Ek Mutthi Aasman 18th March 2014 Written Update

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Ek Mutthi Aasman 18th March 2014 Written Update by Atiba

Ek Mutthi Aasman 18th March 2014 Written Episode

Scene 1
Raghav says to Kalpi I wanna know about your opinion today. Kalpi says I don’t understand what is this all for ? He says this all is for your smile and to know your answer. She says this is wrong. He says what my love for you or your confession ? When you are near I forget everything ? Is this wrong ? Kalpi says what I am trying to say.. He says why are you so hesitant to says what we both can feel. Why you wanna step back when I stepped forward. She says I don’t have any answer I have to leave. She leaves. Sammy comes in and ask why she lefy ? Raghav says no. He says let me plan something. Raghav says I will talk to he in my own. He says the only way you know is of anger. I have done so much to talk to her but she left without answering. She has to answer.

Scene 2
Kamla gets a call and she says okay I am leaving. She packs some food. Vitthal comes in and says I am hungry. Kamla says tai wanted it a little. He wonders why she needed her purse to go to tai ?

Scene 3
Prem and Sahil are discussing to sell some property. P-rem says this is all becasue of that Raghav, I will take revenge from him. Nettu’s comes wiith a mask on her face. Sahil and mummy ji laugh. Nettu says this is for the holi party. Prem says we are talking about work here. Nettu says this is more impotant. She says in her heat that Raghav will be there too.
Manda tells Nettu that Pakhi called raghav to ask him to come the chowl. She asked Kamla to teach her how to cook.

Scene 4
Kamla goes to the lady and gives her the dish. Someone knocks at the door. Kamla is dazed whom can it be?She opens it Vitthal there. He comes in and sees the lady. He is bewildered.He says you lied to me for this woman. I asked you to stay away from her. Kamla says she doesn’t even know if any of her relative exists. She has lost her memory.

Scene 5
Kalpi is on her way. Raghav follows her and says Kalpana stop. She starts moving forward. She hits a man and all her sellings fall on the floor. Raghav pays him. Raghav holds her hand and says what is wrong with you. You have to listen. Kalpi says I have to leave I am getting late. A man comes and says whats the probelm ? Why are you annoying the girl ? So many men gather there. Kalpi says go away this is not your matter. A man says oh they are girl frieng boyfriend. Kalpi says no we are not. Raghav says i will get the answer from me. you can ignore me. He turns her towards him and all the color falls on his face. Kalpi says I am very sorry sir, she starts cleaning it. He says I hate these colors an this festival. kalpi says world won’t leave what you hate. This is the festival of life. These colors remove haterd from hearts. You have not changed and not our differences. You have a problem with everything. The biggest problem is that you only care about your orwn self. Hr says why your people of chowl invited me ? SHe syas don’t come you hate everything about us. He says yeah I won’t come/ I will never change. Kalpi says this is the only truth you said, thanks for not coming. They both start walking on their ways. Kalpi says couldn’t he say sorry. He turns and looks at her going.

Precap-Raghav says she is weird she is going away from em. Sammy says you are going on holi something will happen. He says no I am not going. .

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  1. Geeta
    March 19, 06:47 Reply

    Guys do u all think that raghav and kalpi will come together so easily there are many problems such as pakhi , netu , manda and i think kamla also becoz she always give more attention to pakhi and acc. To that sahil’s family guruji pakhi is zidhi and there is a new entry and i think she is raghav’s mom it will create a great problem

    • Mahi
      March 19, 07:53

      I agree Geeta. We as viewers should expect obstacles in the way of their love. Rightly said.

  2. alfiya
    March 19, 05:36 Reply

    Don worry guys raghav will surely go to the chawl to celebrate holi ashish replied in twitter!!!so sit and enjoy the holi news accordin to the spoiler:)

    • Mahi
      March 19, 07:57

      I had a feeling he will. He won’t miss another opportunity to talk with Kalpi. He loves her a lot.

  3. fan
    March 19, 04:18 Reply

    Kamla might find out that ragav n kalpi are in love she will be torn apart on who she will support i hv a feeling she will support her own daughter kalpi….looking forward to it

  4. naz
    March 19, 01:49 Reply

    Ragna both fears are Same where they happiness was taken away in childhood… But I want kalpi accept him b4 pakhi does… Kalpi loves him too but for some reason she not accepting it..hope it doesn’t get to late for kalpi…wait for tomorows episodes holi fingers crossed kalpi confesses her love too…

  5. Marva
    March 18, 20:03 Reply

    Kamla should have shown more love to kalpi then she might not have been so insecure about paki and life remember everytime she tries to show love to kamla, kamla runs behind paki didn’t she know she was hurting kalpi.

  6. RaghavKalpiAddict
    March 18, 19:17 Reply

    May be he will go to Kalpi’s house to play holi and thats when Kalpi will confess her love…
    Or may be wont go to play holi and rather the jealousy track will start.. cuz Pakhi already loves him.. so he will get close to pakhi to make kalpi jealous and then she will confess her love !! :/
    Either of them can happen!!

  7. Sonya
    March 18, 19:06 Reply

    Raghuv is a big head. Kalpi is sweet. Can’t he handle it differently by going to her house and ask her parents. A very nice episode – Love Kamla.

  8. savitri
    March 18, 15:34 Reply

    Ashish choudhry is such a great actor and doing well. I think that direcor has not given him strong dialog.

  9. ilikekalpi
    March 18, 15:14 Reply

    i just loved this episode, every ragna scene and dialogue. what a dialogue raghav superb.

  10. jessi
    March 18, 11:42 Reply

    I wana talk wit director of dis show plz make raghav n kalpi fal in love in dis holi plz

  11. valencia
    March 18, 11:39 Reply

    ayaioo kalpi teach him slowly…he is anger man…and raghav u should be patient to get ur love…both of u funny

  12. mujahid
    March 18, 11:33 Reply

    v seen in previous episodes that evry time happyness of kalpi is snatched by fate.

    • Daisy
      March 19, 09:37

      I won’t call it fate, it’s a mother who don’t don’t gave a darn about her own daughter feelings. She rather run her ass behind spoil brat Paki. She is a poor excuse for a mother, she may be want best for Kalpi but what about gaving her a quarter of the love and attention she gave to Paki. I can bet anything she will choose Ragav for Paki over Kalpi. We have seen over and over again where she choose Paki over Kalpi. Even when they were kids and both of them were drowning. Even in death she choose to save Paki and left Palki struggling in the water. What a poor excuse for a mother. Is high time she let the aka ka poor stake care of their own daughter and she take care of her own. Palki is not a child anymore, and she is very manipulative, and know how to play Kamla to get what she want. And I think she will do the same to get Ragav.

  13. mujahid
    March 18, 11:03 Reply

    kalpi thinks she is not able to get love in her life. she thought happyness never cm to near her like this.

    • Mahi
      March 19, 07:55

      True. She is not accustomed to happiness.

  14. mujahid
    March 18, 11:00 Reply

    when she try to get pass in coleg the fate destroy her happy in the form of neetu.n when she try to get job thats also be destroyd by fate.so she is afraid.

  15. mujahid
    March 18, 10:57 Reply

    kalpi is afraid about her fate,because before in childhood days when she try to get happyness the fate destroys her happy.so she afraid that her love wil be destroyd by fate.poor kalpi.i pity on her

    • ilikekalpi
      March 18, 15:20

      yeah she is afraid of her kismat, whereas in childhood a guruji predicted her future, he said she will be kismat ki rajkumari. waiting for tomorrow’s episode, i hope raghav will join holi festival.

  16. Beatrice
    March 18, 10:44 Reply

    Kalpi accept ur love….b4 paki takes it

  17. marjan
    March 18, 10:26 Reply

    Raghav should come for the holi party . And that too Kalpi should call and invite him, Seeing the preperations her mon doing for raghav. Kalpi pls dont be wierd and act so foolish. U do love him then dont wait for the last minute confess ur love to him. He is waitong for ur reply.

    • sakshi1
      March 18, 12:19

      Becoz she is afraid of her fate…since childhood she suffered a lot

    • Suffihya
      March 18, 15:03

      I agree with you. She already said that she is not accustomed to a lot of happiness so she is not sure that this is for her.

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