Balika Vadhu 17th March 2014 Written Update

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Balika Vadhu 17th March 2014 Written Update by adi2512

Balika Vadhu 17th March 2014 Written Episode

Kesar Bagh Living Room :

Shekhar’s wait for Sanchi’s grooms family as well as Sanchi. Sanchi enters just in time and apologises for the delay. Ira fusses over her to get ready as soon as possible. Sanchi once again reminds Daddu that they need to be frank about the truth to the groom and his family.

Groom’s family enters and introductions happen. Alok mentions about Shiv’s and Maahi’s absence on their respective jobs.
When Anandi is introduced, the family recognises her and Bhaili and praise her contribution to the cause

Sanchi enters decked up nicely. The groom’s mother calls her over to sit beside her and starts to ask her about herself ( Sanchi ). Mother and the Son seem impressed by Sanchi’s replies. Father agrees to Mother’s approval.

Daddu sends the groom and Sanchi for a private conversation.
On Daddu’s indication, Alok readies himself to reveal the truth to groom’s father.

In Sanchi’s room :

Groom is impressed by Sanchi’s book collection
He says, unfortunately he does not get time to read much, as he is very busy. When Sanchi asks him about his profession, he replies he is into garment exports, and plan to set up his own venture soon
When he asks what she does, Sanchi says, she works for her Bhabhi’s NGO. When he queries, inspite having a professional degree on hand, why she chose this field, she says, she is not interested to earn money, and she is finding satisfaction and happiness in what she is doing currently.

Alok – Grooms’ Father’s private meet :

When Alok starts to open the issue with Groom’s father, the father starts off with the convo saying, he is very well aware of Alok’s delicacy, and their family is against dowry and he is ready to accept Sanchi as his DIL and his “Ghar ki Laxmi “…and he also mentions, it is needed for an example to be set up…

Alok could not speak up and remains quiet

Back in KB Living room :

E/one back to their respective places, even Sanchi and the groom come down and the groom too gives his approval.
Anandi is happy for Sanchi.
Sweets are shared.

Shekhar’s ( minus Sanchi ) get together after Groom’s family leaves. Daddu feels relieved and happy that e/thing went of smoothly.
Alok then reveals, that he did not tell the truth to the groom’s father.
All are shocked and Alok is questioned.
He lamely says, he could not, as the groom’s father did not give him a chance

Kabra residence :

Kabra Sis ( Rakhee ) agitatedly alerts her parents, that elder brother is at great risk
When the parents ask How and Why, she says, Sanchi has taken Vivek under her control and recounts their last meeting.
Parents are upset and angry with Sanchi and plan their revenge

Badi Haveli :

Jagdish sitting alone, sad with thought.
Bhairon joins him.
He says, that Ratan Singh may never agree to the proposal.
Jagdish says, he wants to save Mannu’s life at any cost.
Sumitra ( apparently who also comes there ) agrees with Jagdish and stresses that it is HIS as well as all of their responsibility to save Mannu. So, he should definitely go and talk to Ratan.

Precap : Amol ( new face ) is writing his exams. The teacher finds a chit near his desk and accuses him of copying / cheating.
Jagdish meets Ratan in jail.

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  1. Sonya
    March 17, 18:23 Reply

    A nice episode. Hope they can make it clear to the proposal that came for Saachi after all it is her life. It is not easy for a parent to speak about thier own child being molested. A good story.

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