarter remembering those incidents.. 🙁 thats why.. 🙁 I asked you to go back to mumbai also but you denied.. 🙁 She asks how can i leave you alone here? 🙄 He tells thats why i am asking you to stay here for sometime.. 🙁 You also wont feel loneliness here na! 🙁 Indraji, mythili, pia also here.. 🙂 & now your health also not good so i believe everyone will take care of you here! 🙂 Indraji enters inside with milk glass & tells hmm 🙂 sure.. 🙂 She sits near to trishna & both smiles.. 🙂 Indraji says dont worry aryan we all take care of ur wife & son 🙂 trishna asks then wat abt you? 🙄 Aryan tells i will be here whenever you want.. 🙂 Just call me.. 🙂
    Aryan stands & tells now i am going to station.. 🙂 Will be back soon.. 🙂 Dont worry everything going to end soon! 🙂 Trishna feels relax.. 🙂 Aryan tells dont take so much stress.. 🙂 Its not good for baby.. 🙁 Take care & he leaves.. 🙂 Indrab smile seeing trishna 🙂

    ….…Police station…

    Aryan enters inside & he sits on his chair! 🙂 Sikky feels restless thinking trishna.. 🙁 Aryan start to read case files! 🙂 Sikky thinks should i ask abt it or not? 🙄 Then he asks aryan how is bhabhiji now? 🙄 Aryan looks sikky.. 🙄 Sikky tells yest she suddenly gets unconscious na.. 🙁 thats why i am asking.. 🙁 Aryan tells hmm.. Hope she is fine yest itself we admitted her in hospital.. 🙁 Sikky thinks hospital? 🙄 Aryan thanks sikky for the protection! 🙂 Sikky fake smiles.. Right then aryan gets call from someone & he gets up quickly & asks wat happened to her? 🙄 He tells ok i am coming.. He cuts the call & fastly moves.. Sikky also followes him & thinks wat happened suddenly? 🙄 Why he is going in hurry? 🙄 If i asks anything abt it then he will start to ask more question to me na.. 🙁 Otherwise his answer would be “Its None of your Businees” He feels restless.. 🙁 Just then Aryan turns & calls sikky.. Sikky also comes near to him.. 🙂 Aryan tells My car is repair.. Can you drop me in hospital? 🙄 Sikky feels relax & happily agrees.. 🙂

    next scene…

    Dehradun hospital..

    A scorpio arrives there.. Aryan steps out from it.. Sikky too follows him… Aryan quickly rushes inside.. 🙁 Sikky tries to ask..& says bhai batao na hum yahan kyun aaye hai?? 🙄
    Aryan STOPS & look at him.. & sikky falls quiet ….| They move inside Doc. Aarab’s cabin.. Doc. is busy in reading some patient’s report.. he hears the foot step..& looks towards the door… 🙄 Aryan & sikky come 🙂 …Aryan asks what happen doc?? 🙄 why u called me so early in the morning?? 🙄 if trishna is o.k?? 🙄 Sikky get shocked to hear this & think trish hospital.. 🙄 if that meds. adversely affected her.. 🙁 Aarab says relax Mr. Aryan.. 🙂 now i was reading your wife’s medical report only.. Aryan asks what is in that report?? 🙄 Aarab looks at him & get serious.. 🙁 he says u have to be strong mr. Aryan.. 🙁 he gets shocked & asks the matter.. 🙄 he says trishna is in coma.. arayan gets shocked & says what?? it can’t be true.. 🙁 aarab tries to pacify him 🙁 & says it’s true aryan & now we can’t do anything… 🙁
    Aryan breaks down while Sikky feels very bad.. 🙁 he tries to comfort aryan.. 🙁
    Aryan wipes his tears & stands & says whoever is behind trish’s this condition..won’t spare him.. Sikky gets tensed.. 🙁 Aryan looks at him & gives him a hanky& says to wipe the sweats.. Sikky takes that hanky with shaking hands… & tries to wipe his sweats .. Aryan looks at him & asks why r getting tensed mr. pillai.. 🙄 u r not behind all this na.. Sikky hears this & drops the hanky from his hand.. & says of course not aryan.. u’ve seen na i was taking care of your wife in the party.. 🙂 Ar bends down & takes that hanky..& says hmm… so if u saw someone/something suspicious there.. sikky says no.. 🙁
    Aryan says r u sure mr. piallai?? 🙄 he says ya..but,stops seeing that meds wrapper in aryan’s hand… Aryan glares at him.. sikky says why r looking at me like this Aryan?? 🙄 & tries to look away.. 🙁 aryan asks if u recognized this wrapper sikky?? 🙄 he says no..i don’t know.. 🙁 Aryan says but, a waiter recognized that person who mixed this meds in trish’s drink.. sikky gets super-tensed & says how can it possible.. 🙄 no one saw me mixing this meds.. & stops seeing Aryan & Aarab’s reaction.. 🙄 that he has caught.. 🙁 sikky tries to act & says u can’t prove anything Aryan.. as u don’t have any witness,.. Aryan gets angry & grabs sikky collar. .& says sach bolo.. sikky says u r not doing right aryan..i’m also a police -officer.. Aryan again says sach bologe ya… he is about to punch him.. but, Sikky bends down & holds Aryan’s feet.. 🙁 & says..haan..haan..batata hun..” par maarna mat.. ” 🙁

    A paper weight falls down from the table! Sikky comes out from his imagination.. He looks aryan-aarab & thinks thank god its all mine imagination.. 🙄

    Aarab asks aryan to come with him.. Trio head towards ICU room! Aarab asks aryan go inside & asks him to see trishna! 🙄 Aryan goes inside & sits near to that lady! 🙁 Sikky stays out & looks aryan.. 🙄 Aryan holds that lady’s hand and he cries seeing that lady.. Sikky believes that lady is trishna! 🙁 He comes out from the hospital.. 🙁 He thinks wat is dis? 🙄 Trishna is in now coma stage? 🙄 How its possible? 🙄 Is that all because of that medicine? 🙄 He feels more restless.. 🙁



  23. drishti
    April 17, 10:52 Reply

    Junoon ➡ It’s Not Human Love

    Episode ➡ 63

    Part ➡ 1

    …. Episode starts with showing Mythili looking at her both hands with shock…
    She reads it… Rishabh – Abhay
    AniPia notice Mythili looking at her hands & smile. 🙂

    Both ask in chorus asks how is it? If you like my surprise? 🙄 Mythili looks AniPia with shock.. Anika & Pia look each other & says Ur surprise ❓
    Both Then see Mythili’s hand & get shocked seeing Rishabh-Abhay name on left & right hand respectively..

    AniPia look each other & gets confused.. 🙄 Ani thinks y Pia asked MH to write Abhay’s name? .. 🙄 She looks at pia confusingly & then says its by mistake.. Wash it now.. 🙂 Mythili feels restless & looks her hands.. 🙁 She says no! Let it be.. 🙁 Anika says buttt.. 🙁 both names r written there.. 🙁 Mythili signs no.. 🙁 & thinks don’t know what is written in my destiny.. 🙄 But if this is written for me… 🙁 Then no one can change it.. 🙁

    Just then Indirag goes in center & welcomes everyone for coming here.. 🙂 She says now its time for Sangeet… 🙂 Only ladies will be allowed…

    Aarab/Deep/chand get sad & all men started to leave … 🙁
    Indirag again says stop.. Stop.. U All can stay here.. 🙂 Everyone will enjoy today…. 🙂 All get happy… 🙂

    Deep goes to indirag & says something to her.. Indirag gives him mike 🙂 & he says now I would like to dedicate a special dance for my fiance ❤ ❤ Pia.. everyone gets happy & claps for him.. 🙂
    he signs D.J to start the music.. 🙂

    song plays.. Sari ke fall sa kabhi match kiya re.. 🙂 Kabhi chhor diya dil kabhi catch kiya re… ❤

    shivika push Pia to join him.. 🙂 she joins him…. 🙂

    Deep lifts her in arms… :)Pia hides her face with hands 🙂 & slowly open up both hands…. ❤
    song ends all clap for them.. 🙂

    … Next scene….

    Aryan arrives at Dobriyal house along with Trishna & Raj.. 🙂 Aarab is surprised to see Aryan…. Chand notice Aryan & thinks ye yahan kya kar raha hai ?? 🙄 must be he has some motive…

    Indrab welcomes them happily.. 🙂 Trishna takes blessings from Indrab.. 🙂 Indraji hugs trishna 🙂 & tells you are looking beautiful.. 🙂 Trishna smiles 🙂
    Raj tells my mumma always looks beautiful.. 🙂 Indraji says oh.. ho.. Can you tell how much she is beautiful? 🙄 Raj extends his hands & tells this much beautiful.. 🙂 Aryan-Trishna & Indrab smile seeing Raj. 🙂 Aarab lifts Raj.. 🙂 & Indraji asks what is your name my little prince? 🙄 Raj tells RR.. 🙂

    All look him surprisingly.. Indraji gets little shock+surprise & asks RR? 🙄 Aryan tells Raj.. Raj Roy…. 🙂
    Aarab tells Hmmm.. short form..
    Raj asks where is RR? 🙄 Aarab asks RR? 🙄 But you are here right? 🙄 Raj tells o..ho.. I am not talking abt me but another RR .. 🙂 My mumma has told me that today RR is also going to come here! 🙂 So me & mumma came here to meet him! 🙂 Trishna smiles while Aryan looks both Trishna & Raj..

    Aarab asks okk.. 🙂 So what will you talk to him as you are going to meet him 1st time na.. 🙂 Raj tells No I am not going to talk anything 🙂 but just want to see him.. 🙂 Because mumma told me that RR looks Handsome! 🙂 So I want to know how much more handsome is he than me..! ! All laugh.. Indraji pinches his cheeks & tells how sweetly he is speaking 🙂

    Indrab brings trio inside & introes them to all.. Shivika smile seeing them! DeePia fume little bit but they smiles fakely.. Aryan congratulates them.. Trishna hugs Pia & congratulates her .. Mythili comes there & finds Aryan.. She gets hyper & thinks Aryan ?? 🙁 yahan pe?? 🙄 why is he here? 🙄 Is there any problem? 🙁 Then she finds trishna-raj too 🙂 & thinks dad must be invited them here for the function.. 🙂

    She feels relax & goes near to Trishna.. 🙂 She asks Trishna how are you now di? 🙄 Trishna looks her & nodes fine.. 🙂 She asks I can call you as di na? 🙂 Trishna smiles & tells sure.. 🙂 You r Playing Madhu’s char n.. 🙂 Raj tells Maduuu… 🙂 (looking towards Mythili 🙄 ) All smile .. : ) 🙂

    Aarab tells her name is Mythili.. 🙂 Madhu is her char name in movie.. 🙂 Raj repeats no.. Maduuu is good.. :)I will call her Maduu only..

    Trishna chides Raj.. & tells you can’t call her like dis.. She is elder than you na.. 🙂 Mythili tells its ok.. 🙂 fine.. Mythili is about to lifts Raj 🙂 but he steps back says I hate Mehndiiii.. Mythili notices mehndi in her hand.. 🙄 & then quickly hides it..

    She asks okk now tell me what is your name? 🙄 Raj tells RR.. She gets surprised & asks RR? 🙄 He tells haan.. 🙂 Raj Roy.. 🙂 Mythili tells aahaaaan.. Nice name All get busy in talking.. 🙂 Aryan eyes r cont. searching someone & thinks kab aaoge tum Abhay… Kab tk bachoge tum…

    Guests asks Shivika to dance .. 🙂 Deep says go dude.. 🙂 Now you have fulfilled uncle’s condition n.. 🙂 Shiva says not yet .. I need to prove more.. 🙂 Deep says hmmm! Don’t do this nautanki in front of me.. ;-)Go & dance… 🙂 Ani comes to Shiva.. 🙂 Indirab also asks them to dance… 🙂
    Bg song starts… Sazda ..tera sazda… 🙂
    Shiva & Anika starts dancing .. 🙂
    Shivika drag DeePia also in center 🙂 & they also start to dance.. 🙂
    Mythili is watching their dance 🙂
    Just then…Lights went off.. Someone drags Mythili to the center & She gets shocked seeing Abhay! Spotlight falls on them.. 🙂 He asks Did you miss me? 🙄 Mythili looks into Abhay’s eyes.. 🙂 She is lost in thoughts of AbhaYa moments.. ❤ ❤ ❤

    BG… main deewani..haan deewani.. 🙂

    They start to dance passionately.. 🙂 He twirls her…. 🙂 He cont twirls her.. 🙂 He smiles looking at her.. 🙂 He leaves her hand & slowly moves back in darkness giving a flying kiss to her.. She looks him going & runs towards him.. 🙂 Just then from someone holds her hand & pulls her closer.. 🙂 He holds her waist.. & comes near to her ear & tells I am here Miss.Mythili… Mythili looks him & tells RR.. 🙂 RR smiles.. 🙂 He lifts her.. 🙂
    Bg…cont… 🙂

    She recalls MyRi’s moments! ❤ ❤ ❤
    He drops her down..sets her hair & holds her cheeks.. 🙂 Eyelock 🙂
    they do R.k banner pose.. 🙂 just then, Abhay also comes there & holds her right hand .. & RR holds her left hand.. Mythili is in center! https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=496791307060265&set=a.320887031317361.72726.320840894655308&type=1&relevant_count=1
    song ends..
    She looks both.. & tells RishAbhay! 🙂 She looks both cont.. 🙄 & in dilemma! 🙁

    Just then Indiraji touches Mythili’s shoulder..& signs to enjoy the dance.. Mythili realizes that it was her imagination… Dance performance ends..
    (DeePia ends their performance in SRK style & shiVika in Rk style)
    All praise Shivika & DeePia.. 🙂
    Shivika hug Indrab happily… 🙂 .Mythili goes to them & says you forgot me.. 🙂 She too hugs them but still lost in other world.. 🙂
    Indraji notices Abhay name in Mythili’s right hand.. While Aarab sees Rishabh name in her left hand… Mythili quickly hides her hands & moves away.. Indrab look at Mythili & think something.. 🙄

    Trishna is looking towards Shivika & DeePia.. 🙄 Aryan asks what happened.. 🙄 she says we were like them before marriage na.. 🙂 but,now u have changed completely… Not a romantic person anymore .. only angry policewala .. Aryan smirks who said now, i’m not romantic. .he puts his hand around her .. 🙂 she feels shy & looks around & removes his hand… 🙂 & says what r u doing?? 🙄 all r looking.. Aryan chides & says now, what happened?? U only said na i’m not romantic so showing my romantic side.. then,why r u feeling shy.. reality is that i’m not changed but u have changed after marriage.. she chides..i’m not ..he says o.k..then, prove it… 🙂 he goes from there 🙂 & Trishna smiles…..… 🙂

    Song… Mere yara tere gam hum agar payenge… 🙂

    all get surprised to see Trishna singing.. Aryan smiles sweetly.. 🙂 Raj goes & sits in Mythili’s lap.. 🙂 she smiles & hugs him….. some girls bring Trish in center.. 🙂 She stops & looks everyone.. 🙄 Indirag asks her to continue.. 🙂

    Trishna looks towards Aryan.. 🙂 Aryan also joins her.. 🙂

    Song cont.- chahe sukh ho chahe dukh ho..dil ne tujh ko hi pukara ..sab ko rab ka hai..mujhe tera hai sahara.. 🙂

    he extends his hand..& she gives .. 🙂 both dance slowly .. 🙂 Raj who is sitting in Mythili’s lap claps & giggle..

    Part ➡ 2

    …Samrat’s Mansion…7 p.m

    Nayasha is sitting on sofa with a glass of drink in her hand.. She talk to self sorry Samrat.. I killed you.. I killed you but my plan failed.. You r of no use samrat.. Marne se pahle v nhi Marne k baad v nhi.

    [ Fb – Nayasha says “a cold blooded murder” Samrat asks whom?? 🙄 Nayasha offers him drink.. 🙂 He takes a sip.. 🙂
    Nayasha smiles seeing him & says you… 🙂 Sam gets shocked & looks at her .. 🙄 She quickly transforms her as wolf & attacks on samrat.. Drink-glass falls down from his hand…
    Samrat also tries to transform himself but can’t.. 🙁 Nayasha attacks on him & he falls on ground.. 🙁 She comes in human form & says sorry dad.. 🙁 r u confused why are you unable to change urself as wolf? .. 🙄 Uff u have just drank the sandal-drink.. few minutes before .. It will kill you from inside..

    Aryan is also in his way to search Trishna.. Sid’s truth will come out .. Then I will become the hh’s head.. She laughs evilly.. Samrat tries to touch her face but falls down again.. 🙁 fb ends..]

    Nayasha fumes recalling all this & says your death didn’t work samrat.. Sid escaped from Aryan & now I have to follow Sid’s order.. I am executing his plan.. Just then someone comes & says you remembered me.. Here I come…

    ..Another scene…. Dobriyal house… 🙂

    Everyone is busy in talking & eating.. 🙂
    Aarab goes to chand & offers him drink.. 🙂 Chand says but I don’t drink.. Aarab says its not that drink just simple fruits cocktail.. 🙂 Chand smiles & takes the glass.. 🙂 Aarab then goes to other guests…. 🙂

    Indirag asks Padminig to have some snacks.. 🙂 Padminig takes a glass of cold drink. 🙂 Indirag asks waiting for RR.. 🙄 Padminig nodes…. 🙂
    Mythili is also keep looking at entrance door & thinks y neither Abhay nor Rishabh.. 🙄 Come till now.. 🙁 Abhay will not come 🙁 but RR can come… 🙂

    Aryan calls a waiter.. 🙂 He comes & Aryan recognizes him & says Mr.Pillai.. Sikky nodes. Aryan asks but what are you doing here? 🙄 Sikky tells yes I am here 🙂 & some guards (un uniform) too..for safety.. 🙂 Because already someone has kidnapped trishna mam na.. 🙁 So I thought to provide some protection! 🙂

    Aryan gives surprised look & tells I am impressed Mr.Pillai.. 🙂 1st time seeing you like this. I mean showing so much interest in your work.. 🙂 Aryan pats his shoulder & tells Keep it up & he moves from there! 🙂
    Sikky thinks I didnot even start work & u r praising me Mr.Aryan Roy.. 🙂 He looks Trishna (sitting with MyPiKa 🙂 ) & thinks something.. 🙄 He calls a waiter & takes a glass of cold drinks..
    He takes out a small packet from his pocket..

    [ fb- Nayasha meets sikky & fakely cries in front of sikky.. Nayasha tells Abhay got bail.. 🙁 Sikky replies I know! 🙁 Nayasha hugs sikky & tells he killed my dad but now he is roaming outside happily.. 🙁 I thought Aryan will punish him 🙁 for his deeds but he cheated me..
    Sikky tries to console her & tells its not Aryan’s mistake but RR only showed so much interest to get Abhay out..

    Nayasha tells hmm.. But that Abhay was also involved in kidnapping of Trishna! Sikky asks how do you know that? 🙄 He also remembers Abhay’s face running near cave incident.. She tells I knew very well abt Abhay.. He is not a good person.. Sikky tells but now we can’t do anything.. 🙁 Because he has already got bail.. 🙁 She tells no.. don’t tell like that my sikky darling.. Now you only can help me.. 🙂 Sikky asks how? 🙄
    She tells for that we have to make Trishna speak.. Sikky asks means? 🙄 She tells now Trishna is unable to remember anything.. 🙁 If she reveals abt the truth then Aryan won’t leave Abhay na! He tells good idea..

    She gives a small packet to sikky & asks him to mix that in Trishna’s food.. He asks what is this? 🙄 She tells this medicine will make her remember everything soon.. He asks really? She tells yess.. Its a special medicine.. I am doing this all to take revenge from Abhay.. She again acts like crying.. He tells ok ok.. I am doing this for u.. 🙁 But she is in police quarter na how can i go.. 🙄 She will doubt on me! 🙁 I can give this packet to Aryan & will say that it will help Trishna in remembering everything.. 🙂
    Nayasha thinks idiot.. Why this idiot is asking too much questions? 🙄 She tells Idiottt.. Sikky looks at her .. 🙄 Nayasha says Aryan is idiot.. He won’t understand.. 🙁 he will never agree to use this medicine on his pregnant wife… & Sikky darling 🙂 as per information today evening Aryan is going Dobriyal house to attend a function along with Trishna-Raj.. 🙂 So you can do this work secretly there na. 🙂 no one will doubt on you right.. 🙄 Pls do this for me.. 🙂 He tells but how can I go there? 🙄 She holds his hands & tells you can.. you only can do dis dear.. 🙂 He looks her.. 🙄 She makes innocent face.. He then agrees 🙂 fb ends..]

    … At function…. 🙂

    Sikky mixes that powder in the cold drink..& goes near to Trishna.. Who is talking with Indiraji.. 🙂 He offers her that cold drink.. Trishna looks him & then takes that cold drinks from his hand & smiles 🙂
    He also smiles & moves from there silently.. 🙂 Sikky goes to washroom! After some time he comes out.. & finds Trishna is talking with Aryan & drinking that cold drink too.. He feels relax & calls Nayasha..

    Nayasha picks it & asks the matter? He tells work is done! 🙂 She smiles evilly & tells thank you so much darling.. 🙂 I don’t have any words to thank you.. 🙂 He jumps in happiness.. Just then one guard calls sikky.. She cuts the call..

    Nayasha happily tells your work has done.. Mr. V.S mehra… Camera shows his face & He laughs & says it seems My new look has bring my charm back…. Its mine plan.. V.S plan.. Vampire Siddhartha ka plan…

    [ Fb – After coming from Abroad … V.S Mehra is on his way to home in car… Sid appears in front of his car.. Driver stops the car & comes out.. Sid says I don’t like ur face.. So u r rejected…. He hypnotizes him.. V.s is in car totally terrified.. 🙁 Sid moves towards him & V.s opens the car’s door & runs.. Sid catches him & says this look will suit me.. He clicks his pic & then sucks his blood.. V.S dies.. 🙁
    Some hh comes there & sid asks them to dump the body
    …A Hospital….
    Sid hypnotyses a Doc & shows V.S pic to him..
    He comes out from Hospital with V.S Face.. ]

    Nayasha tells hereafter Trish wouldn’t remember anything about that incident..
    But again Nayasha thinks something 🙄 & says but your face is changed now n.. 🙄 So what’s the need to do these things… 🙄

    Sid smirks & tells not only her memories but she too will be no more.. Nayasha asks what?? 🙄 You told me… that medicine will affect her memory..? 🙄 He tells hmmm.. Yes.. It will affect her & her memory & her unborn child too….
    He evilly laughs! Nayasha looks him…


    Part ➡ 3

    All r enjoying the function… 🙂 Aryan goes near to chand & asks Mr.Chandra where is Abhay?? 🙄 Will he come or not.. 🙄 ? Or runaway from here… 🙄 Chand says wait Mr.Aryan.. Y r u so desperate to meet him.. He knows kab aana h or kis se milna h.. Aryan says let’s see & moves aside ..

    next scene..

    Mythili is also looking at door 🙄 (herself don’t know why. 🙁 .).. Pia comes to her & says di! U should wash it now.. 🙁 What would everyone think if they saw this… 🙄 Mythili looks at entrance & then her hands.. 🙄 She says I don’t care…

    camera shows Abhay at entrance.. 🙂 Trishna sees him & thinks that he is RR.. 🙂 She is about to go near to him 🙂 but just then RR also comes 🙂 & both r in same look & in black dress ! 🙂 ..

    RishAbhay look each other.. 🙄

    Pia says di look at them .. 🙂 Both r here.. 🙂 Mythili is still looking at her hand & asks who?? 🙄 Pia says di.. 🙂 Look at the entrance.. 🙂 Mythili looks upon & find RishAbhay.. 🙂
    Camera shows RishAbhay 🙂 /RishAbhay’s name in Mythili hands 🙂 /Mythili in same frame.. 🙂

    All r looking them with Big eyes.. RishAbhay smirk!

    Indraji is totally shocked.. Mythili feels happy seeing them.. 🙂 She notices everyone reactions! 🙄 RishAbhay step in.. 🙂 She asks Deep why did not you inform me abt it earlier? 🙄 Deep tells Abhay only asked me not to reveal anything.. may be he think to give surprise to you.. 🙂 Chand comes near to them! 🙂 He introes Abhay to everyone! 🙂 Padmini ji is skeptical.. 🙄 Indrab look Abhay then RR.. 🙄 RR then Abhay cont.. They could not believe anything.. Indirab look each other & says Abhay.. 🙄 He looks like RR… 🙂 both smirk to see each other..

    Shivika r also shocked.. Anika says its like miracle.. She runs to Mythili & says u know last time when Abhay came to our college.. 🙂 That time I also guessed that I have seen him earlier.. 🙂 Now I know y I felt like that.. 🙂 He is copy of RR.. 🙂 Mythili fumes & says what r u saying. Noone is copy of anyone..

    Aryan is also surprised seeing RishAbhay together 1st time (Abhay in real look no any disguise )
    Raj tells do-do RR.. Trishna is in dilemma.. 🙁 She asks Aryan who r they.. 🙄 Means who is RR & who is the other guy.. 🙄
    Aryan says that blued-eye person is Abhay.. Trishna looks at Abhay & automatically starts to move towards him… Abhay also notices her..
    Both look each other.. 🙄 Abhay’s eyes turns full blue &………………
    Trish gets some blur images of that horrible incident 🙁 & gets scared.. 🙁 She tightly holds Aryan’s arms! 🙁 Aryan looks Trishna & asks what happened? 🙄 She holds her stomach & starts to feel uneasy.. 🙁 Aryan holds Trishna & makes her sit.. 🙁 She cries! Aryan asks what happened? Are you ok? 🙄
    Everyone hears Trishna’s voice & rushes to her…

    She points her finger towards RishAbhay.. 🙄 Aryan looks Trishna & RishAbhay.. 🙄 She tells He.. He.. He is the one.. He is..
    RR gets confused 🙄 & asks who is she ?? & why she has pointed her fingers towards me like this 🙄 ..am i looking scary??
    Abhay thinks might be Trishna has recognized me.. 🙄
    Trishna again says He is the.. 🙁

    Aryan thinks Trishna has recognized who kidnapped her.. If its Abhay then.. He fumes.. She gets unconscious & falls on his arms.. 🙁 Aryan holds her face & calls Trishna.. 🙁 Trishna… 🙁
    (Sikky moves aside… )

    Aarab quickly checks trishna.. 🙄 Aryan is in full tension.. 🙁 Indraji asks what happened to her? 🙄 Aarab tells nothing to worry.. 🙂 Already she is unwell & pregnent too.. So these things are normal.. 🙂 Aryan feels relax.. 🙂

    Aarab asks indraji to handle function work.. 🙂 He then calls Shiva & asks him to keep Raj with him for some time.. 🙂 !
    Aarab signs Aryan.. 🙄 Aryan lifts trishna.. 🙂 Abhay also about to go upstairs but stops after realizing that Aryan doesn’t want anybody… 🙁

    Aryan-Trish & Aarab go upstairs towards guest room! 🙁
    Padmini ji notices all & moves silently from there.. 🙁 Abhay signs something to chand & he leaves…

    Other guests are exciting talking abt RishAbhay.. 🙂 Mythili comes near to RishAbhay.. 🙂 Trio looks.. 🙄 She is about to show her both hands.. 🙂 But Anika comes & drags her.. Mythili goes from there looking towards RishAbhay.. 🙄 RR says I guess Mythili wanted to tell something 🙄 Abhay says she doesn’t want to tell anything but wanted to show…
    Both says in chorus “ur name in her hand..” Both look at each other…

    RR says ahaaann! u also jokes but I don’t like this… Abhay says I never jokes.. RR says hmmm ok tell me one thing when did u plann to come here in front of everyone.. Abhay keeps mum & looks upstairs.. 🙄 He then says “kuchh chijen jab kisi KO smajh nhi aaye to samjhani parti h.. Mere tarike se”

    RR also looks Upstairs & says I know what is in ur mind.. 🙄 Abhay looks everyone talking about them .. 🙄 He goes outside..
    RR is about to go towards Mythili 🙂 but collides with Raj & both say can’t u see… RR looks at Raj..

    next scene..

    Guest room… 🙂
    Trishna is lying on the bed.. 🙁 Aryan sits near to her and cups her face.. 🙁 He feels sad for her.. 🙁 Aarab is watching them silently! Aryan looks Aarab & asks she is fine na? 🙄 I know you are hiding something.. 🙁
    Aarab tells I think i should ask this question to you!? 🙄 Aryan stands and comes near to Aarab.. Aarab asks what is bothering her? 🙄 Aryan is mum.. Aarab tells there is a quote in the world “One should not hide anything from Doctor & Lawyer”
    & you are also must know abt it as a Police Officer! Am I right Mr.Aryan? 🙄 Aarab looks Aryan 🙄 & tells your wife is looking weak & she is taking too much of stress.. 🙁 Now she is pregnent & its not good for her health too.. 🙁 So now tell me what is bothering her? 🙄 Aryan keeps mum.. Aarab waits for a while & about to move.. Aryan tells its because of ABHAYyy.. Aryan grins his teeth & fumes..
    Aarab suprisingly looks Aryan & asks Abhay? 🙄 Aryan tells yes its all because of him.. He is the one who kidnapped Trishna & he is the one who tortured my wife badly.. Aarab asks what are you saying? 🙄 Why would he do this.. ?? 🙄 Aryan tells he is behind all the murders & want me to stop investigation .. Only He has kidnapped Trishna! Aarab asks but.. how can you tell this.. 🙄 With so much confident? 🙄 & you have arrested Abhay for sam’s murder na.. 🙄 I mean you doubted on him for this na.. 🙄 Aryan tells I wanted to be assure about it thats why I brought Trishna here to show Abhay.. I thought if she sees Abhay.. She will recognise him surely.. & also I will get some clue abt it.. & my guess was right. while looking Abhay.. She got scared & faint.. 🙁 He fumes thinking of Abhay.. How dare he.. Aarab tells calm down Aryan.. 🙂 If he did that.. then law will punish him surely.. Aryan looks Trishna.. 🙄 Aarab tells she will be fine soon.. 🙂 Dont worry.. 🙂 Aarab turns & abt to leave.. Aryan holds his hand & stops him.. Aarab looks aryan.. 🙄 Aryan tells I want to ask something.. Aarab nodes!


    Dehradun Hospital..

    Aryan arrives there with sikky.. Both quickly rush inside aarab’s cabin.. Aryan is looking tensed.. 🙁 He asks wat happened? 🙄 Wat happened to my wife? 🙁 Sikky is in dilemma! 🙁 Aarab sadly informs that trishna is in coma stage.. 🙁 Now we cant do anything.. 🙁 Aryan breaks down while sikky gets shocked hearing that..

  24. drishti
    April 10, 10:44 Reply

    Junoon ➡ It’s Not Human Love 😛

    Episode ➡ 62

    Part ➡ 1

    Episode starts… 🙂 With showing Aryan attending a call in his quarter…. 😯 He asks r u sure??? 🙄 Is that any animal.. 😯
    Person from other end says yes sir… 😯 Its confirmed.. 😯 Aryan says okk m coming.. & cuts the call. 😯

    Chand’s bunglow… 🙂

    Chand & Deep r ready to go to PS… 😯 Just then chand gets call from indirag.. 🙂
    Chand – hello! Indirag 🙂
    Indira – sorry to bother u now Mr.Chandra.. 🙁 But I need to ask this.. 😯
    is it okk for u if we go ahead with Pia’s mehndi & sangeet function?… 🙄

    Chand looks at Deep 🙄 & says ya.. Ya.. 🙂
    Indirag again asks but Abhay?? 🙄
    Chand says don’t worry.. 🙂 We are going to PS now & he will be there for function too… 🙂

    Indirag gets happy & says its great news… 🙂 Abhay didn’t do any crime… 🙂 So, Police can’t keep any innocent in jail n.. 🙂
    Chand cuts the call & Deep asks what function.. 🙄 Chand says Pia’s Mehandi function…. 🙂 Deep smiles & says let’s go to PS first.. 🙂 RR must be waiting.. 🙂 Both leave… 🙂

    … Dobriyal House…. 🙂

    Aarab is getting ready in front of the mirror…. 🙂 Indirag comes there happily & informs about Abhay.. 🙂 while wearing tie Aarab says but nothing has proven yet. 🙄 Indirag says exactly nothing has proven… 🙂 Aarab looks at her & says okk then start preparation.. 🙂 But now tell me one thing.. 😯 Indirag asks what?? 🙄
    Aarab – where is my wallet & hanky..?? 🙄

    she chides & says u can’t do anything with yourself.. 😉 always need my support.. 😉 & gives him his wallet & hanky 🙂 ..he smiles & thanks her 🙂 & says u r my ” support system ” Mrs. Aarab Dobriyal.. 😉 She smiles & helps him in wearing tie properly.. 🙂

    he asks if she has started to invite the guests.. 🙄 she says not yet.. 🙁 & if u want to invite someone then tell me.. 🙄
    Aarab thinks something .. 🙄 she asks what happened ?? 🙄 he says nothing .. 🙁 I’m thinking to invite Aryan with his family as they r new here .. 🙂 she says but, I don’t think that he would accept it.. 🙄

    Mr. chand is also coming what’ll he think we invited Aryan who arrested his son.. 🙄 Aarab says I don’t think he’ll feel bad.. 🙂 whatever Aryan is doing is his profession .. 🙂 there is nothing personal .. 🙂 so u just relax.. 🙂 she nodes..& asks him to finish the work fast 🙂 & come on time.. 🙂 he nodes & goes.. 🙂

    ..Dehradun PS…

    RR’s car arrive there C.g comes out 😆 & opens the door for RR.. 😎
    RR comes out & asks where is the lawyer C.G .. 🙄 just then, lawyer comes there & says sir I’ve arranged bail for Mr. Abhay.. 🙂 RR says good.. 🙂 let’s go.. 🙂 RR moves ..C.G & lawyer follow him.. 😉

    At the entry door RR collides with Aryan.. 😯 cg gets shocked & thinks lo ek aur musibat .. 😆 ab kya hoga?? 😳 both glare at each other.. 👿 C.G interrupts & says chief chale?? 🙄 Aryan asks the matter .. 🙄 the advocate says him about bail… 🙂

    Aryan fumes & says he can’t get bail .. 👿 I’ve strong evidence against him.. 👿 Lawyer says court has granted his bail.. 🙂 You can’t stop us. 👿 RR interrupts Mr.A.B.C court was closed yesterday not today.. 😉 We have legal papers too .. 🙂
    Aryan looks at RR & says u r not doing right RR.. 👿 what do u think? 🙄 u’ll save him.. 👿 RR signs C.g & lawyer to go & complete the formality…. 🙂 Both go. 🙂

    RR smirks & says now tell what were u saying?? 😉 Aryan glares at him & says what do u think.. 🙄 u’ll save a culprit by using your money power.. 👿 RR smirks & says I don’t need to show anything to anyone 😉 ..& about Abhay ..I know he is innocent.. 🙂 Aryan says why r u taking so much interest in this case.. 🙄 as per my info. he is not your friend/relative .. then, why?? 🙄 RR smirks & says u wouldn’t understand.. 😉

    Just then Aryan gets a call.. 😯 He thinks this time I will come with full evidence.. 😯 He leaves… 😯

    RR enters the PS.. & comes face to face with Abhay… 🙂 RR says welcome back fr.. 😉
    Abhay interrupts Frienemy 😉

    RR thanks the lawyer & lawyer leaves… 🙂 All come out of PS.. 🙂
    C.g says chief we have to go to Sam’s office.. 👿 (Abhay gets alert but keep quite.. 😐 ) We r getting late.. 🙁 RR says relax C.g 😉 , we will go but after dropping Abhay at home…. 🙂

    just then, chand arrives there in car with Deep.. 🙂 Both get happy to see Abhay.. 🙂 Deep thanks RR for the help. 🙂 RR smirks & says you weren’t in the lockup right… 😉 Abhay should thank me n.. 😉 Abhay looks at him & extends his hand for handshake.. 🙂 Both shake hands 🙂 & Abhay says thanx… (A kind of power generate there… 😯 )

    both feel something special.. 🙂 RR jerks his hand & looks at Abhay astonished. 😯
    He then asks C.G to go & leaves in hurry. 😯

    Deep says strange he was normal a moment ago & changed suddenly.. 🙄
    Abhay looks at his hand with shock.. 😯
    He then notices that chand is smiling.. 🙄 & asks why r u smiling?? 🙄 Chand says don’t know what kind of person is this RR?? 😉 No one knows what will he say/do very next moment.. 😉 sometimes behave like rude , arrogant & egoistic.. 👿 & sometimes very nice.. 🙂 Abhay also smile & says hmm he is very complicated & unique … 😉 Chand says hmmm just like u.. 😉 both look at each other.. 🙄

    …Dobriyal house…. 🙂

    Indraji is busy on phone in inviting ppl for Pia’s sangeet & mehandi function…. 🙂

    She checks the guest lists.. 🙂 she starts calling & inviting everyone for sangeet-mehandi function.. 🙂 Indirag again checks the list & thinks should I invite them or not.. 🙄 Padminig is so nice 🙁 but not his son.. 👿 What to do?? 🙄 He is a common friend of DeePia.. 🙂 After a little suspicion.. she calls padminiji 🙂 & invites her to come at function along with RR .. 🙂 Padminig happily accepts her invitation.. 🙂

    Next scene… Dehradun hospital…

    Aarab is in his cabin .. 🙂 A Jr.doc comes there & says sir! This is the postmortem report of Sam khurana. 😯 Pls check it once… 😯 Aarab nodes & takes the file. 😯

    He reads it & gets shocked.. 😯 He thinks animal-attack 🙄
    Just then Aryan enters in his cabin.. 😯 Both look at each other… 🙄
    Aryan says hope u read this. 🙄 Aarab says you should also read it.. 😯 According to postmortem report Sam khurana died because of animal attack.. 😯 Aryan smirks just like previous cases.. 😯

    Aarab says but it is the fact.. 😯 U or I can’t change it.. 🙁 Aryan takes the report from Aarab & read it.. 😯 He says it is also possible that someone used artificial animal-claws to attack Sam.. 😯 Aarab nodes… 😯 But again Aryan notices something in report 😯 & says timing of death between 3-5 pm… Before 41 hr.. 😯

    Aayan checks the report date & thinks Sam died on same day when Trishna was saved.. 😯

    Aarab says what happened ?? 🙄 U want to ask something.. 🙄 Aryan says no.. 🙁 This report is enough.. 👿 He is about to go but Aarab stops him & says there is a function at my home in evening.. 🙂 Pia’s mehndi-sangeet function… 🙂 You with your family are also invited. 🙂 Aryan says… thanks Mr.Aarab.. 🙂 but sorry I can’t come.. 🙁 You know My wife is not well. 🙁 Aarab says but still you r invited.. 🙂
    Aryan just nodes & leaves. 🙂


    Part ➡ 2

    …..Sam’s office… 👿

    RR’s car arrives there… he walks in anger.. 👿 C.g follows him.. 😆 Nayasha comes to him & evilly smiles.. 👿 she says welcome my dear handsome superstar… 👿 RR fumes.. & asks what’s all this?? 👿 Who is ur new partner & where is he? 🙄 .. Call him.. 👿
    Nayasha puts her hands around RR’s neck 👿 & says RR u don’t understand anything… 😉 RR removes her hands & glares at her .. 👿 Nayasha smiles & says uff ye gussa ..tumhari isi ada pe to main fida hun RR… 😉

    Just then MyPia also arrive there… 🙂 Pia looks at Nayasha & says it seems that Sam’s death didn’t affect you.. 👿 U r happy enough & busy in flirting.. 👿 Nayasha fumes.. 👿

    Mythili asks tell why you called us urgently.. ?? 🙄 Nayasha signs towards a cabin & says someone is waiting for you there.. 😯 Go ahead… 👿
    camera shows a person looking at them… 😯

    MyPia & RR move towards cabin… 🙂

    Chand’s bunglow….

    Abhay is quite 😐 (as usual… 😉 )
    Deep asks chand to come aside & says what is happening.. 🙄 Why is he not saying anything?.. 🙄 Now how to tell him that there is a function .. & he has to attend.. 👿
    Chand says he knows it… 🙂 But I don’t know what is in his mind.. 🙁
    Abhay comes to them & says what you guys r doing here?.. 🙄 Start preparation.. 🙂 We all have to go to Dobriyal house… 🙂 Deep says we?? U too? 🙄 Abhay says yes me too.. 🙂 Chand looks at Abhay & says but RR must be there.. 🙄 Everyone will ask too many questions if they saw both of you together.. 🙄 They will try to know more n More about you.. 👿 Abhay smirks & says everything is going to end soon.. 😉 So don’t worry.. 🙂

    …..Sam’s Office….

    MyPia & RR enter the cabin … 🙂 A person is sitting on chair looking down.. 😯 holding his head with both hands.. Pia says di.. I told u earlier n.. I saw a person in Samrat’s Mansion… 😯 Mythili tries to see his face… 🙄 RR sits on chair & says for what u called us here?.. 🙄 That person doesn’t reply… 😐 RR fumes… 👿 Mythili says let me ask.. She says We don’t have enough time to sit here… 🙁 So pls tell for what u called us.. 🙄 RR smirks… 😉

    Pia is about to jerk him but he yawns & wakeup.. 😳

    He says oh! I was sleeping…. 😉 from when u all r here.. 🙄 You should wake me earlier… 😉 BTW I am V.S. Mehra… New in-charge 🙂

    he extends his hand for hand shake,but RR ignores … 😳 that person smiles & says it seems u don’t like me.. 😉 RR says better to concentrate on work.. 👿 he says oh! sure Mr. Rishabh Raichand… 🙂 he dials a no. & asks someone to come in cabin… 😯 A boy knocks at the door… 😯 V.S signs him to come in.. 🙂 MyPia get shocked to see him.. 😯 RR sees MyPia’s face & then that boy.. 😯 (Its Shiva..)

    V.S says what happened if you all know him?.. 🙄 Mythili stands & goes to shiva.. 😯 She asks what r u doing here?… 🙄 V.S interrupts.. Miss.Mythili sit down.. 👿 He is my P.A . 🙂 Mythili doesn’t respond to him & continue her questions.. 👿 She asks you said u will work as a writer .. but P.A 🙄 u can’t work here.. 👿 Shiva ignores her & goes to V.S .. 👿 RR is just listening whole thing calmly…. 😎
    (Seriously calmly.. RR & calmness 🙂 )

    Nayasha enters there & says Mythili .. 🙂 That P.A is ur brother.. 🙂 Oh! Don’t worry we will take good care of him.. 👿 Very good care… 👿 Mythili fumes.. & looks at Shiva 🙁
    V.s says ladies & RR.. 😉 I called you all here to discuss about Movie-Promotion.. 🙂
    now Shiva will handle all promotional things.. 🙂 he will give you all details where to go.. 🙂 What to say about movie & how to promote it. 🙂 RR says I don’t need his advice.. 👿 My c.g will handle all things.. 🙂 RR stands to go & V.s says soch lo… 👿 RR looks at V.S & then Shiva.. 🙄 He holds Mythili’s hand 👿 (Shiva fumes..) & drags her with him.. 👿
    Pia follows them… 🙁
    V.s says you was right Natasha.. 😉 RR is really not interested in movie-promotion. 😉

    ..Another scene.. Aryan’s quarter…

    Aryan comes there & asks Trishna to pack bags .. 😯 as she is going back to Mumbai with Raj.. 😯
    Trishna gets happy 🙂 but again looks at Aryan & says only me with Raj.. Not you?? 🙄
    Aryan says I will have to stay here till I solve the
    case 🙁 Trishna gets upset.. 🙁 & says no I wouldn’t go.. 🙁 Aryan tries to make her understand but she refuses.. 🙁 Aryan thinks for a while & talks to self I can’t put my family in danger again… 🙁 I need to solve this case asap.. 🙁 & for this Trishna must see & meet him..she will surely recognize him.. 😯
    Trishna is sitting on bed sadly… 🙁 Aryan sits next to her & holds her hand..he says fine.. 🙂 You don’t want to go n.. 🙂 Okk but we have to somewhere in evening.. 🙂 Trishna looks at him & asks where 🙄
    Aryan says Mr.Aarab has invited us for Piyali’s mehndi function.. 🙂 That time I made an excuse that U r not well 🙁 Abhay & Mr. Chand must be there in the party..& they r involved in the case somehow… 🙄 but now I think that….. 🙄 she interrupts but, you only used to say to keep personal & professional life separate.. 🙂 & now u r mixing it yourself. 🙁
    why u said no..he can feel bad.. 🙁 see, we don’t know anyone here & he invited us.. 🙂 it’s really good na.. 🙂 I think we should go there. 🙂
    Aryan says hmmm…you need to listen to me.. 🙂 I am also saying the same..but u stopped me in between.. 😳 Trishna asks Piyali is Mr. Aarab’s daughter?? 🙄 Aryan says no.. She is adopted daughter of Sam khurana.. 👿 Trishna says don’t you think this sounds confusing .. 🙄 Aryan says you don’t think about it.. 🙁 They r nice people.. 🙂
    Trishna again says Mythili Dobriyal.. 🙂 She is working with RR n.. 🙂 May b RR will also come there… 🙂 she smiles & says, now I will definitely go there.. 🙂 Aryan fumes & says but but u r not fine .. 👿 u need complete rest.. 🙂 she says don’t worry I’m fine & will be super fine after seeing Superstar RR 🙂 ..he fumes.. 👿 she laughs .. 😆 Aryan smiles & says o.k… 🙂

    …Outside Sam’s office…

    Mythili jerks her hand & says RR what r u doing.. 👿 RR fumes & says what ur bro is doing here.. 👿 Because of him only u was looking helpless there.. 🙁 Mythili says I wasn’t helpless but worried for bhai.. 🙁 How could he joined them… 🙁 RR says ur bro is like this only.. 😉 Mythili glares at RR.. 👿 Pia comes between them & says y u guys r fighting.. 👿 Both of you want same thing n.. 😳 Then let’s talk to Shiva.. 🙂 Pia goes inside.. 🙂
    After a while… She comes back with Shiva.. 🙂 Shiva says Its my work time.. Tell fast what do you want to say.. 👿 Mythili says u told us u will work as writer 🙂 but here u r working as P.A.. 👿 Shiva says its just a start & m trying to learn other things too.. 🙂 That’s it.. 🙂
    Mythili says bhai its not only about ur job .. 🙁 they r not good people.. 🙁 U can’t work with them… 🙁 Shiva says finally U say the right thing.. 😯 I knew it already u will say this only.. 👿 RR fumes & says then go & work with the hell creatures inside that building…. 👿 RR sits in car & leaves.. 👿
    Shiva says see ur friend… 👿 How he behaved but you didn’t say a word.. 👿
    Mythili is like how to make him understand.. 🙁 She says bhai okk I wouldn’t stop you but u should be alert.. 🙁 & mom must be called you.. 🙂 Shiva says ya! She called me many times but I was unable to receive. 🙁 .Mythili says its Pia’s mehndi-sangeet function in evening n so come soon.. 🙂
    Shiva nodes & says yeah I remember it. 🙂

    Next scene….. RR Mansion.. 🙂

    RR comes back to mansion & sits on sofa totally zonked out… 🙁 Padminiji comes & caresses his head. 🙂 .he opens his eyes slowly & says Maa.. 🙂 she asks ..what happened?? Tired?? 🙄 tum thik ho na rishu?? 🙄 RR says haan maa I’m perfectly fine.. 🙂 as u know na sirf thik hona.. 😉 padminiji completes his word..tumhare standard mein nahi hai.. 😉 he smirks & says Ahaaan.. 😉 both laugh .. 😆 she says now go n fresh… fast.. 🙂 I have made your fav dishes…. 🙂 he smiles & asks any special occasion MAA?? 🙄 u r looking super happy today?? 🙄 she says yes I’m… 🙂 Mythili.. RR looks at her.. 🙄
    Padminig says Mythili’s mom indraji invited us for Pia’s mehndi function.. 🙂 & I think now this is the right time to talk about your & Mythili marriage also… 🙂 .he chides & says no need to talk about this matter.. 🙁 she insists but he cuts in btw & says maa I need some time to relax.. 👿 So don’t disturb me now & goes to his room. 🙁 she thinks ajeeb ladka hai.. 🙄 kabhi khud hi use jabardasti ghar lata hai..kabhi khud hi mana karta hai.. 🙄 (strange boy! ..sometimes himself brought her at home forcibly & sometime himself says no..)

    Part ➡ 3

    …Evening……Dobriyal house.. 🙂

    Indrab r welcoming their guests happily.. 🙂
    Chand with Deep arrives there.. 🙂 http://www.hotstarz.info/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/321251-rithvik-dhanjani.jpg
    Aarab welcomes them.. 🙂 Indirag asks about Abhay… 🙄 Chand says he will come later….. 🙂 Shiva comes there & take them inside…. 🙂
    Just then, a person comes & intores himself as Mehandi hasan.. bollywood mehndi artist.. 🙂 Indrab look at each other confusingly.. 🙄 they excuse & come aside.. 😯 Aarab asks if u called him.. 🙄 she says no I thought u called him.. 🙄 he says how can I call him.. 🙄 Ii was busy in hospital..u have arranged everything na.. 🙄 she says but, I didn’t call him. 🙁 .his charge must be high… 🙁 & we can’t afford it.. 🙁 Aarab asks then who called him.. 🙄 she says how could I know?? 🙄 mehandi hasan is trying to listen their convo. 😳 & says plz don’t mind I am interrupting.. 😉 RR has sent me here 🙂 …they get surprised to hear RR’s name.. 😯 he says yes..his secretary C.g called me 🙂 that RR wants me to put mehndi on the to be bride’s hand.. 🙂 they say sorry we didn’t know about it.. 🙂 & welcome him inside.. 🙂 he asks where is the bride.. 🙄 Indraji takes him to Pia.. 🙂 intores him ..& says RR has specially sent him .. 🙂 http://www.tellychakkar.com/sites/www.tellychakkar.com/files/styles/display_665x429/public/images/story/2013/05/23/sukirti.jpg
    MyPiKa get surprised to hear this.. 😯 Pia says from when he has started to take interest in these things.,. 😉 Anika signs to Mythili..she chides.. 😳

    At the entrance indrab r welcoming ppl & talking too.. 🙂 Aarab says u see na..RR is not that much bad as u think.. 😉 see he is taking care of our family & sent Mehandi Hasan.. 🙂 she smirks .. 😉 just then, padmini comes & they greet each other… 🙂 they thanks & ask for RR.. 🙄 she says he is busy…will come later.. 🙂 they take her inside.. 🙂
    Mythili , Ani. & Pia take her blessings 🙂 she blesses them 🙂 & congratulate pia for engagement.. 🙂

    MH starts to put mehandi on Pia’s hand.. 🙂 Pia feels happy & her eyes starts to search Deep.. 🙄 Right then ShivDeep come downstairs & sits.. 🙂 Deep try to see Pia.. 😳 But he could not see her face properly as some girls r roaming around her.. 😳 Shiv looks at Deep & asks what happened dude? 🙄 Is there anything under sofa? 🙄 Sit properly.. 😉 Deep looks Shiva & asks where is your honey? 🙄 Shiv tells yeah.. Where is she? 🙄 He looks around & also start to search anika.. 😳 Deep repeats the same dialogues to shiv.. 😳 What happened dude? Is there anything under sofa?? Sit properly.. 😉 ShivDeep look at each other & smile… 🙂
    Both ShivDeep lose their patience 🙂 & moves towards the girl’s circle.. 🙂 DeePia-Shivika smiles looking at each other. Shiva sits near to Anika & Deep sits near to Pia.. 🙂

    Mythi asks MH to write The Great Deependra’s name on Pia’s hand.. 🙂 Pia feels shy.. 😳 Deep smiles looking pia.. 🙂 Shiva tells before hand Pia’s face is getting red 😳 because of shyness.. Deepia look each other! 🙄 Eyelock 🙂
    Bg- Mehandi hai rachne wali..
    Mythili asks MH to put mehandi on Anika’s hand too.. 🙂 Anika smiles & tells sure.. 🙂

    Mythili asks Anika do you wish to write bhai’s name on your hand?? 🙄 Anika asks why not? 😉 His name is already written on my destiny na.. 🙂 Shiva smiles & tells but one condition! 😉 http://www.fuzionproductions.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/Mohit-Malhotra-In-Yeh-Hai-Aashiqui2.png Anika looks shiva.. http://media2-starag.startv.in/r1/thumbs/PCTV/98/1000010398/PCTV-1000010398-hl.jpg Shiva tells write your name also in your another hand Mythili tells aahaaan.. 😉 How romantic.. Shivika blushes.. 😳

    Just then Indrab call ShivDeep.. 🙂 They also leave to see guests.. 🙂 AniPia asks MH to put mehndi on Mythili’s hand too.. Mythili denies.. AniPia insists.. She then agrees & tells but only simply design.. AniPia looks each other & tells in chorus okk.. Mythili sits in between AniPia (Ani in left side-Pia in right side) MH starts to put mehndi on Mythili’s hand..
    As soon as He finished Anika wishpers something to MH & Pia too…. He just nodes with confusion… 🙄

    Both AniPia divert Mythili from looking mehandi.. 😳 They both start to talk something.. 😳

    MH finishes putting mehandi on Mythili’s hand & moves.. 🙂
    Indrab r Happy seeing everyone.. 🙂
    Mythili is also happy.. 🙂 She looks her hand casually 🙄 & gets shocked seeing Rishabh-Abhay name in her hands! 😯


    Precap ➡

    Rishabhay 🙂 enter dobriyal house at the same time with same look! ! 🙂 All look at them with Big eyes.. 🙄
    Rishabhay smirk ! 😉 😉

    Aryan gets surprised seeing RishAbhay together 😯 (Abhay in real look 🙂 ) Trishna gets some blur images 🙄 of that horrible incident.. She gets scared 🙁 & she tightly holds Aryan’s arms 🙁 & points her finger towards RishAbhay! :shock:: Aryan looks Trishna & then RishAbhay.. 🙄

  25. drishti
    April 03, 10:47 Reply

    Junoon ➡ It’s Not Human Love 😛

    Episode ➡ 61

    Part ➡ 1

    Episode starts with… 🙂

    Neelambar enters the bunglow… 🙂 Everyone gives a happy & surprised reaction… 😯 Neel says these all things r related.… 😯 He goes near to RR… 🙂

    RR slightly removes his shirt’s collar.. 🙂 Neel sees his marks… 😯

    DeePia ask how it happened?? 🙄 RR says no idea… 🙁 Mythili says these marks 🙁 (she quickly goes to him ).. appeared again…. 🙁 but it was healed that day na… 🙄 all look at her with confusion… 🙄 Pia asks di u knew about it?? :roll it means u know it’s cure ?? 🙄 MyRi look at each other 🙄 . they get fb of lib. scene.. 😳 both look away.. 😳 pia insists & says if u know then,cure it fast 🙂 ….Mythili feels awkward… 😳 But tries to touch to cure it again.. 🙂 Neelambar stops her in midway & says no.. She can’t cure it… 😯 RR also says yes she doesn’t know.. 😳 Pia says but she said na… 🙂 RR cuts inbtw & says now stop.. 👿 I told u na that she doesn’t know it’s cure…
    Deep signs Pia to be quiet & says let Master handle this matter.. 👿
    RR says to master Abhay also healed it but it comes again 🙁 … First I thought these marks r normal 🙄 but when these marks come again I thought to show it to Mythili as she is Maya also but now I guess that these r something else… 🙁

    Neel looks at RR & says Rishabh..! 🙄 You should go home… 😯 Don’t worry about these marks… 😯 Mythili looks at Master with confused look…& says master do something for RR n… 🙄 RR says I don’t care about this… 😉 But tell me one thing…y am I dreaming all moments of Abhay & Maya 🙄 .. It feels like I have live that life. 😯

    Neel smiles & says these dreams r not harmful 🙂 you just need to make ur will-power strong… 🙂 Neel again says I’ve some work so going now… 😯
    RR smirks & says you never give an exact solution…… 😉 He leaves in hurry. 😉
    Neel also stands & moves to go..all gives confused look 😯 ….

    …. Dehradun Police station…

    Abhay is pacing inside the cell..& feeling restless… 🙁 he takes a small piece of brick & write something on wall. 😯 .he stops & removes his hand.. 😯 camera shows Mythili’s name written on it.. 🙂 he caresses the name with love 🙂
    BG song – Kitani baaten yaad aati hai..
    (fb of Abhay Mythili meet… 🙂 )

    he hears some foot steps…& goes near to bars.. 🙂 He tries to sees through the bars… 🙂 a shadow comes ..he looks & smiles 🙂 .. & says Mythiliiii….. 🙂

    Mythili comes in light 🙂 ..he smiles 🙂 ..she too smiles 🙂 ..& says Abhay.. 🙂 she goes near the cell door .. 🙂 & holds his hands 🙂 …he extends his hand & caresses her face… 🙂 🙂 eyelock.. 🙂

    just then, a constable voice comes …& Abhay’s trances break.. 😯 the constable gives him food to eat. & goes.. 😯 Abhay looks around for Mythili.. 🙄 & says it was a dream?? 🙄 These days I am dreaming like normal people … 😉 he sees the food plate.. 🙄 & then calls the constable again… 😯
    Abhay asks where are ur officers?? 🙄
    Constable says they r coming in a while… 🙂

    ….Next scene….outside chand’s bungalow….

    Neel is walking on road… 🙂 Mythili rushes to him & asks to stop.. 😯 She says I’ve to talk something to u… 😯 he stops & says now I can’t say anything.. 🙁 she says it’s about RR’s life… 🙁 u’ve already seen those marks … 🙁 I know u r hiding something?? 🙄 tell me what r u hiding?? 🙄 ..she says why it is happening with him master 🙄 ..he is suffering a lot because of these things 🙁 ..can’t he live his life normally as he was living before my arrival in his life… 🙁
    Neel looks at her & says maya relax.. 🙂 I know u r very much worried for him… 🙁 but we can’t do anything.. 🙁 Those marks r just because of his powers… 😯 she tells but Abhay healed it once 🙂 & Don’t know how me too healed it… 🙄 but it again came & spreading….. 🙁 if it has any permanent cure?? 🙄 & You didn’t tell RR about his powers.. 🙁 but I want to know.. 🙁

    Neel says I have already told you about this.. 🙂 You forgot… 🙄 Now go & meet ur father… 😯 He want to know about HH… 😯 May be He would ask something to you….. 😯 but I know you can handle that… 🙂 Neel handovers the book & leaves.. 😯

    Mythili sees the book & is in dilemma. 🙄 She thinks dad read this book.. 😯 want to know about hh & I knew about RR’s marks 🙄 … She keeps the book inside her purse… 😯
    DeePia comes there & Pia says di! 🙂 We have to go to Samrat’s bungalow.. 👿

    Mythili is still lost in thinking.. 🙄 Pia says di! We have to go to meet Nayasha n.. 🙄

    Mythili says no.. 🙁 I wouldn’t go… 🙁 You guys go… 🙂 Deep says buttt you also wanted to come n.. 🙄 Chand comes there & says I will go with both you as its not safe .. 🙁
    Mythili nodes & says I am going home.. 🙂 Will talk to you later.. 😯

    Next scene… Aryan’s quarter …

    A car arrives there.. & Aryan comes out 🙂 …he quickly opens the door & helps Trishna to come out from it… 🙂 raj also steps out 🙂 …Aryan holds trishna & helps her in moving 🙂 ..Raj gets glad to see his home 🙂 & says yehhh we reached home.. 🙂 they reach at the door & trish gets fb of that horrible day… 🙁 she stops… 🙁 Aryan opens the door from 1 hand & asks Trish & Raj to come 🙂 …she screams…noooo.. 🙁 I won’t go inside… 🙁 he’ll kill us.. 🙁
    Aryan tries to pacify her & says Trish look at me 🙂 …see I’m here 🙂 …no one can harm u 👿 …Raj gets scared to see Trish like this 🙁 …Aryan takes her & Raj inside… 🙂

    Trishna sits on bed .. 🙂 Aryan says u need to rest .. 🙂 I am going to PS now 🙂 …but there r security outside the quarter..so relax.. 🙂
    Trishna holds his hand & says sit here… 🙂

    Aryan sits next to her.. 🙂 She hugs him & says I know you wouldn’t let anything happen to me.. 🙂 That day you also come at right time & saved me from that man 🙂 ..while he wasn’t a normal man.. 👿 he was a devil… 👿 Aryan looks at Trishna.. 🙄 Trishna says he was really a devil… 👿 He wanted to suck my blood…. 😮 Aryan thinks Trish is afraid that’s saying like this.. 🙄 He says we will talk about this matter .. Okk 🙂
    You should sleep… 🙂 He makes Trishna rest on bed.. 🙂 Raj sits beside her .. 🙂
    Aryan leaves… 🙂

    ….next scene…. Dobriyal house…

    Indirag is in kitchen… 🙂 She looks at watch (12:20 pm) 🙄 …. Someone knocks at the door… 😯

    She rushes to open the door & gets happy to see Aarab.. 🙂
    She hugs him 🙂 & says hmmm.. Where were you??… 🙄 Aarab says let me come in first.. 🙂 Aarab sits on sofa & Indira asks where were you?? 🙄 Why did you go suddenly..? 🙄
    Aarab thinks why I went there ?? 🙄

    He then tells I just went to know about natural medicine in jungle.. 🙂 But I fainted there… 🙁
    Indirag gets shocked & asks faint?? 🙄 R u okk now?? 🙄 Aarab says relax.. 🙂 Relax m okk.. 🙂 Deep’s grandpa was also there.. 🙂 Strange n… 🙄

    Indirag says with shock Deep’s grandpa.. 😯 He was also there.. 🙄 Thank God he was there… 🙂 Aarab says he took care of me & we talked.. 🙂 We talked (Aarab tries to remeber his talk with Neelambar. 🙄 .)
    Aarab again says he told me that “some secrets shouldn’t be revealed” 😯
    then we came together…. 🙂
    Indirag says hmm tum baap-bete dono ek jaise ho… 😉 One should be curious but not like you.. 😉 He was right you need not to know about natural medicines.. 🙂
    Aarab says hmmm.. 🙂 But m unable to remember anything properly… 😯
    indraji says okk then let me call a doc.. 🙂 Doc.Aarab… 🙂 Aarab smiles 🙂 & indirag says okk u must be hungry n… Wait here I bring something to eat.. 🙂 She goes.. 🙂

    Aarab says y am unable to remember anything properly…. 🙄
    Camera shows Mythili standing behind Aarab… 😯


    Part ➡ 2

    …..Dehradun PS….

    Abhay is in a dark room.. 😯 Light is focused in center… Abhay & Aryan both are sitting on chair 😯 (around a square table ..face to face… 😯 )

    Abhay says I was waiting for this only.. 😉 To talk with you here… 🙂
    Aryan says here you have to answer my all questions.. 👿 Aryan is about to ask but Abhay says if you want answers then first stop this recording tape which is in ur hand & also no video.. 👿 Aryan says its not ur home where your orders will be followed… 👿 Abhay says okk no problem.. 😉 Ur recordings r of no use… 😉 I will destroy these later… 😉 U can continue… 🙂
    Aryan smirks with a fuming expression… 👿 He is about to ask the question again but Abhay interrupts yes I never liked samrat.. 😯 But I did not kill him as he was not a big threat.. 👿 He was just an another puppet of Sid & Nayasha.. 👿 Whom you know as Natasha. 😉
    you wanted to ask this n… 😉
    Aryan is shocked but again says huh! 😉 It was obvious that I will ask this only.. 😉 But who is Sid?? 🙄 Abhay says okk.. Sid.. 🙂 But first tell me y do you think that I kidnapped ur wife?… 👿 You arrested me because of this not for samrat.. & Sid.. 😉 Sid is the one who kidnapped Trishna… 👿 That’s’y I wanted you & your family to stay away from all this…. 🙁 Sid can harm u. 👿

    Aryan is totally amazed & in dilemma.. 🙄 He calls a constable & asks him to take Abhay in lockup….. 👿 Abhay stands & stops the constable.. 😉 he leaves from there self… 😉
    Aryan checks the recording but there is nothing.. 😯 He goes to check video footage but finds no recording… 😯 He thinks something & says no its not possible… 😯

    …. Samrat’s bungalow….. 👿

    ( media ppl r gathered there… 😯 )

    DeePia with chand arrive there, & come out of the car… 😯 media surround trio..& start questioning them…. 👿 Piyali Mam! Y aren’t u living here… 🙄
    If Mr. Abhay killed ur Dad?… 🙄
    (Trio try to avoid media & move forward 😯 )

    Reporter – no one is saying anything.. 🙄 Neither family nor police… May b this case is also going to be a blind case 😯 ..

    DeePia & chand enter the bungalow 😯 .

    Nayasha sees them & thinks they r here.. 🙄 I need to be careful.. 😯 She goes towards them & hugs Pia.. 👿 She whispers in her ears.. Came again to die.. 👿

    Deep – chand r irked.. 👿 Pia jerks her & says we both know about each other.. 👿 no one is here.. So stop ur acting. 👿 Nayasha says oh! My lovely sister 👿 .. Sit .. Its ur home n.. 🙂 Just sit.. U too Mr. Chand & Deependra 🙂
    Trio sit & Nayasha goes upstairs.. 😯
    Deep says y we r here… We should go… 👿

    Chand looks around & says someone else is also there… 🙄 Pia asks someone else ?? 🙄 Chand says a vampire.. 😯 Trio look around… 🙄 Deep stands & says pia let’s go… 👿 Pia says no wait.. 🙁 May b we get some clue about Sam’s murder… 😯 She goes upstairs… 😯 Deep follows her.. 🙂
    Chand is looking here & there… 🙄

    …Nayasha is in her room talking to some one… 😯 She says they r here.. 👿
    What should I do.. 🙄 I can’t tolerate their presence here… 👿
    Camera is focused on his marble blue eyes.. 😯 He says don’t do anything.. 😯 Everything is going good… 😯 Nayasha says that fool Abhay handover himself to police 👿 . He says its not that simple.. 😯
    We & Abhay both r playing own games.. 👿

    Just then both hear Footsteps & that man says game is on.. 😯 He comes out of the room & collides with Pia.. 😯
    Pia falls on ground.. 🙁 he goes ahead 😯
    Deep rushes to Pia…& makes her stand.. 🙂

    That man directly goes outside of bungalow.. 😯 Chand also notices him but unable to see his face… 🙁
    Chand thinks who was he??? 🙄 He then goes to Pia.. Pia asks if any of you see him… 🙄 Both say no… 🙁

    Nayasha comes out of her room & sees trio.. 👿 She says ufff! You guys can’t wait for a minute… 👿 Chand looks at Nayasha & holds her neck… 👿 He asks tell me who was he?? 🙄 Nayasha fakes smile & says if you also want to go jail… 😉 Media is outside.. 😉 They will blame only u trio.. 👿 If anything happened to me.. 😉 Deep tries to free Nayasha… Chand leaves her.. 👿

    Nayasha looks at Pia & says you & ur Sis has to come to my office tomorrow… 😯 We need to discuss about promotion of movie.. 🙂 & someone want to meet both of you… 😯

    Pia says who?? 🙄 Nayasha walks down to stairs & says you will know this tomorrow.. 😯 Now go 👿
    Trio look Nayasha.. & go… 👿

    …..Dobriyal house…. 🙂

    Indirag comes out of the kitchen with a glass of water & notices Mythili… 🙄
    She says Mythili… When did you come…?? 🙄
    & y r u standing there… ? 🙄 Come… 🙂 & where is Pia?? 🙄
    Aarab looks toward Mythili & smiles 🙂
    Mythili says maa.. 🙂 Pia has went to meet Nayasha.. I mean Natasha.. Natasha… 😳
    She sits in front of Aarab & asks r u okk dad?? 🙄 Aarab nodes yes I am… 🙂 But y r u worried… 🙄 Mythili says no.. I was just asking…. 🙂

    Aarab says Pia went to meet Natasha..?? 🙄 For what?? 🙄 I mean any special purpose as she doesn’t like them n 🙄 .. Mythili says dad! Sam khurana is no more… 🙁 Aarab is shocked…. 😯

    Mythili tells him the details..& says Abhay didn’t kill him.. 🙁 Aarab says lets law decide it… 😯

    .. Evening….RR mansion… 🙂

    RR is doing push ups… 😎 C.g enters… 😆

    C.g says chief.. Chief… 😆 RR says chief is listening… 😉 Just tell me any progress.. 🙄 when will Abhay get bail?? 🙄 if u did anything?? 🙄 cg says chief I’ve talked with lawyer it’s difficult 🙁 , RR look at cg.. 👿 C.g says but he said tomorrow only he can do something… 🙂

    RR says okk now go from here… 👿 cg remains stand… 😯 RR looks at him & asks why r u standing like a statue 🙄 …cg says chief there is one more thing & its urgent.. 😯

    RR glares at cg…& signs him to come closer… 👿 he comes hesitately … 😳 RR grabs his shoulder & cg gets scared… 😳 RR says relax cg won’t kill u…as it’s my fast today 😉 ……he leaves him & wears his boxing gloves… 😎
    cg gets more scared.. 😳

    RR starts punching the punching bag 😎 …cg says chief… 🙂 I got a call from sam’s office someone has taken the charge in place of Sam .. 😯 RR is listening while punching the bag.. 😎 cg cont. chief the new in – charge want some dates from u to promote the movie .. 😯 RR stops …cg says chief I told him that u r busy in other shoots. 🙁 .u can’t come 🙁 …but ,he is…. 😐 RR looks at him & says complete the word…. 👿
    C.g says chief he is threatening to take legal actions… 👿 RR fumes & says RR ko dhamaki …hai kaun ye?? 👿 cg says don’t know that much chief… 🙁 he just came from abroad & joins Natasha in her production house.. 😯 …now they’ll work together.. 👿
    RR says whoever he is cg..I don’t care .. 👿 cg says chief try to understand it’s not good for your image 🙁 …he can ban u from the industry too .. 🙁 so plz think… 🙁 it’s a matter of few hours… 🙂 RR fumes & punches the punching bag hardly 👿 …& it breaks… 😯 cg looks at angry RR with a shock.. 😯

    RR takes bottle & pours it on his face.. 😎 & throws the bottle away..& takes the towel… 😳 He signs cg to leave.. 😉


    Part ➡ 3

    …Aryan’s quarter…..

    Aryan comes there & finds Trishna asleep…. 🙂 He caresses her head & says now only you can solve this case… 😯
    Trishna opens her eyes & says I liked this surprise..:) U came early… Aryan smiles.. 🙂 She sits on bed… 🙂

    Aryan holds her hand & says Trishna I want to know who was he?? 🙄 Trishna again gets scared 🙁 remembering Sid’s face.. She says I don’t want to remember… 🙁 Y r u asking this… 🙁 You also saw him n… 🙄 You only saved me from him.. 🙁 When he was about to harm me, you came there & try to take me out of the cave… 👿

    Aryan looks on 🙄 & says I?? 🙄 But when I came there.. 🙄 You was unconscious & there was no any cave… 😯
    Trishna looks him with blank face 😐 & says if that was not you then who was he??? 🙄

    Aryan thinks about Abhay’s word & then Nayasha… 🙄 He talks to self if Abhay is right.. 🙄 Then it means Natasha is acting in front of everyone.. 👿 But why will she target Abhay? 🙄 To whom was she talking secretly… 😯 I need to know all things… 😯

    next scene…

    it’s late night… RR mansion… 🙂

    RR (in black vest & trouser 🙂 ) is trying hard to sleep & turning his sides again n again on bed 🙁 …but, because of those marks he is unable to sleep 🙁 …he feels like his body is burning.. 🙁 he gets up & sits on the bed. 🙁 .he is totally restless … 🙁 he tries to divert his mind & again tries to sleep .. 🙂 he lies down on the bed & closes his eyes to sleep… 🙂
    just then, he hears some foot steps… 😯 he slowly open his eyes & look in that direction while lying … 🙂 he sees a girl is coming towards him with a bowl in her hand 🙂 …he gets amazed to see MAYA … 🙂 She comes next to him smiling & puts the bowl on table.. 🙂 he is still lying on the bed & looking towards her mesmerized.. 😳 she sits near to him on bed & snaps .. She asks why r u looking at me like this Mr. Rishabh Raichand ?? 🙄 didn’t see me bef 😳 ore?? & smiles cutely.. 🙂 his trance breaks .. 😳 he says nothing 😉 ..just like that. 😉 .btw , what r u doing here in my room?? 🙄 it’s too late..go from here.. 👿
    she says chup… 😳 Just lie down quietly.. 🙂 I’ve made this ointment with medicinal herbs 🙂 ..it’ll cure u quickly 🙂
    .. he says u know na I don’t believe all this .. 👿 she gets sad.. 🙁 he looks at her & says but i’ve full believe on u .. 😉 & smiles .. 🙂 she smiles too.. 🙂 he lies down & she applies that ointment on his marks.. 🙂 he falls asleep … 🙂 she caresses his face & sets his hair 🙂 …& goes from there… 🙂

    Just then, RR wakes up in a haste & calls MAYA… 😯 he looks around …& finds no one is there.. 🙄 a servant comes after hearing his voice .. 😯 & asks what happened chief?? 🙄 if u want something?? 🙄 RR asks where is Maya?? 🙄 servant gives confused look & says kaun Maya 🙄 chief?? RR shouts u don’t know who is maya ?? 👿 servant gets scared …. 🙁 RR cont. then, who brought this bowl?? & points towards the table.. 😯
    servant looks & says but there is nothing chief 🙁 RR fumes on him & turns to show him but finds that there is nothing.. 😯 he gets shocked … 😯 servant asks chief!! may I go?? 🙄 RR nodes… 🙂 .he sits on the bed & drinks water.. 🙂 he keeps the glass on table & thinks she was here only.. 🙂 I felt her presence 🙂 then, where did she go?? 🙄 just then, he feels something & moves towards the mirror.. 😯 he sees all marks has vanished .. 😯 he gets fb of Maya applying ointment.. 🙂 he thinks what’s happening with me?? 🙄 who’ll give answer of my all ques?? 🙄

    …. It’s Morning… 🙂

    ……Dobriyal house….. 🙂

    Shiva wake up first & smiles.. 🙂 He talks to self my new journey begins… 🙂
    scene in fb – shiva is reading newspaper 🙂 ..he circle out some vacancy & contact no. 🙂 he calls them one by one but they reject… 🙁 after a while his mobile rings.. 😯 Shiva receives it.. 🙂 They call shiva at their office… 🙂 shiva cuts the call & gets happy… 🙂

    He goes their office & talk with that person.. 🙂 (his face is not shown… 😯 ) both shake hand… 🙂 & shiva happily leaves from there… 🙂
    ……fb ends… 🙂

    Shiva getup from bed 🙂 & goes to wash room singing the song- Papa kahte hai bada naam karega..beta hamara aisa kaam karega..…. 🙂

    next scene.. at dinning table.. 🙂

    Indira ji is serving tea to Aarab… 🙂 Aarab is reading the newspaper. 🙂 Indirag says police has found nothing but still Abhay is in jail.. 🙁 Without any proof… 🙁 Aarab says but Natasha doubted on Abhay. 🙄 .so police arrested him n… 🙄 but m unable to understand how is Abhay related to sam ?? 🙄 & what could be the motto of anyone to kill Sam khurana… 🙄 she says don’t know police is doing their investigation.. 🙁 let’s see.. 🙁
    Aarab asks about Pia’s mehandi function?? 🙄 if u r thinking to postpone it. 🙄 .after all Sam was like his father… 🙂
    she says no… 🙁 as all preparation has done 🙂 & you also knew that Pia’s relation with khuranas is not good… 🙁 So it doesn’t matter.. 🙁 But I will talk to Mr.Chand if he is ready for the function or not as Abhay is in jail… 🙁 Aarab nodes.. 🙂
    just then…..Shiva comes in hall.. 🙂 (well dressed up 🙂 )
    Indirab notices him & Aarab asks where r u going so early… 🙄 Shiva says I am going to office.. 🙂 Indirag says office?? 🙄
    MyPia also come there & wishes good morning to everyone… 🙂 But they also get amazed to see Shiva.. 😯
    Shiva says mine or whom.. I got a job.. 🙂

    Every one gets happy & Aarab says really but you didn’t tell us.. 🙄 Shiva says in rude way as if you all care for this.. 👿
    Indirab look at each other… 🙄

    Mythili tries to handle the situation & hugs shiva.. 🙂 She asks about his job Profile.. 🙂
    shiva says I will work as a writer… 🙂
    Pia says nice! you r good in making story.. 🙂
    Mythili asks but,why didn’t u tell us before … 🙄 he says I announced it in farewell party in front of everyone 🙂 ..but you & DeePia were not there.. 👿

    Mythili fakes smile 😉 & asks bhai in which company/PH u got job?? 🙄 when did u apply?? 🙄 u know about them na..i mean they r good ppl na… 🙄 shiva stops her & says stop ur questions.. 👿 I have to go.. 👿 I don’t want to go late on very first day… 👿 He leaves…. 😯
    Aarab says his behavior has changed… 😯


    Precap ➡

    Indraji is looking happy 🙂 & busy on phone in inviting ppl for Pia’s sangeet & mehandi function…. 🙂

    MyRi arrive at sam’s office 🙂 & camera shows a person looking at them… 😯

  26. drishti
    March 27, 10:16 Reply

    Junoon ➡ It’s Not Human Love 😛

    Episode ➡ 60

    Part ➡ 1

    Episode starts….….. Camera shows Aarab’s face who is lying on a mat unconscious…. 🙁 He slowly gain consciousness & tries to open his eyes.. 🙂

    Some tribes around him start whispering 🙄 & one of them goes inside a hut to inform about this… 😯 Other tribes start talking about him… 🙄 They whisper he can be dangerous for us like that man ( chand 😯 ) we can’t trust anyone… 🙁 Aarab stands & tries to understand the whole thing… 🙄

    In Hut…
    (camera shows a person from back.. Dressed in white kurta-dhoti.. 😯 )

    That tribe enters & says master he is conscious now.. 🙁 but we shouldn’t tell him anything.. 😯 He can be a threat to us .. 👿 That person turns ( its Neelambar.. 😯 ) & says he is Maya’s father… 🙂

    Tribe is shocked… Both go outside…. 😯

    Aarab recognize neelambar as Deep’s grandpaa & goes to him .. 🙂 He says Aap yahan ..?? 🙄 Neelambar smiles.. & asks everyone to go… 🙂
    Aarab asks if you saved me?? 🙄 You took me here?? 🙄 & What r u doing here… 🙄

    … Dehradun College… 🙂

    RR with C.g comes back to the party hall 🙂 & joins Dean – professor .. 🙂 Mythili also comes after him… 🙂 Shiva notices it & fumes… 👿 Mythili joins Shivika & DeePia.. 🙂 Shiva asks her where were you.. 🙄 Mythili tries to avoid it & says Bhai! Enjoy this moment n… 🙂 Shiva is about to say something 👿 just then Anchor asks final-year student to share their feeling.. 🙂 Student start to go on stage 🙂 & share their memories/feelings…. 🙂

    ……Neelambar- Aarab convo….

    Neelambar says relax .. 🙂 Your all questions will be answered but not now.. 😯

    For now you should know only that there are many secrets in this world which shouldn’t be come out… 😯
    Aarab looks on 🙄 & says it means there are vampire & ww 🙄 .. Those attack/murder were done by them 🙄

    Neelambar says Mr. Aarab I told you n there are some secrets which shouldn’t be reveled.. 😯 Aarab says buttt… 😯 I saw my daughter’s statue… 😯 If she is related to anything… 🙄
    Neelambar looks in Aarab’s eyes & says just believe on me… 🙄 Don’t panic.. 🙁 Mythili is safe & ur family is also safe… 🙂

    Aarab is looking at Neelambar with full concentration 🙄 & nodes okkk unknowingly… 😯 He repeats the words “some secrets shouldn’t be reveled” 😯

    Neelambar pats on Aarab’s shoulder & says its not safe to leave for town now.. 🙂
    We will go tomorrow.. 🙂 Aarab comes in his senses ..he looks here & there… 🙄 & says yeah! Neelambar again goes in hut.. 🙂

    …….Dehradun college… 🙂

    Students are sharing their feeling one by one… 🙂 Camera shows RR who is listening this 🙂 but suddenly he start to feel uneasy 🙁 .. He feels like burning inside 🙁 & excuses himself…. 😯
    RR goes to washroom & tries to relax & handle himself.. 🙁 He holds a wall to stand properly but it breaks… 😯 He sees his hand with big eyes… 🙄 & thinks if it broke because of me 🙄
    C.g also come there.. 😯 RR manages to hide his condition & asks c.g to let’s go.. 🙁

    …In party hall…

    Mythili notices that RR is not in hall.. 😯 She goes outside.. 😯 Deep also gets a call & is shocked.. 😯 He says something to Pia ..& both leave.. 😯
    Anchor announce Shiva’s name to come on stage.

    Mythili is in college campus.. 🙂 looking for RR. 🙄 She finds RR-c.g outside of campus… 😯 She tries to stop them & shouts RR.. 🙂 but RR doesn’t hear .. 🙁 He sits in car & leaves…. 😯 Mythili also comes out & thinks why did he go like this??? 🙄
    Just then DeePia also come there & inform Mythili about Abhay….. 😯


    Part ➡ 2

    ……Police station… (4 p.m )

    Aryan locks Abhay inside! 👿 Aryan-Abhay glare at each other.. 👿 Aryan thinks don’t know if u have killed Sam khurana or not 🙄 but if you are responsible for Trishna’s kidnapping 👿 then I wouldn’t spare you… 👿 & I will solve the case anyhow.. 👿 Real culprit must be punished either its you or anyone. 👿 Abhay reads his mind & smiles.. 😉

    Abhay thinks An honest person! 😉 But i need to stop you. 😯 He says you are wasting your time here.. 👿 You should go back. 🙂 Aryan looks at him & fumes.. 👿

    ….Sikky Cabin… 😡

    Sikky is busy in consoling Nayasha! 😆 Nayasha fakely cries for Samrat.. 😥 Sikky hugs her.. 😆 She looks him & thinks herself you have to pay for this one day Stupid.. 👿 One constable comes & tells something to sikky.. 😯 He gets busy in paper work.. 🙄 Just then Nayasha gets a call from someone! 😯 She picks it & moves a side silently.. 😯 From another line someone asks Nayasha about the situation.. 😯 She tells everything is going as per our plan & no need to worry.. 😯 Now Aryan has also arrested Abhay.. 👿 She smiles.. 👿 Suddenly she hears someone calling her.. 😯 Sikky calls Natasha.. 😆 Natasha where are you? 🙄 She gets irritated & tells ok now I have to go & handle those idiots.. 👿 That man ( another line) tells ok continue your work.. 😯
    She cuts the call & starts to act again.. 👿 Sikky looks at her & feels sad for her.. 🙁

    Camera shows Aryan standing/hiding near Nayasha 😯 & he gets suspicious and thinks she is talking about which plan? 🙄 Who is that person on another side? 🙄

    …Dehradun college….Party hall.. 🙂

    Shiva is on stage…. 🙂 He expresses his happiness … 🙂 He says what I have learned.. 🙂 I learned from here.. 🙂 I get everything from here only…including my fiance.. 🙂 (He looks at Anika .. Ani feels shy.. 😳 ) everyone claps… 🙂 Shiva again says now I want to share one more thing …. 🙂 (Shiva looks here there for Mythili-DeePia 🙄 but doesn’t find them 🙁 )

    He then says Ah! I want to say that I am not that much useless as some people think .. 😉 He says with joy yeah! I have a job now… 🙂 Jo main humesha se Karna chahta tha… 🙂
    Anika feels happy too…. 🙂 He then thanks everyone… 🙂

    ….RR mansion… 🙂

    RR-cg enter inside.. 😯 RR directly moves towards his room! 😯 Padmini ji notices RR & asks cg abt the matter.. 🙄 Cg is clueless & says pta nhi auntygi … 🙁

    RR falls on his bed & feels dizzy.. 🙁 He looks at his whole body.. 🙄 Hand/chest/neck & finds those marks again.. 😯
    He thinks now I need to meet Abhay.. 😯

    Dobriyal house..

    Indirag is worried for Aarab… 🙁 She thinks where has he gone… 🙁 what should I do?? 🙄 Hope he is fine… 🙂 She is totally restless… 🙁 just then her mobile rings… 😯 She receives it.. 😯 Aarab says I am fine Mrs.Dobriyal.. 🙂 Will come tomorrow … 🙂 Okk.. 🙂
    Indirag is happy & says hmmm! 🙂 You should tell me before leaving n.. 🙂 Aarab says it was an emergency.. 🙁 I will come tomorrow surely.. 🙂 He cuts the call….. 🙂

    ..Dehradun college…

    Party has ended.. 🙂 Shivika are talking.. 🙂

    Ani says m very happy that u got a job 🙂 but which type of job it is?? 🙄 Shiva is quite .. 😐 Ani says Shiva.. Shiva.. 😉 Shiva says huh! What?? 😳 Ani says now what happened? 🙄 What r u thinking?? 🙄 Shiva says My family doesn’t care for me… 🙁 Anika says how could you think like this… 👿 Shiva says when I was on stage.. Mythili- Deepia was not there.. 🙁 They take me just for granted… 🙁 Ani thinks now how to make you understand.. 🙄 She says now you shouldn’t think about this…. 🙁 You have to focus on ur work… 🙂 Shiva nodes okk & hugs Ani… 🙂

    Two scene in parallel… 1st scene..

    …Police station…its 6 pm..

    Mythili-Deepia arrive there & find Chand outside of PS… 😯 All enter inside.. 😯 & look at Nayasha who is crying for Samrat.. 👿
    Trio get shocked hearing about Samrat’s murder… 😯 Pia looks Nayasha & thinks how cheaply she is crying.. 👿 I know that this all must be her plan to trap Abhay.. 👿 They try to meet Abhay but Aryan signs constables to stop them.. 🙁 Deep asks for what you have arrested Abhay.. 🙄 Aryan asks constable to shows him FIR paper.. 👿
    Mythili tells I want to meet Abhay once.. 🙁 Aryan tells don’t waste your time just go back.. 👿 Now he is in my custody & I am not going to allow anyone to meet him.. 👿 Mythili looks Aryan.. 🙄 Deep asks Mypia to leave.. 🙁 Deep tells some people won’t understand what is the meaning of help.. 👿
    He is treating Abhay as a criminal.. 👿 Abhay helped him but he.. 🙁 Mythili signs Deep to stop! 😐 Aryan looks Deep..& remembers their engagement day.. 🙄

    (fb- Nayasha-Samrat signs someone & leaves from engagement hall 😯 )

    Aryan gets attentive & tries to remember whole thing… 😯
    Chand-Mythili & DeePia start discussing outside the PS 🙄

    ..2nd Scene…. Chand bunglow…

    A car arrives there.. 😯 Its RR.. 🙂 He comes out of the car but finds that no one is there.. 😯 He thinks where has all gone? 🙄 Seriously.. 😉 He again went to help 🙄 someone?? He dials Abhay number but its switched off.. 🙁 RR thinks switched off? 🙄 Then he calls chand.. 🙂 but no answer.. 🙁 RR gets suspicious & he thinks something..& call Deep… 😯

    …In Police station….

    Deep says RR is also coming 🙂 but we should talk to lawyer.. 😯 so that Abhay could get bail.. 🙂 Chnad says okk 🙂
    RR arrives there & Meets Everyone… 🙂 RR says Abhay killed Sam.. 👿 I thought he will kill Siddhartha first… 😉
    Mythili says no Abhay didn’t kill him… 🙁

    It’s Nayasha’s plan .. 👿 May be she herself killed him.. 👿
    Chand is talking with lawyer on phone .. 😯 he cuts the call.. & says Aryan has played a smart move.. 👿 We can’t bailed Abhay as court is closed .. 🙁 Pia says let me talk with that Aryan.. 👿 How could he believe Nayasha’s word.. 👿 Deep stops Pia & says no use.. 🙁 He wouldn’t believe … 🙁
    All start thinking… 🙄 Aryan comes out of the PS & sees everyone… 🙄 He says not bad.. 😉 I arrested one & every one come here… 😉 If you all helped him .. 😉

    It would be better for all of you to go .. 🙂
    RR goes to him & says I guess Ur Mind is out of coverage area now.. 👿 That’s why you are taking action on some silly statement.. 👿 you should use your brain before doing anything… 👿

    Aryan says Rishabh Raichand.. 😉 The superstar is also showing so much concern for him… 😉 But thanks for ur suggestions… 😉 Now pls go.. 👿
    RR fumes at Aryan..Aryan goes inside… 👿

    Deep says we will have to wait for two days.. 🙁 Mythili looks at RR & asks why u went suddenly from college..? 🙄 RR thinks for a while & says I wasn’t enjoying there.. 🙁 Mythili says that’s it ?? 🙄 RR nodes… 🙂
    Everyone leaves… 🙂


    Part ➡ 3

    Abhay is thinking about Aryan-Sid-Nayasha.. 🙄 Just then a constable comes near to his cell & says its time to sleep.. 👿
    Abhay smirks & lies down to sleep.. 🙂

    He just then notices a wall poster outside the bar 😯 He looks at that poster.. 🙄 Its a colorful painting & he imagines maya’s face in that .. 🙂

    She cutely smiles seeing abhay(imagination) 🙂 abhay lies on the floor looking towards that poster.. 🙂 He starts think abt abhaya’s moments.. 🙂

    Abhay tells Is tara tumhe rang lagane ka haq sirf mera hai… 😳

    BG song plays – Peeya ke rang rang deni odhani..! 🙂

    Maya is dancing with other girls in group … 🙂 just then, abhay comes & sees her …. 🙂 he signs her to come … 🙂 she also notices him 🙂 ,but keep dancing & tries to avoid him.. 😳 he fumes & moves towards her… 😳 he goes near to her & holds her hand… 😳

    Maya tries to walk away… 😉 Abhay stops her.. 😳 n pulls her close…! 🙂 He twirls Maya around..! 🙂


    Maya again tries to move away n Abhay keeps pulling her close 😳 ..! Abhay-Maya move in circle – eyelock..! 😳
    Song cont…. 🙂

    Abhay grips Maya’s hand n lifts her..! 😳


    Maya asks him to put her down.. 👿 Abhay says you thought I wouldn’t come .. 😉
    Maya says you self deny to play holi.. 👿 Now y came here… 👿 Leave me now.. 👿
    Abhay does it after a smirk… 😉

    He closes in on Maya n says.. I have come to color you.. 🙂 .as its my right to put color on you first ..! 😳


    He puts color on her forehead n cheek..arms ..shoulder ..! 😳
    Hum Hai Deewane plays in Background.. 🙂
    Kitni baar hum milke bichde. tu hi jane rabba..Tu hai sirf meri. .fir bhi na jane.. 🙂
    mujhko ye tu bata..duriya hai kyun darmiyaan…hum hai dewane ..tere dewane..!! 🙂


    Abhay says Is tara tumhe rang lagane ka haq sirf mera hai… 😳 Maya feels shy & happy… 😳 She puts her hand on his chest… 🙂 n picks some color from another hand… 🙂 She puts color on his cheeks… 🙂 Abhay says love you Maya…. 🙂 Maya hugs him & says I love you too… 🙂

    Camera shows RR saying I love you Maya.. 😯 (he is dreaming abhaya moments 😯 ) Padmini ji comes there and wakes him up 🙂 & he opens his eyes.. & thinks Maya? 🙄 Then he realizes it was a dream! 😯 Padmini ji wishes him Good Morning 🙂 He looks her & asks if today is holi? 🙄 Padmini ji tells No Rishu why? 🙄 RR thinks But i celebrated holi with Maya? 😯 When? 🙄
    Padmini ji sits near to RR & asks wat happened Rishu.. 🙄 RR comes out from his thinking & tells Nothing maa.. 🙂 She smiles & asks him to get ready.. 🙂 He nodes.. 🙂

    …..Dobriyal house…. 🙂

    Mythili is in hall… 🙂 Pia comes there & Pia di I think we should postpone the marriage.. 😯 Nothing is good now.. 🙁 Mythili says no pia.. 🙁 Abhay must knew about it that’s y he asked everyone to live normally.. 🙂 & No any attention to hh… 👿 your marriage will happen on same date.. 🙂 indirag comes there & says Mythili is right… 🙂 MyPia looks at indirag 🙄 indirag again says I know its really a tough time for Deep & you 🙁 but don’t worry everything will be OK.. 🙂 Once Aarab comes he will surely find a way to bail Abhay…. 🙂
    Shiva comes from downstairs & thinks everything has spoiled because of that invisible Abhay.. 👿 No one has seen or meet him but he is creating problem in our life.. 👿

    Indirag looks at Pia & asks if you don’t want to go n meet Natasha.. 🙄 Mr.Sam khurana was like your Father n… 🙂 Pia looks at Mythili .. 🙄 Mythili says yeah! 🙂 Maa she will but I will also go with her.. 🙂 Indirag says we all should also go…. 🙂 Mythili says no maa.. 🙁 I mean let us go first.. 🙂 Don’t know how will she react.. 🙄 Shiva says in between I wouldn’t go anywhere.. 👿 I will enjoy.. 🙂 He leaves.. 😯

    …Next scene….

    Chand’s bunglow…

    MyPia , chand & Deep are there… 🙂 Mythili says maa is right.. 🙂 Pia should go there otherwise everyone will doubt on her.. 🙁 Deep says okk but she wouldn’t go alone.. 🙁 Just then RR enters… 😯 Everyone looks at him… 🙄 RR says to mythili yesterday I wanted to tell something.. 😯 Mythili says I knew it.. 😯 You were hiding something… 🙁

    RR sits & looks at Mythili.. 🙄 He asks if you.. I mean Abhay & Maya played holi ?? 🙄 Mythili is in dilemma & then recalls everything… 🙄

    ( Fb – its night.. 🙂 Abhay comes in tribe’s village 🙂 & sees the preparation for holi… 🙂 Maya says tomorrow you have to come.. 🙂 We r celebrating holi… 🙂 Abhay says I have already told you that I don’t like colors.. 👿 Maya puts her both arms around Abhay & says let’s see.. 😳 Abhay jerks her hand & leaves… 😉 )

    Mythili smiles & says I knew that he will come.. 🙂 RR looks on & says it means that wasn’t a dream only 🙄 but how could I dream about Abhay-Maya .. 🙄

    Everyone is shocked.. 😯 RR then shows that scratch marks on hand/neck.. 😯

    Chand says y these all things are happening … 🙄
    Camera shows Neelambar at the Door.. 😯 He says these all things are related… 😯


    No …Precap…. 😯

    • drishti
      March 28, 06:56

      Part ➡ 3

      Abhay is thinking about Aryan-Sid-Nayasha.. 🙄 Just then a constable comes near to his cell & says its time to sleep..
      Abhay smirks & lies down to sleep.. 🙂

      He just then notices a wall poster outside the bar.. 😯 He looks at the poster 🙄 & reads the quote written on that.. 🙂
      “Colors brings Happiness in our Life” 🙂
      Its a colorful painting 🙂 & he imagines Maya’s face in that.. 🙂 She cutely Smiles seeing abhay:) (imagination 😳 ) Abhay lies on the floor looking towards that poster.. 🙂 He closes his eyes 🙂 & he starts to think abt Abhaya’s moment.. 🙄
      Abhay tells Is tara tumhe rang lagane ka haq sirf mera hai.. 😉

      BG song plays – Peeya ke rang rang deni odhani..! 🙂

      Maya is dancing with other girls in group … 🙂 just then, abhay comes & sees her …. 🙂 he signs her to come … 🙂 she also notices him 🙂 ,but keep dancing & tries to avoid him.. he fumes & moves towards her… he goes near to her & holds her hand…

      Maya tries to walk away… Abhay stops her.. n pulls her close…! 🙂 He twirls Maya around..! 🙂


      Maya again tries to move away n Abhay keeps pulling her close ..! Abhay-Maya move in circle – eyelock..!
      Song cont…. 🙂

      Abhay grips Maya’s hand n lifts her..!


      Maya asks him to put her down.. Abhay says you thought I wouldn’t come ..
      Maya says you self deny to play holi.. Now y came here… Leave me now..
      Abhay does it after a smirk…

      He closes in on Maya n says.. I have come to color you.. 🙂 .as its my right to put color on you first ..!


      He puts color on her forehead n cheek..arms ..shoulder ..!
      Hum Hai Deewane plays in Background.. 🙂
      Kitni baar hum milke bichde. tu hi jane rabba..Tu hai sirf meri. .fir bhi na jane.. 🙂
      mujhko ye tu bata..duriya hai kyun darmiyaan…hum hai dewane ..tere dewane..!! 🙂


      Abhay tells Is tara tumhe rang lagane ka haq sirf mera hai.. 😉
      Maya feels shy & Happy.. 😳 Abhay tells But still love to live in dis kind of dark only.. 😳 Maya smiles 🙂 & tells But.. “Colors only brings Happiness in our Life” 🙂 She puts her hand on his chest.. 🙂 She then picks some colors from another hand.. 🙂 She puts colors on his cheeks.. 😳 Eyelock 🙂 Abhay says I love you Maya.. 🙂 Maya hugs him 🙂 & says I love you too 🙂

      Camera shows RR saying I love you Maya.. (he is dreaming abhaya moments ) Padmini ji comes there and wakes him up 🙂 & he opens his eyes.. & thinks Maya? 🙄 Then he realizes it was a dream! Padmini ji wishes him Good Morning 🙂 He looks her & asks if today is holi? 🙄 Padmini ji tells No Rishu why? 🙄 RR thinks But i celebrated holi with Maya? When? 🙄
      Padmini ji sits near to RR & asks wat happened Rishu.. 🙄 RR comes out from his thinking & tells Nothing maa.. 🙂 She smiles & asks him to get ready.. 🙂 He nodes.. 🙂

      …..Dobriyal house…. 🙂

      Mythili is in hall… 🙂 Pia comes there & Pia di I think we should postpone the marriage.. Nothing is good now.. 🙁 Mythili says no pia.. 🙁 Abhay must knew about it that’s y he asked everyone to live normally.. 🙂 & No any attention to hh… your marriage will happen on same date.. 🙂 indirag comes there & says Mythili is right… 🙂 MyPia looks at indirag 🙄 indirag again says I know its really a tough time for Deep & you 🙁 but don’t worry everything will be OK.. 🙂 Once Aarab comes he will surely find a way to bail Abhay…. 🙂
      Shiva comes from downstairs & thinks everything has spoiled because of that invisible Abhay.. No one has seen or meet him but he is creating problem in our life..

      Indirag looks at Pia & asks if you don’t want to go n meet Natasha.. 🙄 Mr.Sam khurana was like your Father n… 🙂 Pia looks at Mythili .. 🙄 Mythili says yeah! 🙂 Maa she will but I will also go with her.. 🙂 Indirag says we all should also go…. 🙂 Mythili says no maa.. 🙁 I mean let us go first.. 🙂 Don’t know how will she react.. 🙄 Shiva says in between I wouldn’t go anywhere.. I will enjoy.. 🙂 He leaves..

      …Next scene….

      Chand’s bunglow…

      MyPia , chand & Deep are there… 🙂 Mythili says maa is right.. 🙂 Pia should go there otherwise everyone will doubt on her.. 🙁 Deep says okk but she wouldn’t go alone.. 🙁 Just then RR enters… Everyone looks at him… 🙄 RR says to mythili yesterday I wanted to tell something.. Mythili says I knew it.. You were hiding something… 🙁

      RR sits & looks at Mythili.. 🙄 He asks if you.. I mean Abhay & Maya played holi ?? 🙄 Mythili is in dilemma & then recalls everything… 🙄

      ( Fb – its night.. 🙂 Abhay comes in tribe’s village 🙂 & sees the preparation for holi… 🙂 Maya says tomorrow you have to come.. 🙂 We r celebrating holi… 🙂 Abhay says I have already told you that I don’t like colors.. Maya puts her both arms around Abhay & says let’s see.. Abhay jerks her hand & leaves… )

      Mythili smiles & says I knew that he will come.. 🙂 RR looks on & says it means that wasn’t a dream only 🙄 but how could I dream about Abhay-Maya .. 🙄

      Everyone is shocked.. RR then shows that scratch marks on hand/neck..

      Chand says y these all things are happening … 🙄
      Camera shows Neelambar at the Door.. He says these all things are related…


      No …Precap….

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