Devon Ke Dev…Mahadev 26th July 2012 Written Update

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Devon Ke Dev…Mahadev 26th July 2012 Written Update by shruti.nil

The episode begins Mahadev sitting with the Vadu Paksh and all the rishis waiting for food.Nandi and the ganas are worried,not only beacuse they didnt expect the guests to stay for bhojan but beacuse none of them know how to cook.The Ganas and Nandi try to put together a meal(i.e they are putting anything they get thier hands on in a pot) creating chaos.Nanimas Chamcha(yeah thats what im going to call that dude) tells amatya that they must not have food ready and says hell go and check.Mahadev overhears the conversation and sweety tells them that he will check himself.Mahadev arrives and sees plain chaos,and all the ganas express thier helplessness on not being able to do anything.Mahadev smiles and says they dont need to do anything,Parvatis Patra will help them.

At Himavans palace Nanima is worried,Maina asks her what is wrong.Nanima says that Shiva and thiers lifestyle and beliefs are very very diffrent,they should have tried to get Parvati married to someone with a similar mind set as thiers,it will be Parvati who will be having problems later.Maina tells her that she didnt agree to the rishta for this very reason but gave her agreement once Parvati asured them that she would make Mahadev a sansarak.Maina and Nanima are told by a Daasi that the jeweller has arrived.

Parvati is being shown jewellery by the jeweller who tells her no one matches her beauty.Jaya and Vijaya begin to tease Parvati about Mahadev being a Bhairupiya who keeps changing his looks and wonder how will he come with his baraat.Parvati’s face falls,but Nanima comes and shouts at them telling them that irrespective of which ever form Mahadev took he came as Parvatis husband(wah wah..Naniji found something nice in Mahadev).She tells them that he will be getting the grandest most spectacular baaraat anyone has ever seen for his wedding to Parvati(Ha ha!!!i just cant wait for the Moment Nani and Maina see the baarat!!!OMG that will be a SIGHT!) as Parvati smiles to herself.

At Kailash everyone is served kheer from Parvatis Patra.Himvan and his amatya says they have tasted this kheer somewhere(LOL…youre daughter made it),Nandi gets worried but Narad handels the situation saying that Kheer is made through the same ingredients obviously it will taste the same.

At Swarga Chakri tells Tarkasur that sources(he honestly sounds like some news broadcaster here) have told them that Mahadev and Parvati are getting married soon and they are going to be sending some of thier asurs in the Baraat as well(Dekha Srusthi they robbed youre Bin Bulae Baarati Idea).Shukracharya is pleased and says they must go,after all Mahadev is thier Isht-Dev.Tarkasur then foils a devious plan-that if the Devtas are attending the wedding they will have to come out of Dadhichis asharm and hence plots a plan to kill them on thier way to Parvatis palace.

At kailash Himavan asks Mahadev if everything was done as needed,Mahadev tells him he now is like a father to him,he being Parvatis father.Himavan fold his hands in gratitude and says even better than getting Moksha is being blessed to be a Sambandhi of Mahadev.Nanimas Chamcha points out to amatya that Mahadevs side hasnt given gifts yet,and indirectly questions Mahadev of it(can i please hit this guy).Mahadev realizes and asks Nandi to give them thier side Shagun,Nandi gives them the box everyone is happily leaves.

Mahadev is sitting with his ganas,Narad and Dadhichi says that with Parvati comming Kailash is also going to have a sansaar of its own(awww…) and says they are going to follow all the rituals for a Sansarik wedding.He says none of them know anything about a Sansarik wedding and he asks Dadhichi to help them in that matter.Dadhichi looks equally confused when a Ladies voice comes-and guess who appears?- Devi Laxmi(Laxmi Ji!!!!!!!!!!!Lagta hai Cvs ne hamari Sun Li).

At Himavans Palace Nanima is asking in detail of everything that happened in Kailash.Himavan is all praises and says Kailash is so beautiful nothing can describe it and Parvati is blessed to have such a Sasural.Nanima inquires about the chief guest,and Himavan tells her it was Narayan himself and it was he who did Mahadevs tilak and perfromed all duties of a brother.Nanima is pleased and asks her Chmacha to see what Mahadev has sent as Shagun-the haldi in the Shagun will be applied to Parvati.Nanimaas Chamcha opens the box and is stunned to see it having datura flowers,Bel Patra and Tigers skin in it.Nanima,Maina and Himavan come to see whats wrong,and Nanima and Maina shriek(Hey Bhagwan!).Nanima angirly asks what has Mahadevs side done,they havent sent any Haldi and have sent all of this instead,as Maina looks disgusted.Parvati realizes what it means and smiles,and attempts to tell Nanima and Maina what it is when Maina leaves in a huff.

At Kailash Devi Laxmi steps forward and says that she will be guiding Mahadev through all the rituals of the wedding.After all he being part of the Tridev is family to her.She says they will begin with “nazar uttarna”(how to put it in english-removing bad influences) and will apply him a kala tikka(so cute!!!).Nandi says that Mahadev is God why does he need a Kala Tikka,Mahadev says no-his being a devta doesnt make a diffrence they will follow all the sansarik rules of the wedding as that is what Parvati and her family wants,and her happiness will make him happy too(awww…).Devi Laxmi does Aarti for Mahadev and puts him a Kaala Tikka(not an imaginary one huh!a real one!!-and boy doesnt Mohit look like a cutie!!!).Laxmi gives them the next instruction and says to send invites to everyone for them to know of Mahadev and Parvatis wedding.Dadhichi is worried about the Devtas and says that once the Devtas leave his Aashram they will be un protected and hence easy to attack by the asurs.Mahadev assures him that nothing will happen to the Devtas and that Nandi will escort them to the venue,with Nandi there no one will be able to do anything.

Precap: Nandi is angrily standing as a shield in front of the Devtas,telling Tarkasur that he wont let anything happen to the Devtas as Mahadev as given him the responsiblity of thier protection.Tarkasur(for a change has come to fight himself) says that they wont leve anyone who comes in their way.Nandi falls to the ground shouting Mahadev,as Mahadev and Parvati both realize that Nandi is in trouble.Nandi falls lifeless as Mahadev opens his eyes in anger

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